Breaking Out, Breaking In: Part 2


Breaking Out, Breaking In: Part 2
(M/F/f, teen, inc, bond, cons, oral, anal)
by BD Long

[Note: I had a free weekend to edit, update, rewrite, etc. Part 3 may be a long way off, since I have another story in progress (more along the lines of “Lust From Space!”, but I’m open to suggestions as to where things should go from here. Enjoy!]


“Dude, are you kidding?” Carrie asked from the doorway to the bedroom, rubbing her forehead in frustration. It was still hot, and the air conditioning in the small house we rented together had not cooled the air enough. She wore a black tank top, which hugged her form and exposed her tattoos. A shark swam down her arm, gnawing on her wrist, and a honeycomb of skulls crept from under her shirt and down her other arm. She was sipping from a bottle of beer, and pressed the cold glass to her neck. A bead of condensation rolled from the bottle, off her shoulder blade, and into her cleavage. Her breasts, I knew from experience, were firm, round and not much bigger than my sister’s. I licked my lips and pushed thoughts of sex out of my head for the moment.

“I wish I was,” I said. “Don’t worry about it. She’s not like the rest of my family.” I had returned only an hour earlier and was changing out of the clothes I wore around my family into something a little more comfortable, and I watched her eyes following me hungrily as I moved.

“Mike,” she said flatly. “She’s your sister.”

“Last time I checked.”

“She can’t keep a secret.”

“I bet you she can.”

Carrie eyed me oddly, and brushed her one streak of blue hair behind her ear. The rest of her almost shoulder-length black hair was loosely tied back. “You’re hiding something from me.”

I avoided her gaze. “Nothing. Just family stuff. Trust me.”

“Suit yourself,” she said, and tossed me a beer. I caught it and moved out into the living room. We sat on the couch, sipping beer until the sun went down. All the while, we filled each other in on our summers. Carrie had turned 21 while we were apart, and it bothered her that we couldn’t be together openly. It dawned on me that her birthday had fallen on the morning I had woken up next to my sister, and I felt a hollow pit of guilt open up in my belly.

Carrie had brought her well-toned legs up onto the couch and hugged her knees to her chest. I put my hands on her knees and looked into her coffee-colored eyes. “I’ll make it up to you,” I said. “I promise.”


“Yeah,” I said. “In fact, I already have.”

“Really now,” she said, a slight little grin sliding up one cheek. “And how is that?”

“Oh, now. That’s a secret,” I said. “But it’ll be worth the wait. Trust me.”

“Miiiike!” she complained, grabbing my hands and tugging on them, but then she saw something in my eyes. “Oh… this is big, isn’t it?”

“Huge,” I confirmed.

“Can you at least tell me when?”

“Hannah’s bringing it with her,” I said, bending the truth just a little. Carrie was speechless and her mouth hung open a bit. “She knows about us. She wants out just as much as I do.”

“No way…” Carrie said softly.

“Way,” I said. “So go easy on her, ok? It’ll be her first time outside our little town.”

She sighed dramatically. “Oh, ok. But how are we going to explain my being here to your dad?”

“We’ll figure that out later,” I said, kissing her. She kissed back, and when our tongues met, we both sighed a soft sigh of relief. “I missed you,” I whispered, kissing her ear lobe. Carrie’s breathing began to quicken. “Did you get any while I was away?”

“Uh-uh,” she shook her head as I kissed down her neck, under her jaw. I felt her hands on the back of my head, urging me on. I loved the way she moved—softly, but with strength. I kissed my way back to her lips.

“I thought you’d get a little pussy while I was away,” I said, still skeptical.

She shook her head in disbelief and said, “I know. Crazy, right? I guess I’m getting attached.”

“Yeah,” I said, pulling out the band holding her hair back. “I’m impressed.”

“I’m horny,” she said, pushing me back and then dragging me down to the floor. I grabbed the bottom of her tank top and lifted it over her head. Her breasts bounced a little, braless. She had apparently been preparing for this all day. Her nipples were darker and bigger than my sister’s, and were as hard as if they were carved from wood. It felt good to hold them in my hands again. She tore my shirt off and pushed me onto my back and stood up, wriggling out of her shorts. A snake tattooed on her left leg slithered up toward her bald V. She insisted on always being hairless, with the idea that she loved eating pussy occasionally, and wanted hers to be the kind she’d want to eat. She had a little more weight on her than my sister, but it only accentuated her curves. And under that little extra padding, she was all coiled muscle and quivering lust.

Wasting no time, she straddled me and scooted her way up to my head, until her pussy hovered above my mouth. I ran my hands up her soft, firm body. “Mmmm,” she moaned softly. When I pulled her down onto my mouth, she cried out. “Aaah!” My tongue probed her inside and out, and the sweet taste of her sex filled my mouth. Carrie ground her smooth pussy lips against my face, and began to moan and pant as I licked her thoroughly. I fluttered my tongue against her clit. “Oh, fuck! Fuck! Just like that!” She grabbed her own breasts, pinching the nipples, as she rocked on my tongue.

Defying expectations, she became even wetter, and I lapped at her juices. The taste and smell of my girlfriend’s hungry snatch made my head swim with lust. “Mmmm!” I groaned, my lips around her clit. The vibrations made her buck wildly, but I grabbed her firm round ass cheeks, and held her in place. When I sucked on her clit, she jerked and became rigid.
“Oh, shit!” she hollered, eyes clenched. I didn’t stop flicking and swirling my tongue around her clit, though, and eventually, she made a little squeaking noise from behind clenched teeth. She grabbed my hair, and pain shot through my scalp, but I kept on going. “Fuck,” she squeaked softly. And then, as if she’d been shot, she went slack and fell to the side. “Uhhhhhhhhhh…” she groaned, sprawled on the carpet. I sat up, and watched her lay face down, panting into the fibers. She looked like a wild animal that had been tranquilized for ear tagging.

Slowly, quietly, I stood up and removed the rest of my clothes. Her scent was still in my nose, and it made me hard as a rock. Looking down at her, I thought how lucky I was. She said she loved me before I’d left for the summer, and it had blown my mind. No one had ever before said that to me in the way she’d meant it. But there was also her incredible body, which she’d made into a work of art in more than one way. From the top of her ass crack and up and over her shoulder blades, was an intricate, abstract design that reminded me of a bowl of pasta made out of lightning. She’d laughed when we had been naked together for the first time and I’d told her what I thought, but that night after working up a hunger, she’d crawled out of bed at midnight and made spaghetti, which we fed to each other strand by strand before making love again.

Now, it was my turn to straddle Carrie, and I knelt over her prone body and positioned myself against her wet opening. I heard her gasp as I felt her tight warmth embrace my cock. In it slid until her ass cheeks pressed against my hips. I leaned forward and kissed the back her neck. “I missed you,” I said, slowly beginning to pump in and out of her.

“It shows,” she said, turning her head to smile at me. The blue streak of hair fell in front of her face, and she brushed it away. “God, Mike. We’ve got a lot of lost time to make up for.” With that, she arched her butt off the floor, and I felt even more of me slide into her. I couldn’t take it anymore, and with abandon, I began fucking her. “I missed you, too, by the way,” she said, giggling a little at my new intensity. But those giggles soon faded, replaced by panting and soft moans. I plunged in and out of her, and felt the tension of her orgasm rising. I pounded in and out of her pussy, slapping her ass cheeks with my hips on every slamming stroke. “Oh shit! I’m coming again!” she groaned. I felt her body grip my cock, and I felt ready to explode. She felt it, too, apparently, and cried out, “Oh fuck, don’t come!”

I pulled out of her and sat back in frustration. Before I knew it, though, she had spun around, and I felt her tongue lapping at her own juices on my cock. Her eyes were sparkling with a devilish mischief. “I want to taste your cum,” she said. The little dimples that formed when she grinned made me smile every single time. When she’d licked her own cum from my cock, I felt the hotness of her mouth around me. Her tongue rippled up and down, and I was practically seeing stars. I ran my hands through her hair, and feeling its soft familiarity, squeezed.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned as I came. First one spurt, then a second, and then the torrent.

“Mmmmm,” Carrie moaned. I felt her working to swallow it all, her tongue teasing and coaxing every last drop out of me. I fell back onto the carpet and closed my eyes, taking in the sensation of every last lick and suck, until I had been drained dry.

For the rest of the night, we showered, made love again, showered again, and went upstairs to Carrie’s art studio, where she showed me the new stuff she’d been working on.

“You know,” I said, “I’d been meaning to ask why you told me you love me.”

Carrie looked at me seriously, “Because I do.”

“I get that,” I said. “But why just before I left?”

“I wanted to give you time to absorb it. I’m fairly certain I’m the first person to tell you something like that.”

“You are.”

“So we’re good?”

“Yeah,” I said. “But that doesn’t mean anything’s going to change, right?”

“What do you mean?”

I grimaced. “Well, comparatively, tonight was a little chaste.”

“Pffff!” she scoffed, waving me off. “Please! You wanna see something cool?” I raised an interested eyebrow, and Carrie took my hand and led me back downstairs and then to the door to the basement. She flipped on the lights at the top of the steps, and we made our way down. My eyes nearly fell out of my head. Carrie had turned our basement, previously home to spiders and piles of old cardboard, into a garden of desires. In the middle of the room was a four-post bed, just like the one in her bedroom. The trunk she kept her vibrators and dildos in rested against a wall. There was a table of heavy oak that could have been a dining table, but the top, I noticed, was right about at hip height. There was also a pool table and a jukebox. Also conspicuous were a sturdy cage at the foot of the bed and several hooks bolted into the ceiling. Underneath it all, was a soft carpet that matched the blue streak in Carrie’s hair.

“I guess we don’t need to make up an extra bed, after all,” I said.

Carrie gave me a weird look for a good reason, but let it drop. To end the night, we sat out on the balcony attached to her studio and passed a small joint back and forth. It had been all summer since I’d smoked anything, and I’d begun to feel a little stoned. For a while, we just sat, staring out off the side of the hill and down to the city below. “What’s your sister like?” she asked suddenly.

“Hannah?” I almost jumped, and words came pouring out. “She’s nice. Smart. Really smart.” I paused for a second. “She doesn’t deserve to be locked away in the church for the rest of her life. It’ll kill her.”

“Hmm.” Carrie nodded. “I meant what’s she like sexually?”

“What?!” I panicked. She knew! She knew! How did she know? My mind careened out of control in paranoia.

Carrie laughed a hearty belly laugh that toppled her over and shook her from head to toe. Tears streamed down her face, and when she pulled herself together, she said, still through sporadic giggles, “No… no no no… I just meant, like, does she like guys or girls?”

“Oh,” I said sullenly. I desperately wanted to tell her everything, but where would I start? “Guys? Girls? Both?”

“Not a big topic of conversation around the house?”

“Definitely not,” I said, relaxing. “If she did like girls, she sure as hell wouldn’t tell anyone. A friend of hers got disowned for liking girls.”

“What happened to her?”

“Last I heard, she went north.”

“Fuck. So people don’t talk about it, but your sister knew?”

“Yeah. They were close friends.”

“How close, exactly?” Either Carrie was way better at reading me than I’d thought, or I was shit at keeping secrets.

“Uh,” I said, like a moron and just shrugged.

“And your sister didn’t tell?”

“No way. Hanna keeps more secrets than I will ever know. It was even a secret that she keeps secrets until recently.” I felt horrible—all these lies of omission weighing me down.

“Hmm,” Carrie mused. “We’ll have to make this visit special, then. I’d have liked someone to make me feel comfortable in the real world when I was her age.”

“What do you have in mind?”


For the next four months, Carrie and I carried on as usual, exploring our passions and testing our limits. But we spent a lot of time making the house presentable to a quick glance. As much as it tortured us, we even cleaned up the basement, throwing a sheet over the cage and making it look as much like a storage chest as we could. We even made the bedroom look like it was mine and mine alone, moving a lot of Carrie’s belongings either up to her studio or to the basement. I would have trouble explaining the four post bed in the basement, with the posts that ran seamlessly from floor to ceiling, if it came to that. Carrie even installed a lock on the door leading up to her studio, which she’d been meaning to do, anyway.

On the big day, Carrie made herself conspicuous out front in the front yard, doing some minor gardening, tattoos exposed, while I stayed inside and caught up on some studying, the bedroom door shut. It was cold and damp out, being December, but Carrie insisted on being as visually confrontational at possible—hiding in plain sight, she called it. With a low rumble, the family car pulled into the driveway, and the engine stopped. I peeked out the window.

My father approached Carrie cautiously. I saw her through his eyes. Her was hair black and wind-blown with a steak of royal blue. She wore a dirt-smeared white tank top, under which one could easily see an electric blue bra, which she had obviously worn as a test for Hannah. I had denied any knowledge of my sister’s sexuality, but Carrie had obviously gleaned something significant that I had not counted on from our conversation that night on the balcony. She had tattoos crawling down her arms and the one on her back was just visible at the base of her neck. When she saw my father approaching, she casually stood, turned, brushed the mud off on her tank top, and extended a hand. My father took it, feigning confidence, but I could see in his eyes that he was wholly out of his element with this person before him. She was definitely a freak—even I knew that. But was she dangerous? A drug addict? In league with the Devil? What kind of person was behind these dark, hot-pink-rimmed sunglasses?

“Hi!” she chirped. “You must be Michael’s father. I’m Carrie. William, Michael’s landlord, is my dad. I just do a little work around the grounds. Gotta get the yard ship-shape before the ground freezes!” None of it was untrue, technically. Carrie’s dad did own the house, but it was more or less a gift. He traveled internationally as a successful business consultant, and wanted a place that his daughter could call her own. He would hold the deed until she graduated, and then it would be transferred to her name. I had talked to him once when moving in with her, and he had promised to keep my secret, as well. My father nodded, but my sister, who was grabbing her suitcase from the trunk, nearly dropped it when she heard the name. I saw her eyes drift over Carrie’s body.

“It’s nice to meet you,” my father said robotically, but with a smile. That was dad: always keeping up appearances.

“Oh!” Carrie threw her hands up. “How rude of me! Michael should be home. I’ll let you in.” She thrust her hand into her pocket, turning her body toward Hannah, who approached warily. “Oh, hi there!” she chimed. “Are you Michael’s sister?”

“Yes, and you are…?” she pretended not to have been eavesdropping.

“Carrie.” My girlfriend pushed her sunglasses down over her nose and gave my sister a sly ironic look over the top of them. Hannah licked her lips nervously, and Carrie turned toward the door, keys in hand. “You staying for the weekend?”

“Two weeks, actually.”

“Two whole weeks! Looks like you’re ready to get tied up in the college experience, then!” Carrie emphasized ‘tied up,’ and I could have sworn that I saw Hannah blush.

Carrie unlocked the front door and waited outside as my family made their way inside. I fell back on the bed, book in hand, and pretended to read. A knock came on my door. “Come in!” I called. The door swung open slowly, and my father stood in the doorway.

“I see some things never change,” he said.

I dog-eared the page I was on and went to greet him. “I didn’t hear you drive up. How was the trip?”

“Uneventful,” he said.

“Oh, darling, don’t mope so!” My mother joined him in the doorway. “He’s just been on the road too long. We actually found a nice little ice cream parlor on the way.”

“That’s good to hear,” I said. In the background, my sister was lugging her suitcase through the door and into the living room. I peered around my parents and called to her: “Hey, Hannah. You can just leave that anywhere. We’ll get you set up later, OK?”

“OK,” she said, exhausted. “Do you have something to drink? I’m a little thirsty.”

“There’s water, of course, but if you want to warm up, there’s some cocoa in the pantry. The kettle should be full.” I heard the opening and closing of the pantry door and the telltale tick-tick-tick of the stove’s ignition.

“Well,” my mother said. “It looks like she’ll be right at home.”

“That’s the plan,” I said innocently. “I’ve let a couple things run out around the house. I figured I could show her around town by taking her to the stores.”

“Good, good.” My father nodded in satisfaction. “Just…” he trailed off, making sure that Carrie was out of earshot. He lowered his voice, anyway. “Just make sure she doesn’t become… too independent, if you know what I mean.” His head jerked back, toward the tattooed girl in the front yard.

“Understood.” I winked at him, but he would never know what it really meant.

While Hannah’s water heated up, we moved to the living room, and I updated my parents on the semester. Hannah got up from the sofa after a while and examined the house, clearly noting the locked door to Carrie’s studio, and the lack of a second bedroom. Through the window, I watched Carrie work in the yard, clearly taking her time. She looked up once, and I could see that she was beginning to get cold.

“So what are your plans for the weekend?” I asked my parents.

“Well, we have the annual church breakfast,” my mother said.

“Wow! Is it that time already?” I really had forgotten. “I remember you guys getting me up at four in the morning to start beating eggs.”

“Well, someone was supposed to take your place, and should consider herself lucky,” my mother said to the room. Hannah was still wearing the big black woolen coat and baby blue knit cap she had on when she arrived. Her fiery red hair spread around her shoulders, and when she sensed she was being talked about, she turned toward us and her hair fanned out and then fell forward over one shoulder.

“Thank you, mom!” she singsonged. “Isn’t she cold?” Hanna gestured toward the window and Carrie beyond.

“No idea,” I lied. “She’s probably used to it.” Suddenly, the kettle started squealing, and Hannah rushed to the kitchen to make her cocoa.

“Well,” my father said, standing, “I assume you’ve got a room all set up for your sister?”

“Yep!” I said, going to the door to Carrie’s studio and shaking it in its frame. “Just put a lock on it, too.” I reached into my pocket and produced the key, which I placed tenderly in my sister’s hand as she returned with a steaming mug of hot cocoa.

“Very good,” he said. “On that note, I suppose we’ll take off.”

“It’s going to be an early morning,” my mother added, rising from the couch.

“Oh, you know you love it,” I said with a smile. “Just remember: don’t let Mrs. Beaumont near the pancakes. You know how she is when she gets that syrup in her.”

My mother chuckled. “And you,” she said to my sister, who sat lightly on the arm of the couch, blowing on her cocoa. “Let your brother study. If you get bored, you can always call home.”

“Ok, mom,” Hannah said.

“And don’t forget to—”

My father stopped her. “It’s ok, dear. I can tell Michael’s got everything under control here.”

“Thanks, dad,” I said, shaking his hand as he backed out mother out the door. “See you in two weeks.”

“God bless, son.”

“God bless.”

The door shut, and I exhaled loudly, but stopped when the door opened again. “Uh…” my father said in a hushed tone. “You will lock this door, right?”

“Dad,” I said, cutting through the unspoken anxiety. “She’s the landlord’s daughter. She’s not going to do anything.” I paused, and then stood. “But yes. I’ll lock it.”

“Good man.” Once again, the door shut behind him, but I didn’t hear his footsteps retreat from the doorway until I bolted the door. I leaned against the door and sighed. From outside, I heard Carrie bidding our parents farewell. That’s when I noticed Hannah staring at me with a goofy smile.

“Two weeks,” she said, sipping her cocoa. She moved from the arm of the couch to its cushions. I waited until I heard the car pull out of the driveway, and then joined her. She didn’t waste a moment. Leaning in, she kissed my lips and I tasted chocolate. Our tongues danced, and when we heard a key rattling in the lock on the front door, she pulled back, sucking my lower lip. She scooted to the opposite side of the couch just in time.

Carrie came in, rubbing her arms as she pushed the door shut with one foot. “Fuck, it’s cold out there!” She regarded Hannah, who was trying to play it cool. “So you’re Mike’s sister, huh?” Hannah just nodded nervously and sipped her cocoa, her eyes fixed on my girlfriend’s tattoos. “Don’t worry. They won’t bite.” She kicked off her shoes and went into the hallway. She poked her head back around the corner. “Hard,” she added with a devious smile. Hannah almost choked on her drink. “Mike, I’m gonna warm up in the shower and get this mud off me.” Carrie disappeared and we heard the bathroom door shut and the shower turn on.

I turned to Hannah. “You two are going to be so cute together,” I teased. Hannah blushed and looked at something on the couch. After a beat she went to the studio door to unlock it.

“Let’s just get me settled, ok?”

“Ok,” I said, grabbing her suitcase and joining her, “but that’s not your room.”

“But the key—”

“Was for show. Your room’s down here.” I reversed her through the door across from it and switched on the light as we started down the steps.

“I’m sleeping in the basement?” she said, disappointment clear.

“It’s not so bad,” I said, flipping on the next set of lights, illuminating the room. The jukebox and pool table were immediately noticeable.

“Holy crap!” she cried, pulling off her knit cap and throwing it on the bed as she practically ran to the jukebox. Her hair went wild with static, but she hardly noticed as she peered through the glass at the music selection. It had taken most of the semester, but Carrie and I had tracked down all our favorite vinyl records and programmed them into the jukebox. She unbuttoned her woolen coat and tossed it onto the bed with her hat. Underneath it, she wore a t-shirt that, while entirely casual, hugged her every curve in a way that led my eyes to all the right places. When she bent forward again to check out the music selection, the upside-down heart shape of her ass made my cock stir.

“So, what do you think?” I asked.

“This is going to be awesome!” she said excitedly. “I don’t even know half this stuff. Thank you so much! But…”

“But what?” Carrie’s voice came from behind us.

“Eep!” Hannah squeaked as she whirled around.

I’d nearly jumped out of my skin, but turned to Carrie as calmly as I could. “That was fast. Looking sexy as usual.”

Indeed she did. Shorts with the cuffs folded up as high as they would go, a black tank top this time, highlighted by the straps of the electric blue bra underneath, all designed to arouse. “Thanks, babe,” she said and kissed me. “Oh!” She turned to Hannah, who had her eyes glued to the young woman’s body. “Sorry, sweetie.”

“It’s ok,” Hannah said, distractedly.

“Too skimpy for you? I can go change if—”

“No!” Hannah blurted. “I mean… no, it’s ok, you look…”

“Sexy?” Carrie teased. Hannah went red and said nothing.

“Oh, come on,” I said, poking my girlfriend in the ribs. “You’re embarrassing her!”

Carrie left my side and approached my sister, who seemed torn between running away and jumping the other girl’s bones right there and then. Hannah wasn’t given that choice though. Carrie put her in a playful headlock and roughed up the girl’s hair. “I’m just messin’ with ya!” she said, releasing my dazed sister. And heading back up the stairs. “Hey, kid. You wanna see what was upstairs?”

Hannah peered at her from behind the fiery veil of scruffed-up hair, and I gave her an urging look. “Ok,” she said, brushing her hair back with her fingers and starting back up the stairs. As I followed, I let myself be content with watching her young round ass bob with every step. I could tell that Carrie had designs for her, and was moving faster than I had anticipated. My mind raced, trying to find the best way to broach my unusual relationship with my sister.

Carrie showed Hannah her art studio, hiding nothing and watching the girl’s reaction toward the various nudes, erotic or not. “I’ve had a few live models,” she said, but for some projects, it’s better to work off of a photograph.

“Why’s that?” my sister asked.

“Mostly, just to reduce strain on the models. People can’t hold some positions forever. But it’s also because I put myself in some paintings.”


“Yeah,” Carrie said, picking up a portfolio of photos. “If you can’t paint yourself honestly, you shouldn’t be painting anyone else. That’s my opinion, anyway. You wanna see?”

“Sure,” Hannah said, taking the thick folder of 8×10 photos. One by one, they started out as establishing shots. A few models in costumes, a few nudes, and then Carrie began to appear in them. Hannah stopped when she got to the other girl’s first nude. From the back, it revealed nothing explicit, just the soft curves of her body in recline. Hannah put the photo down gently and took a step back.

“Too much for one day?” Carrie asked, concerned.

“I… I…” Hannah stammered, and Carrie reached out to put her hand on the girl’s shoulder, but my sister backed away and went red again. “I… I can’t….” She looked at me, pain, lust, confusion, jealousy, anger and embarrassment coursing through her eyes. I could see tears welling up. She turned and ran down the stairs, slamming the door behind her. We listened and heard the basement door slam.

Carrie turned to me. “Mike, we need to talk.”

“I know.” I sat on the steps and she joined me.

“So you know,” she said eyeing my carefully.

“Yeah,” I confessed. “She told me this summer.”

“And that girl you told me about…”

“Was as close to a girlfriend as she ever had.”

“Jesus, Mike! Has this girl ever even kissed another girl?”

“Yeah,” I said, and then switched gears. “Look, I know you’re interested. So let’s just cut to the chase.”


I put my hand up. “It’s ok.” And then I let a little grin creep across my face. “Happy birthday.”

Of all the times I wish I’d had a camera, Carrie’s expression instantly topped the list. It was a mixture of surprise, relief, but tinged by a little disgust. “Mike!” she hissed, laughing a little. “You can’t just pimp out your little sister, man!”

“Carrie. She wants it—or to try, anyway. I know you’re izmit escort interested, so who better to make her feel better at ease?” I paused to let any objections surface. “And didn’t you say you wish you’d had someone to show you the ropes when you were her age?”

“I guess I did, but it feels weird,” she said. “She’s your sister. What if I’m as attracted to her as I am to you?”

“What if you are? Are you?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “You both have a certain something about you. It’s hard to pin down. But that’s not what I’m really talking about. I mean, what if I wanted to be with… uh…” she put her face in her hands and sighed heavily. “What if I want you both?”

“What if you do?”

“I mean at the same time.”

“Oh,” I said. “I’m sure we can work something out.” She gave me a puzzled look, and I just shrugged my shoulders. “Listen. Why don’t we just focus on you and Hannah for now? I’m happy to take a back seat for the moment. I love her and I love you, but let’s find out if that’s even going to happen before we get all up in our heads, ok?”

“Ugh!” she groaned. “Mike! I don’t want you to take a back seat. I still want you!”

“And you still have me,” I said, kissing her. She kissed back with her soft lips and I heard her sigh softly, but then she pushed me back gently.

“Just…” she rubbed her forehead in frustration. “Just go and make sure she isn’t hanging herself from the rafters. I need a minute.”

“Ok,” I said, getting up and kissing her on the forehead. “We’ll meet you in the living room.” She gave me a wan little smile as I retreated down the stairs.

In the basement, Hannah lay curled in the fetal position in the middle of the bed, staring at the wall. I saw her eyes track me as I moved to the bed and sat next to her, but she said nothing. For a minute we remained there in silence. I reached out and stroked her hair, and she scooted toward me and put her head in my lap. Again, we remained silent as I sat there running my fingers through her red hair. I heard her sigh heavily in frustration, but still, she didn’t speak.

“What’s wrong with me?” she asked.

I laughed gently. “What ever do you mean?”

“Don’t make fun of me,” she said flatly.

“I’m not,” I said, caressing her chin and angling her head so she could see I was serious. “You’re confused and frustrated, and I get it.”

“No you don’t! No one gets it.” Oh, what a teenage thing to say.

“Ok, maybe I don’t,” I admitted. “But there definitely is someone in this house who does.”

“But she’s so…”


“No!” Hannah paused, closed her eyes and breathed. “I guess. Maybe a little. It’s just that she’s so…” she gestured something untranslatable “… and now I have no idea how to act.”

I lifted her by her shoulders until she was sitting. “Am I intimidating?” I asked.

“You? No way!” she laughed.

“And you still want me?”

“Of course,” she said, her hand running up my thigh. “I’d jump you here and now if I wasn’t so certain she’d walk in on us.”

“But I’m your brother.”


“See?” I said. “Just use that. She may be…” I repeated the gesture she had made “… but pretend she’s not.” Hannah sighed in frustration, but nodded. “Who knows? Maybe she’s intimidated by you.”

“Ha!” she said, frustration still in her voice, but smiling. She leaned in and kissed me. The feel of my sister’s soft warm lips drove me to the edge of sanity. My hands started to wander, and when I cupped her breast through her shirt, she moaned lightly into my mouth, but pulled back. “I missed you,” she said, catching her breath.

“I missed you too.”

She nodded. “How are we going to do this, Mike? I want you so bad.”

“I’ve been thinking about that,” I said. “But I don’t have any ideas. Maybe it’d be better if we got you guys sorted first. After that, maybe it’ll just click.”

“Ok,” she said, standing and straightening herself out. “God… sometimes I wish we’d never had sex.” My look of dejection must not have been what she was looking for, because she grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me lightly, a goofy smile on her face. “Do you have any idea how hard it’s been to wait?!”

I looked down at the slight bulge my cock was making in my pants, and said, “I think I do.” She reached out to feel it, but I backed away playfully. “Don’t! You’ll just make it worse! We need to go back upstairs, anyway.” She reached for my cock again, and this time I stepped to the side and smacked her ass with a satisfying crack. She yelped and jumped, and I tried again, but she jumped out of the way. I went after her, but she darted up the stairs. I ran after her. We both burst through the door and into the kitchen, smashing directly into Carrie. Hannah tripped over herself as she tried to avoid her host, but ended up plowing directly into her. I tried to slow down, but bounced off of my sister and careened to the side. We all crashed to the floor, sliding to a stop on the cold tile. Hannah was on top of Carrie, and I raised my head. “Hey, babe. I thought you were in the living room.”

“I was,” she said shaking her head in mock disappointment and trying to get up. Hannah was sprawled across her midsection. “I just came in to get a beer. I’d’ve waited if I’d know I was going to be assaulted by a couple of lunatics.”

“Only one lunatic,” Hannah said, sitting up. “I’m an angel.”

Carrie put a hand on her shoulder. “Well, angel, you ok?”

I could see Hannah’s body practically melt where the older girl touched her. “Yeah,” she said. “Thanks.” Carrie stood and offered my sister her hand. Hannah took it, and Carrie hoisted the girl to her feet.

For a second there was an awkward silence as they came face to face and their eyes met. One one-thousand. Two one-thousand. Three one-thousand. “Hey, uh, so you want a beer or something?” Carrie asked. I’d never seen her so tongue tied. She was assertive, and spent most of her waking hours trying to kick something’s ass, but my sister had brought her to a babbling mess.

I was about to remind her that Hannah wasn’t old enough to drink yet, but before I could, my sister said, “Sure.”

Carrie handed her a beer, and for a moment, there was another pause when their hands touched. Hannah broke the silence and drank, and coughed. “First drink?” Carrie asked. Hannah nodded and tried again.

“Not bad, if you’re ready for it,” she said. “Thanks.”

“Just go easy,” I said. “The last thing we need is a drunken teenager.”

Both girls made a face, and Carrie said, “Never mind that hypocrite, sweetie. I’ll show you the deck.” And they went back upstairs to the studio. I heard the door to the balcony open and close, and I dawdled for a couple minutes, getting a beer and letting them have some time. When I joined them, they were sitting on opposite ends of the deck, legs dangling off. But at least they were talking. I was about to sit next to Hannah, but Carrie nodded in a motion that meant ‘not there.’ I chose a chair and listened.

“I know how you feel,” Carrie said, continuing the conversation. “I had a similar situation. I mean, not the same, obviously. My dad was super supportive.”

“What about your mom?” Hannah asked.

“She died when I was six. The Big C.”

“Oh,” Hannah looked off into the dense trees that lined the property. “Sorry.”

“It’s ok.” Carrie got up and scooted over next to my sister, and slid her legs back through the balcony railing’s bars. She stroked Hannah’s back, testing the waters. Hannah turned toward her and smiled gently. Carrie turned around to me and asked, for show, “Mike, did you know your sister had a girlfriend.”

“I’d heard, yeah,” I said, feigning ignorance of whatever plan she had in the works.

“It was a long time ago,” Hannah said.

“Well, it explains why you got all wiggy when you saw those photos.” Hannah gave her a confused look. “Honey, your brother and I have an understanding. Where you come from—your church—you have to play it pretty close to the chest. Seeing pictures of naked women must have been hard.”

“Not really,” Hannah said.

“Oh?” Carrie raised her eyebrows. She turned to me, tilting her empty beer bottle. “Babe, would you grab me another?”

“Sure,” I said. Hannah handed me hers, too. “You too?”

“Yes, please,” she said. She was loosening up a little. Again, I took my time, not obviously wasting time, but just moseying along. When I returned, Carrie’s arm was around my sister. I handed off the beers and listened to them talk for a while longer before, shivering, my sister suggested we all go back inside.

“Yes, let’s,” Carrie affirmed, rubbing her own arms for warmth. We went to the living room, and Hannah sat on one end of the couch, still shaking. Carrie went to the bedroom.

“Hannah,” I said, nodding toward the shelves we had filled with movies. “I’m going to make some popcorn. Why don’t you pick out a movie?”

“Ok,” she said.

When I returned, my sister stood, still shivering, but holding a movie up. The Exorcist. I laughed out loud. When Carrie returned, holding a hidden something in her right hand and a big quilt under her left arm, she asked what the ruckus was about. “Ha! That’s appropriate!” she laughed, sliding whatever she had in her hand into her back pocket. “Here,” she offered the quilt to my sister. “We don’t need you catching cold.”


I put in the movie and turned out the lights. Together, we watched in silent horror as the script played out. Hannah had covered herself in the quilt, and crept farther and farther underneath as the movie went on. I’d already seen it, so I spent most of the time watching as my girlfriend scooted closer and closer to the girl huddled under the blanket, and eventually put her arm around her. I saw Hannah lean in a little, and my sister lay her head against the older girl’s shoulder. She looked at me briefly, smiling, and I gave her a quick thumbs-up.

As the movie came to its climax, I saw Hannah snake her arm around Carrie’s waist. In turn, my girlfriend put her hand over my sister’s, interlacing their fingers. When the movie was over and the credits ran, neither of them moved. I watched them for a minute, and then went and gradually brought the lights back up. Carrie, to my surprise, was the first to move, scooting back toward the middle of the couch. Hannah looked frustrated. “Hey!” Carrie said awkwardly, standing and making a show of stretching. “It’s getting late, huh?” I gave her a what-the-fuck look.

“It’s not even midnight yet,” Hannah said flatly, and then picked Carrie’s pocket. “What are these?”

“Playing cards, obviously. I thought we might play a game, but it’s too late.” She looked at me. “Right?” But I shrugged, noncommittally.

“Bull,” Hannah said. “Anyway, it’s not like I’d be able to sleep much after that.” She motioned toward the TV.

“Fine,” Carrie conceded. “What game do you want to play?”

“I don’t know any gambling games,” Hannah said. “Why don’t you teach me one?”

I saw Carrie swallow hard. “Hey,” I said to her. “I’m going to get a couple beers. Can a get a hand?” To my sister, I said, “Shuffle. We’ll be right back.” Carrie followed me into the kitchen, and I turned on her, whispering. “What the hell is wrong with you? I’ve never known you to be so scared.”

My girlfriend rubbed her forehead. “I don’t know, man. She’s just young, you know? And things are moving so fast, and I feel like I’m taking advantage, and it’s a little weird, you know… with you watching.”

“Better be careful,” I said. “She’s a clever one. And for all I know, she feels the same way. I get the feeling she’d feel safer with me present.”

“Hmm,” she hummed. “You wouldn’t mind seeing me and your sister kiss?”

“I’m kind of looking forward to it,” I said, letting it sink in as much as it could. “Just be you, ok? Play the game you wanted to play, and play to win.” I turned just before I left the kitchen with the beers. “I know I will.” Her eyes went wide.

“Mike,” Hannah said, impatiently. “These cards can’t be any more shuffled.”

“Good,” Carrie said, clapping her hands together, sounding more like her normal self. We sat in a circle on the floor, and Carrie took the cards. “Ok. Game’s blackjack.” Hannah made a confused noise, and we briefly explained the rules to her.

She nodded, but asked, “What do we bet with?”

“I was getting to that,” Carrie said. “This is going to be a little ice-breaker game. We’re going to find out a little bit about each other. No bets, but the winner gets to demand something of the losers. Like truth or dare.” Hannah opened her mouth, but Carrie held up her hand. “In a push, both are winners and each get to demand something of the loser.”

“You good with this?” I asked Hannah. “It’s not too late to back out.”

“Let’s do it!” she said defiantly.

First hand: beginner’s luck. “Why all the tattoos?” Hannah asked bluntly.

“I like having my art on me.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“One question per turn.”

“Phooey. Fine. Mike, do you like her tattoos?”

“Of course,” I said. “They’re sexy.” Hannah blushed.

Second hand: we all pushed.

Third hand: Carrie won. “Are you really into girls?” she asked my sister.

“Depends on the girl.” Hannah stared her down, daring her to ask a follow-up question.

“Mike, are you really ok with your sister being into girls?”

“As long as she’s happy. These are kind of boring questions.”

“It’s early.”

Fourth hand: I win. Time to get things moving. “What do you think of my girlfriend?” I asked Hannah.

“She’s intimidating,” Hannah muttered shyly.

“Whoa! What?!” Carrie interrupted. “You’ve been ogling me ever since you got here, and during the movie….” She paused and pinched the bridge of her nose. “I intimidate you. You sure you don’t have that backward?” I really had stirred up a hornet’s nest.

“What, I make you nervous?” Hannah said with a sly little smile.

“No!” Carrie said. She sighed loudly. “It’s just the situation. It’s weird, y’know?”

“Why is it weird?” I interjected.

“Is that your demand?”

“Sure,” I said. “As good as any.”

“Fine,” she said, leaning back and propping herself up on her elbows. “It’s hard to know what to think. Mike, you know I’m up for pretty much anything. But I need to know that if I follow my feelings on this, things won’t be awkward between us. And you,” she addressed my sister. “You’re pretty young. There’d be a lot of people who’d have problem with me following my feelings.”

“I’m with you,” I said. “I’m down for anything.” Carrie gave me a serious inquiring look, and I gave her a corresponding stare.

“There are a lot of people who’d frown on us, anyway. I’m sick of hiding,” Hannah said seriously, interrupting our stare-down. “Or weren’t you listening earlier?”

“I heard every word,” Carrie said. “I worry that I’d be taking advantage of you.”

Hannah crawled over to her and planted a kiss right on her lips. I saw Carrie tense up, but then I noticed her thighs rubbing together, and knew she was liking it. When my sister pulled back, she asked, “How was that for taking advantage?”

Carrie’s eyes were lit up like candles. “It’s not your turn,” she said defiantly. For the next few hands, the questions were more innocuous as we let the kiss sink in.

Fifth hand: Carrie won. “Sorry, Mike, but I’m changing the game. Poker. You can leave any time you want.” I nodded. She turned to Hannah. “Last chance to back out.” Hannah leaned in to kiss her again, but Carrie put a finger over the girl’s lips. “Point taken,” she said. “But there will be plenty of time for that later. You know how to play?” Now it was Hannah’s eyes that lit up—a promise that meant acceptance. She nodded. It was the one gambling card game she’d been allowed to learn. “We’re playing for clothes now. Play to win, people.”

“Wait,” Hannah said. “For clothes?”

“See, Mike?” Carrie said. “I knew we were moving too fast.”

“No, no,” Hannah said. “It’s just that I dressed warmly today, and you…” she grimaced.

“Call it newbie’s handicap,” Carrie said.

With that, she dealt the cards again, and we passed the point of no return. Carrie was definitely playing to win, and Hannah and I had lost our socks before we realized it. We redoubled our efforts, but Carrie was good and had clearly psyched out my sister. Even so, Hannah was able to win a round, and Carrie lost her shirt.

“Wow…” Hannah said, as Carrie’s tattoos came into full view. Carrie smiled. My sister reached out and touched the older girl’s colored skin, blues, blacks, reds, and yellows passing under her fingertips. I could tell that it was taking all Carrie’s willpower not to jump on my sister, and she bit her lower lip and looked at me pleadingly.

“Ok,” let’s get this game moving. Famous last words. I lost, and lost badly, for several rounds in a row, and was down to just my underwear. I could see my sister trying to decide which increasingly naked body she wanted more.

Carrie caught her looking at me, but to my surprise, didn’t seem put off. It was just more motivation for her to get the girl out of her clothes, which she set out to do in short order. Hannah lost her shirt, and we both heard my girlfriend gasp. We all giggled nervously. “Was I that obvious?” Carrie said rhetorically.

Hannah lost again and lost her pants, and I got up to turn the thermostat up a couple degrees. The next round, however, I bluffed and won. Carrie lost her shorts. Sitting there in her black panties and electric blue bra, she was the flame to my sister’s moth.

Hannah lost again. “Care to do the honors?” she asked Carrie.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Carrie moved behind my sister and instead of simply unclasping the bra, she kissed the girl’s neck. Hannah’s eyes rolled back and she sighed in relief. There was a ton of tension built up, and this was but a small release. Her hands started on my sister’s legs and trailed up her hips and over her sides until moving back and deftly unclipping her bra. She let the straps slip between her fingers as she ran her hands down Hannah’s arms, slowly stripping the girl of the lacy cups. The sight of my sister’s breasts instantly made me hard.

Carrie turned the girl around slowly, discarding the bra. “I don’t usually do this,” she said.

“What,” Hannah said deliriously. “Strip a girl down in front of her brother?” Carrie looked at me and saw that I was enjoying what I saw.

“Strip a girl down after knowing her for only a few hours,” she said. “I’m not usually such an easy mark.”

“Yes you are,” Hannah said, brushing Carrie’s streak of blue hair out of her face and behind her ear. “I knew you were the one the moment I saw you.” Carrie blushed, and my sister kissed her again, but after a minute the older girl pushed her back again. Hands on shoulders traveled downward and came to rest on pale young breasts. The silence was intolerable. “Do we have to finish the game?” my sister finally asked in a voice so soft it was barely audible.

“Yes,” Carrie said, shifting gears. “One thing you need to know about me: I finish what I start.”

“You’d better.”

“I will.”

Carrie went back to her spot, and they turned to see me. “Don’t mind me,” I said.

“You’re still here,” Carrie said, without much surprise.

“Like what you see,” my sister said deviously, eyeing the tent my cock had pitched in my underwear.

“You really are something,” I said, dealing out the cards. “Both of you.”

“You think your sister’s sexy,” Carrie said, prying. I just smiled and rearranged my cards.

“Why do I get the feeling I’m in over my head?” she asked no one in particular.

I won this hand, and Carrie lost her bra. Hannah helped her with it, running her hands over the tattoos on her back. Carrie looked to me with a mixture of pleasure and awkwardness. “It’s ok,” I said. Hannah looked up and then at Carrie’s face, and moved back to her spot.

Carrie sighed with frustration. “Just be myself. Just be myself. Just be myself,” she whispered to herself.

The next hand, Hannah lost. “Stand up,” Carrie ordered, and Hannah obeyed. Carrie looked at me one time, and then hooked her fingers into the girl’s panties. Hannah played nervously but gently with her nipples as Carrie slid her panties over her hips and down her legs. When Hannah stepped out of them, Carrie said, “Turn around.” Hannah turned, and Carrie ran her hands over her ass. “God… you people are sexy as hell.”

“Pff! ‘You people,’” Hannah scoffed. Carrie smacked her on the ass, and she yelped.

“Now sit,” Carrie said. “And don’t lose again.”

I could hardly concentrate on the game. Across from me, my sister sat cross-legged, her pink pussy lips, swollen with desire, opened slightly, hinting at the incredible wetness within. I lost, obviously, and was met with one hungry, expectant stare and one questioning look. “Care to do the honors?” I asked, a little too generally. Hannah false-started, and Carrie’s eyes went wide.

“I got this,” she said to my sister and crawled over to me as I stood. Kneeling below me, she whispered, “You sure?” I nodded, and she skimmed my underwear down, freeing my cock, which sprang free, grazing her cheek. She licked her lips.

“Not yet,” I teased.

I sat back down, but Carrie still knelt in front of me. “All this is turning you on, isn’t it?” she whispered in my ear. I nodded. “Are you going to stay if I take this further?”

“If you like,” I said.

“Ok,” she said. “I know you’ve always wanted to watch me with another girl. So just watch, ok?”

“Whatever you say, babe,” I whispered into her ear, and winked at my sister over her shoulder. Hannah smiled broadly, but I could tell she was nervous.

“Ok!” Carrie announced, returning to her spot. “One last round. Winner takes all.”

“There’s not much left to take,” Hannah said, eyeing Carrie’s black panties.

“Then we’ll just have to think of something, won’t we?” Carrie asked devilishly.

The last hand Carrie won with a straight. Hannah bluffed and lost with a pair of threes, but nothing can make me believe that it wasn’t a deliberate flop. Carrie took my sister’s hand. “Nervous?” she asked. Hanna nodded. “Don’t be.” She brought Hannah to her until they were face to face.

“You’re beautiful,” my sister said, following with an awkward pause. “I don’t know what to do.”

Carrie chuckled softly and fondled some of the fiery red hair that fell over the girl’s shoulders, following it down to a pale firm breast with. Hannah took in a breath as my girlfriend’s fingers skimmed the surface of her skin, teasing their way under and then back up through the valley. Even I held my breath as I watched her index finger circle slowly in toward the nipple. But before it reached the perfect pink target, it spiraled back out. Carrie’s face was an inch away from my sister’s, and she slowly, agonizingly closed the gap.

This kiss was wholly different from the aggressive one my sister had dealt out earlier. Softly, slowly their lips met and parted. Carrie’s finger continued its teasing spirals. They parted, and I saw something in my sister’s eyes that I had seen only once before. Her hands remained at her sides, but this time, she leaned into the kiss. It was an incredible sight, my little sister and my girlfriend coming together, their bodies testing each other with gentle nervous energy. They parted again, and Hannah opened her eyes. “I…” she started, but stopped and took a deep breath for courage. “This feels right.”

“I know,” Carrie said with a crooked smile. And for a moment, they looked into each other’s eyes.

Suddenly, Hannah started laughing hysterically, unable to handle the release of tension. She leaned forward and planted her forehead on Carrie’s chest, just below her chin. Her body spasmed, shaking Carrie’s with it as the laughter became contagious. “Oh, thank god!” my sister said, trying to straighten herself up.

“What do you mean?” Carrie was chuckling and trying very hard to maintain control.

Hannah reached her hand up and caressed Carrie’s cheek. “I’m just happy, is all.” She leaned in and kissed Carrie again, and her hand ran up the back of my girlfriend’s head, her fingers running through the older girl’s dark hair. Carrie sighed softly and let her spiraling finger find my sister’s pink nipple. Hannah moaned softly, and I could tell that their tongues were dancing. Hannah ran her other hand up Carrie’s side, and then paused.

Carrie pulled back for a moment. “It’s ok,” she said. And then with a grin: “Finish what you start!” Hannah slid her hand up and over the other girl’s naked breast. It had been the first one she’d even felt, other than her own. “Just do what you think is right,” Carrie said, anticipating the girl’s question. Hannah cupped the breast in her hand and squeezed it gently. “Mmmm… that’s nice. Wanna kiss them?” Hannah nodded, and Carrie lay back.

Hannah crawled over her on all fours, and kissed Carrie again. Gradually, though, she kissed her way down the older girl’s neck and down her chest until she planted her lips on a nipple. Carrie took in a breath and bit her lower lip again. “Ah!” she gasped, when Hannah circled her tongue around the older girl’s nipple. “Oh, you’re a natural!”

Hannah sucked gently and pulled back, letting the nipple slip through her lips with a satisfying pop. “I’m just doing what feels right.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you,” Carrie said. Hannah smiled broadly and turned her attention to the girl’s other breast, licking, sucking and nibbling, all the while urged on by Carrie’s soft moans and gasps. Back and forth she went between breasts, until my girlfriend’s panting became quick and desperate. Letting her hands explore the female form below her, she kissed her way back up the older girl’s neck, nibbled on her earlobe, and then found Carrie’s lips again.

Carrie hugged my sister, and rolled her over until they had changed positions. “My turn,” she whispered hoarsely, barely in control of her passions. Dipping her head to the teenager’s breast, she began licking and sucking the pink nipples.

“Oh, god!” Hannah moaned. She ran her hands through the black and blue hair. “Hah!” She arched her back, pressing her young breasts into my girlfriend’s mouth. When she did, her pussy ground against Carrie’s thigh, leaving a snail’s trail of wetness from knee to hip.

“Oh, baby, you’re so wet!” Carrie breathed. She kissed my sister hard on the lips, and her right hand slid down, over the girl’s belly and to the source of wet warmth.

“MMMM!” Hannah moaned into her mouth when Carrie’s fingers caressed the hot, slick, pink flesh between her legs. I saw my sister hump her pussy against Carrie’s hand. Carrie pulled back from the kiss, and Hannah craned upward, trying to kiss her again.

“I want to see your face,” Carrie said.

“Wh—OH!” Hannah hadn’t even been able to start the question, when Carrie’s middle finger slipped into her.

“Want another?” Carrie asked, knowing the answer.

“Uh huh,” Hannah said. Carrie slipped in another finger easily, and my sister’s head rolled back in ecstasy. “Fuck!” she cried.

Carrie began sliding her fingers in and out of the writhing girl in unison, and Hannah’s moans became louder. I watched her lithe pale body pulse with lust as she was finger fucked by a girl for the first time. Carrie was also lost in the moment, her soft curves melting into my sister’s. It was as if she was making love to someone she hadn’t seen in years. When it looked like Hannah might come, Carrie backed off and withdrew her fingers. Hannah gave her an imploring look, but Carrie leaned in whispered something I couldn’t hear, and Hannah nodded nervously but eagerly, looking the older girl directly in the eyes. Carrie smiled at her reassuringly, and kissed her on the lips. My girlfriend kissed and nibbled her way down to my sister’s breasts, giving them brief attention before moving down over her pale, firm belly.

Hannah lifted her head and watched as Carrie’s kisses moved closer to her aching sex. Her breath was ragged and tense, and when Carrie’s tongue found its mark, she squealed and blushed. Her fiery red hair spread out on the floor and over her shoulders. “Oh!” she cried out when Carrie’s tongue found her clit. Their eyes met, and Hannah saw that Carrie was smiling at her, and she nearly lost it. “Oh, Carrie!”

“Mmmmm,” Carrie moaned into my sister’s young pussy. I could see in her eyes kocaeli escort that the girl’s taste and smell were driving her crazy. She began lapping and sucking madly at Hannah’s clit, and my sister arched her pussy off the floor. Her head went back, eyes clenched, and mouth agape.

“Fuck!” Hannah groaned in ecstasy. “Fuck, Carrie! I’m gonna… you’re gonna make me… nnnngghhh!!” As she came, teeth clenched, she bucked and writhed, but Carrie stuck with her until she went slack.

Carrie kissed the inside of the girl’s thighs and crawled back up Hannah’s prone, panting body, straddling her waist and looking down on her with giddy joy. “You horny little beast,” she said, smiling. “You’re just like your brother. I bet you’ll be begging for more before the night’s out, too.”

“I…” Hannah began, but had to get her bearings. “I had no idea.”

“It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? being with a girl.”

“Yeah… but…”

“BUT?!” Carrie recoiled.

“But I…” Hannah caressed Carrie’s hips and hooked her thumbs into the waist of the thin black panties. “I want to taste you now.” She began skimming the smooth fabric over the older girl’s tight, shapely ass. Carrie rolled off of her, allowing the panties to come off in a single motion. “Oh fuck,” Hannah said, in awe. “You’re so beautiful.” She straddled Carrie and kissed her. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this.”

“If we’re going too fast—ahh…” Carrie trailed off as Hannah kissed her neck and moved quickly over her chest. My sister paid a little more attention to the older girl’s belly, but eventually, the moment came where her mouth hovered above the bald pussy, her hot breath making Carrie squirm in anticipation, again biting the side of her lower lip. As before, the girls’ eyes met as hot tongue met smooth, pliable flesh. Carrie clapped a hand over her mouth and breathed, “Oh my god!” Hannah, encouraged, explored with her tongue and ran her hands up and down the older girl’s legs, hips and belly.

Carrie’s breath quickened as Hannah discovered how to please her. I saw my sister put one, and then two fingers into my girlfriend, and heard a kind of moan that I safely assumed could only be caused by another woman. Hannah’s lips sucked on Carrie’s clit while her fingers found that precious little bundle of nerves on the inside. From the look on Carrie’s face, my sister was scratching an itch that hadn’t been scratched in far too long. There was no humanly way she was going to last more than a few minutes longer.

“Oh sweetie, you eat my pussy so fucking well,” Carrie said. Hannah moaned at the words, and the vibration immediately sent Carrie into a wracking orgasm. “Aaah! Shit!” she cried. “Oooh!” Carrie took Hannah by the hair and pulled her mouth hard against her as she came, moaning and bucking. When she released my sister, she lay back, breathing heavily.

Hannah sat up, her hair a tangle. “Wow!”

“I think I’m in love,” Carrie said with a glimmer in her eye, and for a solid minute, we all laughed. It was more than relief and orgasms. Something had genuinely changed between us. Carrie sat up against the couch, and suddenly looked serious. “I mean it,” she said. “I don’t ever move that fast with anyone.”

“Even Mike?” Hannah asked, snuggling up next to her.

“Well…” the two of them laughed, and I smiled. But then Carrie became serious again. “That’s kind of what I mean. The two of you and me—I…” she paused. “Look, I love Mike. He knows it. I know it. We’re perfect for each other. And I see that in you, too. I saw it the moment we met.” She paused, looking for the right words, but Hannah cut her thought process off.

“You want to know if it’ll be weird being with both of us.” My eyes went wide, and I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I knew where she was going, and I had no words to stop it.

“Wait,” Carrie said. “Why did Mike just lose his erection? Mike,” she said more directly, “why’s your cock gone soft?”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. Little spots danced before my eyes, and I thought I was going to lose consciousness.

“He knows what I’m about to say,” Hannah said.

“Oh, god,” Carrie said grimly. “No no no. You can’t make me choose!”

“It’s nothing like that,” Hannah said. “You can have us both.”

Inside Carrie’s head, we watched as gears turned and pieces fell into place. “You mean…”

“Yes?” Hannah asked, leading.

“You two…”


“But you’re…”


“When?!” Carrie’s question, I noted, was free of a tone of betrayal, and almost completely curious.

“This summer,” I said, finally regaining my nerve.

For a long time afterward, Carrie was silent. Still, she kept her arm around my sister, whose head rested on her tattooed shoulder. Her eyes shifted between me and Hannah. Her streak of blue hair fell over her face, and my sister took it and braided it idly, tucking it behind her ear when she was done. The braid slipped forward and unraveled, and Carrie gave her a sly little smile. “Ugh, you guys,” she said, the smile creeping across her face. “I knew something was going on! And it totally makes sense!” She kissed the top of Hannah’s head. “I can hardly resist you. How could I expect you to stay away from each other?”

“You’re not mad?” I asked.

“Mad?” she smirked. “This whole thing’s mad.”

“Jealous, then.”

“Ha! How can I be jealous? This is a buy-one-get-one-free deal!”

“More bang for your buck?” Hannah asked.

“Him, too,” Carrie said, gesturing in my direction. We all laughed for a good, long while, and when we were done, there was an energy in the air that couldn’t be denied.

“So, does that mean I still have to sleep downstairs?” Hannah asked.

“Absolutely!” Carrie said. “Our bed isn’t big enough for the three of us.”


“I guess we’ll all just have to move down to the bigger bed,” I said.

“I guess we will,” Carrie said. Hannah clapped, and hugged her.

We left our clothes where they had fallen and began our migration into the basement bedroom. Hannah ran down the stairs, and with her running start, she took a flying leap onto the king-size bed, bouncing and rolling onto her back in one motion. She smiled broadly and motioned for Carrie and me to join her on either side.

Carrie turned to me, hand on my shoulder. “You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?”

“It gets better,” I said with a wink.

She kissed me, and it lingered a little too long for Hannah. “Oh, get a room!” she taunted. Carrie and I parted and joined my sister on the bed, on either side of her.

I kissed Hannah for the first time in front of my girlfriend. It was the first time we didn’t have to worry about being caught. We could be as loud or messy as we wanted, and wouldn’t have to answer to anyone. It was freeing, and our kiss burned. Hannah sighed loudly and smiled as we kissed. I couldn’t help smiling, too.

“You’ve been waiting a long time for that, huh?” Carrie said.

“Mm hmm,” Hannah hummed. Her soft lips tasted like Carrie, and the sensation made my head spin. Our tongues twined together, our hands wandered, exploring each other’s flesh, and we once again forgot that we were brother and sister. Carrie did not, however.

“Oh, shit that’s hot,” she breathed. Hannah kissed her way down my chest and belly, and I felt her hot breath on my cock. She licked up from the base, and my toes curled up when her tongue teased me. When the head of my cock passed through her lips, I groaned. “Oh my god,” Carrie said. More of my cock disappeared into my sister’s mouth, and then reappeared as she pulled back, tongue teasing me the whole way. She kissed and licked the shaft, and then slid her mouth over it again. The hot, sucking moisture was almost too much to bear. Luckily, she stopped suddenly.

“Fuck it. We can go slowly some other time. I need you,” she said climbing up my body. “Now.”

“I know,” I said. Without another moment’s hesitation, Hannah put the tip of my cock against her drooling pussy and dropped her weight.

“Aaah!” she cried out. I held her hips, feeling her smooth young curves. Her pussy gripped my cock, mirroring the desire we had stored up. She wriggled, grinding her clit against my pubic bone as she tried to raise up, but I held her in place.

“Good god, Mike!” Carrie laughed as my sister struggled. “Just fuck her already!”

I let go of Hannah’s hips, and she rose up, her tight pussy lips stretched around my cock. She slammed back down and then began riding up and down desperately. “Nnh! Nnh!” she groaned, her teeth clenched. Her firm breasts jiggled as she lost control, and bounced and ground on me. My hands felt her sensual curves from her hips to her shoulders. I cupped her breasts with my hands, squeezing gently, and felt the dam break. I penetrated deep into her hot wetness, and felt her pussy grip me intensely as she came. “Fuck yes!” she cried as her pussy spasmed on my cock. She whimpered and propped herself up on my chest, continuing to grind her clit against me. “Make me cum again,” she whispered through her fading orgasm.

Carrie moved to her side and held her, caressing her breasts and kissing her quivering lips. “Oh, sweetie,” she said, nuzzling the girl’s neck and eliciting a moan. “Let me help.” Carrie’s hands traveled downward, one over her breasts and belly, and the other down her back toward her firm ass, causing the girl to sigh and arch, grinding her clit against me again. All the while, the tight muscles around her vagina massaged my cock. When Carrie’s fingers found her clit, Hannah spasmed.

“AH!” she hollered, flapping her arms, looking for something to grab on to. “Hah! Oh, Carrieeeee!” Hannah grabbed my girlfriend by the back of the head and kissed her deeply. Carrie kissed back, and then licked and nibbled her way down to Hannah’s breasts and belly, until her head rested on my stomach. Hannah knew what was coming, and her breathing quickened with anticipation. Carrie reached out with the tip of her tongue and traced it up from the base of my cock, and then fluttered it against Hannah’s clit.

Hannah screamed, and came. I was already on the edge, heat boiling up from my balls, and when Hannah clamped down on me, her muscles rippling against my cock in orgasm, I shot deep inside my sister, filling her up. “Oh shit, babe,” Carrie said. “Are you coming?”

“Fuck yeah,” I groaned, as I shot another load into Hannah.

When I had been drained dry, Hannah collapsed off of me and lay quivering in the fetal position, facing me. Carrie curled up behind her, stroking her hair, letting the fiery locks slip between her fingers. I heard Hannah sniffle, and I brought her face up to mine. She wiped tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand, and blinked the rest away. Carrie peeked over her shoulder. “Aww, what’s the matter, sweetie?”

“Nothing,” Hannah said, smiling and sniffling. “I’m just happy.”

“Well, don’t get ahead of yourself,” Carrie said, kissing the girl’s neck. “There’s a lot more in store.”

“I’m down for anything,” Hannah said.

“You’d better be,” I said, and kissed them both.


The next morning, I woke with a start.

“You bitch!” came a shout from upstairs. “Get back here!”

“Fuck off! Stay away from me!”

Oh, shit, I thought. They’re killing each other!

I bounded up the stairs two at a time, and ran through the kitchen. But when I came to a halt in the living room, my bare feet screeching on the smooth wood, I received two confused and slightly amused stares. The girls, sitting on the carpet in their underwear, blankets draped over their shoulders, each held a video game controller. Between them sat a box of sugary cereal. On the screen, two go-karts rolled to a stop. Hannah’s hair was darkened and hung in damp ropes around her shoulders. They had clearly taken a shower together and then decided to spend the morning playing video games. “You’re naked,” my sister said.

As I retreated sheepishly, I heard giggling and whispering. After I’d showered and changed, I returned to find them more or less in the same state. They played for a little while longer, and then Carrie handed me her controller and went to get changed. While Hannah and I played, she kept turning to me and then turning back toward the screen. “What is it?” I asked.

Hannah paused the game, and screwed up her face. “Remember how you had me tied up back home?” I nodded. “Carrie could do that to me, right?”

I felt my lips curl up on one side in perverse amusement. “I’m sure that can be arranged,” I said.

“What’s so funny?”

“You just don’t like to do anything slowly, do you?”

“Not that I can remember.” She smiled. “So?”

“What?” I asked. “You can’t ask her yourself?” She shrugged. “That’s fine. I have an idea, anyway. Can I ask why, though?”

“I loved last night, but come on,” she said. “It was such a mess. Everyone was being so nervous an apologetic. It was like walking on eggshells, even though we were playing strip. You and I, the first time—it was like magic. I was nervous at first, but it was so smooth.”

“You know that people’s first times aren’t normally like that, right?” I asked. Hannah gave me a funny look. “A lot of first times are super awkward.”


“Really. And if while we’re at it, you’re still young. And you’re my sister,” I said. “It wasn’t a problem for us, but it had to be a little weird for her.”

“What had to be a little weird for who?” Carrie said, strolling back into the living room, wearing a black skirt and an electric blue t-shirt. I told her. “Maybe,” she said. “Maybe at first, I mean. I thought incest would weird me out, and maybe with anyone else it would have, but you two…” she shook her head. “Hot.”

Hannah looked pleased with herself. “Thanks, babe.”

“You going out?” I asked.

“Just for a minute,” Carrie said. “I gotta grab some stuff from Jimmy’s.” She was referring to the corner store, some four blocks away.

When she left, I motioned for my sister to come with me. Still in her bra and panties, she switched off the TV and followed me downstairs. I pulled the cover off of the cage at the foot of the bed, and I heard Hannah gasp. “Whoa!” she said uncertainly.

“This is it,” I said. “This is what you wanted.” She looked at me with a mix of emotions. “You want this? You want to see just how far this rabbit hole goes?” I ran my fingers over her shoulder and down her back. She shivered and nodded. “You want to see how much pleasure you’ve been missing?” She nodded, and I pulled her to me by the small of her back. Her blue eyes blazed up at me, a mixture of passion and nervous energy. “You want her?” She nodded. “You want me?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

I kissed my sister’s soft lips and lifted the latch on the cage. The thick bars of the door swung open. “Then get in, and we’ll show you the limits of ecstasy.” She sank down to her knees and crawled into the cage, and I closed and locked it behind her. “And then we’ll take you far beyond them.” In the cage, Hannah couldn’t sit up straight without having to duck her head. The cage’s bars were a quarter inch thick, and crisscrossed every four inches, just enough space for her to stick her hands through. I covered the cage back up, and left her there, awaiting my return. I even switched off the basement lights to heighten the tension.

I had just enough time, so I went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of red wine. When Carrie came back, I stood in the living room and offered her a glass. “What’s this all about?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“We have a moment to ourselves, so I thought we could chat a minute.”


“Yeah,” I said. “Let’s chat down in the basement.”

“Ok,” she said. “What are you up to?”

We descended into the darkness, and Carrie switched on the lights. The cage was still covered, and all seemed normal. “What do you think of my sister?” I asked. “For real. No screwing around.”

“Dude, Mike,” she said. “I hate to admit it, but I’m a little jealous. I see you together, and I feel… I dunno… inadequate.”

“We kind of have a history,” I said.

“It’s more than that,” she waved the suggestion off. “You guys fit together like puzzle pieces, like you were meant to be together.”

“I’d say the same about you two,” I admitted. “I feel a little left out.”

“Aww, babe,” she caressed my cheek, and then pouted, scrunching up her face. “What the hell are we going to do?”

“I know she wants to be part of what we have.”

“You think we can make it work?”

“I know she’s willing to go the distance.”

“You mean—?”

I pulled the sheet off the cage, and Hannah, looked up at us. “I’m pretty sure,” I said.

“Hmmh,” Carrie said. I could see her attitude shifting in front of me, and I felt a giddiness crawl up my spine. “We shall see.” She went to the trunk of gear she had, and came out with a series of items. She pushed all but one of them through the bars. “Put them on,” she said. “And lock them.”

Hannah looked at the leather cuffs, and instinctually knew where they went. She bucked the first two around her ankles, and then the last two around her wrists, and when the last lock clicked into place, she looked up expectantly. “Good,” Carrie said, sipping her wine and inspecting the cuffs, with their steel loops on the outsides. When she was done, she unlocked the cage. “Out.” Hannah obeyed. “Stand up.” Hannah obeyed again. Something about the tone of voice Carrie mustered in these moments was enough to make even an observer tense up. I drank my wine faster in an attempt to stay loose. Carrie took the last item, a collar similar to the cuffs and with a series of metal loops all the way around, and placed it around my sister’s neck. “Look at me,” she said, and Hannah stared into her eyes. “When this collar is on, you are not your own. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Very good!”

“A product of our upbringing,” I said casually.

“Interesting,” Carrie said. “But do you really?”

“Yes, ma’am. I am yours to do with as you want.”

“Jesus, Mike,” she laughed. “You guys have done this before!”

“Hey, I just tied her up and fucked her. This is new,” I admitted.

“Really,” she mused, stroking Hannah’s red hair and sipping her wine. “Drink the rest of this for me.” She offered the glass to Hannah, who took it and put it to her lips. Just before she was about to drink, Carrie said, “Actually, stop.” Hannah stopped. “Nah, just kidding. Drink up, kid.” Hannah drank, but not all. “I said drink!” Hannah closed her eyes and chugged the rest. It had been a large glass to begin with, and Carrie had only a few sips from it. When Hannah was done, she coughed and opened her eyes, glassy and slightly disoriented. “Go put the glass on the table.” Hannah went and set the glass on the large wood table in the corner. On her way back, Carrie said, “Wait. Go into the trunk and get the red leash and the blue leash.” Hannah went to the trunk and returned with the items. I took the red one, and Carrie took the blue one. “When the blue one is on, you are mine, and when the red one is on, you are his. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am, but—”


“What if neither is on, like now?”

“Then you obey anyone.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good,” Carrie said, and clipped her blue leash onto Hannah’s collar. “Now come. Let’s not stay in this dark ol’ basement forever!” Hannah followed her closely, and for the first time, I noticed that she was wearing black panties and a matching bra. The contrast against her pale skin sent shivers through me. Who was this girl I called my sister? It had hardly taken a small push, and here she was, being led around on a leash by another girl.

We made it to the living room, and Carrie sat on the couch and motioned for Hannah to kneel in front of her. Hannah did, but avoided eye contact. “Hey, sweetie, look at me,” Carrie said sweetly. Hannah looked up. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Today, you’re my slave. Take pride in that.” Hannah smiled and looked Carrie in the eyes. “That’s better!”

“Doesn’t she look good in black?” I asked.

“Absolutely delicious.” Carrie stroked my sister’s hair. From her spot on the floor, Hannah could see up Carrie’s skirt, and let her eyes drop. “You want something?” Hannah licked her lips and nodded. “You’re going to have to work very hard if you want to eat this pussy, understand?” Hannah nodded, but continued to stare. “They’re not black, like yours, are they?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Why don’t you tell your brother what color they are.”

Hannah looked at me. “Red.” Red was code. When carrie wore something red, it was a sign of extremes. Usually, she used it during times of unusual stress, but occasionally she’d wear red during good moods. Either way, it was a sign that things could get intense at any moment.

“Good,” Carrie said and leaned forward, caressing Hannah’s face. “Baby, you look sexy as hell in black.”

“Thank you.”

“But it needs to come off. You know that, don’t you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, let’s see that tight young body,” Carrie said. “All of it.” Hannah reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor. Once again, I gazed upon my sister’s pale breasts, tipped with rose pink. When she skimmed her panties off, I felt my cock stir. “Good girl,” Carrie said, when Hannah straightened back up. She tugged the leash, pulling my sister down onto the couch, and had her lay on her back with her head in the older girl’s lap. “Mike, I bet you want to eat that sweet little pussy. Am I wrong?”

“Not at all!” I said, feeling my heart race. I hated to admit it, but I liked the taste of my sister’s pussy more than Carrie’s. Not much more, but enough to feel a little guilty.

“It’s all yours, then.”

That was all I needed. I pushed Hannah’s legs up and apart, and dove right in, no teasing, no caressing. Her scent drove me wild, and I sucked and lapped at her smooth pink pussy lips. “AAH!” she cried, throwing her head back into Carrie’s lap.

“Shhhh…” Carrie shushed her gently but firmly. “Quiet now.” From then on, I heard only whimpers of pleasure. I flicked her clit and made circles around it with my tongue, and she raised her head to look at me, but bit her lip to keep from making noise. She tried to grab my head, but Carrie pulled her hands back.

I licked and sucked a few more times at her clit and swollen pink lips, and then sat back up. Hannah squirmed and whined, but Carrie shushed her again. “I bet you thought you were going to cum, huh?” Hannah lay back into her lap and nodded, panting. “You will, eventually. You’ll cum so much you won’t be able to stand. But not yet.” Carrie caressed the girl’s breasts, and then made her stand up. “We have to do something about you getting all handsy, though.”

“I have an idea,” I said and left them in the living room. Back in the basement, I rummaged through the chest and found several lengths of rope. I returned, but found the girls in the kitchen, where Hannah was pouring two more glasses of wine. Her eyes caught the rope and her face lit up, though she tried not to show it. She handed Carrie a glass first, and then gave one to me.

“Come,” said Carrie, leading Hannah back downstairs. Whatever. I shrugged and went back down with them. “Here,” she said, handing me Hannah’s leash. “Find a good spot.”

At the base of the bed, by the cage, were the hooks in the ceiling. I threaded rope through a loop on the back of her collar, and down her back, where I threaded it through the loops on her wrists, which I pulled behind her, and knotted it. Finally, I threaded the rope through the loops on her ankles, knotted it, wound it back through her wrist loops, knotted it, and then looped the rest around the hook on the ceiling and back down to her collar and tied it off. She wasn’t suspended, but she wasn’t going anywhere, either.

In the meantime, Carrie had lined up an assortment of fifteen toys and gadgets on the bed, in order from innocuous to a little terrifying, at least to Hannah. There were a couple she eyed with suspicion and misgivings, but she knew it was too late for that, and I saw her try to swallow her nervousness back, but there was one, the final one, that, while familiar, was unknown to her, and it caused her some discomfort.

“Game’s eight ball,” Carrie said, chalking up a cue. “An item a ball, except for the last one,” she said, nodding toward the one that gave Hannah a worried look. “That’s for the eight.”

“All of those?!”

“Am I going to have to gag you?”

“No, ma’am.”

“You’re on,” I said, ignoring the exchange.

“She’s your sister. You can break.”

I broke, and the balls scattered around the table, but none went in. Carrie stepped up, aimed, and sunk the One in a corner pocket. Casually, she propped her cue up against a wall, and picked out the first toy, a small vibrator. At least she was starting small.

Carrie switched the vibrator on and approached Hannah with it buzzing away. She loosened the slip knot I’d tied, which gave the rope enough slack for her to kick apart Hannah’s feet. She touched the device to the girl’s nipple, and my sister gasped. She traced it down Hannah’s belly and eventually between her legs, and Hannah watched me as I leaned against the table and watched her. Carrie traced it against my sister’s pussy lips, still swollen and wet from the tongue bath I’d given her earlier. It glided along, and I saw her jerk when it crossed over her clit. Eventually, Carrie fell into a pattern, and began circling Hannah’s clit, flicking it, teasing her lips, and then back again to her clit. Hannah’s hips jerked and bucked, but Carrie kept her on the knife’s edge. Right when Hannah’s face contorted and she was about to cum, Carrie pulled away.

“Noooooo!” cried Hannah. Carrie spanked her hard on the ass, leaving it red. “AAiiieeee!”

“Mike, grab me the gag from the chest,” Carrie said, impatiently.

“No, wait,” Hannah pleaded. “I’ll be good.”

“Sorry sweetie,” she said, as I handed her the ball gag. “Open up.” Hannah did so, and Carrie put the blue ball in the girl’s mouth and fastened the snaps behind her head. “I only ask once when that collar’s on. Understand now?” Hannah nodded, and Carrie tied her off and returned to the table. She shot again, but missed. “Your turn,” she said.

I sunk the Fifteen. I selected the small butt plug from the bed, and rubbed some lubricant on it. I went behind her and spread her legs open again. I massaged her soaking pussy, causing muffled moans through the gag, but when she felt the tip of the butt plug slide past her ass cheeks and began to spread her anus, she jumped. I held her still, though, and pressed on gently. “Just relax,” I whispered into her ear, and kissed her ear lobe. She sighed, and I felt her muscles loosen up. The plug slid much easier now, spreading her more. She grunted, and then the plug reached its length, and her ass clamped shut at the base of it. “See,” I said, walking back to the table. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” She gave me a questioning look. “Yeah, babe. It stays in. At least until the next size.” Her eyes went wide as she glanced the next size up.

I shot and missed, and Carrie shot next, scored the Four, and put two small clamps on my sister’s perfect, pick nipples. Hannah screamed through the gag, but Carrie just stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. She shot again, but missed, and set me up for a twofer.

I sunk the Ten and the Thirteen, and Hannah made an, “Mmmmph!” I looked at the equipment lined up on the bed.

“You want me to play with your ass?” I asked. My sister’s head drooped. I could tell the teenager was reaching the limits of what she thought she could handle. It was clearly time to prove her wrong. I first took the string of anal beads. They were just slightly smaller than the thickest part of the plug already in her ass. Her blue eyes tracked them as I approached her. “Let’s get you more comfortable,” I said, and unhooked her from the ceiling. Her knees wobbled, but I guided her to the bed and she almost immediately went on her hands and knees, sighing with relief, as the position made the butt plug more comfortable. I spread her knees apart, and tied her ankles in place, anchoring them to the bedposts. I pushed the cage to the far side of the room, and then went back to anchor her wrists in place, as well. Lastly, I threaded rope through the loops on her collar, and tied either end to the posts.

When izmit escort bayan I was done, I went behind her and stuck two fingers in her tight young pussy. “Mmmf! MM mmm!” she moaned. The ropes didn’t give her much slack, but she pressed back against my fingers as much as she could. Her juices flowed generously, and after all the teasing, it wasn’t long before her muscles clamped down like a vise around my fingers. “Ghhhh! Mmmmffggg!” she cried through the gag as her body shook with orgasm. When I felt her muscles relax, I gingerly pulled the plug from her ass, and it came out smooth as silk. She sighed with relief, but made a gurgling sound when I pressed the first of the beads into her ass.

“That’s one,” I said. “Want to know how many are left?”

“Uh uh.” She shook her head.

I popped a second in, and she shuddered. A third and fourth went in easy. I put a fifth in, and I could hear her breathing become raspy and heavy. Carrie climbed onto the bed in front of Hannah, and took the girl’s face in her hands. “Good girl!” she cooed, kissing Hannah on the forehead, as one more bead went into the girl’s tight ass. “You’ve almost got them all.”


“Yeah,” she said, as I pushed one more bead into my sister’s ass. “I tell you what. You be a brave girl, and take the rest of these beads, and I’ll take your gag off. Does that sound like a deal?” Hannah nodded enthusiastically.

I put the last three beads into my sisters ass, and then Carrie reached behind Hannah’s head and unsnapped the gag, letting it fall to the bed. “Oh, sweetie,” she said. “You’ve drooled everywhere.” She wiped Hannah’s drool off her chin and cheeks. “So, how does it feel?”

“It’s incredible!” Hannah gasped hoarsely, swallowing to wet her throat again.

“That’s my girl,” Carrie said. “You like things in your ass, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Mike, honey,” Carrie said. “You think she’s ready for the bigger plug?”

“Only one way to find out,” I said. “But first…” I pulled gently but firmly on the tail end of the string of beads, and the first one popped out of her ass.

“OH!” Hannah cried out.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“No!” she said. “Oh god, keep going!”

“Keep going…?” Carrie prompted her.

“Keep going, please.”

I braced my hand on my sister’s firm round butt, and pulled another bead out of her ass. She grunted, and I pulled another. “Ah, fuck!” she whispered, more to herself, it seemed than to us. I pulled more out, one by one, my sister grunting and groaning in bestial ecstasy the whole way, until there was just one left. When I pulled the last bead out, she sighed, and I slapped her ass. Her anus clamped shut.

“Who is this girl?” Carrie asked. “Is she really your sister?”

“Yeah,” I said. “You can’t tell? Look at her face. You know that look. It means ‘more,’ doesn’t it?”

“Hmm,” Carre said, holding Hannah’s face in her hands, examining the pleading look in those icy blue eyes. “It does. Right, baby?” Hannah nodded. “You want more?” Hannah nodded again. “We’re going to use your sweet little body today, and you’re going to love it.” Hannah nodded again. “But it’s going to scare the hell out of you at some point. You’re going to have to fight through it, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Carrie, kissed her on the lips. “Oh my sweet, sweet girl. I—”

There was a huge pause. The look between my sister and my girlfriend lasted far too long. Both of them knew what Carrie wanted to say—and so did I for that matter—but I couldn’t let it linger.

I took the larger butt plug and placed its lubricated tip against Hannah’s asshole. I pushed firmly, and I saw Carrie’s face mirror my sister’s, as their mouths became perfect O’s. This bigger plug took longer to make its journey, stretching it wider than even my cock had that very first night. Hannah screamed, and Carrie held her face. “Look at me, sweetie! Look here!”

“Oh, god,” Hannah groaned. “Oh, fuck it hurts! But … so good! Oooh, it hurts so fucking good!”

“Atta girl,” I said, as the widest part of the plug passed through her. When it was all the way in her, I kneaded her pale ass cheeks. “How’s it feel, sis?”

“Guh…” she panted. “Hah… so… full… came… again…”

Carrie and I laughed. “She’s definitely your sister,” Carrie said, kissing Hannah quickly on the cheek, and hopping off the bed. “So, my turn?”

“Still mine,” I said, leaving my sister tied to the bed with the butt plug buried in her. I sunk the Fourteen. “Hmm…” I wondered. In the end, I took the Magic Wand. I plugged it in and, with a shorter length of rope, tied it to the inside of one of her thighs, the bulbous head of it resting snugly against her clit. When I turned it on, she let out a breath. “Have fun!” I chimed, and walked back to the table. As I lined up my next shot, I could hear my sister whimpering in ecstasy on the bed. I gave her a little time, and when she came, I took my shot.

I sunk the Nine. “Dammit, Mike,” Carrie complained. “You’re robbing me blind!” I took the riding crop from the collection, and turned to Carrie.

“Not so!” I said. I need you for this one.

“Sweet!” she said, leaning her cue against the wall. She reached for the crop, but I held it away. “Hey!”

“This part’s mine,” I said. “I bet you want my sister to eat your pussy, though.”

“Hmmm,” she grinned. “I suppose I could live with that.”

While Carrie pulled her panties off from under her skirt, I untied the ropes that held my sister’s head up. It immediately drooped, and she sank down farther to battle the exhaustion. When she did, though, her butt rose higher in the air, and the Wand nestled more directly on her clit. Her body bucked and shook as she came again, wordlessly.

Carrie slid onto the bed and pulled her skirt up, inching her bare pussy toward my sister’s mouth. “Eat it,” she said, but Hannah shook her head weakly.

“Can’t…” she gasped. “Too… much…” I struck her ass firmly with the crop, and she shrieked. “Eeeek!!” I gave her another to be sure. “Yeeeow!”

“Eat it,” Carrie repeated. Hannah obeyed, and lapped at my girlfriend’s pussy. “Mmmm… that’s right, sweetie. Make me cum.”

“She gives good head, doesn’t she?” I ask, tapping my sister’s butt with the crop.

“Mmm yeah,” Carrie breathed. “She seems a bit distracted though.” To Hannah, she said, “Honey, is that big ol’ Wand making you cum again.”

“Mmhmm,” Hannah moaned into the older girl’s pussy.

“When you make me cum, I’ll have your brother take it away,” she said. “How does that sound?”

“Mmmm!” Hannah renewed her licking and slurping with a new purpose. Swirling her tongue around her mistress’ clit and teasing her lips.

“Oh, shit, baby,” Carrie said, putting her hand on the back of Hannah’s head and forcing her down on her pussy even harder. I could tell from the start that all of this had Carrie all wound up. Seeing her new girlfriend tied up and forced to orgasm was something new, even to her. We had used some of this gear before, but never so extensively. The horny teenager between her legs was driving her to the moon. Carrie gripped the girl’s fiery red hair and came. “Oh, Hannah. Oh, uuhhnnngh!” Carrie’s face flushed, her body twitched, and then she went slack. Hannah drew up, her mouth and chin coated in her girlfriend’s juices.

I removed the Wand, and Hannah, too, relaxed, but was mostly held in place by the ropes, The butt plug was still planted in my sister’s ass, but after multiple orgasms, she hardly seemed to notice or care. I let them have a moment to recover, and went and took my next shot. Nothing.

Carrie oozed off the bed, still flushed, but took a deep breath and shot, scoring the Seven. Immediately, she went directly to Hannah and untied her completely. The girl collapsed onto the bed, her butt still poking high in the air. Carrie took hold of the plug and began easing it out of my sister’s tight little ass. As it slid out, my sister moaned, “Oh, fuck…” and then flattened out. Carrie stripped as Hannah recovered, panting on the bed. When she was naked, she crawled on top of my sister and rolled her over. The girl still had on the nipple clamps, and Carrie removed those, too. “AAh!” Hannah yelped, but Carrie bent and gave attention to each ultra-sensitive nipple until Hannah was gasping and moaning again.

“Oh, you little slut,” Carrie smiled. “I bet you’re ready to come again.” She had chosen a thick, clear, double-ended dildo, and held it up to show my sister, whose eyes went wide. The thickness was greater than anything she’d experienced before, but she knew better than to argue. Carrie climbed off of her and spread the girl’s legs. When she placed the blunt head of the dildo against my sister’s drooling cunt, Hannah squirmed. “Take it,” Carrie hissed, pushing harder.

“NNN!” my sister groaned as the head of the dildo began slipping into her, stretching her pussy to its maximum limit.

“That’s right, slut, take it!” Carrie hissed again. The first inch was inside the pale, squirming redhead. “Come on, take it!” Carrie shoved more of the thick silicone into my sister. Hannah’s eyes went wide and she covered her mouth with her hands and whimpered through them. “Push on it!” Carrie demanded, and Hannah reluctantly pushed her pussy onto the colorless, translucent shaft. “Good girl!” Carrie cheered. She bent and kissed my sister’s clit, mashed against the dildo. Hannah exhaled sharply at the stimulation. “Just relax and let your body get used to the thickness,” Carrie said, sliding one leg under and one leg over my sister’s legs.

As Carrie inched forward, she placed the other end of the dildo against her own wet entrance, and pushed. “Oh, shit,” Hannah breathed, watching the length slowly disappear into her girlfriend’s pussy. “Oh fuck that’s hot.” Carrie groaned a little as the thickness stretched her out, and Hannah stroked her thighs with her fingertips. Eventually, their pussy lips met, and they both gasped in pleasure. “Holy shit!” Hannah moaned.

“You ready?” Carrie asked. Hannah nodded, and in unison they pulled back, sliding away. Hannah kneaded her own breasts, as she watched the length of dildo slide out of her. When they had extended fully, they plunged back onto it until they were touching again. “Hah! Holy shit!” Hannah moaned again, as they pulled back again, faster this time, and then slammed back together.

“Ah! Yeah!” Carrie cried. They began pulling back and sliding together in rhythm, and Hannah, who’d cum at least a half a dozen times already, was already reaching her peak. Carrie saw this and picked up the pace, but to no avail. Hannah came, moaning and bucking, and I could see that the dildo had become slick with her juices.

“I’m sorry!” Hannah said, kissing Carrie’s calf. “I couldn’t…”

“No worries,” Carrie said. “You’ll just have to come again, then. Get on your hands and knees, and don’t let the dildo slip out!” Together the girls maneuvered so that they ended up on their hands and knees, ass to ass. Before Hannah knew it, Carrie was already humping back against the dildo. She let out a yelp, which turned into a moan. “Fuck yeah,” Carrie said as the girl’s asses slapped together. “Oooh!”

But Hannah was barely moving. “Mike, help us out a bit, would you, sweetie?” Carrie groaned. I obliged, and ran my hand over the girl’s asses, feeling their smooth firmness. I grasped the exposed section of dildo, and began moving it back and forth. Carrie squealed, and Hannah screamed. “Oh, god, fuck me!” Carrie cried.

“Oh, god,” Hannah breathed. I worked the dildo harder, and could see Carrie tensing up. Hannah hung her head between her shoulders, her body unable to keep up with the ecstasy. This time, Carrie came first, followed by Hannah an instant later.

Hannah collapsed forward, twitching and panting, the inside of her thighs slick with her and Carrie’s juices. Carrie shuddered and rolled to the side. “Oh, fuck that was good! Right, sweetie?” Hannah was silent and still, the only sign that she was alive and conscious was her raspy panting. “Hannah?” Carrie rolled my sister over, and tears were smeared and streaming down her cheeks.

“I can’t… please…” she said weakly. “No… more.”

“You’ve done so well, babe,” Carrie soothed, caressing the girl’s cheek and reaching behind her neck. With a click, the collar unlocked, and Carrie pulled it from her neck.

“No…” Hannah begged softly, tears still in her eyes. “I was supposed to go all the way.”

“You did great,” Carrie whispered to her. “Better than I did. Better than your brother.”


“Really,” I said. “neither of us lasted past five balls. You lasted for seven.”

Hannah sniffled and smiled. Carrie stroked her red hair, smoothing back the tangles she’d accumulated, and then took a deep breath and looked at me. “I know it sounds crazy because it’s way too early to say this, but—”

“I love you,” Hannah beat her to it. Carrie kissed her new lover, and they stayed together for a while.

“So what was the prize for the Eight?” Hannah asked, eventually.

“Tell you what,” Carrie said. “Let’s all go get cleaned up and have some dinner, and then we’ll show you.”

“Ok,” Hannah said. “But I feel kind of bad about Mike.” She turned to me. “You didn’t get to cum at all.” She was right, of course, and my loins ached from all I’d witnessed.

“It’s fine,” I said. “This is your day. Anyway, I bet you’re wiped out. Let’s give it a while and let you recover, and then I’ll fuck you silly, ok?”

“Fine,” she said reluctantly. “But last time you left Carrie out.” She caressed her new lover’s breast, and kissed her neck. “She’s your girlfriend, man.”

“Well, excuu-uuse me,” Carrie teased. “I’d never seen siblings fuck before.”

“Excuu-uuse ME!” Hannah teased back, and then said, daintily and with a bit of an effete accent, “We were making love.” Carrie tickled her ribs, and she shrieked.

“Come on, sweetie,” let’s get you cleaned up. Together, they climbed the stairs and went directly to the shower. I followed them up and meandered through the kitchen. Suddenly, Carrie poked her head around the corner. “Get your ass in here!” I heard her scamper down the hall and shut the door to the bathroom. As I approached, I heard giggling coming from within.

When I opened the door, the girls nearly tackled me as they grabbed for my clothes. In an instant, I was undressed. Hannah went into the shower first, and then Carrie, and then I followed, sliding the glass door shut behind me. It was a large shower, with room enough for me to lay down comfortably, which I had on several occasions.

“You know,” I told Hannah, “this is where Carrie and I first made love.”


“Mm hmm,” Carrie hummed from behind my sister, moving her hands over the girl’s skin, and massaging the muscles she’d exhausted.

“Why the shower?”

I moved toward my sister and ran my hands over her body, too. Her muscles had become so tense and knotted from the repeated orgasms that the pleasure of our light massaging made her knees weak.

“Well,” Carrie said, caressing her hips. “It was a dark and stormy night.” Hannah giggled and scoffed. “It was! For real! Mike, tell her it was a dark and stormy night!”

“It was, indeed a dark and stormy night,” I said.

“Ok, ok, it was dark and stormy. Got it.”

Carrie continued: “And I was driving back from the store. The snow was going to be bad. We all knew it, and I’d gone out to get a some canned items, extra bread, water, and a few other essentials. There was only an inch or so when I left home, but the blizzard hit us like a hammer while I was in the store, and I barely made it out of the parking lot on my way back. I got as far as the crossroads leading up the hill to the house, but got stuck in the intersection. All of a sudden, I hear a knock on my window, and there’s this good looking blonde guy smiling down at me with an irresistible smile.”

“Out for a run?” Hannah asked.

“Better than out for a drive,” I said.

“Anyway,” continued Carrie, “this guy I barely know, dressed in tights, a windbreaker, and a knit cap, offers to help push my car out of the intersection.”

“How manly,” Hannah said.

“Well, I’m not really into that shit,” Carrie countered. “I can take care of myself. Buuuuut…” she rested her chin on my sister’s shoulder “… I knew the snow had me beat. And there was something about this guy. I was seeing this girl at the time, but, I don’t know. I guess it was like being hit by lightning. So I said yes. We got the car to the curb, but there was no way it was getting up the hill. There was also no was I was getting the groceries up the hill either, not in the snow, anyway. Mike helped me push the car onto the shoulder, so it wouldn’t get hit by a plow, and then we made our way up the hill and to the house.”

“Weren’t you both just frozen solid?” Hannah asked.

“Pretty much,” I said.

“Me more than him,” Carrie said. “I didn’t know I’d be hiking up the hill in a blizzard. I had on a light coat and some sweats. I cranked up the heat, but that just ended up melting the snow that had caked into the creases in our clothes. Again, Mike was dressed for it—mostly waterproof stuff—but I was not. I started throwing my coat and sweatshirt off, and Mike looked super uncomfortable.”

“I’d only been out of the house for a few months,” I noted.

“You should have seen his face when he saw my tatts. I wasn’t about to strip down to nothing around a stranger, but just my arms… eyes like this.” She made a cartoonish gesture of circles the size of tea saucers. “So went to the bedroom to change, but the sweatpants I was wearing cinched up with a string. The snow had caked on it, and it had become wet. The more I screwed with it, the tighter it got.”?
“Why’d you tie it so tight?” Hannah asked.

“I wasn’t… heh… I was going commando,” Carrie said. “More reason to get those pants off. That shit was cold. I needed them off, but again, I wasn’t about to have a guy I just met help me with my pants. I’m not that easy.”

“Neither am I,” I said.

“Or maybe it was just you.”

“Or you.”

“Yeah. Anyway,” Carrie continued, “I come back out and Mike’s putting away the groceries. Just like that. I thanked him, got his number, and went to the door to see him out, and I don’t know… you guys are—were—or whatever—the religious type. Maybe you have an explanation. As soon as we opened the door, a tree fell down, blocking us in. We tried the back door, but it was snowed in.”

“It’s almost enough to make one want to believe again,” Hannah said with an ironic grin.

“Maybe,” Carrie said seriously. “Anyway, I’m trapped in this house with a guy I just met, but I’m not about to make him go up and jump off the balcony. I told him he could spend the night on the couch, but of course, it wasn’t that late, so we stayed up and had a couple beers and talked. As we did, I felt something come over me. I mean, you know this. Your brother’s kind of irresistible. So I decided to try and ease into it by suggesting we play a board game.”

“Monopoly,” Hannah interrupted.

“How’d you guess?” Carrie asked. Hannah then proceeded to tell, from the beginning, how we had begun our little adventure. “Jeez, you guys didn’t waste a single moment, did you?”

“We couldn’t afford to,” Hannah said. “So, what, you finally just got him undressed and took him to the bedroom?”

“I would have,” Carrie said, “but my pants were still knotted shut. We started with a kiss—it was the first thing I asked for when he owed more than he had. After that, it all just kind of snowballed. We got to my pants, and I dragged Mike in here, gave mike the scissors, and he cut the drawstring. The sweats were so heavy with water, that they practically fell down by themselves. Unfortunately, they were new, and left a ton of black lint all over my legs, so naturally we ended up in here.” Carrie moved around Hannah and pushed her against the wall, kissing her. “The rest,” she said, “was as natural as it was with you. I went like this…” she stayed face to face with my sister, hands on the wall on either side of her, and stuck her butt out toward me “… and asked Mike to wash the lint off of me. And he did it.” I rubbed and massaged Carrie’s ass like I had that first night. “But then I learned that he’s an incurable pervert. I felt something funny, and looked back, and he was spreading my ass…” I spread her ass and ran two fingers down to her pussy lips “… making sure I was clean everywhere, or so he said.”

As I ran the top of my shaft along the outside of my girlfriend’s spread pussy, she said, “And then I felt something between my legs.” My sister took in a breath, seeing the head of my cock peeking out from between her lover’s legs in an increasingly rhythmic fashion. “A little change of position, and…” she pitched forward just a little more, and I slid into her until her ass cheeks met my hips “… there was no going back,” she breathed. Her hot, slick, tightness gripped my cock, and I felt a bolt of pleasure course through me.

“I knew I’d found the perfect girl the moment I met her,” I said, still buried in her to the hilt. “The fact that we fit together like puzzle pieces just cemented it.” I slowly began to slide in and out of her, just like I had the first time, and it caused us both to shiver with ecstasy.

“Oh, fuck,” Hannah whispered, pinned against the wall, watching me start to slowly fuck Carrie from behind. I began to quicken the pace, and Carrie sighed with pleasure and kissed her teenage lover. “Oh, god,” she said, kissing Carrie’s face as beads of water rolled down it.

Carrie’s pussy was hot as an oven and tight as a vise. I felt ripples of unfiltered ecstasy with every thrust into her. “Oh, Carrie,” I moaned. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she breathed. “Both of you.”

As I quickened my pace, feeling an electric warmth gather in my loins, I saw Hannah slip slowly down the wall until she was kneeling on the tile floor. “AAAAAIIIIIEEE!!” Carrie screamed. “Oh, fuck!” I looked down and saw my sister’s blazing blue eyes meet mine. There was pure, unbridled joy in them as she tongued her girlfriend’s clit. “I’m gonna… gonnna… I’m gonna cum!” Carrie panted. “Ooooh!!” Her pussy clamped down, and I kept plunging my cock into her, reveling in her squeals of delight.

“I’m gonna cum!” I grunted.

“Cum in your sister’s mouth,” Carrie rasped. “I wanna see her take your load.” Hannah didn’t even miss a beat. She took my cock right out of Carrie’s twitching sex and slid it into her sucking mouth, massaging it with her tongue as I exploded. She swallowed and swallowed. “Did you get it all?” Carrie asked, as my cock slid out over her soft lips.


“You love swallowing his cum, don’t you?”

“I love everything about him,” my sister said, standing again, face to face with the other girl. “He’s my brother. You’re my lover. And this was the best day of my life.”


The rest of the night we spent cleaning up (again) and making dinner. We ate and put away all the dishes, got dressed in warm coats and put on our boots, and went out onto the deck to get some frigid but fresh air. For the first time, sexual tension and awkwardness gone, we just talked. Carrie told Hannah more about her life and art, how she happened to have this house to herself, and what she did for fun.

Hannah went into more detail about the plans we had to break out of our old lives. We discussed the best options for her college studies, and briefly, fatuously discussed the pros and cons of living in the dorms before deciding that she should indeed live in the house. It was a pretty normal night, otherwise.

That is, it was, until Carrie began casually rolling a joint. “What’s that?” Hannah asked. Carrie grimaced briefly.

“It’s grass,” I said bluntly.

“Like,” and then Hannah whispered, “drugs?!”

“Yeah,” Carrie said in a voice that echoed off the tree line. “Like drugs.” Hannah looked around, and Carrie gave her a little smirk. In addition to the house, the property extended for a mile in every direction. It’s why we had nearly frozen to death that first night, but also why we could be so free.

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Ok, ok. I’m not stupid, you know. It’s just a new thing.” She sat for a moment while Carrie finished rolling the joint, twisting and licking the ends. “Why do you do it?”

“Why do you like fucking so much?”

“It’s feels really good.”

“Same destination,” Carrie said. “Different vehicle.” Hannah gave her an odd look. “Hey, no one’s gonna force you. Mike and I just like to smoke a little, especially on special occasions.”

“And this is kind of a special occasion,” I said.

“Hmm.” Hannah leaned back on her elbows and looked out into the trees. Her legs dangled off the balcony, and she adjusted her knit cap to cover the tops of her ears. “But sex is about being close to someone. I don’t see how this is the same.”

Carrie shrugged and lit up, and for a few minutes, the two of us smoked. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s just frivolous. I like being frivolous every once in a while.”

“I guess I might as well try,” my sister said, eventually. I gave it to her, and she inhaled. Instantly, she started coughing.

“Aaa hahahaha!” Carrie, sitting like Hannah, her legs dangling off the deck, fell back laughing heartily. Hannah coughed and coughed, but eventually regained control. Carrie sat up and patted her on the back. “Don’t choke, babe.”

“Ha” cough “ha,” Hannah said. Carrie reached for the joint, but Hannah pulled it away. “I wanna try again.”

“By all means, sweetheart,” she laughed. This time, Hannah didn’t cough, though it looked like she wanted to. “See? Nothin’ to it.”

Hannah leaned in and kissed her. “Wow,” she said.

“Different?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, and kissed Carrie again.

“Ok, ok, cowgirl,” Carrie said, having to separate herself from my sister.

“Awww!” Hannah said, but grinned and just leaned her head against the older girl’s shoulder. Carrie put an arm around her, and for the remainder of the time, we all just sat there in relative silence, making a few dumb jokes here and there. When the joint was down to just a small cherry, Carrie flicked it into the back yard, and we watched the red-orange glow as it arced down and burst into a hundred sparks in the dirt before going dark.

When we went in and took off our boots, coats, and hats, Carrie excused herself and went back up to her studio for a while. Hannah, and I sat and talked about the day: what she liked and didn’t like, and what she had wanted more of. The toys had been fun, but she’d really hoped for us to do the dirty work ourselves. I asked her if it bothered her that we were showing her everything so early. Wouldn’t she be disappointed later on?

“Nah,” she dismissed the idea. “There’s always something more.”

I shrugged and said she was right.

“Speaking of which… what was the prize for the Eight?” she asked.

“That,” Carrie said, returning, “is something I’m not perfectly comfortable sharing, to be honest. I didn’t actually think we’d get to it.”

Hannah rubbed her face with her palms. “C’mon,” she said. “At this point… oh, just lay it on me.”

“Honey,” Carrie said. “You’re baked. Look at your eyes.”

“So what? You just spent most of the day with your brother’s kid sister tied up in the basement of a house on the outskirts of town, penetrating every orifice in her young body for your own amusement.”

“Jesus,” I said, taken aback at the candor.

“It was your amusement, too, if I’m not mistaken,” Carrie continued, unfazed.

“That,” Hannah said with a shit-eating grin, “is beside the point.”

“I’m gonna smother you in your sleep, you know that, right?” Carrie said, jokingly.

Hannah hopped up off the couch and met Carrie face to face, faux tough. “Only if you do it with your pussy, you sexy thing.” Carrie stared her down, and the tension was nerve racking. Hannah, shorter by a few inches, looked up at Carrie with dangerous defiance. Suddenly, the girls broke into gut busting laughter. Hannah bent double, and nearly fell over.

“For cryin’ out loud,” I said, as the two of them howled with laughter.

“Seriously,” Carrie said, putting a chill back into the room. “We’ve got time. We can afford to slow down. I need time to think about it. Please?”

“Fine,” Hannah said. “We can still fool around until then, right?”

Carrie laughed. “Are you kidding me? We’re going to do so much more than fool around.”

Hannah hugged her, and they started down the stairs. Clearing my head for a moment, I watched them go. This truly was going to be an amazing two weeks.


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