A Wife’s Fantasy


Allessandra lay awake in their bed. Thoughts raced through her head. The one idea that kept returning was, what’s wrong with me? Alessandra had always found older men attractive. The man lying next to her was over 20 years her senior. She cared for him deeply, and he adored her. He had provided her with a lavish lifestyle and was always emotionally available. They had sex nearly every night. On weekends—sometimes two or three times. He always made sure she came. He was gentle and kind. She was his queen, and he doted over her as such. It wasn’t like he couldn’t do better. He could do better, she thought. She was a little overweight. Though 55, he was athletic, emotionally stable, and recently retired. Money was never an issue. If she wanted something, there was no fight over cost or need. Why wasn’t that enough? Nearly every woman would be green-eyed of her situation! Why did she need more? What was missing?

Odin, too was awake, but he lay in silence. He sensed something was amiss with his bride. Odin was too afraid to ask what it was. He replayed their previous lovemaking in his mind. Why did he fantasize about her as a whore while they fucked? Still, when he fucked her, it was as if she was a doll that could be broken? He fucked Alessandra with slow, methodical penetrations. Making sure to grind against her clit and thrust his cock as deep as he could go. Her pussy would saturate right before she came, and he would grind slowly until the gates broke free. She turned like a caged animal released into the wild when she came. The whore within her would come out, sending him into an abyss of evil. Soon he would be cumming too. He would fuck her without respect. Sometimes she would even cum again. Then it hit him like a brick! Something was missing. Maybe she needed to be fucked like a whore and not tested like Virgin Mary. She did like posing for sexy photos. She didn’t mind if he posted them online as long as her face was not visible. He lay there scheming. The next time they fucked, he would treat her like a whore. He would skip the part where she was his queen. No slow grinding. Just fast abusive fucking. With the problem now in the rearview mirror, he fell fast asleep.

The following night according to ***********, she made the first move. Odin lay on his side as Alessandra snuggled up against him, pressing her massive breasts against his back. She nibbled his ear—reaching around, she took his dick in her hand. Immediately it began growing in her soft hand. She rubbed it. “Does daddy wanna play with his little girl?” She cooed.

In a firm voice, Odin turned around quickly and said, “Daddy is going to fuck his little girl like the huge cumslut she is!” Slap! He swatted her ass. It was hard enough to sting but not hurt.

Alessandra felt in tingle deep in her loins as her pussy moistened. “Oh, daddy! I have been a naughty girl. I watched a girl get gang fucked by many dirty old grandpa’s in an adult theater, and I liked it! Scold me, daddy! Spank me!” She pleaded. She liked the kink he was exploring and played along with his game. She was shocked by how being spanked turned her on, o much. Others had been spanked her before, but this was different. It seemed to be working for Odin as well. His cock was standing up as straight as a Marine saluting.

Slap! Slap! Slap! He swatted her ass. “You fucking tramp! You wanna be gang fucked?” Odin asked

“Nnn yes. Alright, I admit it, please don’t be mad, daddy! I know it’s naughty, but I can’t help it. It’s my pussy. I get so wet when I think about it. Please fuck me, daddy! I watched that girl getting fucked, but I didn’t even play with myself. That’s not true. I did, but I didn’t cum. I swear I didn’t,” she confessed. It was part of the game, but everything she said was true. She was on her hands and knees, and Odin was kneeling next to her. She reached out and took his rigid schlong in her hand. Stroking it, she said, “Please, daddy fuck me like a whore. Use me, daddy! Fill my pussy! I need it soooo bad,” she begged. Again, there was truth in her words as she played the role of a helpless girl.

Odin moved behind her. Taking his cock Odin slid it between her moist lips—parting them. He pushed her face into the pillow. “Get ready for daddy’s cock,” he warned.

She lifted her ass, giving him easier access. She reached between her legs to help guide his cock inside her wanton pussy, but he thrust before she could grab it. He went all the way inside her quickly. His balls slapped against her thighs. She managed to get the folds of her pussy spread apart, so his cock didn’t pinch her lips. He moaned incoherently as he thrust in and out of her like a jackrabbit. Slapping her ass, he degraded her with vile vernacular. His abuse excited her even more. She was enjoying this new kink. Odin was no longer this Prince Charming type. He fucked her, with an animalistic grunting permeating through his throat. She swore it sounded like a growl. There was a raw rage, almost an anger to his cadence.

“Fuck my pussy, daddy! Yeesss! Fuck me! Oh my fucking God!” Sandy sobbed. Out of nowhere, she came, and she came hard. In her newly found arousal, she began meeting his thrusts and twerking her ass. “Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! YESSS!” She commanded. As they fucked, her pussy juices sloshed loudly—matched only by the slapping of Odin’s large nut sack. Her hips flailed uncontrollably as her cunt juice pooled around his hard thick cock.

It was the strangest experience for Odin. Odin couldn’t remember ever being more aroused. He felt his orgasm build. His cock was coated with thick white fluids as her cum foamed around his tool. Her incessant chanting, moaning, and whimpering made his balls compress. His anus tightened as he felt his orgasm move to his shaft. He fucked her harder and faster. It sent wave after wave of orgasmic bliss through Alessandra’s pussy. “Fucking tramp!” He yelled. He couldn’t seem to get over the ledge. The stunning part was he felt relieved—like he had cum. The dilemma was that he hadn’t cum, and he was still hard as a rock. He was so hard it almost hurt. His cock was pulsed like he was cumming, but only pre cum oozed out randomly. It was like he shot a blank. That had never happened to him in his entire life. He was in good shape but the last ten minutes spent sprinting to the finish line wiped him out. He was short of breath and couldn’t even mutter a vowel. His chest expanded and contracted intensely as he tried to catch his breath.

“Oh my fucking God!” She exclaimed. “That was incredible! You filled my pussy up,” she added, thinking he had cum too. But her pussy was so wet she couldn’t tell.

He didn’t tell her that all those juices were all hers. Instead, after catching his breath, he rolled her over onto her back and mounted her. “Spread your fucking legs slut. Daddy ain’t finished!” Odin directed.

Again? Hell yeah! She thought. She spread her legs as commanded. This time she grabbed his cock. Fuck, he is hard as a rock. How the fuck? She thought. She stuffed him inside her. Again he fucked her hard. She matched his thrusts with upward thrusts of her own. She couldn’t remember him penetrating her so viciously. Even the expression on his face was that of anger. It turned her on immensely. Mr. Hyde was pushing all her buttons. She came again.

“Fucking cum dump! You like it, don’t you? You want that cock filling your horny little pussy. You need it! Fucking slut! He said. Watching her tits jiggle, he fucked hard—adding to his arousal. He squeezed her tits hard. Then he grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy onto his pummeling cock. His cock head continually battered her cervix. Again, she was in the throes of orgasm. She moaned incoherently. Odin felt her pussy spasm.

With each drive of his piston, a flood of juices flowed from her cunt. God, he wanted to cum! He tried his damnedest to bust his nuts inside her. He wanted nothing more than to flood her fuck hole with his sperm. The more he fucked her, the more violent his thrusts became. The more aroused he got, the more he thought about her getting fucked by a roomful of strangers. That stimulated him even more. He swore his cock grew inside her saturated pussy. Still, the more aroused he became, the further away his orgasm was. He squeezed her tits again and again. That didn’t even work. Soon she came again then again before her last orgasm could even end. His cock was covered with white juices. He had emptied copious amounts of pre cum inside her this time, but no orgasm. He was tired, and he knew it was fruitless to continue. He faked an orgasm for the first time in his life. He was so tired, and he knew it was futile. The strange thing was it was like he came, but nothing came out. Still, there was a need. An itch that he could not scratch. He just no longer had the energy to pursue it. She lay there exhausted. She had cum a half dozen times. It was by far the best fuck session they had ever had. Though Odin hadn’t cum it was by far the best sex he had in twenty years. He lay there inside her for a couple of minutes, exhausted.

“What got into you, my stud muffin?” She said as she squeezed his athletic butt. “Daddy’s little girl likey a lot, a lot,” she added. When he pulled out, her juices followed. She rolled over on her side. Odin spooned with her his arm between her massive melons. She whispered, “I do fantasize about being used as a cum dump. It is sort of a kink I have,” she said.

He kissed the nape of her neck. “Yeah, it’s kinda hot thinking about watching you get gangbanged by strangers. But, what’s even hotter is knowing I can tap this anytime I want,” he said, putting his hand on her sleeping pussy and patting her trimmed mound. “Anytime daddy wants,” he added as he slowly slipped off to dreamland.

The sun seemed to rise early, but Odin slept in a smidgen. Last night had been exhausting. Then the dreams. Oh my God, the dreams! They were so vivid. He dreamt about being a director in a pornographic movie. Henchoreographed ten men gang fucking a girl. He was working amateurs, and they had to be instructed on how to fuck. It sounds like a no-brainer, but simple things like lifting her leg, keeping their hands out of the way, brushing her hair back, etc., are all vital in getting good shots. He kept waking from frustration, but he would return to a version of the same dream all night long. He had been playing with his iPhone 13, making quasi movies of him and his lover fucking. It was time to stretch his comfort zone. The little slut likes gangbangs. Well, she was going to get her gangbang. He thought.

The water in the shower stopped. That was his cue to get up. He got out of bed, gathered some clothes from the dresser, and trotted off to the bathroom, where Alessandra was drying off. “Good morning, baby!” He said before kissing her on the lips.

“Good morning! Are you going to ride with the boys this morning?” She asked. She dressed as they conversed.

“No, I got some errands to run,” he answered.

“Really? I thought you looked forward to those 50 milers. You’re going to lose your stamina. We don’t want that,” she joked. “I want some more like last night. I thought I was going to go into convulsions. I was still dripping this morning. My God! That was fucking incredible. I can’t remember being so depleted. I slept like a baby,” Sandy added.

“Don’t you worry about me! You’re the one who is going to have to keep up with this old fart,” Odin joked.

“I know! What in Hell got into you? You were pushing all the right buttons in the right sequence. Seriously, my eyes rolled. I thought I was going to pass out,” she swore. She grabbed his solid butt cheek and squeezed. “Daddy’s naughty girl wants more of that,” she added.

“I just got lucky, that’s all.,” he said.

“Lucky my ass. It was like you were conducting a symphony,” she said.

“Now you’re just sucking up,” he said.

“I gotta get moving. Unlike you, I got a job to go to,” Sandy chided playfully.

“Yeah yeah, pick on the old unemployed guy,” he joked.

“Hey, since you’re not riding today, wanna do lunch? You can pick!” She offered.

“I will call you. I don’t know if I will be free. I got a bunch of stuff to get straightened out. I will call you around 10,” Odin said. Odin turned on the shower and stepped inside. Alessandra was about to walk out the door by the time he got out.

They said their farewells. Odin did indeed have a lot to do. He had to find 12 dirty old men to fuck his young wife. He would have to vet them. Would they be able to get hard? Are they clean? Are they single? Senior center? McDonald’s? Should he pay them? Feed them? Decisions. He lucked out. He found five silver foxes at the senior center, and all it cost him was an 8×10 glossy of them fucking his wife. After showing off her pictures, he found another two at a local McDonald’s. They were a bit more expensive. They each wanted $25 gift certificates from—where else? McDonald’s. He wanted a dozen, but he was sure Alessandra wouldn’t be disappointed if he only had seven. It was ten o’clock. He texted her. You busy? Call me if not. ***RING***RING*** “Hey, sexy girl!” He answered.

“Hey! So where are we going for lunch?” She asked.

“I was thinking maybe the food court at the mall.” He answered.

“Really? The food court? Not O’Malley’s? She asked.

“Yeah, I am not sure what I am hungry for; they have a variety—besides, I can kill two birds with one stone. I wanna get you something special for Victoria’s Secret,” he said.

“Really? Sounds exciting! Do you have something in mind?” bursa escort She said.

“Yeah and no. I will know when I see it,” Odin responded.

“Anything to do with those errands you had to run? Is that why you are so secretive? She asked.

“Damn, girl! I can’t ever surprise you, can I?” He joked.

“It’s okay, daddy. I won’t pry! I trust you. I love your surprises. I have to run though. Do you want to meet at the food court at noon? She asked.

“Yeah, noon it is. Let’s meet there. Love you, baby girl!” He said.

“Love you too—daddy!” She playfully responded.

After lunch, they went to Victoria’s Secret. Odin saw this black net and lace crotchless Teddy. The bra is supported by two split straps on each cup that crisscross around the neck and clasp in the back of the neck

She tried it on. She snapped some selfies showing off its features sent them to Odin with a caption YES!


He followed with another text. Unclasp the bra, and show me those nice big tits.!

Sandy did, and she sent the pic. Both tits hung free. The caption read, Easy access.

As he walked her to her SUV, she said, “So daddy, when do I get to wear it?”

“Tonight, I hope, baby girl.” He responded.

She was giddy. She spent the rest of her Friday looking forward to the big surprise.

Odin spent threat of the day planning. He found a couple of widowers at an old man’s bar. Odin saw a homeless vet walking around the downtown area. He bought him a sandwich from a street vendor. He had to buy him a cheap cell phone to make contact. He promised him a fifth of Jack if he shot his load. The two widowers were just happy to fuck a young woman. He showed them her pix, and they were all in. He had ten yeses. For every yes, there were two no’s. ***Ring***Ring***. “This is Odin.” He answered! It was a guy he met at the bowling alley earlier. He was in!

Apparently, “Blue Bloods” was going to be a rerun, and he was available. That’s was 11. He needed one more. He was out of ideas. Out of the blue, Joe popped into his head. Joe was his riding buddy. Joe was 62. He was his cycling coach when he was a junior racer. They have been riding together for nearly 40 years. They raced for the same team until age caught up with them, and they could no longer hang with the young bucks. Joe lost his wife to cancer five years ago, and as far as Odin knew, he hadn’t been with a woman since. Odin had shared nude photos of Alessandra and Joe said he loved her tits. Joe called them the prettiest set of pillows he had seen. Odin wanted to call him, but he wasn’t sure. He and Alessandra had spoken about engaging in group sex before. They discussed bringing a thrived person into their bedroom. They were apprehensive about doing that with people they knew. That, and once when Alessandra had a few too many drinks, and he was over, she told him in private, “I bet that old fucker could pound a pussy stupid. Look at his ass. Rock hard just like yours.” “I gotta hand it to you cyclists; you can go and go and go some more. Yeah, I have had too much to drink. I shouldn’t be saying that.” She continued. He wasn’t the jealous type, but it bothered him a bit for some reason. It was a double-edged sword. Yes, it excited him, yet it might make things weird between them. His libido won out. After a few minutes of beating around the bush, he blurted out his plan!

Joe was shocked and hesitated. Then, finally, he asked, “Should I wear a mask?

“Joe, she has seen you in lycra. She knows what your body looks like. You can’t hide that!” Odin reacted. He didn’t tell him about their conversation, but Odin was sure she had a photocopy of his ass etched in her brain. He had his dirty dozen. All the pieces were falling in place—one last tumbler.

“Hey, I got it! I can fuck her from behind. We just need to make she doesn’t turn around, right? That will work,” Joe offered.

“Yeah, let’s try that. If she finds out, she finds out. It’s a cliche but, sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Odin half-hearteningly laughed. He wasn’t sure how she would take it if she found out. So Odin reserved two rooms with an adjoining door at the Marriott as a backup plan. The one thing Odin was good at was planning. He had been a freelance event planner for thirty years, but he couldn’t remember being more nervous.

He went home packed some clothes for Alessandra and himself. Then, he checked in at the Marriott. It was getting close to five. He called Alessandra and told her to meet him at the lobby of the Marriott. She entered the lobby. Odin stood up and approached her. He kissed her and asked her, How her day went?

“Good.” She said cautiously. “What’s going on? You look nervous. What is happening? She continued to ask.

“I thought maybe a staycation would be nice. Maybe treat my baby girl to a nice dinner— maybe other things too.” He said with a wink.

“What about clothes? Makeup? Toiletries?” She asked.

“Taken care of.” I packed a few things. They are in the room. Come on, let’s get you upstairs and get you ready. I have an extraordinary evening planned for the two of us. Really, it will be lovely. I think you will thank me. Come on! Shall we.” He said, hooking his arm as an invitation.

“Proceed.” She said, taking his arm in hers. They walked towards the elevator. Once inside, she interlocked her arms and kissed him. She squeezed his arm like a giddy girl. “I am so excited,” she said.

Once in the room, she saw he had laid out all her clothes for her. Immediately, she seized the dress. “On my God! I love it! You didn’t. You did. How do you know my size? How do you know if it will fit?” She exclaimed.

“Try it on! Oh, and put the negligee on too. I want to see where the straps lay.” He told her.

She went into the bathroom and put everything on as instructed. Odin helped her clasp the straps and zip her up. He fluffed her hair so it flowed evenly over her shoulders. She looked in the mirror. She studied the front, then stepped to the right and inspected it. Then to the left, scanning again, running her hands down her sides to her hips as she checked for bunching and if it hid her chubby parts. “Oh my God! It’s almost perfect. I would have bought this! How did you? Wow! I am stunned. She said.

“First, you’re welcome! Second, don’t forget I was a wedding planner for thirty years. I have played the role of chef, photographer, tailor, seamster. I have even parked a few cars. So I know my around problems. Plus, I have worked the best in all those fields. I took a similar piece of yours into Dominiques and had Chelis there do her magic. The chiffon is elegant, but it also stays to form. I thought the bell sleeves were a nice touch, but I wanted a little more flair, so Chelis took them out a little. You like?” He acknowledged.

“Yeah, I love it! But, wait, you were a chef? So why don’t you cook dinner then? She laughed.

“Take out is easier! I cook! When we have people over, who runs the grill? Who has the best prime rib in three states? They won’t even let me enter my ribs in the county fair anymore. So I cook when I want to cook. That’s one of the perks of being retired” He laughed. “Out of all I said, you heard I was a chef? He added, laughing more.

“I love you, honey! I am just shocked about how much you know about everything. A tailor? A seamster? You forgot one though—male escort. You fucked the naughty little bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding. Then you ended up marrying her.” she laughed.

“Wait, was that you?” He laughed.

“Oh my God! My pussy is exposed. I can’t go to dinner like this.”She said.

“Relax, I brought feminine spray, and if you still aren’t comfortable, I brought panties. They are in your clutch. Of course, I would love it if you went pantiless, but I understand if you are uncomfortable.“ He said.

“Pantiless it is. What scent spray? Floral or Peach Blossom? Allessandra asked.

“Both, Jasmine too!” Odin responded.

“Oh, I like Jasmine. Good move!” She replied.

“I am going to get some ice. There is soda in the fridge. Our reservations are for 7:30. So keep that in mind. We are dining at the hotel tonight.” He said.

In the hallway, he sent a group text. Marriot Lobby 7:40. Text me back yes or no. All twelve responded yes. When Odin returned to the room, Allesandra was in the adjoining room.

“What’s going on? You rented both rooms? Why? What’s going on? This is your light and umbrella stand. What are you up to? She asked.

“Busted! I was planning to have a few drinks after dinner. Then we would come up here have some fun. First, I could try out the video features on my new phone. It’s pretty cool. You can focus and fade on different subjects. The cinema mode is way cool! Then, later on this weekend, we could use that editing program you like to play around with. Edit out that the bad. Keep the good. I am sorry I should have run it by you first, but I wanted it to be a surprise too.” He apologized.

Allessandra kissed and hugged him. “It’s a great idea! Let’s skip dinner!” She offered.

“No, no, let’s do dinner. It’s all part of the package. I went to all the effort to get you the right dress, the right negligee—you always talk about focus on the journey and the destination will be better. Dinner is part of the journey. Trust daddy!” He pleaded.

“Okay, okay, I trust you. But forgive me if I seem excited during dinner. I wish I didn’t know. Why do I have to be so nosy? I ruined your surprise.” She sobbed.

“No, no, I am glad you know. It takes the pressure off me. We will have a nice dinner, consume a couple of White Russians, maybe get rid of that lovely dress, take a pleasant stroll. Then, of course, you could flash dirty old men on the street—or not. It’s up to you. Daddy would like it, but I won’t force you if you aren’t comfortable doing it. Then we could make a movie, starring you as the leading lady. Yours truly will be the director, choreographer, makeup artist, and supporting cast if needed. You know me. I can even be an escort if there is a lady in need.” He said, with a wink.”

Allessandra took a quick shower and got dressed. She was super excited about the adventure she was about to embark on. But she doesn’t even know the half of it. She has no clue that her wildest fantasy will materialize in the next few hours. After tonight, the bar of her sexuality will eclipse any limits she may have had. She will never be the same.

Odin helped her get dressed. He brushed her hair. Odin even helped with her eyeliner. He made sure she was perfect. She had a tiny run in her stocking. Odin quickly took clear nail polish and applied it to both ends of the run. He pulled the hose away from her calf, blowing on it as it dried. Then he used some spritz over the entire run. Another catastrophe averted.

“Wow! Now I know why my best friend said you were the best! I thought it was hyperbole. But no, you don’t miss a detail. I guess I saw it before, but you are obsessive/compulsive! I mean that lovingly. That would have bothered me later if it became apparent. Most men don’t get that. Their tie is crooked, so what. But to a woman wearing a lovely dress, her hair is perfect, conservative jewelry, and a run in her pantyhose, words like cheap, unkempt, fake, phony, fraud fill her mind. It sounds silly, but it can ruin an evening.” She confessed.

“I know I dealt with real, live bridezillas. I took a beating the first year. After that, I found the best way to control one is to become one. Then I learned patience and how to be calm when the house is on fire. Nothing good happens when we panic. MY BUSINESS SHOT THROUGH THE ROOF once I learned to take the event as seriously as the person hiring me. I only hired caterers that took their job as seriously as I did. I was a pain in the ass, but I had a lot of people who wanted to work with me. They knew if they did their job, I had their backs. That’s why I can go to Chelis to alter a dress, and she will drop everything to take care of me. I have a stack of her business cards I hand out because I appreciate her attention to detail. I confess it was her idea to flair those sleeves more. It says I am sexy, but I am elegant too. Simple things. Like these straps for your negligee. Your hair down the sides frames your beautiful face, but it also hides the straps. He reached in his suit pocket and pulled out a case. In it was a pearl necklace. These should draw attention to your remarkable bosom while covering up those extra straps.

Again, she hugged him. “We never talked about your work before. So now I have a greater appreciation for you. I am ashamed I never appreciated your work before.” I never really understood all that you did.” She confided.

At 7:25, they headed to the restaurant. Odin and Alessandra were seated immediately. When they were seated, Odin ordered two White Russians. They exchanged small talk over the next few minutes until their drinks arrived. Then, Odin ordered two cobb salads without red onions for them. At 7:40, Odin excused himself to go to the bathroom. He met with Joe and the others instead. “So here is the plan—wait, where’s the vet? The veteran. He isn’t here. Where’s the vet?” Odin said. He texted the vet. Where are you at?


I am stuck. No ride.


I will send someone to get you. Stay put.

“Joe, call an Uber. I am texting you the address. Here’s $40 that should cover it. Okay, Kevin, that’s your name. So, Kevin, you görükle escort stay in the lobby and wait for the vet. He is wearing an old green vet jacket. You can’t miss him. He has a burly white beard. The rest of you go to Room 418. Joe, here is the card. Stay there until 8:45. Then come down. I have a shuttle arranged to take you to Bully’s at 8:50. Joe, I need you to bring my light stand and umbrella. Oh, grab Sandy’s jacket in the adjoining room, leave it at the front desk under my name around 8:15 or so. I gotta go.” Odin directed. Odin returned to the table, bright as the waiter delivered the salads. He sucked down the White Russian and said, “Two more, please.”

“Did you get lost? You were gone a while?”

“No, I saw someone I knew from high school. Please don’t ask me his name. I honestly don’t know it. He knows me, though.” He lied. They finished their dinner. Joe looked at his phone and pretended to read a message. “Hey, I got a message from the front desk. I will be right back. Just sit tight.” He lied again.

Odin went to the front desk and fetched Sandy’s jacket. He texted Joe.


Odin: Dude, thanks! Did the vet show?

Joe: Yeah, he made it.

Odin: Great. We’re leaving in a few. So you will probably pass us on your way. Steve will put you in the theatre set up the light and umbrella. The lighting will be dim in there. Keep your distance. You know the drill. We talked about it. The plan is coming to get her.

Joe: Got it!

Odin returned to the table. “Hey, I went I the room and got your jacket. It should cover everything for our stroll if you want to ditch the dress.” He offered.

“I don’t know? What will I do with the dress? I suppose I could drop it off in the room.” She agreed.

“Or we could give it to the front desk, and they could put it in a garment case, and we could pick it up when we leave Sunday. What do you say?” He countered.

“Okay! But wait—Sunday? Two nights?” She asked”

“Yeah. You never know. We may not want to get out of bed tomorrow.” He said. “So why don’t you go into the bathroom and change out of that dress. Then we can take a little stroll. Relax. We got a weekend to enjoy ourselves. No pressure.” He added.

She took off the dress and put the jacket over herself. She felt naked. Her jacket covered everything, but her exposed pussy was sensitive to the open air. Part of her was apprehensive, but it also aroused her. She was a closet exhibitionist. She enjoyed wearing low-cut tops that revealed her ample cleavage. Her DD cup tits were a definite asset. They were worthy of showing off.

Furthermore, they kept her self-esteem high. Even though she is considered a BBW, she holds her weight well. Like everyone, she could lose a few pounds but, she wouldn’t want the weight to come off her breasts. She liked their size and shape; even her half-dollar sized areolae were in perfect proportion. She was a straight woman, but tits attracted her. She enjoyed sucking her own nipples; it wouldn’t be challenging to suck another woman’s tits. It wasn’t something she was seeking, but she wouldn’t be opposed to it either. She supposed that if Odin wanted her to, she would. There weren’t many things she wouldn’t do if he asked. But, even if he didn’t ask and just told her to, Sandy would! When she left the restroom, she felt sexy! There was a part of her that was alive. The open air on her loins aroused her. She could feel herself getting moist. Odin was patiently waiting for her.

“Daddy like? She softly said as she did a complete pirouette.

“Oh yeah! Daddy likes it a lot.” He said with confidence. “Shall we stroll into the waiting night?” Odin added. He offered his arm, which Sandy gladly took.

They strolled down the sidewalk. Odin pretended he had no idea where they were going. Sandy assumed the stroll was random. Finally, after three or four blocks, she stopped—of course, Odin did as well. She looked at him, staring into his eyes. “Kiss me!” She said.

Odin lowered his open mouth to hers. Softly, their lips met, and their tongues intertwined. Sandy shivered as Odin lifted her jacket and rubbed her soft pubic mound. Her knees weakened—his fingers slithered to her humid opening. She moaned as their tongues tangled and teased one another. She sighed again when his fingers parted her clammy lips. The sweet smell of jasmine wafted in the nearby air. For a solid minute, their tongues danced. They moved with the grace of seasoned tango dancers. Then, using the only crease of his hand, Odin gently rubbed her pussy. She turned her hips as she thought about his rock-hard cock. Her hand went directly to his shaft. She stroked its entire length through his trousers as his hips churned as well. Finally, he removed his hand from her snatch. Then he pulled down her jacket. Their lips broke. Sandy was amazed by the kiss and the delicate groping of her saturated box.

“Oh my God! I need to be fucked. I would fuck you right here right now if I weren’t afraid of going to jail. Oh my God, I need cock.” She begged.

Odin smiled. “Patience. Patience, my precious little slut. Delayed gratification. I guarantee that you will be satisfied by the time the night is over. Hey, flash this van. I think he is heading this direction.” He said.

“I don’t know? Should I? She asked.

“Yeah, do it! Here they come. Do it! Go on! Do it! Do it for daddy! He pleaded.

She unzipped her jacket and opened it. It wasn’t an open and then closed flash. It was an open look at me. I am sexy. The van was the valet van from the hotel. The driver slowed down as the front passenger howled. She didn’t cover up; instead, she pulled out one of her DD’s and began sucking on it. They went fucking crazy, so did Odin.

My God, what had he created? He thought.

“I always wanted to do that! But then, I saw it was the valet van. Then I saw it was a group of older men, which made me want to do it more! That was freaking awesome! OH MY GOD! She exclaimed. “I can’t believe I did that! I made those dirty old farts night,” she added. It reminded her of that porn flick she had saved.

“Yeah, you did.” He said. He wanted to add you just got it started for those horny fucks.

She didn’t even bother to zip up her jacket. Damn, she might do it again. They continued into the night.

They continued on their journey. Sandy wanted to go back to the hotel and fuck until she was stupid. The kiss, the groping, the flashing—had her hotter than a $10 pistol. She didn’t complain. Odin always took good care of her. She could walk with him.

Odin looked around and then said, “I have to go to the bathroom. So let’s go over there. It seems like it’s open.”

“Bully’s Adult Novelties? Really? Okay. I will wait out here.” Sandy said.

“Don’t be silly. Come in. We will find you a place to sit. Your legs have to be tired.” Odin pleaded.

“Okay!” She said with a sigh.

They stepped inside the shop. There was a burly old codger behind the counter. His name tag read Steve.

“So, Steve, can I use your restroom? I will purchase something when I get done, but I got to go.” Odin asked.

“Yeah, sure! No problem. Down the hall, then to the left.” He answered.

“Thanks, brother! I appreciate this. Hey, do you have a place my lady can sit?” He asked.

“Sure! Theater 1. Nothing is going on. We rent the theater out to frat boys mostly. They bring their porn; we put it on the big screen. They have a good time. We make a little scratch. Damned internet has killed the adult theater. It’s straight down to the end of the hall. Be careful where you sit.” He said.

“Thanks, bro! We appreciate it.” Odin said.

Directing his attention to Sandy, he said, “Come on, I will get you seated, and then I will go to the bathroom. They walked down the hall. Odin pushed the door open with his foot and guided her inside. The ghost lights on the wall dimly lit the theater. It was a small room. There were maybe 100 seats. Odin used his hand to find a chair that wasn’t crunchy.

She sat down and bounced a little in the seat, enjoying its comfort. Odin assured her he wouldn’t be very long.

No sooner did he leave than the sound came on. It was AC/DC.

She was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean

She was the best damn woman that I ever seen

She had the sightless eyes, telling me no lies

Knocking me out with those American thighs

Taking more than her share, had me fighting for air

She told me to come, but I was already there

‘Cause the walls start shaking, the Earth was quaking

My mind was aching and we were making it

And you shook me all night long

Yeah, you shook me all night long

Then the music cut. The big screen lit up. A girl was getting gang fucked right there on the big screen. “Odin? She cried out. “Odin?” She called out again. One by one, naked old men walked into the theater. OH MY GOD, ODIN!!” she cried out.

The sound of the movie lowered. Odin walked in. Still in his jacket and tie. He was holding a microphone. “Welcome to your Gangbang. Take off that jacket, and let them see your beauty—again. Yeah, again! Those old farts you flashed? Here they are!” He said. He started chanting, “TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!”

The others followed. Sandy waited as Odin got the light and umbrella positioned.

Odin said, “This is live. There are no mulligans. And ACTION!

The eleven men stood in a semicircle rubbing their cocks. “Roll the music AC/DC again,” Sandy said. Ready for her role, she gets into character. She has played this part numerous times while rubbing her clit and digging into her puss. She unzips her jacket as she dances in place. She turns her back to the old geezers. As she twerks, she flips the jacket up over her ass. “Come on, boys! Stroke those cocks for me. You know you wanna fuck me!” She said. She turned in a jump spin while opening her jacket. Then she bent over and shook her tits at the old crusties.

The men hollered in approval. She looked right in the camera and seductively licked her lips. She flipped

her hair back with a figure 8 motion of her head. She reached behind her neck with both hands to unclasp the bra and free the twins. Her tits fell free but couldn’t be seen by the camera or the horny men. She was a natural. Always keeping eye contact. She pulled a sleeve off but turned away to hide her revealed tit. Again, she flipped her hair. This time, she caught a few strands with her mouth. She snapped her head around, staring into the camera. She slapped her ass with her sleeved arm three times. Then with a quick motion, she pulled her jacket off and tossed it at one of the men jerking off. She squeezed her gigantic tits as she slowly began belly dancing. The men went fucking crazy. Their hollering got louder. Even Odin caterwauled and howled. Slowly she turned and jiggled her massive tits. Her loins ached, but she enjoyed putting on a show.

Odin had no idea she could even belly dance. But it explained why she was such a good fuck. He was having a difficult time keeping up with her. A part of him just wanted to fuck the living Hell out of her. Delayed gratification, he kept telling himself.

Most of the men had average cocks, but two were rather large. She had big cocks before, but they were arrogant and young—they rarely knew how to use the gift God had given them. Hopefully, these geezers have outgrown the conceit of youth. It sure would be nice to get fucked with a massive dick by someone who knew how to use it. She was anxious to see what these old studs had.

Odin was amazed at her natural ability to entertain. The way she swayed and shook her body was extraordinary. The men loved her. Joe and Steve looked on with amazement from the projection booth, as well. Steve had locked the doors for the evening as Odin had rented the facility out. Steve was part of the setup, but he wasn’t interested in participating.

“That’s it, baby, now turn around and twerk that ass some more. That’s it, sweetie. You are Looking sexy as Hell. Now back that ass up against a few of those cocks,” he directed. “Now, boys, no jumping the gun. You can grab her, talk to her, slap her ass, no hiding the bone,” Odin said.

She shook her tailfeather, enticing the mob. They cheered enthusiastically as they high five one another. Slowly she backed up. The cadence of her undulating rump varied from slow and seductive to brisk and tantalizing. Finally, she backed onto a lovely thick shaft. Sandy continued twerking—her cunt lips open and resting over the length of his post. “Mmmm,” she moaned. She bounced her twat all along his length.

“Grab her tits,” Odin directed. The old coot reached around and squeezed her large breasts.

She arched her back, leaning back towards him. She twisted her head so their eyes met. She never stopped dry humping his stiff, swollen rod. His hands, pawing at her tits, sent shivers through her loins. “Is that wonderful cock hard because of me? So, Grandpa, you wanna fuck your favorite girl, huh? Mmmmmm, that hard cock inside my wet pussy. I bet you do. Thrusting in and out, in and out, mmmmmm,” she seductively said. Then, softly pushing him away entrancingly, she said, “Maybe later, gramps—maybe later.”

The crew, in unison, murmured, “Oooooo.” Both because of the burn and the possibility of fucking the elegant temptress dancing before their eyes.

Some might consider what Sandy had done a dry hump. But the thick layer of juice escort bayan she left on the lucky man’s cock was far from dry.

Of course, Odin was all over it, zooming in. Then, to everyone’s surprise, the man stroked his shaft and scooped the translucent liquid off it up with the webbing between his thumb and forefinger. Then, he lifted his hand to his nose. He took in a deep breath enjoying the entanglement of jasmine and her natural fragrances. He then offered the others a smell. Each man expressed a different form of admiration.

Even Odin got a whiff. “Yup, that’s my baby girl,” he said.

Then, the man put his hand to his mouth. Sucking the juices into his mouth as his eyes closed. The man thought if he were to die at this very moment, he would already be in heaven. They were all envious. The brilliant old man blurted out, “Boys, I have discovered the fountain of youth.”

Another spry fellow said, “Fountain of Youth! I am going to give her my Fountain of Youth!” Many of the group laughed.

“Oh yeah, big daddy?” Sandy said as she belly danced towards the cavalier gentleman. By now, Sandy was past aroused. Aroused was two stops back. There was an itch in her loins that needed scratching, and she saw the tool for the job. She reached out confidently with both hands. Taking his massive cock into her hands, she stroked him. He was one of the two that stood out. As her right hand rubbed towards the head, the left stroked towards his colossal nut sack. Cradling his balls, she stroked his nine-inch hammer. She continued her belly dance as she caressed him. Then she asked, “Is this the Fountain of Youth you brag of? She dropped to her knees and licked the head as she continued stroking him. He throbbed in her hands. Then she took his fantastic cock head into her mouth and sucked. God, how she loved having cock filling her mouth, but she needed it most in her moist and necessitous pussy. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as she took more of his manhood deep into her mouth.

Odin, now at her side, zoomed in. The appreciation of this massive cock was written in her facial expressions. She swirled her tongue around his length as she took more and more flesh into her mouth. The man’s cock was now in her throat. Soon the bulbous head would be where very few have been. She took him deep into her throat. She buried he nose into his silver forest. She moaned as she bobbed her head up and down. She loved playing with his ball as she stroked and sucked his cock. Odin was right there getting closeups of his white precum coating his cock pooling at the corners of this seductress’s mouth.

Odin couldn’t believe his eyes. His bride, the love of his life, was sucking this man’s cock like a porn star. His hope was he was highlighting her natural ability properly. He knew she was a good cocksucker firsthand but didn’t know she could make it look so damned sensuous. He had never wanted to fuck her as bad as he did at that moment. He knew that eagerness would only build as the night rolled on.

Sensing the fountain might flood her mouth, she released the serpent from the captivity of her expert mouth. She flipped her head back, looked him in the eyes, and asked, “So big daddy, the fluids from your fountain, are they best if swallowed, or should they be placed in here?” She rose and pointed to her pussy. She backed her way back to a theater seat and sat down, spreading her legs wide. “Come fuck me, big daddy. I need your cock to scratch an itch. Please give it to me! Gimme your meat. Fill my pussy up,” Sandy begged. She wasn’t acting!

Everything she said, even the way she said it was real. Odin knew that look. Of course, he wished it was him, but tonight wasn’t about him. It was about his bride. This was her time. He would have his. First, she must have hers.

The man walked towards her, knelt slowly, took his cock in his hand, guided it to her pussy, and slipped the head inside her saturated cunt! Then, he exclaimed, “FUCK YEAH!” as he penetrated her easily. His cock was bigger than she was used to, but her pussy was flooded with her juices. Odin was right there capturing it.

Sandy moaned, ”Ohhhh my. Fuck me! Squeeze my tits.” She leaned forward and whispered, “Call me a whore talk dirty to me.”

Odin grabbed one guy by the shoulder and told him he should “Stand in the row behind her, then place his cock by her mouth. Let her do the work. She is a natural.

The man did as instructed.

All the men had moved nearer the action. They were close enough to get a good view but stayed out of Odin’s way as well.

The man fucking Sandy squeezed her magnificent tits and pinched her nipples. “Take my cock, you dirty little slut. You know you need it,” the man said.

Sandy jerked the cock by her mouth. First, she stroked him as he brushed her hair away from her face. Then, Sandy began fucking the old geezer back—meeting his thrustš with her own. Then, looking directly in the eyes of the man fucking her, she said, “Fuck me hard, big daddy! Fuck my pussy, as if you mean it. Use me!”

He said, “That’s it fuck your daddy like the whore you are.” He was now fucking her at a brisk pace. His pelvis smashed into hers harshly. Grinding hard against her excited love bud, he made sure each penetration was with force. He fought hard not to cum, but it was a hopeless plight.

“Suck my cock, you nasty little cumslut,” the man behind her said.

Her neck draped over the back of the dirty theater seat; she stuffed the man’s cock into her mouth. She sucked his cock with passion. Bobbing her head, swirling her tongue. She felt him grow harder. Laidback with her spread legs wide open. One man was smashing her pussy while she sucked the other man’s cock. Then there was Odin recording it all. His presence motivated her to give these old fucks the fuck of their lives. Even though her mouth was full of old cock, she moaned. The old fucker pumping his cock in and out of her eager pussy was squeezing her tits. That warned her he was about to cum—too late, she felt him thrust deep, and then•

“FUCK!” the old man grunted with passion. “I am fucking cumming! Take it slut! Ohhhh, yeah. Your pussy was made to fuck,” he added.

Odin told him to pull out slowly. As he did, Odin zoomed in. The man’s long thick cock, coated in white cream, slid out slowly. Plop! His cock fell out. The man’s hot semen followed. His hot cum pooled just inside her gaping hole. The man tried to stand but struggled. Finally, with the help of the others, he did stand. Next, Odin pointed to another man. “You’re up; hit it, he said. Next, Odin pointed to the man getting his cock sucked. “Come over here. You’re on deck, he instructed. As the took his place in line, Odin then guided the than who had just cum inside his wife down the next row back to get his cock cleaned up by Sandy. Using the head of his cock, the man pushed the cum leaking out back in her want fuck hole. He quickly thrust his cock inside her pussy and started fucking her at a blazing pace. Squeezing her hard nipples with no misgiving. The man was on a mission. No words, just grunts with each breath. One look at Sandy sucking the cum off that man’s cock, and he was shooting his load deep inside her.

The man only said, “Oh my God! I am going to CUM!” He kept his cock buried inside her as his cock throbbed. The man waited for Odin to get in position. When he pulled out, a flood of cum oozed out with it. Sandy instinctively scooped it up with her hand. Then she feasted on the creamy side dish.

The next man furrowed deep into her drenched pussy, with a vengeance. He leaned down and took a massive tit into his mouth. He arduously sucked it into his mouth. His hands clamped down on her tit while he battered her cum hole with his stiff rod. Ramming against her loins incessantly. His suction on her nipple intensified. She knew it was going to leave a mark.

Finally, she felt her loins begin to quiver. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! That’s it, yes, now keep sucking my tit, Sandy said as she thrust upwards with a vindication of her own. She was so close to cumming.

The man fucking her, ground into her loins with each thrust. He knew this horny bitch was going to cum. He bit down slightly on her aroused nipple.

The biting sent a mad rush of electricity straight to her clit. “FUCK! I am cummmming! Yes! Fuck my pussy, baby! Fuck me hard. Fuck me like a slut, she pleaded.

Her pussy sloshed loudly from all the cum inside her as he gave her a fucking she would never forget. He continued his rapid pace for a good two minutes—then he released her nipple, and as the virile man pulled his cock out of her, he exclaimed! “I am going to cum!” Cum, he did! The man jerked his cock, striping the cum from deep inside his testicles. The first stream struck the underside of her boob. It was warm. The sight of his spewing cock made Sandy feel like a woman. His next stream was far more prominent. It splattered her bruised nipple. Then another, and another, stream ejected. Cum flew everywhere. This old cumslinger must have shot at least a half dozen rounds off. Sandy took his cock in her mouth and sucked. Even though the man thought he was finished, Sandy wasn’t. She sucked out every last drop she could. Opening her mouth, the horny wife showed him the mouthful he had missed, and then Sandy swallowed it with a seductive smile. “Mmm, mmm, good,” she murmured.

With the encouragement of Odin, the next man lifted Sandy, turned her around, and bent her over the theater seat. She reached back, grabbed his hard baton, and guided it into her cum dripping hole. Finally, one good ole boy went into the next row, stood in front of her, and offered his cock to her waiting mouth. Another pervert knelt in the chair next to hers a sucked her big fat titty.

Odin motioned to Joe in the booth to come down with his hand. Then, he directed the man fucking her to push her head into the other man’s crotch. “Skull fuck her,” he told him. “Skull fuck my wife. No mercy,” he added.

The man sitting down grabbed her by the back of the head and thrust into her open mouth slowly at first, then harder and faster. Saliva and pre-cum pooled in his crotch. The man at her backside pounded her dripping pussy. She felt his huge balls slap against her ass. She loved being manhandled by these two men. It wasn’t long before the man satisfying her wanton cunt was shooting another load deep inside her. When pulled out, a thick glob of white ooze followed. It ran down her leg, dripping from her knee to the floor. Joe stroked his hard cocked and guided it to her gaping hole. His cock was thick. Thicker than the others—wider than his too. He plowed right in and fucked her. It was like a jackhammer. Soon, Sandy was cumming around his pistoning shaft. Finally, she broke free from the man tickling her tonsils.

“FUCK ME!” she screamed. “YEESSS! FUCK MY CUNT! OH MY FUCKING GOD, I AM CUUUMMMMMMMING!” She continued as she took the other man’s cock back into her mouth. Her knees buckled as she came.

Joe tightened his grip on her get hips—stabilizing her. Then, he continued his frantic pace. The man was a fucking machine. Then, he reached out and squeezed her soft tits, and pinched her nipples. Now she was sucking the cock in her mouth as she played with his nuts. Soon she was cumming again. Joe could feel her pussy spasm, and he just kept pounding away. Finally, with a grunt and a moan, he thrust all the way inside her. she felt his cum hit her cervix. Joebpulled back and then pushed again. He held her there as he enjoyed the moment. Then he pulled out and hurried away undetected. She pulled away from the cock she was sucking. She plopped in the chair.

“I need a cock! Who is next?” she asked?

Another man fucked her and another. Finally, the man sitting in the next row took his turn. After he emptied his balls inside her, Odin took his turn. “How’s daddy’s cum slut? Ready for another load of sperm?” He asked. He teased her clit with his cock head. She took his hard cock in her hand and put it inside her pussy. With the same zeal that Joe had shown, he pummeled here into another frenzy. Odin feared that he wouldn’t cum. Odin feared he would shoot a blank like the night before. His cock was coated with cum as he thrust in and out. Her pussy sloshed loudly. She moved toward yet another orgasm. His fear was all put to rest when she started to cum. He shot stream after inside her. His orgasm was huge! All he said was, “I love you! Happy early Anniversary. When he pulled out, he offered his cock to her waiting mouth. She sucked and licked his cock clean. She was spent. Her pussy was sore but satisfied. They all got dressed and waited for the shuttle bus. Sandy went to the bathroom and cleaned up a little. Everyone loaded up except Joe. He grabbed an Uber.

When back in the hotel room, she went straight to bed. She wanted to savor all the cum inside her. They both passed out. The do not disturb sign was hung. They slept in until around 11. She woke up first and took a long hot bath. After Odin showered, she was already getting the program ready to edit. She was putting music to the scenes and canceling out Odin’s voice. Then it happened. “That guy! Him, right there, that guy. He made me cum twice. I know that ass. That’s Joe’s little keister. Joe is the one. My God! I thought I was going to pass out from cumming so hard.” she exclaimed. “Oh my!” she added.

Surprisingly Odin wasn’t jealous. “You said once you bet he fuck someone stupid,” he said.

“Hey, I got an idea. I know we said it might be weird if we played with someone we knew. It wasn’t weird. I have never had a real cock in my pussy and ass at the same time. What do you think? Maybe I could be one of those bicycles that two ride at the same time?” She asked.

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