Aunt Marie My Dirty Girl


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Aunt Marie My Dirty Girl

After many years of being away I came back to my hometown and looked up my Aunt Marie. I was sixty-two and she was sixty-nine years old. She looked fifty and she was a very doable sixty-nine too. She sure liked her wine though. She offered me some but I told her that I no long drink, having given it up many years before.

I spent an hour mostly complimenting her on her beauty and talking about all of her husbands, her two children, and her grandchildren. During the course of our conversation I told her that she must still look good in a bikini. She laughed and said that she didn’t even own one anymore. After she finished off that bottle of wine, I realized that she was feeling pretty good. So once again I asked her about a bikini and saw her blush. She said again that she didn’t have one. I told her that a bra and panty cover more than most bikinis do these days and she agreed with me. Then I asked her to model in just her bra and panties for me. She blushed again.

I opened another bottle of wine and poured a glass for her. Then I asked her to show me her underwear drawer. I followed her into her bedroom and she pointed to the top drawer so I opened it up. I looked at the worst collection of underwear that I had ever seen. She needed to go shopping desperately. Way in the back and hidden under an old pair of granny panties, was a bright green matching set that was brand new. When I asked her who gave them to her she said that her sister Betty had given them to her on her birthday as a joke. I asked her to put it on for me and then I went back to the living room. A while later her head came out, she said that she was really nervous, but excited too. Then she stepped out where I could see her. I could tell that she was shaking so I told her to close her eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. Just as she took in that deep breath I snapped a picture. Her eyes flew open and she asked me what the flash had been. I smiled and showed her my camera telling her that I just couldn’t resist her beautiful body.

Surprisingly Aunt Marie said, “Okay. I guess one is as bad as ten.”

I mumbled, “Or a hundred.” But she chose not to hear me. Anyway I had her turn to the side for another picture that showed her rounded belly, her sagging breasts, and full butt rather nicely. Then I took a picture of her back showing just an inch or so us ass crack above her pretty panties. I took a picture of her other side completing the sequence. I walked closer and startled her a little, so I backed up and used my zoom feature to get in closer. I guess she didn’t understand modern technology.

When Aunt Marie spilled some wine and got a paper towel to wipe it up I watched her squat down. She was not very lady like with her knees way out to the sides but I sure enjoyed the view. So I too squatted down and snapped a few pictures of her pussy stretching the material in her panties to the maximum. The zoom showed a wet spot in her bright green panties.

She became quite comfortable around me in just her bra and panties so I left it at that for awhile. I filled her wineglass, complimented her some more, and took some more pictures. She really seemed quite relaxed in just her underwear around me. Then I asked to see her underwear drawer again. I picked out the oldest most worn out bra that I could find and the biggest thinnest pair of granny panties, and then I asked her to put them on for me.

When Aunt Marie came back out of her bedroom, her breasts were bouncing around in that old worn out bra and I could see the darkness of her pussy fur through her panties. She even cooperated when I asked her to get on her hands and knees on the floor for me. I told her that I wanted a really nice shot of her breasts as they hung down. I took pictures from the side and from the rear too. I put the camera on the floor almost directly under her pussy and took a picture of her hanging breasts. I sat the camera down and rubbed my hand along her panty-covered pussy from the side. She was warm and damp. She cooed and told me that it felt really good. My other hand then when under her belly and inside her panties right to her clit. She was really moist and she jumped when I hit her sensitive clit. I took a few seconds to pull her panties down and put both hands back on her pussy. She enjoyed my stimulation of her through several orgasms.

Then I touched her asshole with a finger. At that she said, “Oh yes, make me a dirty girl, make me your dirty girl.”

Confused I said, “Tell me what a dirty girl does.”

Aunt Marie replied, “Oh a dirty girl likes it dirty. My second husband made me his dirty girl. He would fuck my ass and then make me suck his dirty cock afterwards. şişli escort I loved it. The dirtier the better. Please make me your dirty girl.”

So I poked my finger into her asshole causing her to moan loudly. I worked two fingers in using her pussy juice as the lubricant. Then I decided that it was time for anal sex. She about freaked out when my cock slipped into her. In a good way though. After a few strokes she begged me to let her suck it, promising me that I could put it right back in her ass. She gobbled up my cock like it was her last meal. I had never seen anything like it before. She really was a dirty girl. My cock went from her ass to her mouth several times before I cum in her butt. The worse my cock looked and smelled the better Aunt Marie liked it.

She really was a dirty girl and apparently she had missed it. When I asked her for more details, she told me that her first husband was straight laced and only fucked her in one position and only on Saturday nights. She was lucky that he got her pregnant twice. Her second husband treated her like shit and she loved it. He would come home from work all dirty and sweaty and make her suck his cock clean. She loved it. Then he would fuck his girlfriend and have his wife clean his dirty cock. She loved it. Eventually he started bringing his girlfriend home, fuck her pussy, and then let her watch Aunt Marie clean his dirty cock. She couldn’t have loved that anymore. Finally he told his girlfriend that if she gave him anal sex that he would leave his wife for her. So for a couple of months Aunt Marie got to suck his dirty cock after it came out of her ass. Aunt Marie absolutely loved every humiliating minute of it. Then he left her and ran off with his girlfriend.

Her third husband was a jerk off artist. He would jerk off in her mouth, on her tits, and on her ass. He wold sometimes try to jerk off in her pussy but he only wound up fucking her quickly and pulling out. During that marriage he never gave her an orgasm. To top it off he told her that she was not allowed to masturbate. Needless to say that marriage didn’t last long.

Now, I have come into her life. I don’t mind treating her badly, especially if it is something that she truly enjoys. She likes me to call her my dirty girl.

The next day I took her shopping. I picked out a dozen sexy bras and panties and told her that I was throwing out all of her old ones, except for the bright green set. I bought more revealing clothes for her to wear too. When she objected to the short length of the micro miniskirt I told her that I intended to cut a couple of inches off the bottom making it even shorter. That shut her up for a while, I really did intend to cut it off.

Before we left the store I had Aunt Marie change into that white denim micro miniskirt and a red tube top with no bra or panties. Then I told my dirty girl to walk a ways in front of me so I could see the reaction of people passing her. I also told her that I wanted that ass of hers to gyrate. It was quite a site seeing heads turn for a sexy senior citizen.

By the time she got to my car I could see her thighs glistening from the sun shinning on her pussy juice that had coated her skin. She was excited, so I took her to the zoo and told her that I wanted to see her pussy in all of my pictures. At first she was really shy and nervous but after a while she just opened her legs up for strangers with cameras too. That’s my dirty girl.

When a college boy asked Aunt Marie her age she replied, “Sixty-nine and it’s my favorite sex position too.” He smiled and started to walk away. Aunt Marie asked, “Would you like a blowjob. I can take my teeth out and gum you to death.” He looked at her and then walked away much quicker. An older gentleman that had been listening asked, “Can I have his blowjob? It has been a long time.” Aunt Marie followed him into the men’s restroom and didn’t come out for a good twenty minutes. When she did come out she just said that he really made her work for his cum, but that it had been worth it. I asked her where he was and she said that she left him passed out on the toilet, then she added, “I hope he’s still alive.” I said, “Well if he isn’t then he certainly died happy.” She replied, “That he did.” She licked her lips and I took her home.

Over the rest of that week I wondered where my relationship with my Aunt Marie would go. I had a strong attraction to her and I knew that she needed me for her sexual outlet. It had taken a lot of courage on her part to open up to me like she had. Perhaps there was an attraction on her part toward me too. Apparently she had not confided in anyone else before.

Friday afternoon I called Aunt Marie and told her to give herself taksim escort an enema and a douche and then to take an hour-long bubble bath. After that she was to fix her hair, apply makeup, and be nude when I arrived there around six o’clock. She said that she would be ready on time and then she asked me if there was anything else that she should do before my arrival. I smiled to myself when I told her to masturbate for the entire hour that she was in the bathtub. She thanked me and hung up.

I thought about what to do all afternoon. I decided that I would buy her a prom dress, strapless, and very short or with a high slit. It would be black and she would be wearing white panties and not those granny panties either. With her boobs that strapless look would be fabulous.

When I arrived Aunt Marie was all dolled up and naked waiting for me as I had asked. I took her into her bedroom and picked out the panties that she was going to wear and I asked her if she had black shoes with low heels. She did not but that was okay because I would buy her a pair.

The mall was the perfect place to go for a prom dress. It didn’t matter that she was sixty-nine years old, all that mattered was if I got what I wanted. After trying on three dresses I picked the last one. I had her wear it out of the store so that she could try on shoes next. I told her to let the shoe salesman see her panties when she tried on shoes. I also told her to get a pair that she liked and as high a heel as she dared to walk in. I stood well off to one side of the store but I kept an eye on her. She certainly gave that kid a view that he wouldn’t soon forget and several of them too as she tried on five pair, picking the last pair of course.

As we walked through the mall arm and arm she giggled like a schoolgirl and told me about giving the shoe salesman a hard-on and then rubbing it with her toes. I had not been in a position to see that part. She really enjoyed herself. Then she told me about the girl in the dressing room that had helped her in and out of the dresses. Since all she had on were her panties she asked the girl if her tits looked real. She had made up some story about having a breast-lift and then had the girl feel of her tits to check and see if she could feel the saline bags. She said that she didn’t want her boyfriend to know that she had breast surgery. The girl did a pretty good job of feeling her up, enough so that the shoe salesman got to see the wet spot in her panties. She even asked him if he could see it and told him that he had caused it. He believed her. He also gave me a ten-percent discount on the shoes. I hadn’t noticed. I told her that she did a great job.

From there we went to a restaurant to eat and let her have a couple of glasses of wine. Aunt Marie allowed a few guys to see her panties when we arrived and she first sat down. She let them see her panties again when she got up to use the bathroom and when she returned. We talked about one of the men eating alone that couldn’t take his eyes off her. She liked him so I walked over to his table and asked him if he would join my wife and I for desert and another drink.

At first he looked at me like I was crazy, then he looked at her. All he wanted to know was if he would get to fuck her. When I said that he could he got up and walked back to my table with me.

He told her that he was happy that her husband had invited him over. Aunt Marie smiled at me and took it from there. When he asked her if we had threesomes on a regular basis she told him he would be our first. He liked that. Then boldly Aunt Marie asked him if he liked looking up her dress. He did. He said that he was forty-five and guessed that she was fifty. She told him that he was very good at guessing a lady’s age. I was sure that she was rubbing his leg with hers under the table because that was what she was doing to me.

Aunt Marie asked to use the lady’s room before we left and when she came back she handed him her wet white panties. He smiled as he looked at her and then at me. Then he sniffed her panties and put them in his pocket.

As we left the restaurant he followed us to a cheap motel outside of town where I checked in. She waited in the car next to his, then they followed me up to our room. It was on the second floor near the far end of the building with a very nice view of the parking lot.

Aunt Marie had brought up two bottles of wine. She was a little nervous and needed a couple more drinks before letting a complete stranger fuck her.

She asked him if she could ‘borrow’ her panties back for a few minutes. Then she went into the bathroom and soon came back out in just those panties. Only then her panties had a much bigger beşiktaş escort wet spot. She made sure to show us too. In fact she rather enjoyed showing us that big wet spot by rolling back on the bed holding her knees up and out. The gusset of her panties was spread wide with pubic hairs sticking out the leg openings and above the waistband too. She then told him that he could have her panties back if he took them off her with his teeth. That was exactly what he wanted to do. She giggled and tried to help him by letting him push her around into better positions. He was in no hurry and neither was she.

When Aunt Marie was naked I told him that he could do whatever he wanted to do to her, as long as I could watch. He smiled and said, “Thank you.” Then he kissed her lips, sucked on her nipples, and licked her pussy before shoving his cock into her and fucking her like crazy. In about two minutes he was done and pulled out. He thanked her, got dressed, and left just like that. Aunt Marie was not happy about that. He reminded her of one of her ex-husbands and she didn’t like that at all. At least he had tried to give her some oral sex but the rest sure sucked. She felt like a used whore, but even that excited her.

I got undressed and slipped my cock into her. She smiled at me for taking sloppy seconds. None of her husbands would have fucked her with another man’s cum in her if he knew it. I kept proving to her that I was nothing like any of her ex-husbands.

Actually with his cum inside her, the feeling was greatly diminished, and the feeling was a lot less, letting me last quite a bit longer. Thankfully between the three of us she had her orgasm as I cum in her.

Since we had the room for the entire night we decided to call for food deliveries. We also decided that we wanted the food delivered every half-hour. Then Aunt Marie started placing phone calls for single servings of pizza, subs, Chinese, and anything else that she could think of.

I was hiding in the bathroom when the first knock came. Aunt Marie took a deep breath and then she flung the door wide open shocking the hell out of the kid holding the small pizza box. She asked him if he would fuck her in exchange for a free pizza. I thought that he would pee his pants but instead he took her up on her offer. Aunt Marie was in her element as she lay back and let that young man fuck her. As we expected he was fairly quick and he thanked her afterwards. When he left she cleaned herself out the best that she could and sat the pizza box down in the bathtub. She said that she had two more pizzas coming from different companies in an hour and in two hours. Meanwhile, she got ready for her submarine sandwich to show up or as she called it a hoagie.

The kid that brought her sandwich was a freak. He had purple spiked hair, several facial piercings, and tattoos all up and down his arms. He hardly looked old enough to drive a car. He didn’t even wait to be asked if he wanted to fuck her, he just walked in, closed the door, and pulled his cock out after pushing her to her knees. I couldn’t watch and carefully closed the door.

A few minutes later Aunt Marie opened the door and said, “He’s gone. Did you see that creep? He had things sticking out of his face and he had tattoos everywhere, even on his cock. He wasn’t circumcised, he hadn’t showered in a month, and his cock tasted disgusting. She couldn’t find anything to brush her teeth with or to gargle with so she took some of the strong onion out of the sandwich that he had delivered and ate that to change her breath. Her only comment was, “I really am a dirty girl because that excited me.”

Another pizza delivery and that time she offered him her ass. He called her an old whore but that didn’t stop him from butt fucking her just like she had asked. He was certainly not going to give her any pleasure if he didn’t have to. After all she was paying him for a small cheese pizza. He got to fuck her for about eight dollars and still complained that his cock wasn’t clean enough even after she had sucked on it long enough to get it hard again. It went back in her ass for a second time and that time he did give her an orgasm. Afterwards she said, “My own ass tastes better than that kid’s cock did.”

Aunt Marie liked it when a young Oriental man brought her the Chinese meal. He was kind of shy but she got him to fuck her then he took the dinner back with him because she couldn’t pay for it. Aunt Marie was very excited about having a foreign cock in her pussy. She was hoping that a Mexican would bring her tacos but that was not the case.

That night she let seven men fuck her besides me and she was very tired and worn out when I finally took her home.

For several years, until her death, she was my dirty girl. I saw to it that she had all of the strange sex that she wanted. In fact I was fucking her when her heart gave out. That was exactly the way she wanted to go.

The End
Aunt Marie My Dirty Girl

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