Dad and I part 1_(0)


Hello my name is Samantha and I am 18 years old. A few months ago my dad took me to the mall because the winter was closing in and we had buy some new clothes. I just turned 18 a month before so I wanted to change my style.

Once we got to the mall turned out to be that almost every clothes store in the mall was crowded with people. After almost an hour of still trying to look at some clothes my dad and I decided to go to another store just outside of town.

To our surprise it turned out to be very quiet in there. It wasn’t very modern but it did look nice. In the front of the store there were the clothes that had just came in. Then there were the underwear section and all the way in the back there were only two fitting rooms right across from each other.

We took all the time we needed to find the stuff we liked. Once we got a whole bunch of clothes we had to fit we went to the dressing rooms in the back.
I told my dad, joking of course, that he shouldn’t wear that old look he always chooses.

“it makes you look even older then you are already!”

He laughed and said “you think I’m old huh? Well, I’m sure your mom thinks different about that.”

“oh I don’t have to. I could hear your youthfulness all the way in my bedroom.”

We both laughed and both went into a fitting room. Every once in a while we both came out to show our new outfit and ask what the other thinks about it.

I was wearing a short, red darıca escort skirt, a light blue shirt and a jacket. My dad wore a pair of skinny jeans and a grey wool hoodie. I told him that he looked ridiculous and he agreed. I asked if he needed some help combining his new look.

We both went into his fitting room and closed the curtain.
I looked at all the stuff he had picked and wondered what he was thinking when he chose it.

I told him to take it all off and give It to me. I took the rest of the clothes and threw it out.

“hey, what are you doing? Am I supposed to wear only my boxers as a new style?”.

I looked at him and said “it sure looks good on you” and winked at him.

He quickly took of my skirt, jacket and shirt and threw it out too.

“what is this supposed to mean?” is asked.

He replied “if I can only wear underwear, you should too.”

He took a very long look and then I began to notice a bulge growing in his boxers. A very large bulge to be precise.

“dad?! Are you having a boner?!”

He quickly sat down and tried to cover it up with his hands but without success: The tip of his Dick was sticking out his boxers. He blushed when he realised I saw it too.

“it’s not what you think…” He said looking away from me or his boner.

“I think it’s exactly what I think” I said with a warm tone.

I took a step closer and kneeled izmit otele gelen escort in front of him. I told him to get up and I pulled down his boxers.

“wow!” was the only thing I could say when I saw his half-erected dick dangling in front of my face. I told him not to be afraid and just relax.

I licked his tip first and it immediately began to jerk. I started kissing his dick from the tip all the way to the balls. When i got there i took them both in my mouth and sucked. I could tell he liked it by the light moans he let out. I went back to the tip, put my lips around it and started blowing him. I felt it growing in my mouth until it was fully erected.

I kept on going for a while and the i pulled back, pushed my dad down on the bench and asked “are you ready for it?”. All he said was “are you realy sure you want to do this?”

I got up, pulled down my string and hovered over my dads lap. I set his dick at the entrance of my pussy and sat down. It was the first time i ever had a man’s penis inside of me. The feeling was amazing and i let out a loud moan.

“Ah dad, i didn’t know you were so big”

I moved all the way down and moved slowly up and down again. I could feel his huge dick sliding in and out of me. It felt great.

After a minute or two i started to notice my dad liked it too, because he started jerking his hips up and down in sync with my movements. izmit merkez escort I liked it so much that i came twice before he lifted me up, laid me down on the floor and i leaned on the bench.

He lowered a bit, guided his dick to my pussy and started fucking me. I couldn’t control myself anymore and started groaning with every time he pushed his huge dick back in me again. After a while he said “Sam, i’m gonna cum…”

I said it was alright and that he could do whaterver he wanted to.

He pulled out his dick, went a little higher, positioned it in front of my butthole and pushed it in. I didn’t know if it was because he was too big or i was too tight, but i sure know it hurt.

I couldn’t determine the pleasure from the pain and i got tears in my eayes of joy. It didn’t take him long to cum and i felt his warm sperm floating around in my ass.

He pulled out, cleaned his dick with an unbought shirt, pulled up his boxers, got dressed again and walked out of the fitting room. He turned around and said, “i’ll meet you out front.”.

Surprised by his actions i sat there for 5 minutes before getting dressed again an walking out again. The clerk who just came out of the employees room asked if i had made a choice. I looked at my dad outside of the store, smiled at the clerk and said “no, the only thing nice around here are the fitting rooms”.

Dad and i walked back to the car, not saying anything. We both got in, he looked at me and said “don’t tell your mom about this” and started the car. All the way back home we said nothing. Just smiling in front of us.

Let me know what you think about the story and If you want it to be continued, please leave a comment and i’ll make a ‘dad and i part 2’

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