Corbin ‘Duece’ James Chapter 7


I know I know, I didn’t put Chapter 6 on the last one I posted, sorry about that.

I heard the rumbling of bikes outside the hotel and ran to get Anna. 

“Yea I understand mom.” I heard her disappointed voice speaking into the hotel phone. 

“Yea… Ok… Love you, bye.” Then she hung the phone up. 

She walked up to me with a sad look, “I can’t got with you.” she said bowing her head. 

“Why not?” I asked. 

“My mom says I can’t, won’t let me drop out of high school.” she said starting to tear up. 

Then my phone started ringing. It was Eagle, my saving grace. 

“Get the fuck out here prospect. Stupid motherfucker.” He said sternly into the phone, then hung up. 

I looked Anna in the eye, then grabbed my Cut and left. 

As I walked outside I saw all the bikes started ready to go, with the Patch-Holders standing around smoking. 

I walked over to my Dyna and admired it.

When I get back home, I’m gonna customize it a little bit. I decided.

I started it up and sat on it, I liked to feel the powerful motor shake the bike as it warmed up. 

Eagle looked at me, his eyes burning with rage as he threw the cigarette on the sidewalk and smashed it out with his foot. 

I put on my Black helmet that had a red visor or shield on it. It was a full face with a Reapers MC support sticker on the back of it.

I hopped on my bike and waited until they started pulling out. 

Shady and I were the second to last row of bikes because we were riding with our chapter. 

Once we reached the open rode on our way to Vegas I realized something I hadn’t before. 

How riding made you feel like theres no problems, you have a guilt free heart, and a unclouded head. 

That riding in the wind with my brothers was the best feeling in my life. That I had been fortunate enough to stumble upon this brotherhood and offered a chance to join the ranks. 

This was about a days ride and we needed to make a stop. 

I saw Eagle raise his left arm up signaling for us to exit on to the offramp. 

We izmit otele gelen escort arrived at a diner in a small town which I hadn’t caught the name of. 

I ordered a XL BLT with frys, and a Dr.Pepper, my favorite meal. 

I had been prospecting for about 3 months now and started to really love the club and the brothers. 

I noticed it was a real small town of about 2-3 thousand and was definitely not used to seeing bikers. 

As word got around of our arrival the diner started filling up with curious looks. 

The cops were at the end of the street watching, waiting. 

As we started to get on our way I noticed the cop leave toward the direction of the on ramp. 

I kept my observations to my self while pulling out of the small parking lot. 

As we rode I saw lights in my rear view mirror and revved up my bike signaling Eagle to look. 

We started pulling over and they drove right past us. 

I looked over to Renagade, and raised my shoulders. He did the same back and we kept on riding. 

The group started slowing as I stood up and saw about 5 cop cars up ahead pulling someone over. I saw a Hell Rider pulled over on the ground handcuffed. 

What a big show for just one bike huh? Typical police profiling. 

I saw Junior look over at the Hell Rider and point at him. 

I remembered what they had done up in Washington and what we still need to do. 

I knew Vegas was a hot spot for Hell Riders with just enough of us to have a chapter. 

After 4 more hours we arrived. It was dark as we pulled into the Vegas club house. 

There were 5 bikes outside and we parked and walked in, well except for us prospects we get to stand outside. 

There was one Vegas prospect who was top rocker like ourselves.

I extended my arm out firmly shaking his “Gambler.” he said. “Duece.” I responded.

“Prospects!” I heard come from inside. 

We entered, I looked around there was Reaper gear everywhere. Painting on the wall, patches and pictures hanging izmit anal yapan escort from the wall and a big wall of the US that was red and black, with a big reaper in the center of it. 

“Gambler, you know were the Hell Riders club house is right?” One of the Vegas guys asked, and from the looks of it was the SGT. AT ARMS. 

“Yes sir.” He responded. 

“Good, you prospects are going on a retaliation ride, us patch holders have business to attend to. Now leave.” He said. 

We exited the club house silently, as soon as the door closed I said “Shit.” 

We sat on our bikes wondering if it was worth ruining our lives for. 

I was the first, followed by everyone else but lastly Gas. To start up my bike. 

We exited, I was riding up front with Gambler and he rode us to a dark ally about two miles away.

We got off our bikes and took out our guns. “Here’s the plan, were gonna hit the back door first, they’re probably to drunk to notice, if we do it quietly we can all get in with out them knowing.” Gambler said. 

We shook our heads. 

“Go.” He said as we stealthily made out way to the back door. 

He twisted the knob and I was the first to enter. I saw it was clear and proceeded down the hall until there was enough room for everyone.

I peaked down the next room and who do I see? Natalie getting drunk, probably if she gets worse gonna get gang banged.  

I whispered down the hall the guys what I saw and they nodded their heads. I could see that they were afraid of hitting her.

I looked straight again when I felt Gambler tap my back. I looked back and saw everyone screwing on silencers. I took one and did the same. 

When we were all sorted out I took one last glance. Then positioned Gambler at my shoulder so he’d go in low and I’d go in high. 

I signaled with my fingers, 3, 2, 1. Then we rushed through the doorway. 

“Down motherfuckers down!” I yelled watching them all hit the floor in shock. 

“Check em’!” I ordered. We found 4 pistols sansürsüz escort bayan and 6 knives. 

I saw Natalie look at me, scared for her life as she saw the rage in my eyes from seeing her here. 

“Line em’ up, except her. Put her over there.” I pointed to a nearby corner. 

The Hell Riders were on the knees with their hands behind their head knowing what was coming. 

We lined up, looked at one another then shot them in the heads and finishing the rest off. 

“Gambler, she’s riding with you back.” I told him. 

I checked the room wiping down anything that might have our finger prints on it, then left.

We mounted our bikes, and started off. I glanced over to my left and saw Natalie staring at me, with what looked to be mixed emotions of sad, happy, and scared.

Once we arrived back to the club house The patch holders came out. When Eagle saw Natalie I thought he was gonna kill her. 

I saw him grab her by the arm and lead her off. 

I walked inside and saw a bunch of women. “Hey baby, $200 and you have me for the night.” A average sized one said to me. She was 5′ 6″, brunette with C-Cups and a round ass. 

What the hell, I thought to myself. Why the fuck not. 

I grabbed her by the arm and led her towards a room. Threw her on the bed and ripped open her skirt.

“Your gonna take this dick you filthy whore!” I spit as I slid a condom on.

I stuck it in her pussy hard and fast. She was loose, to loose. 

I felt for her nice little asshole and positioned my head for it’s opening point. 

I looked into her eyes and saw she was scared, I didn’t care I was pisses and she was my punching bag.

I rammed my hips into her and she scram out. “Shut the fuck up or you won’t get your fuckin money!” I screamed grabbing her tit. 

That seemed to quiet her down, though I saw a tear leaking out of her eye. 

I felt my climax coming. I started fucking as hard and fast as humanly possible then came. It filled up the condom and exploded in her, she must’ve felt it cause more tears came out of her eyes.

I got up and threw the condom out, reached out for my wallet and pulled out 2 $100 dollar bills. Handed them to her then told her to get the fuck out. 

I collapsed on my bed, too tired too take anything more than my cut off as I slipped away into a deep sleep.

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