6 Virgins Play Truth Or Dare (rewrite)


The original (by CWS) was awful, full of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and so on…so I have rewritten it, removing the stated under-age sex and exploring each individual sexual event to their fullest.
Here is my version.

Hi my name is Kimberly, but everybody calls me Kim. I’m 16 years old, 5’4’ tall and weigh 108lbs. I have Blonde hair and blue eyes. My breasts are the size of large oranges and are very firm with pointy pink nipples. My pussy is shaved, (it’s a thing with my friends as to who has the cleanest pussy). My legs are firm from playing soccer and volleyball, as is my ass.
I want to tell you what happened last weekend when my two best friends, Suzi (same height and build as me, blonde hair blue eyes, but she just turned 17) and Melissa who is 16, brown hair brown eyes, and is only 5’2’, about 103lbs and has small firm breasts, who were here for a sleepover.
We were hanging out in my room, talking about school, boys, and sex, when my mom came in and said that her younger sister had been in a bad car accident and that she and dad were going to the hospital where she was. The hospital was across the state, and they would most likely be gone over night.
‘O bummer mom,’ I exclaimed, ‘is Aunt Karen going to be ok.’
My mom told me she didn’t know but she would call us when she found out. Then she told us to behave ourselves, and keep my twin brother Kevin out of trouble.
I said, ‘I will, don’t worry about us. We’ll be all right.’
About an hour after my parents left, my brother Kevin knocked on my door. I told him to come in, he stepped in and said, ‘Jason and Roger are here and we were about to play a game in the family room, they wanted to know if you girls would like to join us.’
We all looked at each other, giggled and said ok.
When we got to the family room, Kevin asked us to sit in a circle, Indian style boy-girl, boy-girl facing in. When we were all seated Kevin said, ‘We’re going to play Truth or Dare.’
‘Oh goodie I love this game,’ Suzi said. We all agreed to play.
Kevin said, ‘Ok here are the rules. Everyone gets to ask a truth or dare of any one person. Then the person to their right in a counter clockwise rotation goes next. You have to do any dare you receive or answer any question truthfully or you are out and must leave the room, you may also ask multi-part questions or dares.’ We all agreed.
Kevin said, ‘I’m first. Suzi, Truth or Dare?’
She said, ‘Dare.’
Then Kevin said, ‘I dare you to ask everyone here to raise their hand if they’re a virgin.’
Suzi blushed and said, ‘Ok, everyone who is a virgin, raise your hand.’
I look around and see that everyone had their hand up. (We were all virgins).
Now it was my turn and I said to Melissa, ‘Truth or Dare?’
She chose Dare.
I said, ‘I dare you to ask everyone here, starting with yourself, to tell us if they masturbate, how often, do they do it, how long does it takes to cum, how many times do they cum. and do they fantasize about anyone when they masturbate, and if so, who is it.’
Melissa sighed and said, ‘Yes I masturbate one or two times a week, I usually cum in two or three minutes, the first time and usually two or three times, and I sometimes fantasize about being fucked by Jason,’ which makes her turn bright red.
Then Jason said, ‘I masturbate three or four times a week. It usually takes a few minutes to cum and I often have to cum two times, because my cock doesn’t go down after the first one. I usually use pictures of naked women and stuff. Except on the days when Melissa wears sexy clothes then I fantasize about fucking her.’
We look at Melissa to see her blushing again.
Then Suzi said, ‘I masturbate three to four times a week also. It usually takes me three to four minutes to cum and I usually have one or two, and occasionally three orgasms. I sometimes fantasize about fucking Roger or Kevin.’
Kevin and Roger look at each other and said, ‘Hoo yaa.’
Then Kevin said, ‘I masturbate every day. It usually takes me five to seven minutes to cum and I usually have one or two orgasms if my cock stays hard. I fantasize about fucking Suzi, Melissa and sometimes even Kim.’
I said, ‘I masturbate two or three times a week. I usually take one to four minutes to cum depending on how horny I am, and which way I am masturbating. I usually like to have three or four orgasms. I don’t have anyone in particular that I fantasize about.’
Roger said, ‘I masturbate two or three times a day. And it usually takes me two to four minutes to cum. I only cum once and I use pictures of naked girls and stuff like that.’
Now Jason asked Suzi T. or D. and she picked dare.
Kevin said, ‘I dare you to dare all of us to get totally naked. Get up turn around, remove all clothes and pile them in front of them. Then turn around and sit back down, Indian style.’
When Suzi said, ‘I dare everyone to stand, turn around, take all clothing off, pile it some distance in front of you, then turn around and sit Indian style.’
We all did as dared, removed every stitch of clothing, piled it some distance away, and then sat back down with our legs crossed, Indian style. We all took a moment to look every one over.
Then Suzi asked Melissa T. or D.
She said ‘Dare.’
Suzi said, ‘Ok. I dare you… I dare everyone here, starting with you, to tell us if they have a crush on anyone, what kind of crush, and if that person is in the room then they must dare that person to tell us if they have a crush on anyone.’
Melissa nearly broke into tears, saying, ‘No you’ll ruin everything.’
Kevin said, ‘Sorry Melissa, you have to do it or leave, rules babe.’
Melissa wiped her tears and in a shaky voice said, ‘Ok I have a major crush on Jason.’ Then looking at Jason she said, with the same shaky voice, ‘Ok Jason do you have a crush on anyone.’
Jason said. ‘Yes, I have a major crush on you, Melissa.’
Melissa looked at Jason with disbelieve in her eyes and said, ‘Really, me.’
‘Yes really,’ he said.
Once the tears were dried and they got over the shock of finding out they had a crush on each other the game continued as Melissa said. ‘I dare everyone here to tell us if you have a crush on anyone, what kind of crush, and if that person is here dare them to tell if they have a crush on anyone, starting with Suzi.’
Suzi swallowed hard as she looked at my brother and said, ‘Ya, I have a major crush on Kevin, Who do you have a crush on Kev?’
Kevin looked at Suzi and said, ‘Well I guess you could say I have a bit of a crush on you Suzi. I mean, I have always liked you and even masturbated to your body.’
Suzi smiled at that then said, ‘Well that’s a relief, I wasn’t sure if you even liked me that much or not, now I know you do.’
Then Roger said, ‘I don’t have a crush on anyone, but I do really like Kim. How about you, Kim?’
I said, ‘I don’t have a crush on anyone either but I do like Roger and Jason.’
After that Roger asked Suzi T. or D.
She said, ‘Oh dare I guess.’
Roger said, ‘Ok I dare you to dare everyone here, starting with yourself, to tell, and show us, how you masturbate. From how you get yourself started, to what you do to achieve orgasm, and then show us your pussy and clit, or cock and balls.’
Suzi said ‘Oh shit… what the hell. Well when I’m not in the shower with my legs spread letting the spray from the shower hit my pussy, I’m usually in my room where I begin by caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples like this,’ as she began playing with her firm orange sized tits, and spreading her legs wide. ‘Then I begin caressing my way down my body,’ she said as her hands move down her belly toward her legs. ‘Then I caress my legs, for a minute before moving to my pussy,’ she said as she caresses her legs then began caressing her pussy lips. She spreads her pussy lips wide showing us what’s inside. ‘Then I take these two fingers and rub circles over my clit like this until I cum,’ she said as she holds her pussy lips open with one hand and rubbed over her upper pussy with two fingers of her other hand.
Then she stops and pulling the skin near the top of her pussy up with those same two fingers, she shows us her bright pink, hard wet clit. ‘And here is what my clit looks like when I’m aroused.’
Then a minute later she removed her hands from her pussy and resumed her Indian style sitting position. And said, ‘Starting with Roger. I dare all of you to tell, and show us, how you masturbate. From how you get yourself started, to what you do to achieve orgasm, and then show us your pussy and clit, or cock and balls.’
‘Well sometimes I stand in the shower and let the water hit my cock until I cum. When I’m in my room I set out pictures of naked girls, lesbians licking pussy or couples fucking. I pour some baby oil on my hand and stroke my cock like this until I cum,’ Roger said as he took his long hard cock in his hand and began stroking its magnificent length with a long moderate stroke. Then he sat back and showed us his cock and ball sack.
Next Melissa said, ‘Well I do it in the shower the most because I cum the hardest and fastest that way. What I do is I let the water run over my nipples until they get hard. Then I spread my legs, hold the showerhead between my legs and let the water hit my pussy until I cum the hardest of all. When I do it in my room I lay back on my bed like this and caress my tits and legs like this,’ she said as she laid back and caressed her tits with her left hand and her inner legs with her right. ‘Once my nipples are hard and my pussy is wet I spread my legs wide, spread my pussy lips like this and rim my opening with bursa escort bayan the first finger my other hand like this, until I can’t take it anymore,’ she said as she spread her legs and pussy wide showing us her moist inner opening and folds. Then she began rimming her opening with her finger. Then she moved her pussy parting fingers way up her pussy exposing her hard red clit, she began rubbing her exposed clit as she said, ‘Then, when I’m so hot I can’t stand it I expose my clit and rub it until I have cum two or three times and can’t breathe anymore and have to stop.’
After a minute she removed her finger from her clit and slowly let the flesh cover it as she sits back up and said, ‘Oh god that felt great.’
Then Jason said, ‘Well I only masturbate in the shower. I lather up my hand and stroke my cock like this until I cum,’ he said as he grabbed his thick hardening cock and began stroking it fairly fast. ‘And sometimes when my cock doesn’t go down after the first cum, I stroke it fast and hard like this until I cum again,’ he said as he began stroking hard and fast. ‘My cock always goes down after the second orgasm.’
Then he sat back and showed us his ball sack and his whole cock, before sitting back up.
Next it was my turn and I said, ‘Well sometimes I masturbate while I’m soaking in the tub. I let most of the water out, and then let the faucet run warmish hot water. I lay on my back with my legs spread around the spout, and let the water run over my clit until I cum. When I masturbate in my room I lay on my old beanbag in front of my mirror so I can watch myself. I caress my legs with one hand and caress my tits like this,’ I said as I laid back and spread my legs, and began caressing my tits with my left hand and my legs with my right hand. ‘Then, when I get wet and hot, I move this hand up onto my pussy,’ I said as I moved my right hand up and spread my pussy wide open with two fingers so everyone could see it.
‘Then I rub my clit like this while pinching my nipples until I cum, and then maybe cum again and again if needed to get off,’ I said as I pinched my nipples and rubbed my fingers over my clit for a minute, bringing me to the brink of orgasm. ‘And I cum just like this,’ I grunted as I began to convulse and shudder as I came. While I was cumming I could hear them saying things like ‘Wow she’s cumming,’ and ‘look at how wet her pussy gets when she cums.’
When my orgasm subsided I took the middle finger of both hands and pulled the skin up off my clit to expose it, the sensation of this making me arch my back involuntarily for a second. ‘And this is what my clit looks like just after I have cum,’ I said.
After my pleasure has subsided most of the way, and I think they have had a good enough look at my pussy and clit, I removed my hand and resumed sitting Indian style, saying. ‘See. Like I said, one to four minutes for me to cum, depending on how horny I am. I must have been very horny huh?’
They all nodded or said yes.
Now it was Kevin’s turn and he said, ‘Well sometimes I masturbate in the shower too. I have a tube of K Y that I use to lube my cock and stroke it until I cum. Or in my room I lube my cock and stroke it like this until I cum, while looking at pictures of nude girls or couples fucking or girls eating each-others pussy.’ And he began stroking his long thick cock.
I hadn’t noticed how gorgeous my twin brother’s cock really is. His stroking it was making me wet.
Kevin spreads his legs wide giving us a good look at his balls and cock before he resumed his Indian style sitting position.
Now I asked Kevin T. or D., he chose dare. I said ‘I dare you to dare all of us, including yourself, to tell us if they are bisexual.’
He said, ‘Sorry, but definitely not, girls only, but I dare the rest of you to tell us if you are bisexual.’
Suzi said, ‘I am definitely bisexual. These girl friends of mine are just as hot as the guys here.’
Jason said, ‘Absolutely not, guys don’t turn me on at all, and I wouldn’t touch another guys cock with a ten foot pole.’
I said, ‘Yes I think I am. I find Suzi and Melissa attractive and sexy.’
Roger said, ‘Definitely not, I love girls and only girls.’
Melissa said, ‘Well I’m a little bisexual, I am finding myself getting turned on looking at Suzi and Kim.’
Then Jason asked me T. or D.?
Figuring more embarrassing questions, I said, ‘Dare.’
Jason said, ‘I dare you to lay on your back and let Suzi move over you in a sixty nine and lick each other’s pussy for one minute.
I looked at Suzi and could tell by the look in her eyes she was willing so I said, ‘Oh what the fuck, let’s go girl.’
I laid back and spread my legs wide. Suzi moved over me with her pussy over my face and her face over my pussy. When Jason said ‘begin,’ I began tentatively licking Suzi’s pussy as she began licking mine. I soon realized her tongue felt better than anything else I had ever felt and it was fantastic, especially when she parted my pussy lips with her fingers and, finding my clit, began to lick it.
I reached up and parted her pussy lips, soon found her clit and was able to lick it a few times before Jason said, ‘Times’ up, stop, Suzi back over there and both of you sit.’
Suzi slowly got up and moved back over to her place and sat down as I sat back up, reeling in what she had just done to me and how incredible it had felt.
Suzi asked Roger T. or D.
He chose truth and she asked him to tell us if he had ever licked a pussy.
Roger said, ‘No, I have only seen them in magazines.’
Roger then asked Melissa T. or D. she picked truth.
He asked her to tell us if she has ever sucked a cock. She said, ‘No I haven’t even seen a cock before tonight.’
Melissa asked me T. or D., I chose dare.
Melissa said, ‘Kim I dare you to move over Roger as he lays back, and suck his cock for one minute.’
I look at Melissa and said, ‘Oh babe, I’ve never sucked a cock before, I have no idea how.’
Roger said, ‘Oh it’s easy, you just lick and suck on it like a frozen Popsicle, just no teeth.’
‘Oh ok,’ I said, got up and moved over to him as he leaned back.
When Melissa said, ‘Begin,’ I started licking and sucking on his cock head. As I got more comfortable and bold I began licking and sucking with more enthusiasm, just as Melissa said, ‘Stop, time’s up.’
I got up off Roger and said, ‘Not bad for a beginner, huh?’
‘No not bad, you’ll get better,’ Roger said.
When I got back to my place it was my brother’s turn again and he asked Melissa T. or D.
She chose dare.
Kevin said, ‘Melissa I dare you to lay on your back with your legs spread and let Jason move between them and lick your pussy for two minutes.’
Melissa said, ‘Come and lick me man.’
Jason moved over to her as she laid back with her legs spread. Jason moved between her legs with his mouth over her pussy. When Kevin said, ‘Begin’ Jason began licking her pussy.
Melissa was soon moaning as Jason had found her clit and was licking it like crazy. Melissa must have been very horny and loving this very much because in about a minute and a half she bucked up and cried out as she came. Jason continued to lick her pussy and clit as she came down from her orgasm, for the remaining time until Kevin said, ‘Stop, time’s up.’
When Jason slowly got up Melissa looked him in the eyes and said, ‘Oh god that was great, thanks for the fantastic orgasm, I loved it.’
Jason moved over her face, gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then said, ‘You’re welcome babe, any time, and I loved it too.’
When Jason and Melissa were back in their seated position, it was my turn and I asked my brother T. or D.
He picked dare.
I said. ‘Ok brother, I dare you to lay back and let Suzi move over you in the sixty nine and lick her pussy while she sucks your cock for 2 minutes.’
‘Hell yea babe, come and get some,’ Kevin said as Suzi got up and stepped over to him. He laid back as she straddled his face and laid on him.
When I said, ‘Begin,’ she began sucking his cock as he began to lick her pussy.
It took Kevin a while to realize he should probably lick her clit as after about a minute I heard her say, ‘Lick my clit.’
Then when he did find her clit and start licking it she cried out. ‘Oh yea, that’s it.’
But I had to say, ‘Stop, time’s up,’ before she could really get going.
Suzi got up off Kevin and said, ‘Thanks for trying, it was just your first time and I hope you learned a little.’
Kevin said. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t read your needs and begin licking your clit sooner.’
She patted him on the back and told him she had faith that he would learn, as she returned to her place.
Then it was Jason’s turn again and he asked me if I wanted T. or D.
I chose dare.
Jason said, ‘Kim I dare you to move over me so I can lick your pussy, for two minutes. Kevin will monitor the time for us.’
I said, ‘Sure.’
He laid back and I rolled on top of him.
When Kevin said, ‘Begin,’ he began to lick my pussy.
He was great at pussy licking, and I got wet and hot very quickly.
He soon found my clit and brought me up to orgasm with that fantastic feeling tongue, in just a minute.
I grunted and came hard, in a fantastic orgasm, when Kevin said, ‘Stop, time’s up.’
I got up off Jason and said, ‘Thanks for the fantastic orgasm. You sure have learned to lick pussy well, that was awesome.’
Jason said, ‘You’re welcome, I enjoyed making you cum.’
Then it was Suzi’s turn and she asked Roger T. or D.
He chose dare.
Suzi said, ‘I dare you to lay on your back and let Melissa lay on you in the sixty nine escort bursa and suck your cock while you lick her pussy for two minutes.’
Roger said, ‘Oh yea, I was hoping to get to do this,’ as he laid back. Melissa moved over him, and laid on him, taking his cock into her mouth.
When Suzi said, ‘Begin,’ Roger started to lick Melissa’s pussy as she began licking and sucking Roger’s cock. Roger seemed to be having trouble knowing what to do to Melissa’s pussy as she wasn’t moaning much, but as time was running out I think he finally found her clit as she softly cried out just before Suzi said, ‘Stop, times up.’
When Melissa got up off Roger he was breathing hard. He looked at her and said, ‘Oh my god girl, you almost made me cum, that was fantastic. I’m just sorry I couldn’t get you that hot.’
Melissa said, ‘Oh don’t feel bad, it was your first time, and you did finally find my clit, you’ll get better with time and practice.’
After Melissa sat back at her place, it was Roger’s turn again. He asked me if I wanted T. or D.
I chose dare.
Roger said, ‘I dare you to kneel between Suzi’s legs and lick her pussy for two minutes.’
I moved between Suzi’s spread legs as she leaned back. When Roger said, ‘Begin,’ I started licking her pussy lips and soon made my way into her folds and then to her clit, making her moan and rock her hips as she got hotter and hotter until Roger said, ‘Stop, time’s up.
Suzi sat up and patted me on the back and thanked me.
I patted her ass got up as well and said, ‘You’re welcome, any time babe,’ before returning to my seat.
Then it was Melissa’s turn again. She asked Jason T. or D.
Jason said dare.
Melissa said, ‘I was hoping you wanted a dare, because I have decided to lay on my back with my legs spread and dare you to take my cherry, then when I’m ready I want you to fuck me slowly for one minute.’
‘Shit yea,’ Jason said, as he got up and moved over to Melissa.
She laid down on her back with her legs spread, and said, ‘It’s a good thing my doctor put me on birth control for my cramps.’
I said, ‘It’s a good thing we are all on birth control for that, since it will come in handy for this.’
Jason moves over her and began rubbing his cock head in her pussy to lube it. Then he began slowly pushing his virgin cock into her virgin pussy. After a few seconds he stopped and said, ‘Is that your cherry?’
Melissa said, ‘Yes, just push gently.’
I watched as Jason pushed and then suddenly his cock slid almost all the way into her pussy.
Melissa didn’t make a sound until he was all the way in and stopped. Then she said, ‘Well that didn’t hurt, you can go the rest of the way in.’
Jason said, ‘Oh god, Honey, I’m already all the way in.’
‘Oh, I thought so but wasn’t sure, because it feels so good, his cock feels great up inside me stretching my entrance and along my walls.’
Melissa said, ‘Oh my god this is amazing, it feels like nothing I had ever imagined, She is so hot, wet and slick inside, and I can feel her blood pulsing in her as her heart beats, this is fantastic,’ Jason said.
Then Melissa said, ‘Kim will you watch the time as we go.’
‘Ok I will gladly, you may begin.’ I said.
Jason began moving slowly in and out of Melissa’s pussy with his long hard cock. They both said, ‘This feels so fucking good,’ at the same time, as he began moving a little faster.
‘Then I say, ‘Stop, times up.’
Melissa looked at me and said, ‘Oh man, I was getting so close to cumming I don’t want to stop.’
‘Well don’t then. I don’t care, go ahead and make her cum Jason,’ I said, so he kept going, and just a few seconds later she tensed up and cried out softly, ‘I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Jason fucked her through her orgasm saying, ‘I can’t believe how good this feels. I can feel her cumming. Her pussy is convulsing, and is a lot wetter and hotter inside.’ Jason continued fucking her slowly to let her cool down before stopping and pulling out. Melissa grabbed him and kissed him long and passionately before thanking him for making her first time the most wonderful that anyone could ask for.
He told her she was very welcome, as it was just as fantastic a first time for him too, and hoped to do it again. Melissa told him she was sure it would and it would get better. Then Jason returned to his place in the group.
Now it’s my brother’s turn again and he asked me if I want T. or D.
I said, ‘Dare.’
Kevin said, ‘Good, because I dare you to lay on your back with your legs spread and allow Roger to move over you, take your cherry, and then fuck you slowly for one minute.’
I look at Kevin then Roger, then lay back and say. ‘Ok Roger, take my precious cherry, but be gentle.’
Roger said, ‘Well babe I’ll gently take your cherry and give you mine, as there isn’t anyone else I want to do it with, for the first time than you.’
I looked at Roger as he moved over me and said, ‘Oh Roger, I can’t think of anyone I would rather lose my cherry to than you either.’
When Roger was over me I reached between my legs, grasped his cock and rubbing the head between my wet pussy lips to lube it. Then I positioned it at my opening and asked him to push in gently. Roger looked me in the eyes as he gently pushed. I gasped as his head popped through my entrance, which felt fantastic.
Then I felt him hit my hymen.
‘Gently,’ I said, and winced in slight pain as his cock-head tore through the thin membrane and slid in deeper. I sighed when I felt his balls hit my bottom, as I knew he was fully in me. I laid there reeling in the sensation of being fully filled, my pussy throbbing.
I said, ‘Oh god I love the feel of this, I feel his cock filling me up and it just hurt a little as he popped my cherry.’
Roger looked at me and said, ‘Ok Kim, I never imagined it could feel like this. I can feel your pulse through your pussy, and it’s like a hot slick velvet sleeve that my cock is deep inside.’
‘I’m ready,’ I said, and few seconds later Kevin said, ‘Begin.’
Roger pulled his cock almost all the way out, then pushed it in to the bottom, and back out and in deep, until he was fucking me at a nice fairly slow pace. This felt even better as his cock rubbed the sensitive nerves at my entrance and filling me as he slid deep into me. I was rising toward orgasm quicker than ever. Then he moved closer and began rubbing his chest over my nipples. This set me off and I quickly tensed and then cried out, ‘I’m cumming,’ as I began convulsing and cumming harder than ever.
Roger kept on fucking me and just as my orgasm subsided Kevin said, ‘Stop, time’s up.’
I said, ‘Just a few seconds longer, until I come down.’
Which Roger did, until I patted him on the ass, kissed him and thanked him for the best orgasm ever. Roger told me he loved it and wanted to do it again if I wanted to. Then he slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy and got up. I sat up and watched him as he moved back to his place and sat down.
Now it was my turn and I asked Melissa if she wanted T. or D. she said truth this time. I said ‘Ok, tell us how you liked being fucked, and what do you think of Jason, Would you like him to fuck you again?’
Melissa said, ‘I absolutely loved being fucked, it was the best thing I have felt since the shower head. I love Jason more than ever now and I would love to fuck Jason as much as possible.’
Now it’s Jason’s turn, and I was betting he was going to dare Melissa to fuck him again. Jason surprised me and asked Kevin if he wanted truth or dare. Kevin wanted a dare.
Jason said, ‘I dare you to take Suzi’s cherry from behind as she kneels in a doggie position.’
Suzi was definitely up for that as she was on her hands and knees in a flash. She looked at Kevin and said, ‘Oh by the way I broke my own hymen plying with a big carrot one day so you don’t have to be that gentle.’
I watched as my brother kneeled behind this hot young girl and rubbed his virgin cock around in her pussy lips a minute, before he pushed it in deep, groaning an ‘Oh god this feels so good.’
Jason said, ‘Begin,’ as Kevin began fucking Suzi slowly.
They both looked at us and Suzi said, ‘Oh god this is so much better than the carrot I used that one time.’
Kevin said, ‘Man you guys were right about this. I never knew a girls’ pussy would feel this good on my cock, this is definitely better than masturbation and much more fulfilling.’
Then Jason said, ‘Ok guys time’s up.’
Kevin gave Suzi several pats on the ass as he pulled out and stood up. They thanked each other for the honour of giving their virginity to the other.
When they were seated again, it was Suzi’s turn once more, and she asked Roger if he wants T. or D.
He asked for a dare.
Suzi said, ‘Ok I dare you to lay back and let Melissa sit on your cock, facing you, and ride your cock at a pace of her discretion for two minutes.’
Roger laid on his back with a pillow under his head so he could watch her. Melissa walked over his waist and looked him in the eyes as she squatted down over his cock. Roger guided his cock to her entrance, and she moved down and took it fully into her.
When Suzi said, ‘Begin’ Melissa began riding up and down on Roger’s cock at a moderate pace. She soon closed her eyes, tilted her head back and caressed her breasts. Melissa looked like she was about to cum any second as she was grunting and breathing hard, when Suzi said, ‘Ok time’s up guys.’
‘Oh shit, I was just about to cum,’ Melissa said.
‘Me too,’ Roger said.
‘Thanks, that was great, Kim’s a lucky girl, you’ve got a great feeling cock,’ Melissa said.
Then Roger said, ‘Well Jason is very lucky görükle escort bayan to have such a slick smooth pussy, and a nice girl like you to fuck and love.’
Now it’s Roger’s turn and he asked Kevin T. or D.
Kevin chooses dare. Roger said ‘I dare you to fuck your sister in the doggie position for two minutes.’
I rolled onto my hands and knees, spreading my legs. My brother moved behind me and slid his cock deep into my pussy, reaching down and grabbing my breasts at the same time. When Roger said, ‘Begin,’ Kevin began fucking me with long moderate strokes, while caressing my breasts. It felt fantastic and I was getting really hot really fast, and I knew I would cum soon. I was right as I reached my peak and began shuddering and grunting hard as I came. Kevin fucked me through my orgasm and on until Roger said, ‘That’s it, time’s up.’
Kevin pulled out of me and gave me a little smack on the ass as he said, ‘Nice fuck sis, and your orgasm felt great.’
‘Thanks, it was a fantastic orgasm,’ I said as I sat back down.
Then Melissa asked me if I wanted T. or D.
I said Truth.
Melissa then said, ‘So tell me how you liked fucking doggie style and why.’
I said ‘I loved fucking doggie I just had a fantastic orgasm in just over a minute. Kev’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy was incredible, but when he caressed my tits it felt even better and that’s what got me off quicker and harder.’
‘Hey Bro, where did you guys learn all of these positions and sex acts?’ I asked.
Kevin said, ‘Oh we found a stack of porno magazines, and we have been reading the stories in them, and they are the sources of our masturbation pictures.’
‘Oh I see, you’ll have to show them to us some time,’ I said.
Now it was Kevin’s turn again, and he asked Melissa T. or D.
She chose dare.
Then Kevin said, ‘I dare you to ride Jason, facing him as he lays on his back, until he cums, and his cock goes down.’
They look at each other and grin. Then as Jason laid back, Melissa moved over him. She looked him in the eyes and said, ‘I’ve dreamed of doing this with you, for a long time.’
Jason said, ‘Me too babe.’
He guided his cock to her pussy entrance as she sank all the way down onto it. Then she began riding up and down on him with slow strokes.
As she got hotter she began riding faster. Melissa tilted her head back and was moaning loudly. Then after about three minutes Melissa cried out and shuddered as she came. She slowed her pace as she rode out her orgasm, then looked Jason in the eyes as she rides him.
He said, ‘Keep going babe, it feels so incredible but I’m not there yet.’
Melissa continued at this pace and soon Jason tensed up and grunted as he came into her pussy, Melissa slowed her pace drastically as she sensed his orgasm so as to not over stimulate his cock. After about a minute, she stopped moving and got up as his mostly limp cock flops out of her pussy. Melissa helped Jason sit up and kissed him, thanking him for the fantastic fuck. He told her she was welcome, and loved it and her. She smiled and kissed him again before sitting back down.
Now it’s my turn again and I asked Roger T. or D.?
He chose dare.
I said, ‘Ok I dare you to fuck me until you cum.’
Roger said, ‘Oh yea, I was hoping to fuck you to orgasm tonight, you’re so hot.’
I blushed as I laid on my back and kicked my legs up with my knees bent so he could get in deep. Roger moved over me, guided his cock to my pussy and slid deep into me, making me grunt and sigh as I felt the incredible feeling of him filling me.
Roger rose up on his hand and began slowly fucking me with long strokes. As we got hotter he began moving faster, but not too fast.
Roger fucked me like this for a long time as I slowly rose toward my orgasm. I loved this very much.
Then Roger dropped down closer to me, my nipples to rubbing against his chest and his groin rubbing my clit.
This sent me off to new heights, and I soon tensed up and came harder than ever.
Roger looked at me and said, ‘Oh Kim, I can feel you cumming, your pussy is contracting around my cock so hard and I can feel you shuddering, it must be a strong one.’
When I calmed down I said, ‘I just had the most powerful orgasm yet, and I loved it so much.’
Roger said, ‘Good, I’ll try and give you another one.’
‘Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing and I will cum again,’ I said.
Roger kept fucking me like that, rubbing my clit and nipples, which felt so fantastic.
I was rising towards orgasm quickly again. When I started moaning loudly and rocking my hips, Roger picked up speed. This was all I needed as I quickly reached my peak.
When I tensed up and cried out as I began cumming, the convolutions in my pussy set Roger off as he grunted and sank in deep. He rocked his hips and grunted several times as he came deep inside my pussy as I was cumming with him, even harder and longer yet. When our orgasms were done, Roger laid on me for a minute as we caught our breaths. Then he pulled out of me and got up, helping me sit up. I thanked him for the fantastic fuck, and he thanked me for letting him, because he really liked me a lot.
Then it was Jason’s turn again and he asked Melissa T. or D.?
She chose dare.
He said, ‘I dare you to lie on your back and have Suzi lay on you in the sixty nine and lick each other’s pussy until you both cum.’
Melissa laid back and spread her legs as Suzi moved over her in a sixty-nine. They began licking each other’s pussy gently at first but with more intensity as they got hotter and they started moaning louder.
After about two minutes Melissa tensed up and shuddered as she came hard. Then about a minute later Suzi cried out and shuddered as she came too. After Suzi’s orgasm subsided she got up off Melissa and said, ‘Thanks for making me cum, I loved it very much.’
Melissa said, ‘Ya, me too.’
Suzi sat back down, it was her turn, and she asked Kevin T. or D.?
He chose dare.
She said, ‘I dare you to fuck your sister in the doggie position for two minutes. Then you let me ride you until we both cum.’
Kevin moves over to me as I rolled onto my hands and knees again. Kevin moved behind me and shoves his cock deep into my pussy. When Suzi said, ‘Begin,’ my brother began fucking me slowly.
After about a minute, Kevin began fucking me a little faster until Suzi said, ‘Time’s up guys. Come over here Kev.’
Kevin pulls his cock out of my pussy and as I roll back to my seated position, I watch Kevin move over to Suzi and lay on his back. She moves over him, facing him, and sinks her pussy down onto his cock.
Suzi began riding Kevin fairly hard as she began moaning. After a while she tilted her head back and started grunting very hard. I knew she was about to cum, and seconds later she began to shudder as she came.
Suzi rode through her orgasm, and when it subsided she slowed her pace for a while, before picking up speed again. Then when she was showing signs that she was nearing orgasm, Kevin was also rocking his hips and grunting as he stared at her intently. Then when Suzi tensed up and began to shudder as she came again. Kevin grunted long and hard as he came, with her, filling her pussy with his cum.
When their orgasms subsided, Suzi slowed her pace again until she was sufficiently cooled down. Then she got off Kevin and helped him up. She hugged him and he hugged her back. Then she said, ‘I absolutely loved the mutual orgasm.’ Then they kissed before he said ‘Me too it was unlike anything I could imagine.’
When they sat back at their places, it was Roger’s turn. He asked me T. or D. I say dare, of course, as this was too much fun.
Roger said, ‘While I lay on my back, I dare you to ride me till I cum.’
I said, ‘Oh yea I’d love to.’
Roger laid on his back and I moved over him, positioning my pussy against his cock and sank down onto it. Then I began riding him at a nice pace. I loved the feel of his long slender cock sliding so deep into me, and I even rolled my hips at the bottom of my stroke rubbing my clit on his groin. This felt incredible and had me ready to cum in no time.
I really like Roger now, and was really enjoying fucking HIM. Then the orgasm was upon me and I cried out. ‘Oh Roger, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,’ as I shuddered and juiced his cock.
Once my orgasm subsided I continued riding him at the same pace. Soon he was rocking his hips in time with my strokes as he was getting closer to his orgasm. Then I picked up speed and soon tensed up as I began to cum again. I shuddered and cried out softly as an even more powerful orgasm ripped through me leaving me speechless.
Then as my orgasm subsided, Roger thrust his hips up, driving his cock extremely deep into me and grunted as he came, filling my pussy with his hot cum, which felt fantastic, as I could feel his cock pulsing as he came.
When his orgasm was over I sat there for a moment, before getting up. Roger said to me. ‘Oh Kim, that was so incredible, cumming in your pussy feels so much more intense and pleasurable than when I masturbate, I loved it, thanks so much.’
I said, ‘Oh you’re so very welcome, you gave me some fantastic orgasms too, and I loved the feel of your cock pulsing so hard as you came, besides I really like you a lot.’
I returned to my place as Melissa asked Kevin T. or D. As usual he chose dare. Melissa said ‘I dare you to dare everyone to move to the shower and clean each other up, as we are done for tonight.’
Kevin said, ‘Ok I dare everyone to follow me to the shower, to clean each other.’
We all headed to the master bathroom and to the big shower my parents have. Kevin turned the water on and set the temperature. Then we all got in and all cleaned each other. Before heading back to the family room for some nudist colony T.V. watching, cuddling of new couples and even sleeping together.

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