Candi’s Erotoic Adventures, chapters 1 and 2


Chapter 1
Candi’s Quandary

Sex can be kind of frustrating for a girl like me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love sex. It’s just that I have this little problem–my holes get jealous. What one has, the others want.

I mean, I really love to suck on a fat cock, but no sooner do I get my lips wrapped around it and start to get it down my throat, than I want to feel it in my pussy. And I love the feel of a big dick sliding into my cunt—do I ever!—but after only a few strokes, I get this yearning to feel it in my ass. And yes, I do get off on taking it up the ass, with the right lubricant, but after the delicious agony of feeling a swollen cockhead pumping in and out of my anal sphincter a few times, I want it back in my mouth.

You see the problem.

In spite of this, I haven’t lacked for sexual partners since I was 18. I’m a good-looking blonde with generous breasts, an ass that makes a sweet cushion, and broad, swaying hips. I’m not fat, but I’m not skinny either. My skin is silky soft, and I love the taste of warm cum. That last feature alone would ensure me a line of begging guys.

But I’d never had sex with more than one guy at a time, and one man means one cock, filling one hole.

My husband Bobby is very understanding about my little problem, and he does his best—which is very good. He fucks me in all three holes, and he’s given them pet names. My “Pleasure Hole” is for slow, sensuous lovemaking, my “Fuck Hole” is for down-and-dirty hard core fucking, and my “Cum Hole” is where he shoots his load.

It gets him hot to call my holes by their pet names, and I like it when he gets hot. On any given night, my mouth, pussy, or asshole can be the Pleasure Hole, the Fuck Hole, or the Cum Hole. Bobby knows I love surprises.

On a typical night our sex starts with an erotic embrace and long, deep kisses, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. His big hands roam over my body, stroking my face and breasts. Then he reaches around me to squeeze my ass, pulling me close, kneading my ass cheeks and making my pussy tingle. I start getting wet and pinch his nipples through his shirt, rubbing the bulging shape of his stiffening penis and reaching into his pants to give it a squeeze. The feel of his swollen prick always surprises me; the skin is so soft and sensitive, but his cock is so hot and hard.

The feeling when my fingers wrap around his cock is electric. Suddenly our desire is urgent. We frantically pull off each other’s clothes, getting hotter every moment, until we’re almost completely naked. Sometimes I’m wearing high heels or the black velvet choker Bobby gave me (which I love). If I’m wearing them, I leave them on.

I turn away and walk toward the bed, hips swaying, my body naked except for maybe high heels and that little black choker.

The sight of my retreating ass swaying from side to side is too much for him, and he grabs me from behind, cupping my big tits in his strong hands, sliding my nipples between his fingers and pinching them erect, while pressing his aroused member into the cleft of my ass.

That really gets me hot. When I reach the bed I turn to face him and he gently but firmly shoves me onto my back. Then he kneels between my legs, spreading them wide, taking an ankle in each hand and lifting them both high.

I start to moan when his tongue enters my asshole. I shiver when he slides his mouth up and pushes his tongue deep into my moist cunt. I practically scream when he licks his way up to flick my clit with the tip of his tongue. He works his tongue around it, up and down the tiny shaft, lapping it quickly from side to side and top to bottom, until I’m in a frenzy. Soon I’m grinding my pelvis against his mouth, my hands in his hair, pulling his head up into my crotch, begging him to make me cum.

But he keeps working me, from asshole to clit and back again, slipping a finger into my twat. When he judges the moment is right, he wraps his lips around my clit and sucks my engorged little bud completely into his mouth. He sucks on my clit while swirling his tongue around and around it. He starts to hum. Mmmm.

The sensation is incredible–the suction, his tongue, and the vibration all at once, I’m right on the edge of orgasm. He slips a second finger into my now-dripping cunt and slides them in and out while he sucks and tongues me. That does it. I start to cum and I probably do scream, but he keeps on sucking and tonguing my swollen clit and finger-fucking my spasming pussy, making me cum again and again, until I’m completely spent and open to anything.

He oils his fingers and his cock then, and slips a finger up my asshole. He works it around, getting me ready. It feels so good I practically beg him to fuck me up the ass.

No sooner said than done. Out comes his finger.

He pulls me right to the edge of the bed, still face up, and lifts my feet up onto his shoulders, exposing my asshole to his member. I feel his cockhead pressing against my anal opening. I gasp as the head of his large, swollen dick pushes into my puckered rosebud. He slides it into my ass halfway, and I grunt with pleasure as it fills me. We both moan when he pulls his stiff cock partway out, until just his cockhead is still in my ass, the rim of his head pulling tight against my anal sphincter. He works his cock back and forth in my ass then, slowly at first—halfway in, then back out til the head is just inside my opening—gradually building up speed and depth, until he’s sliding that monster cock all the way in, balls-deep up my ass. It feels a mile long.

Then he starts really fucking my ass, deep and steady, popping his cockhead in and out of my asshole and thrusting his whole length deep into my bowels. It hurts every time, but I love it.

The pleasure and pain of his big cock fucking me up the ass consumes me; I yelp and almost cum every time he pulls it out of me, then hover in trembling, passionate anticipation until the moment his fat dick comes inside me again. I’m gasping, grunting, and crying out as he fills me, stretches me, and frankly reams me.

Much as I lust for him to keep fucking me in my ass, though, my other holes start to feel jealous. He can tell I’m getting restive and pulls his cock reluctantly out of my Pleasure Hole. He slips a rubber-coated butt plug up my ass to keep me full there, so my asshole won’t get too jealous.

Then he wraps my legs around his waist and drives that monster cock into my hungry wet pussy—my Fuck Hole. He shoves his big dick deep inside me, pulls it almost all the way out, then lets his weight ram it back into me like a pile driver. It feels like my kocaeli escort bayan pussy is exploding! I cry out with every thrust.

There’s nothing slow or sensuous about this—he pounds that big, thick prick into my eager wet cunt, slapping his balls on my pussy lips, impaling me with long, powerful strokes.

My tits jounce up and down, rubbing against his chest. I can feel his cock jostling against the butt plug stuck up my ass and I moan and sweat with pure pleasure. There is nothing like a big cock throbbing inside my pussy. He fucks me for a long, sweet, sweaty time.

When he’s good and ready, he rolls me over, bends me over the bed, and takes me from behind. The angle lets him penetrate deeper into my cunt and he takes full advantage. Now his balls slap against my firm round ass.

His cock is squeezed between my pubic bone and the butt plug, making it a tight, tight fit. I arch my back until my well-used pussy clenches around him like a teenage girls’. He cries out “Oh, yes!” With every thrust and I echo him. “Yes. Yes! OH, FUCK YES! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

I sway my hips back to meet his every stroke. The harder he fucks me, the harder I want to be fucked. My pussy is sopping wet, making a hot, tight, slippery passage for his fully engorged, throbbing dick. He reaches around and rubs my clit while he fucks me and I come again, going weak in the knees. I adore being taken from behind.

Fucking me doggy style quickly gets him close. I feel him getting more slippery from the precum and I beg him not to shoot yet, to put it in my mouth first.

He pulls his swollen, pulsing cock out of my pussy, reaches into the night stand and pulls out a vibrator—two inches around and eight inches long. I crawl up onto the bed on my hands and knees. He pushes that dildo deep into my Fuck Hole and switches it on.

I go nuts, feeling it vibrate the whole length of my cunt, buzzing against the butt plug in my asshole. He takes my wrists and pulls them between my knees, forcing my head down and my ass up. He wraps my fingers around the dildo and encourages me to fuck myself. I do, with pleasure, twisting the vibrator back and forth. The sensation is incredible.

With a butt plug filling my Pleasure Hole and a throbbing vibrator stuffed in my Fuck Hole, I pant in excitement and anticipation as he walks around the bed and stands with his huge red cock bobbing in front of my face. “Open your Cum Hole,” he says, in his deep bedroom voice. I eagerly open my mouth, salivating to taste his cock. He pushes the tip of his manhood into my mouth, then pauses. “Work for it,” he says. “Work for your mouthful of cum.”

I go to work eagerly–I want to feel that cock shooting a hot load of cum into my face. I suck the tip of his cock until it’s purple, then lick his big dick all the way up and down. I pull his ball sack up and suck on his balls, popping each one into my mouth and massaging it with my tongue while I stroke his shaft. I lick his cock like an ice cream cone, swirling the head with my tongue. I take his cock in my mouth and bob my head up and down rapidly over his dick, fucking him with my mouth.

I twist my head from side to side with my lips tight around his cockhead. I flick my tongue rapidly back and forth over the sensitive spot on his underside, where the shaft meets the head. I suck and lick and slobber over every part of his cock and balls.

I can taste the oil on his cock, mixed with the bitter tang from my asshole, the salty wetness from my cunt, and, at last, the sweet-sour taste of precum oozing from his tip. I moan in hunger.

He takes my head in both hands and starts slow-fucking my mouth, thrusting with his hips, pulling his cock back until the tip is just outside my lips, then sliding it deep down my throat, making me gag and swallow. My throat convulses around his cock, squeezing his dick like a virgin cunt. I love the feeling of his hands pulling my head onto his cock, of being used for his pleasure, of being his.

He keeps fucking my face, pulling my head onto his cock with every thrust. I work the dildo in my pussy and it vibrates the butt plug that fills my ass. I stick out my tongue to lick his balls when he deep-throats me. I slide it over the sensitive underside of his prick while he thrusts it in. I suck when he’s pulling it out. It makes a wet popping sound when his cockhead plops from between my lips. The suction drives him wild.
I can feel his dick getting bigger and harder as he gets closer to orgasm. He moans and fucks my mouth and throat deeper and faster. “Here it comes,” he tells me, his voice husky. “Get ready to swallow my cum.”

He groans, humping my mouth rhythmically. “I’m. Going. To. Cum. Cum in your mouth. Cum in your fucking Cum Hole. Cum in your fucking mouth.” I feel his balls tighten and his cock swells even more, filling my mouth and throat. “Suck it. Suck, Candi! Get ready to swallow my load.”

I gaze up into his eyes, letting him see how badly I want to swallow his cum. I moan in anticipation, the sound leaking around his plunging member. He pulls all the way out and watches his dick pulsing in front of my open mouth.

“Cum in my mouth,” I beg. “Shoot your hot load down my throat. Feed me.”

He strokes his manhood rapidly, working the head, then shoves it into my mouth, runs it hilt deep into my face, halfway down my throat. I gag and try to swallow his monster dick, my throat muscles squeezing hard around his cock.

At last he cums, shooting warm jets of sperm right down my throat. He pulls back, still shooting semen, flooding my mouth, spilling out onto my izmit escort lips and chin. I lose it completely and orgasm again, this time with all three holes achingly full—butt plug, vibrator, and spurting cock. He keeps pumping his cock into my mouth, enjoying the slippery feeling of his own cum lubricating his shaft, and I suck hard, trying to swallow his hot spunk even as he spurts another shot into my mouth, and another.

He looks down at me, and I can tell he likes what he sees—me, looking up at him with cum on my face and leaking out from between my lips, hungrily sucking on his still swollen cock. I keep sucking, licking the underside of his head, milking every drop of warm, salty semen from his balls. I suck hard while milking his shaft up from the base and lick the last drop of pearly white cum from the tip of his cock. He wipes some of his cum from my face with his finger and I lick it off, hungry for all of his jism.

So, I mean it’s good. Really good.

But I still feel something missing. A butt plug is nice, but it can’t cum up my ass like a dick can. And even an eight inch vibrator is no substitute for a hot, throbbing cock plunging into my pussy. Oh well. At least I get cock in every hole, and all three holes are filled with something when I get a load of hot spunk shot down my throat. So I’m not complaining.

Really, I’m not.

Sometimes we switch it around and he cums in my pussy, which I love, or cums up my ass, which I also adore. But sucking a vibrator seems silly, so on those nights I end up with only two holes filled. He can tell I want all three holes stuffed with his cock and having him spurt cum into all of them at the same time, but he can’t. It’s impossible.

Just wistful thinking.

But then, a few nights ago, Bobby got me something special for our anniversary. He wouldn’t say what he had in mind, but he told me to bring an overnight bag and pack a sexy negligee. I was intrigued and excited.

Bobby knows what I like.
Chapter 2
All Three Holes

My Husband Bobby is very understanding about my little problem: my holes get jealous. He puts his cock in every hole (one at a time, of course), and fills the others with a dildo or a butt plug, but I long to feel him in all three holes at once. It isn’t reasonable, I know, but it’s what I really want. And Bobby is very considerate of what I want… he’s sweet.

On the night of our anniversary, Bobby took me out for a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant, where we shared a bottle of wine, then he drove us a short way to a nice hotel, steering with one hand and caressing my thigh with the other. He had already checked us in, so we flew through the lobby and into the elevator. We were alone, so we kissed as the elevator rose, tongues deep and intertwining, pressing our bodies tight together. I could feel the bulge of his prick straining against his slacks, and I felt a shiver of cunt-deep anticipation.

Our room was a beautifully furnished suite. We fondled one another to keep the mood going while we drank champagne. It was a good vintage and I drank three full glasses, getting a little loose and tipsy. The living room had a DVD player and Bobby popped in a disc with home movies he’d made of the two of us fucking.

It was a new mix–my anniversary present, I thought. He had added a music track and edited our best clips together artfully, dissolving to my face during orgasm or smiling contentedly with cum on my chin and his dick in my mouth, interspersed with sequences of us fucking–with my legs in the air, doggy style, or taking it up my ass. It was about twenty minutes long and I got excited watching it with him. I clapped when it faded to black and then started over, running in an endless loop. I squeezed his cock through his slacks. It was rock hard.

“That movie would give anyone a hard-on,” Bobby said with satisfaction.

“Here’s proof of that,” I murmured, starting to unzip him. He pulled my hand away and sucked my finger instead.

“Let’s go to bed,” he said. I had no argument with that.

We walked hand in hand into the bedroom, leaving the fuck movie playing on the big screen TV with the sound turned up. It was arousing to hear our passionate moans and occasional dirty talk. Bobby closed the bedroom door part way and dimmed the light.

I slipped into the bathroom to pee, freshly wash my ass and cunt, and put on the negligée. It was cut ultra low to put my big round tits on display, and short to expose my pussy lips and ass cheeks. I have to say, I looked hot.

Okay, I looked like a whore. But I looked sexy as hell.

Bobby was naked, talking on his cell phone when I came out. He stared at my swaying breasts and whistled. More importantly, his cock stiffened. “Twenty minutes” he said into the phone, then turned it off. I wondered what that was about, but I wasn’t in the mood to have a conversation.

As usual, he pushed me onto the bed, raised my legs, and began to lick and suck me, from my asshole to my swollen clit and back again, bringing me right to the edge of climax then backing off, time and again, until I was frantic. He worked a string of beads into my asshole while he licked me.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, but was really only about twenty minutes, he sucked my clit into his mouth while tonguing it, making me cum hard, again and again. When I started cumming, he pulled the beads out of my ass, one by one, and I went fucking apeshit. I was screaming in pleasure, and didn’t hear the whisper of men in the living room rubbing themselves stiff while watching a video starring me—fucking, sucking, and taking it up the ass, in living color.

Bobby spread my thighs and laid on top of me, slipping his big, hard cock into my sopping wet pussy, pushing it all the way in, filling me with pleasure. He held me tightly and rolled us over on the King-sized bed, putting me on top. My orgasms were still rippling through me, and the champagne I drank, along with Bobby’s swollen cock deep in my cunt, had my head spinning. I didn’t hear the door swing open. The light seemed to brighten a little, and the sound of our fucking on the TV seemed to swell, but I was on top of Bobby, fucking contentedly, with my round ass to the door.

I raised up a little so my swaying breasts brushed Bobby’s face as we fucked. He looked me in the eyes and said “Happy anniversary, baby.”

He arched his pelvis then, lifting my ass higher, and scooted us to the foot of the bed. As we backed up, I suddenly felt a warm, slippery dick head pressing against my asshole. I gasped in surprise, then in excitement escort bayan as I realized what was going on, then in ecstasy as someone’s hands spread my ass cheeks and a thick cock plunged into my asshole, filling it, fucking it.

Two cocks worked back and forth inside me, rubbing against each other through the thin membrane between my pussy and my ass. It stretched me to the limit, and oh it hurt, but it was a glorious, fulfilling pain. I was being fucked in two holes at once, and I loved it.

Then the bed jounced as a third man got on, kneeling naked in front of my mouth, his dick hard. He took my face in his hands and pulled my willing mouth down onto his rigid cock. I was in heaven.

At last, I was being fucked in all three holes at once, a hot cock moving in every one. When I rocked forward, It forced a big dick deeper into my throat and pulled the cock up my ass against the opening. When I rocked back, two cocks plunged deep into my ass and cunt, and a cockhead pulled against my lips. I rocked back and forth, fucking and sucking at the same time, three hot, throbbing dicks stretching and stuffing every hole. I was being fucked in the mouth, fucked in the ass, and fucked in the pussy. It was everything I had ever hoped for.

Suddenly, I felt the cock filling my ass jerk and pulse, shooting a hot load of warm cum up my ass. I screamed in pleasure, the sound muffled by the fat cock thrusting into my mouth. A few moments later the shaft of the spent cock popped out of my now gaping asshole, and I got another surprise.

Yet another dick head pressed up against my butt, worked back and forth in my anus, then started fucking me up the ass, lubricated by the slippery load of the previous occupant’s semen. It wasn’t just three men!

The glorious, all-hole fucking continued, nonstop. The guy fucking my mouth shot a load of sperm down my throat, his strong hands holding my face hard against a pair of pulsing balls, forcing me to do exactly what I wanted to do—deep throat that cock and swallow its load of warm, salty cum.

This time it was no surprise to have a fresh cock bobbing in front of my face a moment later, to suck it and have it start to fuck my mouth with deep strokes, pistoning the cum already in my mouth out onto my cheeks and chin.

When Bobby’s cock stiffened and shot a load in my pussy, I was dripping warm cum from every hole, just as I had fantasized for years.

Bobby slipped out from under me and another man took his place, fitting an enormous cock head into position, then driving it deep into my cum-filled pussy, spitting me like a chicken. I was being fucked continuously in all three holes. I came and came, again and again.

Each load of cum in my mouth tasted different from the others. Some were more sour or more salty, creamier or more concentrated. But every one thrilled me. Every cock that entered my ass or my cunt felt different. One was thicker, another longer or more curved. But every one felt good inside me.

Time after time I thrilled to the feel of a load of cum shooting up my ass, tasted another load of semen filling and overflowing my greedy mouth, felt another cock spasming, lubricating my pussy with fresh spunk, each cock unique, each cock replaced by an eager new one, erect and hot to fuck me, to fill one of my holes, to shoot me full of cum.

I don’t remember how many orgasms I had. Let’s just say a lot. It must have gone on for an hour or more.

Finally, the cock up my ass spurted cum and withdrew with no replacement. The man underneath me shot his load in my cunt and slipped quietly out of the room. The man fucking my mouth bucked, pulled his pulsing cock from my lips, and shot warm cum all over my face.

I collapsed on the bed. I heard the hotel room door click shut. Someone turned off the TV. Bobby came in and took my hand. “Happy, baby?” He asked.

“Completely.” I answered. I was thoroughly fucked and dripping cum from every hole. “I always dreamed of a gang bang, but I was afraid. You kept me safe though, didn’t you?”

He nodded. “I made sure no one was doing anything that wasn’t what you wanted.”

“And you know exactly what I want. You’re the best husband ever.”

I reached down and took his familiar cock in my hand, felt it stir and start to stiffen. “Pick a hole,” I said. “Any hole. Do whatever you want. I promise my other holes won’t be jealous.”

Bobby got a warm washcloth and gently wiped the cum off my face. Then he sat me on the edge of the bed and took my face in his hands. His engorged prick was an inch from my mouth. I licked my lips.

“This is going to take a long time,” he said. “I came just a little while ago.”

I nodded. “Good. I want to suck you for a long time. Happy anniversary, baby.”

He pushed his rapidly hardening cock into my mouth, holding my head at just the angle he wanted, and began to fuck my mouth, taking his time. I felt serene. My other holes were completely satisfied. All I felt, all I wanted, was the cock in my mouth.

I sucked contentedly on Bobby’s cock, giving it my full attention. He fucked my mouth slowly, enjoying every flick of my tongue, pushing deep into my throat whenever he wanted, savoring the feel of my throat muscles convulsing around his cock. I’ve never been so happy.

I sucked his dick for an hour or longer. I used my hand as an extension of my lips, making a tight ring that stroked him into the warmth and wetness of my mouth. I pumped his cock and sucked the head. I took him deep into my throat and gagged, squeezing his cock with my throat muscles. He fucked my mouth and I sucked gratefully on his dick, in perfect contentment.

Then he began to face-fuck me in earnest. His cock swelled in my mouth. I tasted his pre-cum. I moaned, wanting his cum on my tongue. He groaned in anticipation, then stopped moving, his cock deep in my mouth, savoring the moment. His orgasm, when it came, was like nothing ever before. He practically screamed with pleasure as his cock pulsed, shooting out a monster load of familiar cum. The taste of my man.

He held my face tenderly in his hands, looking deep into my eyes, as his hips bucked and his throbbing dick spurted hot cum into my welcoming mouth. Out of nowhere, I climaxed, my cunt spasming out jets of the night’s earlier semen. I eagerly sucked the cum from my husband’s cock, milking the shaft for the pearly liquid, rolling it on my tongue before I swallowed it, licking up the sperm that dribbled down my chin. I licked, sucked, and swallowed all of his cum, cleaning his cock with my tongue while looking him in the eyes, grateful for every drop.

All three of my holes were stretched, thoroughly fucked, and full of cum. A warm cock was still in my mouth, the taste of fresh cum still on my tongue. I was totally satisfied.

Content, at long last.

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