Dear Old Dad 2…


I opened my mouth as wide as possible, hoping to not scrape my teeth on the beautiful piece of mother nature in front of me and took it down as far as I could down my throat. Just because I had been with guys before doesn’t mean I’m a cock sucking pro, in fact all I seemed to do was sit there as my dad just grabbed my hair and shoved his cock down my throat until I gagged which was only a mere 5 inches down. He pulled my head back so I could suck in air and shoved me back down, roughly fucking my throat. And as surprised as I was by this entire situation, I was still amazingly turned on by the fact that the cock that gave me life is now trying to spurt that same seed down my throat.

He sat there looking as dazed as I’d ever seen him, his eyes were closed as he fought to regain his breath. His shirt sticking to his chest, showing his nipples through the fabric and they were hard, pointed and just begging for me to lick and nip them. I got off from my knees and made for his nipples, but sensing my presence he opened his eyes and pushed me away from him, causing me to land on my back on my bed. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to get enough!” he laughed, bringing a slight blush to my cheeks.

“Well slut boy if you want more you’re just going to have to wait, it takes me a bit to get hard again.” He looked me over from head to toe, from the welts on my cheeks to my hard dick, that was leaking pre-cum from its 6” tip. “Well boy looks izmit sansürsüz escort like you really liked me raping your mouth. You want me to fuck you with this dick here?” at this he took his soft dick, which was still an impressive 5”, and wagged it around hitting me with the remnants of his cum.

I just sat there and stared, I bit my lower lip think “This is so wrong…so so so wrong, but my cock is throbbing and I need to be fucked”. So I nodded my head and crawled off my bed and on my knees was about to take his cock in my mouth when I heard the sound of his hand hit the back of my hand with a silent thud, causing me to sprawl on the floor as he stood over me. “WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST TELL YOU SLUT?!?” he yelled, seeing me there though he must of felt a tinge of sympathy because he collected himself and said “I won’t be ready for another little bit.”

As I sat back on my knees I whimpered and nodded my head with disappointment written all over my face, and a bit of cum too. “How about this?” my half naked father proposed, “I’ll blindfold you and tie you to the bed and fuck you when I’m ready. How does my slutty son like that idea?” Nodding my head with enthusiasm I grab a nearby shirt from the hamper and my dad ties a knot behind my head that would put a sailor to shame. “Now if you take this off,” he says as he pushes me so my head is by the headboard of the bed izmit escort bayan and my feet on the other end, “I’m going to have to punish you…severely.”

I sense my dad leave the room and return quickly, starting to tie me in a spread eagle position with what I’m assuming are his silk ties. He leaves again, I’m assuming for some lube and condoms. When I hear the door creak open again I start wiggling on the bed, doing the best I can to entice my dad to fuck me senseless, to make me cum without even touching myself. What I get instead is a cock right in the face, though a bit disappointed I take the cock in my mouth, noticing that it feels a bit different, but I don’t care, anything I can do to get my dad to fuck my ass as soon as possible. I suck it, running my tongue around the tip, and using it to feel all the exposed veins. But I don’t hear a single moan, which surprised me a bit, and the bitter salty cum that was my dad’s tasted different somehow, a sweeter, muskier, tangier pre-cum now. Before I have anymore time to analyze, the cock is taken away and I feel it at my hole. Rubbing, poking, and teasing at my gaping hole, I moaned pushing against the restraints to get that cock inside me.

My dad roughly says, “You want this cock don’t you boy?”
?The first words that I said during this encounter were “YES DADDY! PLEASE JUST FUCK MY SLUTTY HOLE! IT NEEDS TO BE FILLED otele gelen escort WITH YOUR CUM!”

My dad just laughed and said “ok” before he roughly shoved that 10 inch monster up my ass. I screamed with pleasure as the cock, lubed with my spit, fucked me hard. My dad was still laughing but I didn’t care I had the cock I needed now I just wanted the cum, and not just in my ass I wanted more of it…everywhere: in my mouth, in my ass, all over my body. My sphincter clutched and milked the cock that was inside me like any common prostitute. My hole was filling with amounts of pre-cum in me, some of it was even coming out my ass. I moaned begging to be fucked like the whore I was, begging for it to be rougher and harder.

As the the slurping sound of my ass consuming the cock, I could feel the familiar pressure building in my balls. Almost like I needed to take a huge piss, and as that thrusting cock continued to poke, prod, and rub my prostate I came. The first shot landing by the side of my head, the next shot landing across my mouth, the third shot right on my nipple, and the rest shot on my chest and pooled in my belly button (I have an innie). I felt the cock still thrusting into me, prolonging my orgasm, and making my cock drool even more cum. At this point I started to feel an extra pressure pushing against my sphincter, at first I thought it was just my dad’s balls but now I was starting to realize that in fact I wasn’t being fucked by my dad at all but our dog Bruce. At that moment his knot entered me and I screamed…


P.S.: Want to introduce a 3some but can’t decide wether it should be an older brother, younger brother, or somebody else…what do you guys think? (Most votes win).

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