Beach Bitch 2


Beach Bitch 2

Note – thanks to all for the positive feedback. This is a bi-sexual violent story, it involves semi non-consensual sex in public between guys. There is forced sex between Bi-Curious men, and later rough sex between a male and a female. Please don’t read it if this will offend.

I did a lot of thinking after fucking with Roger. My ass was incredibly sore. It felt like I had had a baseball bat roughly shoved up it without lube and his cock wasn’t much smaller in diameter. I’d got home around midnight and barely got any sleep. My cock was constantly waking me rock hard, and not just from the Cialis. I was throbbing with sexual excitement, I’d never felt that way about cock but there was something in the size and the way Roger took what he wanted sexually that was turning me on.

At 5am my phone went ping showing a new text message.

txt was from Roger “Fuck you make me so horny, haven’t been able to sleep, I want you now”

I sent back “Cant mate I’m riding at 6am for a big one”

He sent back “I have all the big one you need, come over now”

I said “mate I don’t break arrangements especially not for cycling buddies. Maybe later”

I sent an email to my PA and cleared my day, I was smart enough to know I wouldn’t be able to resist his advances after the awake dreams Id been having.

I got up and showered. I felt self conscious about my ass. I didn’t want cum leaking out of it and wasn’t sure it hadn’t stretched from all the big cock fucking Id received. It gave me a thrill to push my finger inside my ass to make sure it was clean. He’d really made me sexually sensitive back there.

There were 4 messages waiting for me when I got out of the shower, 2 were pics of Rogers hard cock, both leaking pre-cum. My cock got hard and I was turned on immediately. My mind was drawn back to that shower on the beach and how he had forced his cock into me against my will. The texts were pretty similar basically begging me to let him fuck me.

I sent back “mate I’m riding till about 10, get used to it”

He replied “how about 10 then, 10″ I mean haha, see you at mine at 10”

I replied “Nah I will need a shower, might stretch my muscles in the sun and have a swim”

He replied “Beach?? same place? cool I want to nail you in the showers again, see you there”

I replied “may not go there, see how I feel”, I wasn’t sure I had the day off yet. I absent mindedly threw a tube of lube into my beach bag then looked at it and thought “I’m not fooling anyone am I”

More texts from Roger, a pic of his ass, fuck it was sexy, I liked fucking that tight pulsing ass.

The text said “maybe you can fuck this ass in the shower today, I like you forcing me”
Another “my pre-cum is running down my leg, no lube needed for your sexy ass today”
Another “cant you cum by and drain this cock so I can get it in my bathers”
Then a few more begging texts.

He was becoming a pest, I didn’t like the winey pleading texts, they shat me so I sent back “Mate, man up, no begging, I’ll let you know about the beach”

I turned the phone to silent, packed my bag into my car, loaded the bike and drove to the meeting place for the ride.

The ride was with competitive guys on carbon road bikes. topkapı escort They set a high pace and I worked hard for 2.5 hours and rode 71km. A good effort. I didn’t check my phone once and had to concentrate at the high speed we were riding at on bendy roads and hills.

That didn’t stop thoughts of rock hard cock being shoved into me running through my mind. A few times I got enough of a hard on to make it painful riding. Finally the ride was over and I packed my bike onto my car and drove to the beach showers.

Roger was already there. He was straight over. I said to him “mate give me some space or I’m leaving”. He looked hurt and said “what? do I have to sit by myself” I replied “yes I’ve got stuff to do and a swim and I don’t want you hassling me”, He looked really disappointed, so I said “If you’re a good boy I may reply to a text or two of yours” He did eventually go and lay down on his towel.

There was a bunch of dirty texts from him about mutual ass fucking, I skim read them. I dealt with a few work texts and emails. My PA had managed to get the morning clear but had a 2pm she was still wrestling with.

Next I wrapped up my stuff in my towel and headed down to the beach for a swim. Roger was alongside me quickly. I said “mate I don’t want it obvious that we are mates. I don’t want your other two ass fucking mates to see me with you and assume anything. I don’t know if Sue will come down here and see us talking. Play it cool or I’m out of here” He accepted that and went off.

I went for a swim. Nice long one and got the kinks out of my muscles. When I got back the beach was pretty much deserted except for Roger and me, a few people well off in the distance. It was very quiet. I got back to my towel and laid down. Soon I was dry enough to check my messages. There were a few social ones and a few business ones. Nothing from Roger.

Then a message came up from him “you look fucking hot in your Speedos, nice bubble butt. You’re going to get fucked very hard as soon as I can get you alone”

Then “Look over at me, my cock is hard for your sexy ass”

I looked up and there he was looking calm but had a raging hard on. It looked very impressive in his stretchy black lycra swimming shorts. You could see the outline of the entire thing, especially the curved big head. He casually rolled from one side to the other to give me a good look at his boner. I liked what I saw.

I replied “So what, I’ve seen that before”

Finally he understood and replied “So you’re playing hard to get hey, you want me to come onto you, you want me to force you again”

I replied “No” then I rolled over very slowly (and I hoped sexily as well) and had my ass on display pointing at him.

His next text was “You fucking tease, you want me to fuck you, you want to be forced, you even want to piss me off so I’ll be a little rough”

I scanned the beach, there was no one around except us. I got the lube out of my bag and allowed him to catch a look at it. I took a good squeeze of lube onto my fingers and pushed my hand down my Speedos and lubed my ass. Even pushed two fingers into my ass and sent a shot of pleasure up my spine. I put a second squeeze on as well and my aksaray escort ass was very well lubed for anything now. I put the lube away and stood grabbing my bags.

I walked past Roger who was looking at me almost mouth open with lust. My ass was slippery with lube as I walked the twenty steps to the showers. There was no one in sight as I entered, and the showers were empty. I dropped my stuff on a chair and walked to the showers undoing my Speedos. I could hear foot falls behind me and was sure it was Roger.

As I got to the shower I pulled my bathers down to my knees and was trying to get 1 foot out as Roger grabbed me from behind. He pushed me forcefully to my knees on the floor. My hands were held behind my back. Something was wrapped around my hands binding them, it was his stretchy black bathers. His large cock was free and slapped against my ass cheek as he tied me. My knees were tied together by my half down bathers and my cock was instantly rock hard as this was exactly as I had been dreaming it. He leaned down and said in my ear “you want this you slut, I’m going to fuck you senseless”. His big cock head was instantly at my anus, I could feel him rubbing the big cock head over my ass, there was lots of lube there and my ass was already relaxing from my fingers outside. He was pushing in only an inch, pulling out, stretching my anus for when he could push that huge 10″ right into me.

He bit my shoulder at my neck base and sent shivers down my spine. His cock was being pressed urgently into my ass. The head popped in suddenly making me grunt hard, it hurt. He pulled his cock out entirely and shoved it back into my ass, I grunted again, it still hurt. He kept going. Roger must have done this about a dozen times only an inch in before it stopped hurting and started feeling good. He grabbed my hips and pushed his 10″ rock hard cock into me.

There was no friendly or caring attitude. I’d made him wait and now he was in control. He didn’t have to wait any more. He got 5″ into me on the first deep thrust. He pulled out firmly, fuck it hurt, and there was blinding shots of extreme pleasure as well. As his cock popped out the entry of my ass he stopped and made me wait, knowing what was coming next. He would have counted five silently. Then he shoved hard again, trying to impale the full 10″ into my ass. He got in about 8″ this time. Thank fuck for the lube was all I could think. His cock was rock hard. I could feel every bulge and vein in it as my ass was so sensitive. He was gripping my hips and pushing very hard to get the last 2 inches in. It was moving very slowly and must have been hurting him too as he stopped pushing and started pulling slowly out again. Once he got the head out of my ass he rested it against my anus, I could feel him moving to keep it in the right place. Then he gave another massive shove and pulled with his hands as well. The entire 10″ went into my ass this time. It exploded in my brain, the force and the size was so large.

I was thinking about nothing but his cock and my anus. He started fucking me really hard, every stroke was fully withdrawn out till his cock head was outside resting on my anus, then every in stroke was full force shoved in all the nişantaşı escort 10″ deep into my ass. I could barely breathe, his body weight was on me some of the time, and I was tied tightly so even if I wanted to get free I couldn’t.

His pace was increasing, my ass was relaxing and started pulsing, I felt like his cock was swelling up in my ass. The strokes were still brutal. Full hard slams into my ass. The pain was just warm heat now and the pleasure was all consuming. I could barely move, but what I could do was push back and pull away as his strong and concerted strokes invaded my body. Roger was working really hard and was grunting and panting as he built up to his cum. I realised I was cuming all the time, my cock was pulsing. I was leaking cum. There was my cum all over my chin and lips. There was cum all over the floor. My cock was still hard so I put my shoulders and face on the shower floor and stroked my cock for extra pleasure.

Roger was going all out, slamming his cock into me with every bit of force he could muster. He was grunting loudly and saying “fuck, fuck” as he forced his massive cock into me and dragged it out. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I heard a small voice shouting “Mummy” but it didn’t manage to climb over all the savage sensations of his anal invasion and so didn’t register alarm.

He kept hammering me with hard deep thrusts. Some were so hard he smashed my face and head against the hard floor many times. I could taste my own blood and knew I had a cut lip but I didn’t care. I was just there in the moment, loving being fucked and taken, sexually abused for his pleasure. His pace increased and his cock swelled and soon I knew he was coming deep in my ass. He finished by pushing hard deep inside me and I felt every contraction and pulse of his ejaculation. My anus and ass were still quivering from all of the cums I had had. Finally he stopped moving and was breathing quickly.

Suddenly I became aware there were footsteps from inside the showers and a scream, muffled shouts and Roger was pulling out and scrambling up. I turned in my groggy state to see a small lady in cut off shorts and bikini top screaming at him to get out and slapping at him with a small bag.

Roger grabbed his stuff, roughly wrapping his towel around him and ran out leaving me for dead. I couldn’t move. Apart from all the exhausted muscles and bruised knees, face, head etc from being roughly fucked on a concrete floor for 15 minutes, I couldn’t control my muscles as the feelings had been so intense. I was also very firmly tied.

The lady came over to me. I cringed expecting a kick in the face. She leant down and lifted my face from the floor. “You poor thing” she said, “how could that bastard do that to you” She lifted me to my knees but I was too weak to stand. She gently undid my hands then pulled up the bathers enough for me to stand. My cock was still semi hard and hanging down but still a very good size. She carefully tucked my cock into my Speedos and smoothed them around me. I was covered in blood, semen and sand off the floor.

She turned on the shower and washed most of it off. She said “come on lets get you out of here in case he comes back”. She helped me over to my stuff and I slipped on a shirt but could not get my legs up enough for the shorts. I was still dazed and tried to get away. She refused to let me saying I was in shock and that she had to call the police. I was saying “no police” as she helped me out of the shower rooms

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