Chloe the Office Fuck Toy


The night out with Dave and Marcus that wound up with me being gang fucked by a bunch of strangers changed everything. Word got round pretty quick and a few pictures and videos that appeared on various websites pretty much finished my relationship with Simon. Turned out that one of the builders who covered my big round tits with an especially large load was a friend of a friend of Simon’s and an image of me in ripped stockings and high heels on the toilet floor drenched in pints of slimy cum arrived in Simons email and well, that was that. Simon packed his things and left that night.

I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be, but work was another matter. News spread around about what a total slut I had been, pictures were shared by email and even a really graphic video clip. All the guys at work now openly flirted with me or even tried to grope me, it became quite annoying. Marcus and Dave stuck by me and even Amber was really supportive, everyone else was pretty horrible. After a couple of days I got called to the bosses office, I thought ‘well, this is it’.

If my boss was some fat old bloke in his 50’s I could imagine being all sorry and apologetic, getting down on my knees and giving him the blow job of his life and all would be forgotten, but my boss was a hard nosed bitch who had worked her way through the company to the top. I was fucked.

Anna Rhodes was 44 and had been at the top of the game for 10 years. She had made it by having bigger balls and a smarter moves than all the men that had ever worked with her. She now owned several successful businesses and was often called on by the press to comment on national business issues. She was on Dragons Den for 2 seasons for Christ’s sake, she took no prisoners and wasn’t going to give me an easy time because I happened to be the same gender as her.
I went to her office on the 10th floor. Isobel, Anna’s PA, met me with a cold bitchy stare that said “yes I’ve seen the pictures too” and pointed me to the seats outside Anna’s office

I sat down, straightened my skirt tried not to look visibly worried. I glanced over at Isobel, her neat black bob was immaculate, her Hermes business suit hung perfectly on her slight, but athletic frame; she looked every inch the quintessential young, professional woman. Rumour had it that Marcus had once made a pass at her and she had told him that if he tried anything like that again he would be reported for harassment. It seems you didn’t fuck with Isobel.

I was thinking this when she looked over and said, “Anna will see you now” and then added in silent, beautifully mouthed words: “you slut”
I got up and walked in to Anna’s office, slightly shaken by Isobel’s silent attack.
“Ah Chloe, take a seat”
Anna was standing by the floor length window that made up one wall of her huge office. She was wearing a very simple, but very beautiful black Givenchy suit (she only ever wore Givenchy suits, and she had a thing for Louboutin shoes, but then what girl doesn’t?).
I sat down. Anna didn’t turn around.
“You know why you’re here don’t you Chloe?”
“I haven’t seen the pictures everyone has been passing around, I don’t need to. I don’t like people disrupting my business Chloe.”
“No, of course not, Anna I’m…”
“Chloe I don’t want to hear any excuses”‘ she turned around. Anna was an attractive woman with long thick wavy dark hair and a quite incredible figure. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and I was silent.
“Chloe I don’t want to sack you, you’re too good at what you do and it took me a lot of money an effort to steal you from your last employer”
I breathed an audible sigh of relief and waited for the inevitable ‘but’
“But,” said Anna, “I need you out of this office for a few months, until this all cools down. I’m sending you to the New York office.”
I couldn’t believe it! This was amazing!
“I will get Dylan at the NY office to get things going but I need you out there by Monday. Take the rest of the week off to sort things out.”
I didn’t know quite what to say, but babbled “Thank you Anna, thanks you so much, I don’t know…”
“Look Chloe, every professional bone in my body says ‘sack you’ but I see potential in you and I’d hate to see it wasted. I made a similar mistake when I was younger and my boss gave me a second chance, so here I am doing it for you.”
She walked over and offered a manicure hand as I got up out the chair, my eyes began to tear up.
Anna stood close to me, “don’t cry Chloe, just be more careful in the ways you explore your sexuality, be more … professional.” She was so close I could smell her perfume and feel kocaeli escort her breath, I felt so grateful.

I walked out of the office, glancing at Isobel just long enough to mouth the word “BITCH” as I left.

The next few days were a little crazy, but also quite exhilarating. I didn’t really have time to think about anything but getting ready to move out to New York. The job in New York was for 3 months, so I arranged for a friend to look in on my flat occasionally and feed my plants while I was away. I packed up a few essentials from home and had them shipped out to await my arrival. Isobel gave me a document case with a few files, the details of the contract I was going to be working on and the keys to one of the companies New York short let apartments. This was exactly what I needed.

Dave and Marcus were desperate to arrange a night together before I left for the USA, they wanted to double team me as a going away present, I was very tempted but I declined saying that maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all the trouble our first time had created. They kept asking and I kept refusing, I was definite it was for the best and anyway I had another naughty little going away treat arranged.

On the thursday before I was set to leave I got an email from Liam in the mail room saying a parcel had arrived for me and did I want for him to bring it up. Liam was the young guy that Dave and Marcus has teased me about on our night out, apparently the young mail room boy couldn’t talk to me without having to nip to the boys room to jerk off afterwards. I bet his imagination had run wild when the stories of me being gangfucked got out. I emailed him back to say that I would come down before the end of the week to pick the parcel up myself, as it was personal. I signed off with a little kiss, just to get him a little excited. I sat at my desk and imagined him in the toilet cubicle thinking of me in all sorts of filthy scenarios as he eases his stiffening cock out of his pants and begins to stroke it back and forth until its rigid and its thick head is throbbing and shiny, aching to be pushed into my willing body in any way he wants. I came back to reality and my heart fluttered, and my little pussy gave a little throb. ‘Stop it Chloe’ I thought to myself,’wait until friday’.

My last day at the London office flew by Anna popped in to my office to wish me luck and said she would check in on me when she was next in the NY office. I couldn’t believe she was being so nice.

By 5.30 everyone was leaving for the weekend and I went to the ladies toilets with my bag containing a change of outfit. I slipped out of my work clothes in front of the mirrors and admired my lingerie: black, sheer and see through, the bra pushed my tits up obscenely, creating a plunging cleavage. An all in one sheer corset and suspenders set wrapped my torso tightly and held my black seemed stockings in place. The panties, well there wasn’t much too them really, and for tonights plan I wouldn’t be needing them, I wiggled my hips and eased them down over my round ass and slipped them into my handbag. Out of my satchel I pulled my little black dress and my black suede 6 inch heels. The dress was backless, halter neck little thing in wet-look material, it clung to me perfectly and stretched sensually over my body. I slipped my stockinged feet into my heels, they lifted me up high and made my ass jut out suggestively.

I looked at the at myself as I applied a coat of red lipstick, I looked like a teenage boys wet dream.. which is exactly what I wanted to be tonight. I left the toilets and strolled into the lift, my little handbag over my bare shoulder. I pressed the button for the basement.

I walked into the mail room knowing that Liam would still be there finishing up after hours as he always did. He had his back to me sorting various folders into the pigeon holes for each of the companies different departments.
“Hi Liam, just remembered I had a parcel to pick up”
Liam span around and when he saw me his jaw dropped open, “Oh uh hi Miss Silver”, he stared taking in the image of me in my tight little mini dress and slutty heels standing in his doorway.
“Do you still have it?”, I asked
He stared at me dumbfounded for a moment, he was only about 17 or 18 but quite fit, probably did a lot of sport, he looked the type. I glanced down and could already see the telltale bulge appearing in his suit trousers.
“Uh sure, yes its um its right here”, he put a largish parcel on the desk in front of me and tried not to stare at my tits.
“Thanks Liam you’re a sweetie, kocaeli escort bayan I almost forgot it but its something I wanted to take to New York with me”
“Oh sure…cool”, he smiled
I ran a long manicured nail through the parcel tape and began to unwrap it in front of him. The plain box gave nothing away, but I knew what was inside. I had purchased it online from Love Honey and had it delivered to work so I could set this moment up before I left London.

I opened the lid of the box and pulled the red tissue paper aside to reveal the item I had ordered: the Cock Locker Inflatable Monster Dildo. It looked huge, in black rubber with a massive moulded head and wrapped in thick veins, it was truly obscene.
Liam couldn’t believe his eyes, he stared at the massive rubber toy and just said, “sshhhiit”

I ran my fingers over the dildo and my nipples began to visibly stiffen,”oh fuck look at it Liam, its massive and its not even inflated yet, mmmm”
My eyes met his and I smiled, “I cant wait to get this home” I bit my lip suggestively, my fingers still tracing the shape of the thick black rubber cock.
He just stared at me, his erection bulging visibly in his trousers.
“mmm Liam I have a naughty idea, maybe I could try it out here?… would you like that Liam?”
Liams hand strayed to his fly and he gripped his hard cock though his pants.
“Oh fuck.. oh fuck yes I’d love to see that” he gasped
I ran a hand up my belly and around my tightly wrapped tits, gently pinching my stiff nipple while my other hand lifted the dildo out of the box.
“Oh my its so big I think I might need you to help me with it”, I said in a sultry, pleading tone.

I squeezed the rubber bulb that was connected to the dildo by a tube, with a faint hiss the cock twitched. Out of the box I took a small bottle of lube, removed the top and squirted a generous amount over the vieny rubber cock, stroking it back and forth until it was completely covered and glistened temptingly.

Liam watched in stunned silence as I handed him the dildo and bent over the desk sticking my ass out towards him. I looked over my shoulder and wiggled my ass slowly, making sure he was getting a good view of it tightly covered in the short wetlook skirt. I snaked a hand behind me and hooked my fingers into the seam, slowly peeling the tight shiny material up over my ass, revealing the smooth pale skin of my back side and my moist little pussy.

“Oh God yes”, Liam breathed, his eyes fixed on my naked ass. “Fuck the rumours were true you really are a dirty slut!”
“I cant help it Liam, I just love being fucked… now stick that big black monster in me, show me what a little whore i am”
He approached me slowly, and carefully place one hand on my ass, gently rubbing my pussy lips as he aimed the dildo and began to ease it in to me.
“mmm yes”, I moaned as I felt that big rubber head open me up and the first few inches entered me, “don’t stop, keep going”
In silent concentration Liam eased more and more in, oh god it felt so good.
“Thats it baby, mmm so fucking big”

I could feel it filling my pussy totally, even more than Marcus’ did with his big cock that night in the bar. It felt like the head was nudging the entrance to my womb.
Liam stroked my ass as he began to move the dildo in and out, the thick rubber veins stimulating the walls of my tight little hole.
“Yess yes thats it Liam fuck me with it. Show me how to take that big black dick”
I closed my eyes as the sensations began to build and I started to moan with pleasure.

Liam pushed it right up to the hilt and I let out a deep moan falling forward on to the desk, my tits spreading out under me. Then he stopped. I was about to complain when I heard a couple of long hisses and the big dildo began to twitch and grow inside me.

“Oh fuck yes ughhhnn”, I let out another low moan as Liam began to inflate the cock, bigger and bigger. I looked behind me, Liam had a lust filled stare on his face and his impressively large cock was jutting out of his fly as he jerked it rhythmically, still inflating the dildo.

My eyes rolled upwards and I felt a tremor in my body as the growing dildo filled me utterly, stretching me to the limits.
“Ugghnn fuck FUCK! Liam I cant take any more..its too big.. oh yes”, my hands gripped the edge of the desk and I felt something wet and cool on my ass. Liam was squirting lube over my backside and pussy as he began to try and pump the brutally inflated rubber cock in and out of my cunt. At first it wouldn’t move but after a moment or two I felt it ease yahya kaptan escort back and forth – and it felt amazing!
“ugggnn OH FUCK yes YESS!”, even the smallest movement filled me with ecstasy and I began to shudder and writhe.
“Liam! oh God that feels fucking amazing”
“If you like that you’re going to love this you fucking slut”, he grunted and I felt my oil covered ass hole being probed by his eager fingertip and then something hotter and harder nudge my tight little hole.
“Oh yes you dirty boy yes. Go on, do it… fuck me in the ass” I moaned lustily as I felt him push his straining erection into my ass.

Liam was pretty well endowed and his rock hard dick needed a good hard push to open me up and ease into my body. My ass was extra tight due to the massive dildo in my pussy, but after a few grunts Liam managed to get his bone hard erection into my ass and started fucking me.

I lost control and began to cum so hard I almost passed I out, I became like an animal possessed, writhing around on the desk grunting and swearing: “Thats it you dirty bastard use me! USE MY HOLES! Fuck my cunt you bastard that’s it yes yes YESS!”
I thrust my ass back and forth against his violent fucking, my juices running down my thighs, my pussy lips stretched wide around the obscene rubber thing stuck deep inside me.

Liam up his pace and began to grunt loudly, he was balls deep in my ass when he shouted,” TAKE IT YOU FILTHY FUCK PIG TAKE MY LOAD”

My over sensitised ass felt his rigid cock jerk and twitch and I felt the hot, surge of his cum filling my ass up. Jesus it felt like he pumped a pint of the thick gooey stuff into me. He pulled out leaving me face down on the desk, my dress around my waist and the massive black rubber cock jutting from my twitching pussy. His thick cum ran out of my puckered ass hole and mixed with my pussy juices running down the inside of my spread thighs.

I moaned softly with exquisite pleasure, then felt Liams hand in my hair, pulling my head to one side. He was now beside the desk, his fat semi erect cock was shoved towards my face. It was red, veiny and covered in his creamy cum.

“Suck my cock you dirty slut, suck it”, he said, suddenly filled with confidence, he was making the most of his time with his new fuck toy. I opened my mouth and sucked his swollen cock head, cleaning the cum off with my tongue and savouring the taste. I felt it twitch and throb and it began to grow in my mouth. I took him deeper, lapping my eager tongue on the underside of his lovely young cock. Before I knew it he was thick and fully erect again and began sliding his length deep into my willing throat. Oh god I love teenage boys and their recovery time.

The big mushroom shaped head of his dick was reaching deep into my throat as he pulled my head to him using handfuls of my hair. His cock felt about 9 or 10 inches long, and he savoured getting the whole lot down my ungagging throat before extracting it in a drooly mess and slapping it across my face. I could feel my mascara running… I must have looked a state.

He grabbed my shoulders and moved me on to my back, my head hanging off the desk giving him unhindered access to my eager throat. He pushed his cock in again and began to thrust in and out, his hand s grabbing my big naked tits and his balls slapping against my face. I felt like a piece of meat, only good for fucking.. and I loved it. I moved my hands down my jerking body and rubbed my clit, my other hand began to move the big rubber cock around in my pussy. Oh fuck it felt so good.
“Look at you, you whore, you fuck meat slut.. thats it take my cock like a pro”

I shuddered with a shattering orgasm, my body arching on the desk with Liam pulling at my hard nipples as he banged his cock balls deep into my face and released another massive load into me. I swallowed and swallowed, I was worried I might choke. He kept cumming and I kept swallowing. Eventually he eased his thick slimy cock from my mouth, drool and cum ran down my face and I gurgled in slutty happiness.

I lay there as Liam sorted him self out and got back into his clothes.
“Fuck that was good” he grinned.
I smiled, rolling onto my side and sliding a stocking leg up to my tummy, my ass on full display with the end of the cock locker jutting out with its rubber tube and inflater bulb hanging behind.
“Mmm that was good”, I replied, twisting the valve and releasing the air in the massive fat dildo. My pussy tingled as I removed the rubber cock with a slimy pop.
“When I get back from New York I want to do it again… but next time I want you to bring some friends”, I smiled bringing the glistening distended dildo to my mouth and sucking on its still quite extreme size.
“Oh fuck yes, that would be perfect, I know just the guys, you’re gonna get it good, you wont get a minutes rest”
‘Oh god’ I thought, ‘I fucking love teenage boys”

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