Caveworms 3


Hannah lay on a pile of worms, her swollen breasts and belly shiny from all the fluid which now covered the both of us. My hands were shaking and I had a hard time maintaining balance because I was just so completely overwhelmed by my arousal. The sight of her, the sight of the worms and the thought of what was happening was almost too much for me. I was sitting there with a vacant stare for far too long, but there were so many possibilities. I felt that I had become a creature of urge, but with so many fighting for supremacy within me, I was practically paralysed.

I was still aware of the worms all around me. Each individual one, in some way, occupied a small part of my mind. I wanted desperately to be fucked, to cum again. I wanted desperately to fuck Hannah, to make her cum again. I collapsed. Worms then covered me completely, tickling my flesh, teasing me with an orgasm that constantly seemed just out of reach. I didn’t need to breathe, all I needed was this wiggling cocoon. They slithered across my pussy, my clit, my ass. They wrapped themselves around my boobs, my nipples, squeezing. It was heavenly. My mouth hang open, and before long, as if they’d decided I’d had enough torment, a worm began to make its way into my mouth and down my throat. I could feel its entire length as it went deeper, it was inside my stomach by the time its tail end slipped past my lips. A warm, soft kind of pleasure irradiated outward from the worm inside me, and another one began to enter my mouth, then down my throat, just as the one before it had.

I felt the first one enter my intestines, spreading its warmth as it went. Deeper and deeper within me, an indescribable sensation had me shivering with delight, a feeling which seemed to change slightly when the next worm followed. And more kept coming in. I didn’t bother to count how many, but by the time the first one slowly stretched my ass open and began worming its way out, another had just started on its way down my throat.

I wasn’t cumming though. I kind of didn’t mind, but it suddenly occurred to me that something was different. This was more of a massage than a fucking. A massage of my insides. It was deeply soothing, and quite pleasurable. It had calmed my mind, allowing me to focus. It removed my frantic urge to cum and allowed me to simply enjoy the erotic, almost romantic pleasures these worms could offer. One by one, through my mouth, down my throat, and all the way through my entire being they slithered, until finally coming out of my ass, stretching it in such a way that I never seemed to quite get used to it. It never loosened up at all in fact, which was odd.

When finally the last one emerged, my asshole popping shut behind it, I felt like I had the energy to sit up again. I noticed Hannah’s stomach had gotten noticeably bigger – considerably so. It looked like she could fit two beach balls inside. And yet her flesh didn’t seem stretched to bursting like I would have expected, it retained a degree of suppleness that had me tingling again. She was rubbing it all over with one hand and massaging one of her breasts with the other while a group of worms congregated between her legs. There were a couple attached to her nipples as well, contorting themselves in sucking motions, drawing her milk into increasingly large, pulsating sacks. Judging by the way her body was writhing about, she may have been screaming with pleasure were it not for the worm in her mouth. It seemed to be practically pouring its fluid down her throat, as large amounts of it were seeping out the sides of her lips.

It was an incredibly arousing sight, and I was happy to just sit there and watch, enjoying izmit escort the feeling of the worms beneath me rubbing against my pussy. The urge to cum was returning , and I kind of felt like I was getting close, then the worms at her tits really caught my eye. The sacks had grown in the few seconds since I started watching, and were now about as big as a pair of bowling balls. And they were not only pulsating, but bulging in such a way that it looked like they were full of tiny creatures. That realisation drove me wild, I couldn’t help but start touching my pussy, fighting against the worms that were down there for access to my clit. I grabbed a boob and then noticed that my nipples were now just as sensitive. With a gasp, I gave my actual clit back to the worms and brought both my hands to my chest and started rubbing and squeezing them, throwing my head back and sighing as I felt an orgasm welling up from an unfamiliar place. My nipples had also become engorged, just like Hannah’s had before…

With that sudden realisation, I opened my eyes. Hannah was kneeling before me, the worms from her nipples in each hand, giving me a strange smile around the worm which still hung out of her mouth. She continued to drool copious amounts of their fluid, which trickled down her enormous breasts and even more enormous stomach. The sacks of the worms in her hands were still pulsating, and they thrashed about as she brought them closer. I couldn’t help but fall backwards. I was so excited at what I was about to experience, everything seemed to move in slow motion as Hannah loomed above me and pressed the worms to my nipples. Immediately, they began to push, and at that moment, I finally started to cum again.

My nipples began to stretch, slowly at first, but the more they did, the more intense my orgasm became. Small twitches turned to convulsions, or at least they would have, but the worms held me in place, and Hannah was straddling me now, her massive belly eclipsing most of my vision, at least in those brief moments I could keep my eyes open.

She fed the worms into my nipples, and it was slow going, but I didn’t mind that one bit to be honest. When they were maybe three inches in, bulges began to inch their way towards me. They stretched my nipples to an insane degree, and the pleasure I felt as they did so was incredible. A bunch of small, wriggling creatures were then released into my boobs, and I barely had a chance to react before another couple of bulges stretched my nipples once more, and another burst of those creatures entered my breasts, which had begun to expand to accommodate them. This process was repeated dozens of times, and each time was as intense as the first, if not more so.

By the time they were done, my boobs were bigger than Hannah’s, only full of these strange little creatures, and I could feel them squirming inside. I exhaled a long, overdue breath, and was able to open my eyes and focus, just in time to see the worm in Hannah’s mouth wriggle its way past her lips and down her throat, and I watched it bulge as the worm went deeper, before disappearing. Still holding the two worms, she licked up the fluid around her mouth. I wiped away what was left on a finger and brought it to my own mouth. Damn it was tasty. I so desperately wanted to taste it on her lips too, but her stomach and my boobs made it impossible. Instead, I just rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples, which were still slowly leaking milk. I’d occasionally taste some off my hands while I massaged her, and she seemed to be enjoying it very much.

“That feels so nice Amy,” she cooed. “But…”

Without izmit escort bayan another word, she moved the ends of the worms she was holding towards her nipples. They responded instantly, and started trying to force their way on. The penetration seemed a lot easier than the first time, they popped inside in just a couple of seconds, and were soon a few inches deep.

“Oh oh fuck!” she gasped as she began twitching from a mind blowing orgasm. The worms, forming a nipple to nipple bridge between us, began to push deeper into each of our boobs, bringing us closer together, until there was only about an inch of each worm showing. Still not close enough for me to devour her lips the way I wanted, but enough that I was able to put my arms part way around her. We stared deep into each other’s eyes, and through them, our pleasure seemed to reverberate between us. Then suddenly, hers went wide and she gasped.

“Oh my god! I can feel them… sucking me!” she then trailed off into a panting fit, and it wasn’t long before I realised what was happening. The worms began squirting her milk directly into my boobs.

“Fuck I feel it now!” I cried when I felt the first warm splashes. The little creatures inside went wild then as well. I don’t know what was happening, but soon torrents of Hannah’s milk were being pumped into my boobs, and they grew more and more.

“Hannah please… rub them.” I groaned, taking her hands and bringing them to my engorged, creature-filled tits. It felt amazing when she started to squeeze them.

“Wow, I can feel the little things in there. They’re getting bigger!” she exclaimed. And she was right. The continued inflation of my breasts was only partly from Hannah’s milk filling them up. The little creatures also seemed to be drinking it up, and growing at a considerable rate. They were maybe the size of tic-tacs at first, but by this point seemed to be at least four times as large, and there must have been thousands of them. And all of them were still growing!

“Fuck that feels so good Hannah.” I moaned.

“Mmm, rub mine too.” she said, wriggling her body against mine invitingly. I obliged immediately of course, and her boobs felt amazing. I could feel them pulsing from the worms sucking out her milk, and then more being made to fill them up again. I squirmed against her too, and I could swear I felt something stirring within her belly, just for a moment.

My boobs were so big by now that Hannah was able to comfortably rest her head on one.

“I hope they don’t pop!” she giggled, but then suddenly when stiff and yelped. She twitched a couple of times, then exhaled a long breath. “My ass Amy, oh my god! It’s going so deep… feels goooooood…” she trailed off, shuddering.

“It’s about time your little ass got fucked.” I smiled, staring up at her. She was lost to the world though, and remembering what had happened to me, I could only imagine what she must have been feeling considering everything else that was happening. A worm suddenly started pushing itself into my pussy. It felt huge, my pussy slowly stretched open to let it in. I saw stars behind my eyes as it forced it open wider, until it popped in and within moments slammed itself against my cervix. I cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, whatever pain even meant to me any more. It wasn’t at all unpleasant, it was just a different kind of amazing.

I don’t know exactly what it did then, but it felt like a bunch of small tentacles emerged from the tip of the worm inside me and tickled open my cervix. They slowly entered my womb and stroked every inch of it from the inside. I gebze escort bayan tried to arch my back, but the weight of my now yoga ball sized boobs and Hannah on top of me kept me in place. The feeling inside me was insane, my pussy was stretched wide, and I had all these tiny little fingers which had my womb tingling at their touch.

Hannah was convulsing above me, her mouth hanging open and a mixture of saliva and what must have been the worm’s fluid drooling out. The worm soon passed her lips and oozed its way out of her mouth. The sight was so hot, I started cumming again, and then again when it forced its way into my mouth, and yet again when I felt Hannah stiffen once more, and the worm in my pussy start shoving its other end into hers.

We were now connected by four worms, through our nipples, mouths and pussies. When the worm in my mouth started down my throat, the feeling was familiar, but much more sexual. The warmth was now heat, and it mingled with my endless orgasms, sending me to higher and higher levels of heaven. The worm left Hannah’s mouth at about the same time the one in her pussy hit her cervix, and considering her reaction, it must have been doing something similar to her as it was to me, only more intense. I wondered how her heavily pregnant womb was making her feel. All she could do was gasp and moan.
The worm continued down my throat, and its far end was well into my intestines when the last of it left my mouth.

“Amy Amy Amy! Thank you.” Hannah choked on the last of her words as another worm entered her mouth via her throat and made its way towards mine. I kept it open, waiting for it to arrive. The first had begun to force its way out of my ass when the second unceremoniously shoved itself into my throat. Somehow I knew another had just fully entered Hannah’s ass, and the one coming out of mine went straight back in there. We had at least three worms now making a circuit through us, with just enough distance between them to allow each hole a moment to recover before the next went through.

Then, the worm in our pussies started thrusting. It contracted itself in the middle, then expanded, and its little feeler tentacles strained to keep a hold inside my womb as it went, and that just made it even more intense. I had wanted to be fucked before, and now I was getting everything I’d hoped for and more. Whenever either of us were without a worm lodged in our mouths, Hannah and I both screamed and babbled incoherently. I tried to thrash about, but I was restrained, however she was free to feverishly buck and pound herself against me.

The worms synchronised themselves after a short while. Whenever one popped out of my ass, the one in my pussy caused its little feeler tentacles to spasm, and the ones in my nipples would ejaculate a large bit of milk they had saved up over a few seconds. I was going insane. It was a pleasure that escalated continuously, and one that I never managed to get used to. It was new every time, and the stars behind my eyes began to burst, and it felt like every cell in my body was doing the same.

This time, when I passed out, it wasn’t sudden. I gradually lost consciousness as more and more of my mind was overtaken by unspeakable ecstasy. The last thing I remembered then was Hannah going limp on top of me, and with my last fading shred of awareness, I savoured the meticulous assault on my body, and a swirling vortex of pleasure then whisked me away.

I was jolted back to reality by the sound of the front door closing, and then footsteps for a moment, which suddenly stopped. I was on my side now, facing Hannah who was in a similar position. She was awake too, her eyes darted upwards, then down towards our bodies, then up into mine. Her belly had grown close to double its previous size, as had my boobs. And mum was home. We both smirked, thinking the same thing. This was about to get interesting.

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