Amber – Chapter 6


Annie looked around the campus with a smile. She’d enjoyed her last year of high-school much, much more than the rest put together. Like a switch inside of her, she’d suddenly been aware of how hot the other students were…and more importantly, how hot she was. Everywhere she looked, she was hit with eye-candy beyond her wildest desires. The overweight guy in the sweatshirt, poring over a chemistry textbook…she wanted nothing more than to crawl over to him, and beg to suck his cock. The rake-thin hunk with braces and acne? If he’d thrown a look her way, she’d lay down and let him fuck her right there.

She staggered toward her next class. Her head was spinning—perhaps it was the overwhelming scent of man that surrounded her, or the fact that her pussy was crying out for attention, or even the fact that she’d stayed up all night making out with her older sister…whatever it was, she’d found herself recently struggling with the course-work that she’d always found so easy. Not that it bothered her.

As she turned the corner, she heard a wolf-whistle. Behind her, a filthy-haired janitor was leering at her rear. She made eye contact with her, and he winked.

She approached him slowly, putting one heel in front of the other, ensuring that her hips swayed with every step. Her many earrings swung from side to side, matching the motion of her full breasts.

“Is there, like, a closet around here that you can show me?” she asked seductively.

It seemed she was going to be missing another class.

* * *

One year earlier…

Rob awoke to the feeling of both his sisters’ mouths on his hard 12-inch cock.

He’d been surprised to discover that he was exceptionally well-endowed: it was apparently inherited from his father. He’d seen similarly-sized cocks in porn all his life, and just assumed he was normal.

He loved the sight of Amber licking up and down one side of his thick, veiny cock, and his younger sister Annie licking the other. But most of all, he loved the gaping, well-fucked look that their pussies got when he was done—he was lucky enough to have a member that served his fetish perfectly. At first, his siblings had hardly been able to walk after he fucked them. They’d leave the room bow-legged and dripping, their holes stretched so wide that you could fit several fingers inside of them, barely touching their cunts’ walls.

After he’d tweeted from his bitchy older sister’s account, declaring her love for his cock, she’d come straight up to his room and he’d ridden her for a few hours straight. He’d photoshopped her to look like his fantasy woman, and it felt like he was unloading a year’s worth of cum inside his college sister slut.

His father had stormed gaziantep escort upstairs, mad that he was hogging all the young pussy, but one Twitter update later, his father was more than content to spend the rest of the day fucking his (now ex-stripper) wife, leaving Amber to be exclusively explored and used for Rob’s pleasure.

He’d been so focussed on stretching his sister that he’d forgotten about Annie—she was only a year younger than Rob, and when she returned from school, hadn’t been expecting to find her lounge-room replaced by a porn studio, filming a movie starring her parents.

The sound of her shriek had managed to penetrate Rob’s lustful haze, but before he could stop penetrating Amber, she’d stormed upstairs and walked in on her brother and sister’s incestuous tryst.

“Rob!” she’d screamed, but before she could say anything else, Rob had withdrawn from his older sister, run over to the computer and started typing.+


if u think im slutty, u shud see my sister! Lol srsly—next to her im lyk a virgin

For the first time, Rob watched the effects of one of his tweets—his sister’s shocked gaze slowly morphed into a look of lust.

“Rob,” she said again, equally disapprovingly. “I can’t believe it’s taken you so long to share that monster with me…”

Annie had dropped to her knees, opened her mouth, and kept eye contact with her brother as she slowly slid his huge horse-cock into her mouth. It had only softened slightly, but it immediately plumped up again as Annie’s eyes told Rob just how much she enjoyed licking her own sister’s juices off his member.

On the bed, Amber’s just played with herself as she watched Annie take a cock for the first time. Despite already cumming in each of his older sister’s holes, Rob had plenty of energy left for Annie—he was delighted to find that, true to his words, Annie managed to outpace her sister every step of the way. She was hungrier for his cum, happier to degrade herself—she even got off easier, screaming loudly about how wrong it was to fuck her own brother, about how sick it would be if he knocked her up, showed the world that she was his bitch…

Hours later, as his sisters napped on the bed, Rob smiled and opened up Master Hacker once more. He knew that Annie would get expelled if she came to school with as many tattoos and piercings as Amber had…but there were many, many places she could get inked that wouldn’t be visible to anyone in authority.

Unless, of course, his sister was naked. But if she was naked in front of them, he suspected that they wouldn’t be in a position to complain…

* * *

Over the course of the weekend, Rob explored every inch of his sisters’ bodies. It took two full days before he was finally spent, unable to get another erection no matter how hard he tried, and ordered his (still-horny, to his amazement) sisters to take some naked photos of each other while he recovered.

As Amber photographed Annie, legs spread, hands pulling her nipples and looking at the camera lustfully, Rob went online and found some tattoos that he thought would suit his younger sister’s more wild personality. He also interrupted his parents’ surprisingly acrobatic love-making session to borrow his father’s credit card. He knew that Annie would need it to get the ink she’d so soon desire, and he wanted to get the girls some toys while he was at it…

Rob’s mother barely noticed her son entering and briefly talking to his father. She’d been in a sexual haze for the entire weekend—she loved to fuck, she’d always loved to fuck…but there was something about being watched while she rode her husband’s cock, or flashed her pussy for the camera. She’d not felt like this since…well, since she’d last stripped so many years ago.

Standing on-stage, watching the men in the audience get hard, knowing that they were all there to watch her, that each and every one of them wanted her…it turned her on more than anything she’d ever experienced. As soon as Rob left, she grabbed her husband’s torso once more, and pulled his huge cock into her. She’d struggled, in the past, to take the entirety of her husband’s girth, and a few years ago their sex life had dropped off for some reason, but now she wanted, with every fibre of her being, to feel her husband’s massive erection slam into her, over and over.

She wanted to be stretched out. She wanted to get back on-stage, and show the world that she could take anything and everything up any hole. She wanted the world to see what a well-fucked bitch she was…

“Yes,” she moaned lewdly, licking her lips and staring straight down the lens of the camera. “Use my dirty cunt. Fill me up, big boy!”

When Rob returned upstairs, he picked up the camera, laying forgotten by the side of the bed. Apparently the photoshoot had worked his sisters up, and they’d taken a break to get to know each other as intimately as possible. Exhausted though he was, watching young Annie lick out her older sister’s asshole was enough to make Rob’s cock twitch slightly.

“Call me a slut,” Annie cried, and Amber pulled her hair roughly and obliged.

“You dirty little fuck,” she spat. “You’ve been wanting this for years, haven’t you? Every time you’ve seen me, you’ve just wanted to rip my skirt off and stick your tongue as far up my ass as you can…”

Annie just nodded, unable (or unwilling) to pull her head away from Amber’s perfectly-formed ass. Tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks, and Rob was unsurprised to find that her pussy was practically dripping. He didn’t hesitate, immediately ramming his cock inside of his little sister as hard as he could, enjoying the twitches of pleasure his rough treatment provoked.

Photoshop would have to wait.

* * *

Annie woke up abruptly. As she sat up, she smiled to see her brother and sister still sleeping on the bed beside her.

Just two days ago, she knew, the idea of having wild, unrestrained sex with either one of her siblings would have been disgusting to her. But now, suddenly, the idea was not only attractive…she was practically dripping at the thought of waking them up and going again. There were so many positions she wanted to try…she wanted to lick Amber out while Rob’s cock slid in and out of her asshole. She wanted to see if Amber could get an entire fist into Annie’s stretched cunt, and another into her ass while she sucked Rob’s cock.

She wanted to show her parents what a dirty, dirty little slut she was.

But she also knew that her siblings needed their sleep. While they snoozed, she got up, sat in Rob’s computer chair, and turned on his PC to see if he had any porn.

When the computer loaded, however, a program called “Master Hacker” caught her eye. She clicked on the icon, and as it loaded up, she smiled.

It seemed to link to Amber’s twitter account, where she’d been boasting about her sexual exploits. Amber scrolled to the top, and started to read.

“No bra, no panties…” she murmured as she read what her sister had been doing for the past several months. When she got to the bottom, her brow furrowed.

“My sister?” How had Amber known that underneath, Annie was a latent slut. How did she know that she was even more perverted, when until a few days ago, Annie hadn’t known herself?

It wasn’t until her eyes caught the timestamp that Annie put it all together. The update about her had been typed just after Annie got home. That was what Rob had been typing when she’d walked in on Amber’s lips wrapped around his cock! That was why she hadn’t cared. That was the only reason she’d been turned on by her siblings taboo acts…

This program had somehow turned her into a slut. If Rob hadn’t typed that one little sentence, she’d still be a nice, normal girl…she certainly wouldn’t have spent the last few days doing the most perverted things she could think of.

After quickly glancing over to her brother’s still-sleeping form, Annie smiled and began typing.

She knew exactly how she could thank him for opening her eyes and giving her the best weekend of her life…

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