Birds of a Feather, chapter 4


Bird’s of a Feather, Chapter 4 (it all works out)

We were all relaxing and things got very quite. Kathy was lying with her head on my shoulder and my arm was around her shoulder with my hand resting on her breast. I could still detect the smell of sex in the room. The smell of cum, hot pussy, piss and sweaty bodies lingered in the air. I inhaled deeply and smiled. Kathy looked up me smiling, “Smells great don’t it Lover?” I just nodded and closed my eyes.

I didn‘t realized I had dozed off until I was shaken awake by Kathy moving, I heard low moans escaping her lips. I rose up and looked down to see her legs raised in the air. My eyes followed down her legs to where they come together. I saw a head full of red hair and knew Beth was busy devouring Kathy‘s hot pussy.

It didn‘t take long for my cock to spring to full erection. Kathy noticed and reached over, wrapped her fingers around my shaft and started slowly stroking it. I caught a glimpse of someone kneeling on my right side. I turned to see Cindy kneeling there watching Beth working on Kathy’s pussy. She had two or three fingers shoved in her pussy, pumping in and out at a frantic pace. The expression on her face told me she was about to cum.

Katie moved up behind Cindy, put her arms around her and starting pinching and pulling on her nipples so hard I knew it had to be painful. This only made Cindy even more intense in her finger fucking. Katie added to the action as she started licking and sucking on Cindy‘s neck.

Beth was bringing Kathy to that magical moment in a hurry. It was easy to see Cindy knew all the tricks as she bent her wrist, better aligning her fingers with her pussy. Then spread her legs even further apart and set down on her hand. She threw her head back as she rocked back and forth on her fingers. “OOOHHHH, SSSHHHIIITTT, FFUUCCCKK YYYEESS!!!” Cindy hollered. I could hear a wet sloshing sound as Cindy cum time after time, then collapsed back into Katie‘s arms.

Then it was Kathy, “OOOOOHHHH YYEEESSSS, SUCK MY HOT PUSSY, YOU CUNT SUCKING SLUT.” I could hear the sound of Beth‘s wet mouth on my loving Kathy‘s pussy as she reached her peak. She fell back against my shoulder, smiling, with a total look of contentment on her face. She cuddled her soft, sweaty body up by my side as Beth laid her head on my leg.

I looked back at Cindy, our eyes met and she smiled. “I can‘t tell you how excited I am to be here with you and Kathy like this.” I smiled back, “I know the feeling my friend, it’s like a dream come true for both of us” Cindy raised her hips a little and pulled her fingers out of her pussy. Her hand was soaking wet as she started to raise it to her mouth.

I reached and took her by the wrist and pulled her hand to me. I licked it from her wrist, up across her palm and started to put her fingers in my mouth. I felt Kathy move. As I looked down, she was look up at me with her mouth slightly open.

I laughed and pulled Cindy’s fingers down to Kathy’s mouth. She made a show of taking one finger at a time, sucking and licking it clean. Beth had raised her head and watching Kathy’s little show. Beth laughed, “Kathy, you’ve turned into a real slut.” Kathy did the best she could to smile with four of Cindy’s fingers in her mouth and replied with a simple, “UH-HUH”

I heard applause and cheers coming from the kitchen. I turned enough to see Dan and Paul picking up the trays of sandwiches and Shawn was holding two new bottles of wine. “While you guys were playing, we made ourselves at home,” Paul said. “Thanks guys but know this, when you’re here in our house you are at home. Nothing’s off limits for any of you.”

I felt Kathy squeeze my arm. When I looked down at her, I could see tears in her eyes as she squeezed my arm again and softly said, “Our house.” “Yes Baby, OUR HOUSE.” This brought another round of applause and cheers from the group

While we were having our little snack I found a note pad for Dan and Katie to make a list of things they needed us to fax them by Monday evening. We also made a list of things Kathy and I needed to make decisions about, our houses, bank accounts and who to tell about plans, among other things.

Dan gives us some advice about some of the things we needed to do and not do. He asks if I knew how to contact my wife, Peggy. I told him her Mother, Nancy, and I had always been friends and I could try to contact Peggy through her.. He wrote some notes for me about what I should and shouldn’t say when I talked to her.

We finished our snacks, cleaned up the area. As we started to settle back down Katie laid on her back. Paul and Shawn picked Kathy up, turned her over and place her on all fours over the top of Katie. Beth and Cindy took me by the arms and let me over to the two women. Cindy pushed down on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees by Kathy’s left hip.

Kathy and Katie had wasted no time in eating each other’s pussy. Beth moved up behind Kathy. Cindy pulled Kathy’s ass cheeks apart as Beth lean down and pulled her tongue from the bottom of her pussy up across her puckered asshole. She made sure I had a good view of everything she was doing. She pulled back a little and spit on Kathy’s asshole, then used her fingers to smear it around.

Beth moved her hand out of the way as Cindy leaned over and spit a big glob, landing just above the asshole and running down. Beth used it to coat her middle finger, then aligned the finger with Kathy‘s asshole. She looked at me as she slowly pushed the finger in past the resistance of the .sphincter to the first joint of her finger. Kathy let out a grown and I was sure there was some pain but she pushed back against the finger.

Beth mover the finger in and out a little, wiggling and pulling it from side to side, stretching her asshole a little more. She pulled all the way out, pointed it toward Cindy who took it in her mouth and soaked it with more saliva.

Beth once again pushed the finger into Kathy‘s asshole, this time going all the way to her knuckles. As I watched her finger fucking Kathy‘s ass Cindy laid down on the floor and took my cock deep into her mouth. I had to fight hard to keep from shooting my load in her mouth.

Beth suddenly announced, “Okay, that’s enough, time to change. She pulled her finger out of Kathy’s ass and Cindy stopped sucking my cock. The two of them moved me around behind Kathy until my cock was lined up with Kathy’s hot, wet pussy.

Katie reached up and pulled my cock down to her hot mouth. After she had soaked it good with her saliva, she aligned it with my lovely lady’s sweet pussy as Beth and Cindy took my ass cheeks and pulled me forward.

I went ball deep in Kathy’s pussy as I heard her, AAAAHHHHH, YES LOVER, FEED THE BABY FOR MOMMA!!!” Katie was licking Kathy’s clit and from time to time, she licked my shaft as I pulled out to the edge of Kathy’s pussy.

Cindy pushed on my back a little signaling me to lean forward. When I did, I felt a pair of small, warm hands pulling my ass cheeks apart. Then I was surprised to feel a tongue lick across you asshole. I could tell by the slight whiskered completion that it was a man.

Whoever it was really knew what they were doing. They were flicking the tip of their tongue across my sphincter, and then licked the full length of my ass. Next, they pushed their tongue against my sphincter, forcing it to open enough to push up inside my anal passage. All this was in perfect sync with the movement of my cock moving in and out of Kathy’s pussy.

Kathy was reaching one orgasm after another and constantly begging, “PLEASE BABY, PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME, HARDER, HARDER!!”

I could feel my balls tightening up as Kathy’s pussy continued to clamp down around my cock. When I cum it wasn’t like a shot but more like a constant flow of cum. I filled her pussy and I could hear Katie slurping up the overflow. Kathy was screaming one continues, “YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!”

Kathy fell forward on top of fındıkzade escort Katie and I started falling to my left side. Cindy caught me in her arms and began rubbing one cheek while kissing the other. Beth moved over next to me, took my deflating cock completely in her mouth. She used her tongue and lips to clean my cock then let it slip out of her mouth. She held my cock up with her hand as she licked my scrotum, sucking one ball and then the other into her hot, wet mouth.

While Beth was busy cleaning me up I looked over at Kathy. She had rolled over on her back. Paul was holding one of her legs over his shoulder and Dan had the other. Katie was kneeling, holding Kathy’s head on her legs.

Shawn had moved between Kathy’s legs. I had a great view as I watched Shawn lean down and lick our combined cum, first from around her ass then the lips of her pussy. Next, he placed his lips over her pussy. I noticed Katie whisper something to Kathy. She nodded and I could tell she was pushing down with her pussy.

Shawn moaned as he sucked away on her wet pussy. Then he rose up, looked at Kathy and Katie, then turned toward us. His mouth and tongue was covered with a large glob of white cum. He titled his head back and swallowed. He opened his mouth with an, “AAAAHHHHHH” as though it was the best thing he had ever tasted.

He turned back to Kathy, varying from the scenario we had used before; Shawn pushed his index and middle finger deep into her pussy. Kathy let out a loud moaned, pulled her legs down against Paul and Dan, raising her pussy tighter into Shawn’s fingers. He pulled out, aligned his other two fingers with her asshole.

Shawn pushed forward slowly penetrating her pussy and asshole at the same time. Kathy looked over at me with an excited expression, “I can feel him, I feel his fingers rubbing together in my pussy and ass.” She pulled up even more and started matching Shawn’s thrust. “FUCK ME, FUCK MY PUSSY AND MY ASS, FUCK ME HARD. LICK ME, LICK MY CLIT LIKE A FUCKING DOG, DO IT, DO IT NOW!!” Kathy screamed at Shawn.

I knew Shawn had a bit of a temper and I was sure Katy’s talk would piss him off. WELL. I was sure wrong about that. Shawn obeyed her command and started slamming his fingers in and out of her pussy and ass and YES, licked her clit like a dog like lapping up water.

Kathy was in a total frenzy, I was sure she was reaching a sexual peak she had never known before. I couldn’t help but wonder what effect this intense level of sex would have on our relationship when it was just the two of us.

Katie whispered something to Kathy again. Kathy said “YES, HELL YES!!” Katie was laughing as she laid Kathie’s head down on the blanket. Katie moved around and straddled Kathy’s head. I thought she was going to have Kathy eat her pussy. Wrong again, Katie held her pussy about six inches above Kathy’s open mouth.

I watched as the first stream of piss shot out of Katie and into Kathy’s waiting mouth. I could hear the little shit gargling like it was mouthwash. I laugh as I thought, “Such a perverted little slut, I’ve sure got my work cut out for me.”

Katie then let go with a steady stream of piss. It was coming faster that Kathy could swallow. Her face was covered with piss, even her hair was soaked. When the piss stopped, Katie set down, covered Kathy’s mouth with her pussy, and started face-fucking Kathy.

I could hear Kathy’s muffled squalls, sounding like an excited little girl. Her whole body was in motion, shoving her pussy and ass up to meet Shawn’s fingers and mouth, as she sucked on Katie’s pussy. Then her entire body went limp Shawn moved back, pulling his fingers out of her, Paul and Dan gently placed her legs on the blanket and Katie moved over to the side.

I started to move over to her when Cindy took my shoulders and Beth took hold of my legs and moved me over next to Kathy. She had her eyes closed and was still breathing very heavy. I kissed her gently on the lips, detecting the taste and smell of Katie. She returns my kiss, smiled and said, “Hello Baby, Love You Big Time.”

I laugher and said, “Honey, right now you probably love everyone.” “That could be true but that’s okay as long as YOU know you are at the very top of the list. I cuddle up next to her, laying my head on her shoulder. She was wet with sweat, smell of cum and piss and all I could think about was how much I loved this amazing woman.

Things got very quite as everyone was lying in various positions around on the blankets. I’m not sure if I fell asleep or just that relaxed. I’m not even sure how long we laid there. Kathy’s snickering snapped me back to the present. She was so into it her whole body was shaking.

Cindy asks, “What the fucks are you snickering about Hot Stuff?” Kathy laughed out, Hot Stuff?” Cindy set up, laughed and said, “Yeah, Fridge don’t fit any more, so it will be Hot Stuff from now on.” Everyone, including me cheered their approval.

“Well, What?” Cindy asks again. Kathy set up, looked over at me then at the other around the room. She said, “I was just think, this time Friday I felt like my world was falling apart and most of my dreams, sexually and otherwise, would never come true. Now, here I am with a man I love, that loves me back. A room full of friends and most of my sex fantasies have become a reality. On top of all that, as Frank said, I’m either pregnant or will be. YES, I’m a happy girl.”

I moved over, put my arms around Kathy, and held her close. Then I felt arms and naked bodies all around us and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. I couldn’t remember a time in my whole life when I was so happy, sexually fulfilled and so damn exhausted.

Dan asks if we could take a break, get a bit to eat and talk a little. Cindy seconded the suggestion. We all moved to the kitchen and busied ourselves preparing the snacks and more wine.

We moved back to the den and picnicked on the blankets. While we were eating, Dan told me if I could get everything on the list faxed to him by Monday afternoon, I should try to contact Peggy. He told me if I talked to her to stick to the notes he gave me and not to let her piss me off. He told Kathy. “Write Jerry a letter telling him that someone would be in touch with him. If he calls or tries to contact you, don‘t talk to him.” He gives us his private phone number and told us if we had any questions we could call him.

Katie had a wicked smile as she ask if Kathy and I if we would be interested in everyone returning the next day and maybe indulge in a little anal sex. Kathy and I looked at each other, then around the room. All eyes were on us. Kathy said. “We were hoping you guys would spend the night. We can all camp out in the den or double up in the beds.

No one mentioned anything else about spending the night; we just lounged around, talking about the things that had happened and how much we all enjoyed it. Cindy asks, “At the end of the day, looking back on everything you have experienced, what do you think about it all.

Kathy told me to go first. I thought for a couple of seconds before I replied. “I have learned some things about each of you but mostly things about myself. I’m not sure where my limits are sexually. Looking back, I have found things I thought would be repulsive and turn me off have instead thrilled and excited. I have also found I need to be pushed a little sometimes to do some of these things but that’s fine because I have someone who not only pushes me but stays by my side as we move forward together.”

Everyone was just set, looking at me. Then Cindy laughed, “Sounds like one pervert in love with another pervert.” Everyone laughed, and then Cindy told Kathy it was her turn.

Kathy smiled at me and said, “Cindy, you can just make that two happy perverts in love with each other and lucky to have friends like you to help us broaden our horizons.”

It started getting late and Kathy suggested güngören escort we all get a shower then we could decide on sleeping arrangements. Cindy asks how many people could get in my shower at one time. I told her four could get in the master shower.

“Great, we can do a three on one shower, you guys will love that. I wasn’t sure what she was talking but I was sure I was about to find out.

When we got to the bathroom Katie ask if it would be okay with everyone if she and Dan went first with Kathy and me. No one objected so I adjusted the water and we stepped in. Katie pushed me toward the back corner of the shower, soaped up her hands, handed the bar of soap the Kathy, then started washing around my neck and chest.

Kathy started washing one arm while Dan worked on the other. It didn’t take long until they were all working on my cock, balls and ass. My cock was starting to get a little rigid from the attention.

While Kathy and Dan shampooed my hair Katie dropped to her knees and took my cock all the way into here throat. She fucked it in and out several times, then looked up at me smiling, “I just love a cock shoved down my throat.

Everyone laughed at Katie’s comment and Cindy said, “Girl, you’re a real slut.” We all took turned until we all had our showers and dried each other off.

As we come out of the bath Cindy ask if we could grab some sheets for cover and camp out on the blankets in the den. I told her I would change the blankets but Katie asked me not too. She told us if it didn’t bother anyone she loved wake up to the smell sex in the morning.

We all cuddled in pairs in the middle of the blankets. Kathy was spoon in so close to me it was as if we were one person. I wrapped an arm around her shoulder with my hand resting on her in her left tit. The last thing I remember was hearing Katie and Cindy talking in almost a whisper and laughing about something.

When I open my eyes again, it was light in the room. I looked around and realized I was the only one in the room. I could defiantly smell the lingering odor of last night’s sex. I also smelled bacon cooking and the smell of sweet cinnamon. I fallowed the smell to the kitchen. Kathy and Shawn were at the stove cooking. Cindy and Beth were getting plates and glasses out of the cabinet while Paul and Katie was getting the silverware. Dan was setting at the table drinking coffee.

Cindy turned to me smiling, “Morning Mushroom, have a seat with Dan and I get you a cup of coffee.” I dropped in the chair across from Dan as Cindy set a cup of coffee in front of me. I looked up and asked, Mushroom?”

Everyone laughed and Shawn said, “Frank, you’ll find Cindy gives everyone a nickname. I’m the Chief, Beth is Fireball, Paul is The River, Dan is The Planner, Katie is Hat Trick, Kathy is now Hot Stuff and you are Mushroom. I was curious but decided to pick a better time for explanations.

We have mimosa, bacon, eggs and French toast. Once I started eating, I realized how hungry I was. Kathy come and set in my lap, took my fork and started feeding both of us. The food was good but what really got my attention was Kathy’s warm ass pressing next to my cock.

Katie must have noticed my reaction. She looked at me laughing, “Eat the food Frank, your cock up her asshole will come later. Kathy wiggled her ass a little and smiled at me. The breakfast was great but my mind was still filled with all that laid ahead.

We all pitched in and cleaned the kitchen. Cindy slipped on a pair of shorts and a top, telling us she needed to get something out of the car and would meet us in the bathroom. We all headed that way and by the time we were all in the room, Cindy was back carrying a small tote bag.

She took everything out of the bag and placed it on the bathroom vanity. She held up an enamel bag and douche bag, and then asked if we had either of these. Kathy told her we had one of each. Cindy told Kathy to get them out and we could speed things up by doing two at a time.

Kathy got both bags for Cindy as Katie got towels from the cabinet and placed a couple on the floor. Cindy had everything ready and told us, “Okay everyone, hears how it will go. As most of you know, we will do two enamels each and the women will do a douche. Now, who wants to do who?”

Katie told Cindy, “You know what I like. If it wouldn‘t bother anyone I can go first and all of you can help.” Of course, Kathy and I had no idea what she was talking about but everyone else agreed, so we were about to find out what it was Katie liked so much.

Cindy filled one of the enamel bags, opened a packet of additive and empted it in the bag. Katie lay on her side on one of the towels, pulled one leg up toward her chest and Paul pulled her ass cheeks apart. Dan poured a small amount of lube on her asshole then pushed his middle finger into her shit-hole.

I could see Katie was breathing heavy and was obviously very excited. Dan pulled his finger out as Cindy handed him the end of the tube. Kathy held the bag high above Katie as Dan pushed the tube past her sphincter, into her bowels. As Kathy released the clip, allowing the water to flow inside Katie, Cindy was busy preparing the douche bag.

She filled the bag with warmer than usual water, then open a packed and poured the contents into the bag. Kathy stopped the flow of water when the bag was about half empty. Paul was rubbing one hand over Katie’s mound and another over her water-swollen colon.

Beth had moved around and was holding Kati’s head in her lap while pulling on the nipple of her left breast. Kathy released the clip on the tube and allowed the remainder of the water to flow in Katie’s ass.

When the enema bag was empty, Dan pulled the tube out. I could see Katie’s little asshole tighten up, holding the fluid inside. Paul and Beth helped Katie to her feet and over to the toilet then knelt on either side of her.

Dan took the douche from Cindy, turned and knelt between Katie’s legs. He looked at me and asked,” Frank, how’s your bladder doing?” I give him a puzzled look. He asked, “Can you piss now?” I laughed, “Yes, as a matter fact I do need to. I was so busy watching all that was going on I didn’t realize it.”

Cindy stepped up beside me, wrapped her hand around my semi-erect cock and told me, “Soak her good Mushroom and you’ll get a good show.” Cindy continued to hold my cock as I moved up nest to Dan. I had to concentrate to relax enough to start pissing. Finally, a short squirt shot out hitting Katie between her tits.

Paul and Beth leaned in and bit down hard on Katie’s nipples. At the same time, Dan released the clip on the douche bag, allowing the fluid to shoot into Katie’s pussy. Katie pushed down, shooting the fluid out of her ass. I had a steady flow of piss going now and Cathy was directing it mostly in Katie’s open mouth. She was making loud noises that I had never heard come from a human but then I had never seen a person this turned on.

Katie reached such a level of passion that it left her totally exhausted. She collapsed and fell against the back of the toilet.. Beth and Paul held her steady to keep her from falling.

Cindy and Kathy had returned to the vanity and preparing the next round. Cindy asks Beth if she would like to go next. Beth laugher, “That’s fine but I can’t do it the way Katie did.”

Beth assumed the position on the towel and Paul applied the lube to her ass and the tube. Kathy handled the bag again and every thing went well. As soon as Beth had shit out her fluid Cindy give her a douche. Then it was on to the next one.

Dan went next, then Shawn, Cindy, Kathy and I was last. Dan filled the second douche bad using a different additive this time. Cindy told me they would start the second round of enamels with me and just go in reverse order. My ass was a little tender but I knew this was nothing compared to what would come later.

fatih escort We cleaned up everything and took quick shower then headed back to the den. Cindy had two battles of lube and a couple of towels with her. We set in a close circle on the same blankets we started with. Cindy was explaining to Kathy and me the difference in the two lubes and the advantages to each.

This was new territory for both of us and I had several questions I was about to ask when the phone rang. “OH SHIT, I’ll be right back,”

I pick up the phone and in a calm voice I said, “Hello.” “Good morning Frank, this is Walter Horton. Sorry to call you on a Sunday but something has come up I would like to talk with you about. I was wondering if you could come to work about 30 or 40 minutes early tomorrow morning.”

I glanced over at Kathy then made a quick decision. “Yes Sir Me. Horton, that will be fine. I wonder if we could make it about an hour earlier, I have something I would like to talk with you about also.” “Sure Frank, that’ll be fine, see you then. By the way, if you hear of a house for rent in your area, let me know. I may have someone that may be interested.” “Sure will Mr. Horton, see you early tomorrow.”

When I hung up the phone Cindy was laughing, “So Mr. Big Shot, the big boss man calls you on a Sunday, must be something big going on.” I told her I wasn’t sure, I just hope I’m not in trouble but I’ll know tomorrow. Beth ask, “you gonna tell him about you and Kathy?” I looked at Dan, wondering if it might jeopardize the things he was going to be doing for us. Dan was smiling as if he knew something we didn’t know.

“Go for it Frank, everything will be alright. He will appreciate you being straight with him by let him know what’s going on.”

Kathy and I were both a little nervous and fidgety. Beth noticed and told us, “Just try to relax, we all remember our first time doing anal. We’ll just slip you right through it.” That comment brought a big laugh from everyone.

Katie asks, “Would you think it rude of me if I ask for a hat trick to get things started?” Everyone agreed, even Kathy and me, even though we had no idea what a hat trick was.

Dan ask, “Who would you like and where would you want them?” Katie didn’t hesitate, “I need Dan in my pussy, Shawn can go in my mouth and Paul in my ass.”

I ask, “All at the same time and that would be the hat trick? Damn, What a woman.” Katie just smiled as Dan stretched out on his back on the blanket. Beth placed a little of the lube from one of the bottles on her fingers and started applying it to Dan’s rigid shaft. Beth handed Kathy and me both bottles and ask if we would like to get Katie lubed up. She told Kathy the lube she had was for the pussy and mine was for the asshole.

Katie was kneeling with her legs spread wide apart. Kathy and I knelt on either side of her. We poured a palm full of the lubrication and as Kathy covered her mound, I pulled my hand up through her ass, covering her cheeks and little rosebud.

I leaned down and started sucking one nipple while Kathy was doing the same to the other. I heard Katie moan softly and knew Kathy had pushed her fingers into her hot pussy. I moved my hand around her ass cheeks until my fingers was slick with the lube. I pushed my middle finger past her sphincter into her shit hole.

The lube allowed easy movement as I finger fucked her shitter. Katie moaned, “More, add more and harder.” I heard a loud grunt from Katie and Kathy laughed, “That’s my whole hand, will that be enough Honey?” Katie sighed, “AAAAHHHHH YYYYEEEEESSsss, FUCK ME BABY!”

I pulled my finger out and started to add one more finger then though, “What the fuck, just go for it.” I put my four fingers together into a kind of circle. I used my other hand to pull her ass cheeks apart, placed the fingers against her sphincter and pushed hard.

There was quite a bit of resistance but Katie pushed back and my fingers slipped up inside her tight shit hole. “AAAAAAHHHHhhhh FFFFUUUCCCKKK YYEESS, open me up you fucking perverts

While we were working on Katie, Beth was sucking on Shawn‘s cock and Cindy had Paul‘s rock hard cock covered in the lube and slowly sliding her hand up and down the shaft.

Kathy and I were just getting our rhythm when Cindy told us it was time to move on to the next stage. Kathy and I pulled out of Katie’s pussy and ass. She turned and kissed each of us then moved up toward Dan.

As soon as Katie had moved Kathy reached for my wrist and raised it to my mouth. She put two of her pussy soaked fingers in her mouth and started sucking them clean. She held two of my fingers up to my mouth.

Our eyes met and I could see the excitement and passion. I took toe of the fingers, just seconds before had been in Katie’s asshole and sucked them into my mouth. I was surprised; they had a little bit of a cherry taste and was slick with the lube.

Kathy switched fingers with me, sucking my other two fingers and feeding me hers. We turned just in time to see Cindy aligning Dan’s cock with Katie’s dripping wet pussy. Katie buried the cock in her pussy and snapped her hips back and forth a few times then leaned over on Dan.

I had a good view of Katie’s ass. It was still gaped open and I wanted to jam my hard cock in her hot looking asshole..

Shawn stepped up straddling Dan and Katie reached up and wrapped her fingers around her shaft. Cindy poured a small amount of lube on the head of his cock.

Katie moved her hand over the head and down the shaft, spreading the lube the length of his shaft. She opens her mouth wide and took Shawn’s cock deep into her throat.

Paul placed his hands on the cheeks of her ass, spreading them wide, exposing her well-lubed asshole. Beth took hold of his hard cock and guided it to the opening. I watched as Paul pushed his cock slowly into her anal passage.

I watched in amazement as these three men filled Katie’s holes. I felt a naked body touch my side and looked to see Kathy kneeling beside me. She reaches and placed her fingers around my hard as a rock cock. It was oozing pre-cum which she used to cover my cock and balls.

Kathy’s eyes never left Katie and her partners. Her eyes were wide with excitement as she said, “Look at that Baby, that is so FUCKING HOT.”. I ask if she wish it were she there instead of Katie. “HELL YES, but I know I couldn’t handle it now but it sure is hot to watch.”

Paul kept his hands on Katie’s ass cheeks, bracing himself. He and Dan held still while Katie was quickly moving her hips back and forth and sometimes would rotate her hips around. This way when she pulled her pussy back on Dan’s cock she would shove Paul’s cock up her tight asshole and vice versa.

Shawn started cumming in her mouth. Katie makes no attempt to swallow it, she just let it run out of her mouth and down onto her tits. This pushed Katie over the edge and she was having one orgasm after another.

Dan and Paul was sweating, moaning and groining as they started shooting their loads in Katie’s hot pussy and ass. Cum was running out of all of her holes.

Shawn fell back into Cindy’s arms as Beth started licking the cum off Katie’s tits and face. Paul leaned against the fell back on the blankets, pulling his cum soaked cock from her ass.

Kathy had Paul’s wet cock in her mouth before his head hit the blanket. I could see cum leaking out and running down the crack of Katie’s ass.

I couldn’t believe it, my mouth was watering and I knew what I was about to do. I moved behind Katie and started licking from Dan’s cock, up her crack and placed my mouth over her asshole. I could feel her pushing out and a big glob of cum rolled into my mouth. I swallowed then pushed my tongue into her gaping, slick shit hole.

Katie rolled over to the side causing my tongue to ship out of her ass. She spread her legs wide and pulled my head to her cum filled pussy. I licked and sucked her pussy and clit until it was sensitive she pushed me away. Kathy was busying herself clean Dan’s deflated cock until he had to push her away also.

Katie was still breathing heavy but managed to get out “Got to take a break.” You fucking perverts have worn me out.”

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