Sweet, Sweet Love.


Mr Cadbury met Ms Nestle in a room on Quality Street. it was after eight.

He noticed her Double Deckers and opened her Chocolate Buttons.

Then he squeezed her Easter Eggs as gaziantep escort he gave her a bit of Black Magic, before slipping his Chocolate Fingers into her Snickers.

He touched her Fudge and showed her his Curly Wurly & Whole Nuts.

Not to keen to have any Jelly Babies, she let him take her up the Bournville boulevard.

She screamed with Turkish Delight as he took out his Mars Bar.

She wrapped her lips around his Toblerone, it felt a bit Crunchie and she wanted some Time Out.

Screaming for a bit of Aero. she watched as he did a Twirl and came in a very MilkyWay.

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