Amish No More – Chapter 4


AMISH NO MORE- Chapter 4
November 2013

Although Martha was silent and I believe somewhat frightened, her eyes said “I want out of my wet clothes” and that is not unreasonable.

“Well, I suppose the most practical course of action is for you to get completely undressed. Strip for me, mi Niña.”

Martha quietly stood up in the large tub and carefully undressed, wringing out and dropping wet garments to the bathmat on tile floor until she was naked for my eyes to peruse.

“Very nice…yes, very nice indeed; you are such a small and petite little thing. I expect you to maintain your trim figure. Perhaps expect isn’t a strong enough word so I’ll rephrase; you are mandated to maintain your current weight and figure or you will be disciplined.

You may start shampooing me, Martha. Afterward you will wash me. In this you will be no different from my other ladies. When you finish there is a bottle of ice wine from the Niagara Escarpment in my duffle bag and if I remember correctly from your favorite winery.

We will soak here in the tub and share the bottle before bedtime…….”

When she was done with me, I shampooed her hair and washed her body, paying special attention to her breasts to get her nipples hard. I made a mental note about her hairy pussy. I also made Martha stand to check her over carefully.

The tattoo was gone and the puckered scars where that bastard burned her with cigars or cigarettes were barely noticeable; that private hospital and spa was worth every penny.

It’s ironic that we never showered or bathed together while we were engaged or married. This is such a simple yet intimate pleasure and one which I now can’t live without.

Much of the secret cutting edge treatment Martha received having to do with biorhythms and subliminal suggestions removed all of her previous inhibitions, traumas and grief without affecting her basic personality.

Martha still has a temper as does Minerva. I put up with Martha’s temper when we were married. No doubt she and Minerva will clash, although physically or intellectually, Martha is no match for my marvelous Minerva; but I digress.

At my direction Martha drained the tub. We showered to remove any soap residue from our bodies. Martha then rinsed the tub well and wiped it out with a towel before filling it with hot water for us to soak.

I held her close to me and gave her permission to speak. Interestingly enough Martha was quiet for the most part as she sipped her favorite sweet wine.

“It time for you to leave, mi Niña. Arthur will be back tomorrow afternoon. He and I have much to discuss; much of it about you; the rest is of a private nature and not for you to know.

“Are you sure I can’t spend the night with you, Michael? You don’t have to make love to me; to be near you again will be so nice.”

“Not tonight,” I said gently while standing up and helping her to stand, “What did I say about obedience, Martha? Short of an emergency, you will not disturb me this evening.

If Maud were not here you would be sharing my bed. After we return home we will discuss the subject with the rest of my ladies when I deem it appropriate.

“Yes, Michael” and as Martha said it there was a knock on the door “It’s Maud and time for you to leave. Yes you may come in” I said calling out.

“My, how cozy,” Maud remarked walking into the bathroom and removing an extra large towel from the bathroom cabinet to wipe me off.

“I’ll take over from here, Ms. Cardoso. You had your opportunity with him and all you can manage is a bath; how quaint although in no way surprising. I have something else in mind for Mr. Buckley; night-night.”

I saw a familiar flash of anger in Martha’s eyes……good. I have no intention of breaking her spirit. I was curious to see how she would handle this now.

“Thank you again for the wine and an intimate evening Michael” said Martha, taking her time to dry herself off with an extra large bath towel before wrapping another around her middle. Arthur is very practical about such things and prefers extra large, generous towels as do I.

Getting between Maud and I, Martha put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips; so far so good.

“Good night, Michael.”

“Good night mi Niña.”

Glaring at Maud, Martha picked up her wet clothing and went storming out of the room, slamming the door behind her; not so good.

“You can be such a bitch, Maud.”

“Yes, Master, if you say so” Maud said innocently “I’m not the one who slammed the door though. I’ll have you for one more night. Since you are taking Ms. Cardoso home with you that trashy bleached blonde can wait her turn.”

“You remind me so much of Minerva, blue eyes” I remarked, turning to face her so she could finish drying the rest of me “and I can assure you Martha’s hair debacle will be corrected. Bleached blonde was Abzug’s preference, not Martha’s.”

“Why don’t you let me shave Martha’s head and get it over with?”

“Maud” I admonished, giving her bottom a stinging slap of warning “Drop the subject!”

“Yes Michael, not another word on that topic.”

“Speaking of beautiful hair, you look lovely this evening and your perfume is captivating.”

“Thank you on both counts, Michael” and she dropped the towel and put her arms around my neck to kiss my lips, “I want to suck on your cock, Master” and she kissed my lips again “since its standing at attention for me.”

I was thinking ‘Yes, you silver vixen; sweet release; especially after holding Martha close to me to prime my pump.’

Maud was wearing a filmy short green silk nightgown trimmed in lace with red silk panties trimmed the same. Her beautiful burnished silver gray hair was pinned up loosely on the top of her head with silver tendrils strategically hanging down while her makeup was deliberately sultry. Tonight was my last night for a time to have her body as is my right of the Sanctorum.

“On your knees, blue eyes” I said pushing gently on Maud’s shoulders “This will be cock sucking lesson number two; the basics. I will talk you through it this last time.

Heel and start with your tongue. Be sure to look into my eyes or Arthur’s eyes unless you are told otherwise.

Yes that’s right….good………Lick the entire shaft. Marvelous…take your little tongue and lick the entire circumference of the tip. Very good that feels wonderful.

Alternate between the two, the shaft and the tip… the shaft and the tip and now in a circle with your tongue…in a circle with your tongue… keep licking.

Very nice, Maud, you are doing fine… pretend that your tongue is a butterflies wings fluttering from flower to flower.

Flutter your tongue on the tip…good you are reading my mind, in a circle, on the tip, on the shaft, good your technique is improving since yesterday; memorize and remember

You have me throbbing and pulsating and I am holding back my orgasm to prolong the sensual pleasure and it feels marvelous.

Good, blue eyes…back off your teasing and lick the clear pre-come off of my penis… keep looking at me and hold my cock in your mouth.”

I took Maud’s hair down, removing the hairpins one by one and dropping them to the floor. Maud’s hair flowed like a silver waterfall down her back to just below her shoulder blades.

“At this juncture you will soon instinctively know when your Master is about to orgasm from his pulsating and throbbing cock followed by the pre-cum.

Learn how it tastes and then back off. If I wanted to come right now, I would use your beautiful hair to hold you in place while I ejaculate into your mouth.

Many Masters might ejaculate on your face. I am not one of them unless that is your preference and only to indulge you; to spice things up so to speak.

I am going to pull out slightly just before I do come so that you do not gag or choke. You will learn to compensate in time to have the entire cock in your mouth when your Master comes and it won’t be necessary for him to withdraw slightly.

Again, many Masters enjoy making their slaves gag, however I’m not one of them.”

Maud nodded her head and smiled.

“As I have told you before; most men also like to have their balls licked and sucked on…..mmm….very nice…keep licking…lick the inside of my legs where my balls hang; ah yes nice, very nice…..keep it up.

Take my balls in your mouth and suck and be sure to be careful with your teeth…good girl, you’re learning well.

Suck and lick while you look up at me blue eyes… watch your teeth…mm…. yes, yes…very good. I want you to concentrate on my cock…..but first let’s get more comfortable.”

I walked over to the bed and sat down with my back against the headboard on three stacked pillows patting the bed with my hand in invitation “Remove your nightgown and panties, blue eyes.”

Maud quickly obeyed and got on her stomach to position her head over my cock and began licking and sucking.

I gathered Maud’s soft thick silver hair from the nape and pulled it forward so that it covered my stomach.

“Take it all in your mouth. I want you to deep throat me and I want it wet and sloppy; do you understand?”

“Mmm,” was Maud’s muffled reply as she swallowed my cock from the tip to the shaft while I played with blue eye’s hair, her head bobbing up and down with enthusiasm.

Mmm, the sweet release as my orgasm washed over me was almost indescribable as I held Maud’s head in place to pump my semen into her mouth to swallow.

“Very well done, my dear” I said pushing her thick silver hair over her shoulders and back to smooth it in place “stay where you are for now.”

“Yes, Michael” said Maud, struggling closer to get comfortable “this is nice.”

“Yes it is, and you’re a beautiful woman. Tomorrow morning after breakfast I want you to find me a Harley Dealership. It’s approximately a 20 hour drive home for me on the interstate.

Mandy likes to ride and is licensed. Sarah and Minerva have been practicing with my 1965 pan-head for their road test.”

“Does Katherine ride?”

Katherine hasn’t given me any indication one way or the other. On the other hand, most her spare time is spent in studying; do you know Katherine has a perfect grade point average?”

“I didn’t, although I’m not surprised, Michael; I’m well aware of Katherine’s analytical mind. Arthur is pleased that you sent her to medical school. I also know you play chess with Katherine. Do you ever win?”

“I’m getting to be a better player because of her trouncing me most of the time.”

“Is Katherine going to specialize?”

“No, Katherine wants to be a General Practitioner and partner with Doctor Adams at the clinic.”

“Again I’m not surprised. Katherine is a kind and caring soul for all her brilliance. Money and wealth mean little to her. She cared for me for a time when I broke my leg.

It was then I found out how much she loves poetry. I know very little about Motorcycles. What model are you buying?”

“I’m thinking of purchasing a Harley CVO limited. It will be nice to have a full dresser for travel or touring. You have my permission to grease a few palms to speed up the process to have it registered so I can ride it home.

Before I was married, I hung out with a rough crowd, including some of the women. I sold my 1963 pan head the third year we were married, the year Martha became pregnant.”


“I didn’t want Martha or my children exposed to those types of people. We wanted at least three children although that’s irrelevant now. Besides, my business was starting to take off with new responsibilities that kept me busy. These days I ride for the sheer pleasure. Martha can be my biker bitch on the ride home”

“You said it Master, not I.”

“Ah a double entendre; biker bitch as opposed to the garden variety bitch, nonetheless, I’ll break Martha of that; with gentle correction preferably; she will behave. You can sit up…better yet lean up against me.”

Maud did and I put my arms around her trim waist pulling her closer to smell her perfumed hair, “Of all the women in my life blue eyes, you smell the nicest.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Having experienced both perspectives, Master, you owe it to your women to see that Martha does behave and disrupt your household for discipline and order must be maintained.”

“Quite right, and I’m up to the challenge, you pretty blue eyed slave.”

I started caressing Maud’s breasts, feeling her nipples hardening at my touch, “Enough talking. I want you to play with yourself while I caress your breasts; you will not orgasm without permission…..I want to hear you moan and feel you squirm with pleasure…or else.”

Telling Maud was hardly necessary, because shortly after “hold it….don’t come yet, blue eyes” I warned “stay on the bed and get on your hands and knees!”

I entered Maud roughly from behind pulling her head back by her hair as I ravaged her wet swollen pussy, slapping her ass lightly as I pounded her with my cock.

Moaning was an understatement for Maud was practically screaming as her first orgasm overtook her; followed by mine….in retrospect Maud should have locked the bedroom door.

“Is everything all right in here?” Martha asked opening the door and walking right up to the bed with me still mounted on Maud. She was wearing a short pink cotton nightgown and her hair was pulled back in a simple low ponytail.

“Is this an emergency? I heard someone screaming and screeching and thought something was terribly wrong; sorry” Martha said innocently “I didn’t know what to think, ah oops”…and for a second or two neither did we. Not that I was embarrassed mind you. I was actually quite amused.

“Since I’m here, I might as well get the shoes I left in the bathroom. I hope you don’t mind.”

It was Maud who broke the ice, “How convenient, but you forget something else, Ms. Cardoso; your manners for one. You should have knocked first and waited for permission to enter before coming in. I will include your obedience to Michael for two.”

Maud got up to walk past Martha and opened the door, pointing her arm for Martha to leave.

I could see a glimmer of the Grand Mistress still in her bearing and posture as blue eyes stood there; tamed but not broken; excellent!

“If you continue this kind of behavior, you’re going to be in for a rude awakening when Michael takes you home. Discipline and order will be maintained. Isn’t that right, Master?”

Maud essentially forced my hand. This was a crucial moment and object lesson for Martha to learn her place.

Ignoring Maud, Martha went into the bathroom, retrieved her shoes and held them up as evidence before I took them from her.

“May I please watch, Master” Maud asked.

“No my dear; please step outside and close the door. You will be available when I call for you.”

I got off the bed after Maud closed the door, dropping the shoes to the carpet and when I did Martha asked “What did she mean by referring to you as Master?”

I put my arms around her waist and kissed Martha’s lips long and deep pulling her tight to me.

“You realize you will be sharing a house with three other women, correct?”

“Yes, Michael.”

“And you also realize that someone must be totally in charge. Ours is a unique living arrangement?”

“Yes, I think I understand.”

“No Martha, you don’t fully understand. Master is more than a title or a term of endearment. My ladies answer to me and obey me in all things. Do you want to be one of them?”

“Yes Michael” she put her arms around my neck and kissed me back.

“Good. You answer to me as I answer to Arthur. I give him my allegiance and loyalty of my own free will.

You are more than just my ward, Martha; you will answer to me in ways you can only imagine. I promise you that the rewards shall be great.”

I removed Martha’s arms from my neck and put them at her side “Michael, I…..”

“Be silent” I interrupted “from this time forward you disobey me at your own peril.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and turned Martha towards the bed. I crossed her small hands behind her back, holding them in one of mine and pushed Martha face down on the bed.

I lifted her nightgown to expose her bare buttocks, thinking, ‘Hmm, interesting, you’re not wearing panties mi Niña. You did this when we were first married to tease me; my god, how much I loved you then!

It’s astounding how similar in bone structure, size and body shape you are to Mandy. You could be sisters from different mothers as far as these things go.

Of course your facial features are different, as are your complexions; Mandy being fairer; a nice peaches and cream; you the light exotic olive of your Portuguese heritage. You share the same thick hair; Mandy’s is a glorious honey blonde and yours is soon to be your natural striking raven black….I take no pleasure in this mi Niña.’

I spanked her with my bare hand and by the fourth smack, Martha görükle escort began struggling wildly and cursing me in Portuguese…..not that I expected anything less.

“Keep it up, Martha,” I said calmly while easily holding her in place as my good right hand met her bottom for the fifth time, “I can keep this up for as long as it takes, SMACK, “you will not curse at me, SMACK, SMACK, “you will submit to my will,” SMACK, “and do as you’re told SMACK.

I continued the spanking until Martha stopped cursing and was sobbing; no longer struggling……resigned to her punishment.

I never spanked her before, let alone hit Martha while we were married. In fact, I seldom raised my voice to her then.

The shock value of that spanking coupled with the demonstration of physical dominance over her made a greater impression than the pain of her spanking.

I was holding back and no doubt the spanking was humiliating regardless that it stung. Sometimes humiliation is a good teacher. This was one of those times as she sees Maud as a rival. Martha will see my ladies as rivals at first and this is only natural.

Interestingly enough I smelled Martha’s arousal from the spanking although I didn’t mention it. I wonder if she was embarrassed it?

I stood up with my arms folded across my chest watching Martha until her crying stopped. When she calmed down some, “Maud, you may enter.”

“I don’t want that woman here!” Martha shrieked “I don’t want her seeing me like this!” she then buried her face in a pillow.

“That is not for you to decide. You will stand and face me or shall I continue with my good right hand on your bare bottom. Be thankful I don’t use my belt.

Martha got off the bed and stood there eyes red from crying but her eyes were defiant as she pulled her nightgown down.

Thinking ahead and anticipating what I would want, Maud walked into the room with a bowl full of ice cubes in water with a washcloth in it.

“Thank you” I said removing the washcloth and wringing it out. I started wiping Martha’s face with the cold soothing washcloth, telling her, “I took no pleasure in that mi Niña. Cross your wrists behind your back and look at me…..very good. Maud, kneel and look at me.”

Maud got on her knees with her back straight holding the bowl up for me to dip the washcloth into the ice water while I washed Martha’s red face, removing the snot on it as she looked in surprise at Maud kneeling.

“You ladies will learn to get along without even a hint of acrimony. I will not tolerate any catty or mean behavior including that of omission, such as Martha being overdressed for dinner; despite the fact she looked lovely as did you, Maud, dressed casually and more appropriate for that dining establishment.

Martha, you will respect Maud’s privacy when she is with me or when I’m with any of my ladies. If you must be a voyeur, that will be on my terms not yours. There are no locked doors inside my home, despite the doors having locks; learn to respect closed doors.”

Maud placed her hand at the base of her throat asking permission to speak which I denied by shaking my head, the gestures not unnoticed by Martha.

“Tomorrow is another day and will be a fresh start. Maud, you will not mention Martha’s punishment to anyone. This matter is closed and shall remain between the three of us.

I don’t expect hugs and kisses between you two; however I do expect civility, common courtesy and cooperation.

Maud, you may stand and return to bed after you change the sheets and pillow cases.

Martha, I want you to return to your room. I’ll meet you for breakfast in the morning around ten; please have it ready for us. Good night mi Niña. Please close the door quietly behind you.”

Martha turned, her little hands clenched in fists and without wishing me a good night, closed the door quietly with great deliberation. Maud kneeled after finishing with the bed and placed her hand at the base of her throat.

“No blue eyes. I’m tired and need to think. Let me sleep to clear my mind. We’ll make love again in the morning if you like and I’ll put aside time before breakfast to talk.”

Maud lay down beside me, touching my face and smiling. She kissed my lips lightly before turning on her side facing away but staying close, so taking the hint I put my arm around Maud to pull her closer. That is how we awoke in the morning with my arm around her for a new day and a fresh start………

I was dressed and packed before I went for breakfast in the kitchen. Martha prepared the same delicious omelet as the morning before and I made a fuss to let Martha know it was delicious.

It was a pleasant breakfast with no tension between the two women. They were polite and cordial. Martha’s spanking went a long way towards that.

Before breakfast, I made love to Maud as promised. We talked while showering together. We talked about closure and forgiveness and second chances and that conversation had its desired effect as well.

After breakfast Martha and I went for a walk on the grounds of Arthur’s estate while Maud made a private appointment for me with the owner/ sales manager at the local Harley Dealership, plus some other arrangements for the next two days.

I was pleased that they had the motorcycle I wanted in my preferred color from the catalog; typhoon maroon. At my direction, Maud offered them two grand over full sticker with the stipulation that it be ready today; done deal.

Martha and I talked. I didn’t tell her about the Sanctorum for Martha wasn’t ready for that yet. She was in good spirits and looking forward to returning home with me.

“I learned something about you last night, Michael.”

“I’m curious, mi Nina; what have you learned?”

“You’ve always been a polite man. I’ll have to give you that and that hasn’t changed…. although you have.”

“How have I changed?”

“With the new Michael, please doesn’t necessarily mean I have a choice…..”

While we were sitting in the grass under an elm tree talking about her duties and new living arrangements; Martha would have her own bedroom and could decorate it any way she liked, she was delighted to find a four leaf clover.

She plucked it from the ground and kissed it before she tucked it in between her breasts for safe keeping. She then took my face in her small hands and kissed my lips.

“Do you remember our first date when you were exclusively my Mickey, Michael? We were at an outdoor Irish music festival sitting on a blanket in the grass when you found a four leaf clover. You kissed it and then you kissed me?

“I do remember mi Niña. The odds are about 10,000 to one in finding a four leaf clover and we did it twice.”

“This is so wonderful Michael. You told me then that Irish tradition says each leaf in the clover symbolizes good omens of faith, hope, love and luck for the finder.”

“What happened to our two of hearts, Michael; two hearts beating as one… in faith…in hope…. and in love?”

“I still have it, Martha. It’s in the inside pocket of my beat up leather jacket.”

“After all this time you still have!” she exclaimed, “after all that has happened between us? I thought for years you hated me and you still have it.”

“You must understand something Martha. Although I was bitter for a time followed by anger and resentment; in my heart of hearts, I never hated you. How can I hate you Martha when we were so much in love once?

Hate does terrible things to people. It eats at our souls until nothing is left but a hollow empty space that invites darkness.

I am lucky that I found Minerva, with my other two ladies to follow. I’ve discarded conventional thinking in regard to love and women.

It’s possible to be in love with more than one woman, mi Niña. They are my family now and the rewards aside from the obvious sexual pleasures are priceless. I’ll never be monogamous again.”

“I realize that Michael. Arthur visited me often when I was in the hospital and we discussed that. I have grown to think of him as the strong father I never had. We had many long talks together; hours and hours. He flew all the way to Sweden just to talk to me.

Sometimes I think Arthur can read minds. He is such a complex man and a commanding presence. He is kind and sweet. He can be so stern at times. I’m a little afraid of him, as I am with you.

Arthur assured me that you have forgiven me. He told me I must learn to forgive myself about the death of our son because it was nobody’s fault.

He said undeserved irrational guilt is a poison to the soul as arsenic is to one’s body. We discussed there are many ways to grieve besides ashes and sack cloths’.

Arthur literally held my hand for moral support when I called my mother and my aunts; overseas calls. I told them that I forgave them.

They all hung up on me afterward and that’s fine because at least I tried; I’ve moved on Michael, just as you’ve moved on.

Arthur and I talked about our families and I confessed everything to him as if he were a priest giving me absolution. The more I talked with Arthur the better I felt about myself and the more I got to thinking……and well, here we are…… “

On a side note, shortly after I found my four leaf clover, I selected the two of hearts from a deck of playing cards and wrote our pet names for each other on it; mi Niña and Mickey. I then placed the clover on it and had it laminated. Martha is the only person whom I ever allowed to call me Mickey.

After Arthur returned from Salt Lake City we locked ourselves in his study for a good three hours discussing matters of the Sanctorum, followed by discussions of Martha and Maud with snifters of brandy over a chessboard.

“You never told me about the four leaf clover on the playing card” Arthur commented, taking a sip of brandy as he moved his pawn.

“It never came up in conversation” I replied positioning my knight to counter the pawn while explaining about the card.

“Good, move Michel. Your chess game has definitely improved. I am chalking up Martha’s treatment as a success. How was your time with Maud? Did she please you?” he asked, moving his bishop.

“Chalk Maud’s up to a success as well. I’m pleased with what you done with her hair, Arthur. I enjoyed all her orgasms and mine. It’s obvious to me why you want her. Maud confided that she wasn’t used carnally by other Masters or Mistresses out of fear.”

“Do you fear me, Michael?”

“Well, Arthur, a man can only die once. I’ve done nothing to merit death. You will never break your vow to the Sanctorum nor will I. Neither of us are untouchable Arthur; the Sanctorum sees to that.”

“That’s a good answer my friend, and I do consider you a good friend, Michael, which is why I confide in you. As for Maud’s orgasms, yes, it is very good that she enjoys her submissive sexuality. Have you taken Martha to bed yet?”

“No, I haven’t; although she’s more than willing.”

“Maud told me about the incident in the sea food restaurant where you rendered that loud mouth fool unconscious. Was the device incorporated into a ring?”

“Yes, this ring is the prototype” I advised him taking it out of my pocket and handing it to him “twist the bezel right then left to arm it….yes, like that….you’ll notice the two electrodes sticking up. Twist again to disarm. Because of the size of the battery it’s only good for three debilitating discharges before a battery change.”

“Will you be offering them up for sale?”

“No; this will be one of my toys.”

“Will you share your toys, Michael? I would like such a ring.”

“Yes and you may keep the prototype until yours is ready. I’ll include two spare batteries. I can cast a signet ring with your initials on it in gold with the seal of the Santorum if you like.”

“Gold with the Santorum’s seal will be fine; are there any regrets or concerns about bringing Martha home with you? I believe she will eventually be a fine addition to your family…tell me about her temper.”

“Martha still has one, although it’s more subdued now that she has limits with consequences” I moved my rook to counter his queen and took a sip of his excellent brandy.

“Thank you for taking the time to visit her for it did Martha a world of good; she believes that you can read minds.”

“Perhaps I can Michael, checkmate. Perhaps I can. Would that surprise you?”

“Out and out read minds, yes it would. Good game by the way. Reading people or sensing their feelings, not at all….perhaps you’re empathic, Arthur?”

“Perhaps I am Michael. Maud will remind us when it’s time to drive you to the Harley dealer; we have another ten minutes according to the Grandfather Clock.

Remember what we discussed. The upcoming tribunal next week will put you in a good position depending on the outcome.

Judge fairly Michael….no I beg your pardon, of course you will…..please send my love to your ladies.
Maud and I will be visiting as planned after Thanksgiving. I do believe that Maud is knocking to remind us……… “

Martha was waiting for me with all her luggage by Arthur’s white 1960 Rolls-Royce Phantom-V Limousine.

I wanted the trip home to be a surprise. I planned on taking the meandering scenic way home and spending two nights in a motel.

Most of our luggage aside from one change of clothes for me and two for Martha would be shipped home via Fed-ex.

Martha had her hair up in a ballerina bun and her makeup was tasteful and minimal. She was wearing a nice dark green cotton summer dress that came down almost to her ankles.

Minerva would describe it as an asymmetrical design with a scoop neckline, puff sleeve; embellished with ruffles and a sash. It was she who taught me about such things; I defer to Minerva’s taste in women’s clothing as do all my ladies.

There was no way Martha will be riding behind me in that dress or with open toe sandals on her little feet.

“Well, how do I look?” Martha asked while turning from side to side making the bottom of her dress swirl around her.

I planned on purchasing the proper riding attire at the Harley Dealership for her to ride in safety and comfort.

“You look lovely, Martha. Didn’t Maud suggest that you wear blue jeans and a blouse or a tee shirt?”

“Well, yes, why?”

“The reason I asked is you did the opposite.”

“What difference does that make on an airplane? I want to look my best for you.”

“And you have succeeded and more. Where is your four leaf clover?”

“I have it folded in a sheet of parchment paper and wrapped in a silk scarf. It’s right here in my purse.”

“I take it everybody is ready to depart?” said Arthur, walking out with Maud on his arm, “I haven’t been on a motorcycle in years” he opened the trunk for me to put our luggage in “and you won’t catch me on one in the years to come. Give me a big comfortable car or truck any day.”

Maud was wearing the same style dress as Martha except it was red, a nice contrast to her silver hair styled in the same ballerina bun. Their makeup was lightly applied with the addition of blood red lipstick for both.

“Ladies” said Arthur, opening the door for Maud and helping her in before opening the door for Martha on the opposite side and helping her in, “we gentlemen will ride in the front…….”

When we arrived at the Harley Dealer I helped the ladies out and escorted them in while Arthur parked the limo. It was my pleasure to walk in with a beautiful woman on each arm.

“You must be Mr. Buckley” the sales manager/owner greeted me shaking my hand “I’m Bob Emerson; which one of you is ladies is Ms. McCabe?”

“I’m Ms. McCabe, and this is Ms. Cardoso” Maud said shaking his hand followed by Martha “Is Mr. Buckley’s purchase ready?”

“Yes everything is in order thank you.”

“I don’t understand, Michael. Why are you buying a motorcycle when we have a plane to catch….wait a minute….are we going home on one?”

“Yes, Michael wanted it to be a surprise, my dear” said Arthur walking in “I’m afraid we will have to say our goodbyes now. I received a telephone call while parking and must return home immediately on a very pressing matter.”

“What about our luggage, Michael?” Martha asked after they left.

“Before we leave you may pack two changes of clothing. What you purchase today and one other. Everything must fit in the saddle bags.

Bob asked the clerk who was standing by, “Janet, will you help Ms. Cardoso select her riding gear while Mr. Buckley and I close the deal? These discerning people want only the best……….”

I was in Bob’s office signing the final papers, when he gave me an envelope and said “Ms. McCabe requested I give this to you.” She said it may come in handy.

If you’ll please follow me I’ll show you your bike……”

I was riding around the dealership parking lot to get a feel for my new scoot when Martha returned well outfitted for the road. She was wearing a traditional black jacket, black jeans and black ankle boots.

“Goodness escort bayan Martha; you certainly do look different from before. Not that I’m complaining mind you. You’re going to have to take your hair down to get your helmet on. Are you nervous about riding behind me?”

“Maybe just a little….OK, a lot. Can we drive slowly at first?” she asked anxiously taking her hair down and then fixing it in a low ponytail.

“That’s the plan. All you have to remember is lean with me during a turn and leave the rest to me…….”

I already have a jacket with the two of hearts tucked safely in the inside pocket. My comfortable engineer boots should see me through the trip although they will regrettably have be retired and replaced when I return home.

I didn’t skimp on our helmets and purchased the well established and trusted “Bell” brand. I went high tech with their best super lightweight Kevlar/carbon fiber/fiberglass composite in black.

It is sculpted into a wind tunnel-proven, lift-free design…can you tell I’m impressed? Plus the gel padding is far superior to anything I used thus far.

This helmet also has an adjustable airflow management system to keep the rider’s head cool and dry. The best feature in my book is the patented special coating on the face shield to virtually eliminate fogging.

In the old days I rode with a basic flat black half-helmet with sunglass or goggles because it was cool. What wasn’t cool and hurt like hell was getting hit in the face by bugs at sixty five miles an hour.

In those days I joked about it. Question; “What’s the last thing that goes through a bugs mind after it hits your face at 65 miles an hour?

And the answer is most obvious….” the bugs ass.”

Now all joking aside, Martha hung onto my waist for dear life for the first hour until she gradually relaxed and learned to lean with me. I kept the speed under forty until we stopped along the side of the road to stretch and then sit down on a strip of grass.

“Well, what do you think so far, mi Niña? You seem more relaxed now.”

“Yes, I’m fine, Michael. Actually now that I’ve tried it I feel very safe with you. Can we find a bathroom somewhere? I have to pee.”

“There’s a roll of toilet paper in the saddle bags. We can take turns behind that stand of trees “I advised her standing up and pointing “remember, obedience, Martha.”

“But, Michael!” Martha exclaimed assuming I would make her go outside.

“I’m teasing you for goodness sakes. There is a gas station with restrooms just up the way. We’ll stop there for you and I’ll top off the gas tank.” I started walking in the direction of the trees.

“Then where are you going?”

“It’s a guy thing my dear; a simple pleasure from my wild days before I met you; when I rode with babes who didn’t balk at the idea of peeing outside; I’m going to water the trees….”

We rode for another couple of hours and decided to stop in the next town for a bite to eat. There was a Volunteer Firemen’s Field Day going on where they were serving barbeque chicken dinners. Martha asked if we could stop there to eat. I hadn’t attended one of these events in years.

I’d almost forgotten how good those chicken dinners tasted; ½ a chicken, salt potatoes, corn on the cob, sour dough biscuits with butter and honey; the homemade pies lovingly made by the women’s auxiliary for desert; make mine blueberry with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

After dinner we walked the midway arm-in-arm still dressed in our leathers for about half an hour playing various games and losing. I bought us tickets to ride the Ferris wheel tipping the operator a twenty spot to make it an extra long ride.

I had my arm around Martha’s waist and she was very affectionate for I received many hugs and kisses from her.

We went into the beer tent and I had a couple of brews while Martha drank diet cola. We left the Field Days and found a 24 hour convenience store. I bought a bottle “no tears baby shampoo, a bottle of baby lotion, a package of four blade razors and a can of shaving gel.

It was approximately an hour before dark when we left the store. We drove for a few more hours, stopping for the night at around ten in the evening at a motel where Maud made reservations.

Martha’s hands were practically all over me when I stopped at the desk to check us in and get the passkeys to our room.

“Is there something you want to tell me, mi Niña?” I asked after we were in our room with the door locked.

“I’m horny” Martha said getting close and rubbing up against me.

“You don’t say. Tell me why you’re horny. Are you turning into a biker babe because that’s not unheard of? The vibrations of the powerful engine are like a vibrator between a woman’s legs; Sarah will attest to that.”

“I’m horny and you’re right; riding that close to you with the wind rushing past us with that powerful engine rumbling underneath arouses me….I had several little orgasms after you brought it to the speed limit; I like going fast now.”

“Do you have anything else to confess mi Niña?”

I crushed her to me roughly, kissing her lips long and deep; my hard cock pressed up against her through my blue jeans straining against them.

Martha returned my kisses “I’m so horny, Mickey…I mean Michael…I mean, please. I want you to make love to me.”

“You were aroused by your spanking, mi Niña. I smelled your arousal then as I smell the musky sweetness of your arousal now.

You are embarrassed by it; don’t be; you will learn to embrace your new found submissive sexuality and orgasms until they are as second nature to you as breathing.

Besides the medical treatment and healing; you were sent to that spa for another reason.

You are well on your way in your new life’s journey Martha….the rewards of obedience and submission will set you free. You don’t have permission to speak, although you may moan as loudly as you like….. Stand by the door and strip for me.”

Martha’s nipples were already hard when I pushed her up against the door, cupping her breasts in my hands, squeezing and caressing. I stroked her hard nipples with my thumbs, making her moan with pleasure, before I again kissed her lips, whispering “Play with your pussy, mi Niña, surrender to your feelings.”

Martha’s head was tilted back, her eyes were closed, and I watched tip of her little tongue tease her lips and teeth, waiting for my cock to arrive.

I kissed the base of her throat, while caressing her breasts… teasing… and then I kissed her face and behind her ears, her perfume mingling with the rich musky woman’s scent of her arousal.

“Put your hands behind your back, little cunt,” and when she did I stroked her dripping vagina, caressing her wet swollen pussy and sending shivers through her body as I licked and sucked on her proud hard nipples, while continuing to stroke her musky fragrant flower.

“Do you want to come, Martha, do you want me to fuck you.”

“Please, Michael, I…..” I slapped her buttocks hard “Do as you’re told, I said no talking. Learn to talk with your eyes and body.”

I took Martha’s soon to be cut long hair out of the ponytail before quickly removing my boots, jeans and boxers.

Her eyes were clenched tight, and her little tongue was darting in and out between her teeth and lips as he fingers caressed her womanhood.

Martha’s was moaning, softly and wanting to scream, so shamelessly and selflessly was she intent on pleasing herself…”Put your arms around my neck.”

I picked her up and pushed her into the door. I fucked her roughly holding her by her ass cheeks until she came in waves; her orgasm washing over me and I could feel her pussy contract. Martha’s orgasm crested with a crescendo of screams and loud moans of pleasure; music to my ears.

Martha was squirming in shear orgasmic desperation, oblivious to everything except her throbbing clitoris which aroused me all the more.

I carried her to the bed and unceremoniously dumped her on it, flipping her over onto her stomach with her legs hanging down over the edge, entering her roughly from behind; fucking her hard and slapping her buttocks just hard enough to sting as I fucked her.

Make no mistake about it, I didn’t make love to her, I deliberately dominated her, fucking Martha for my pleasure; making love would come later, and then we might talk.

Soon, another wave of orgasms wracked her body Martha buried her face in a pillow moaning loudly.
Just before my orgasm burned through me like a gasoline stoked fire, I grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back as I pounded her swollen and ravaged cunt, grunting as I pumped my seed into her.

When I let go of her hair and pulled my cock out, Martha was breathing heavily clutching the sheets.

I stood over her and watched as her breathing slowed down to normal. She pretty much went limp with a smile on her pretty face relaxing in the afterglow of her orgasms.

I helped Martha on her feet and walked her to the door by her hair. “Face the door” I said letting go of her hair….”good, put your hands behind your back and cross your wrists…..good, back straight…get closer, excellent.”

I stepped close, my hand holding her crossed wrists and whispered, “Listen carefully, mi Niña. You will put on your panties and leather jacket. You won’t zip it up though.

There is a large mailing envelope in the bottom of the left saddle bag. You will bring it to me, please.”

After Martha dressed as mandated she opened the door and walked into the hallway, looking to see if anyone was there.

“Martha, walk slowly and shake your little ass for me, please; these are the keys to the saddle bags” I tossed them at her feet before shutting the door behind her.

Maud reserved a room on the ground floor close to an exit so that I could keep an eye on my Harley through the window. It was a pleasure to watch her shake her little ass. Martha looked over at me twice smiling nervously ……ah the joys of being a Master.

I was in bed when she returned, closing the door and locking it, “Very nice display Martha, very sexy” I praised meaning every word of it “I always knew you had it in you. I’m very pleased.

Keep this up and I might allow you to address me as Mickey again someday when we are alone together. Come here mi Niña,” I said sitting up and patting the bed “I can use some of your sweet kisses.”

Martha undressed and jumped into bed with me pushing me on my back and kissing my face and lips over and over. She sat up smiling; touching the base of her throat asking permission to speak; this was very intuitive of her.

“Yes, mi Niña what do you want to say?”

“My mother would be scandalized at what I just did and I don’t care. Yes she’s my mother but her opinions mean nothing to me now…..Michael?”

“Yes mi Niña.”

There are scissors in the envelope; I felt them through it.

Are you going to cut my hair short? I know you don’t like it blonde.”

“Your natural beautiful raven black hair has always delighted me, mi Niña; God’s gift to you; the dark shine of polished ebony to match your beautiful eyes of ebony. Your hair was waist length when we were married.

You always wore it parted in the middle and it was blunt cut without layers. I used to braid it for you at bedtime…do you remember?”

“Yes, but are you going to cut it really short?”

“Do you want it cut really short?”


“Bring me your hairbrush. I’ll brush it for you and we’ll see.”

I have no intention of cutting it short. It would serve no useful purpose. While I was brushing, I estimated if I cut twenty inches from her ponytail it will just touch her shoulders and most of the layers will be gone.

Mandy would finish with a precise blunt bob of thick ebony black virgin hair. I planned on keeping Martha’s hair in that style for at least a year; she must earn the privilege of growing it longer.

I finished brushing and pulled it back in a low ponytail at her nape, tying it with an elastic band. Those scissors were sharp and I cut off the bleached blonde ponytail effortlessly, dropping it into Martha’s lap.

“Much better me mi Niña. Take the elastic band out and shake your head.”

I watched Martha’s hair bounce about her neck and face to just touch her shoulders. There was slightly less than an inch of blonde on the bottom and the bob.

“Mandy will finish what I started when we get home. Please turn off the lights. We need to get some sleep…..”

I couldn’t fall asleep; my mind was racing with thoughts of all that happened since I showed up in desperation at his doorstep. There was never a doubt that Mickey would protect me and save me from Frank. Arthur assured me that Frank was gone for good and I took this to mean that Frank was dead.

I cuddled close to Mickey watching him sleep; thinking and remembering how much I loved him once.

My mother planned for me to marry a man 10 years my senior. My arranged husband-to-be was a man of wealth. William Arrington, deceased, was a research doctor and a friend of the family. My mother arranged several dates with him.

I cooperated because as long as I was a good daughter, I received a generous allowance, fancy clothes and my own car, a convertible.

William was invited to all the family holidays and family functions. He proposed to me when I was twenty-two on bended knee in front of my whole family on Christmas Eve.

Not that William was a bad man; actually he was a very good man; a brilliant man, if not a bit shy around women; the only problem…….I didn’t love him.

My relationship with my mother went downhill after that day. She took away my car and my allowance.

I rebelled and got a job as a waitress in a diner. Money was tight so I moved out to live with a friend until I could afford a tiny studio apartment. For the first time in my life I was on my own and I liked the feeling of independence.

That is when I met Mickey. It was a steady wind driven rain that dreary wet and grey fall afternoon. It was my one day off for work that week. I was putting in extra hours to save money to buy a couch and end table.

I had my umbrella in one hand and a bag of groceries in the other. I wasn’t paying attention as I should. I was minutes from my apartment and wanted to get warm and dry.

My head down as I crossed against the green light.

Mickey was going straight when I stepped in front of him. He swerved to avoid hitting me with his old rust bucket of a truck, jumping the curb and hitting a parking meter.

I was frightened and I was angry. In my fright I dropped my bag and my groceries spilled to the wet pavement to be run over and ruined by passing cars.

Angry, I crossed the street when it was safe and got right in his face.

I cursed at him in Portuguese, my second language. Mickey stood there with his arms crossed studying me and smiling….making fun of me…how dare him!

After I vented and calmed down, Mickey asked “Are you hurt, Miss?”

“No, I’m fine; are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine too, although my truck is another matter.”

“Tough! You should watch where you’re going you jerk!” I replied angrily; annoyed that he was calm and collect and smiling at me.

“The Saints be praised! You do speak English. You should have cursed me out in English so I could get the full effect although I get the gist.

I’m glad you’re not hurt. Don’t you think you’re over reacting? Stop acting like a little girl. Neither of us was hurt and that’s the important thing; especially a pretty dainty little thing like you.”

By then the police arrived and Mickey was issued a ticket for failure to have control of his vehicle and damaging city property.

I was watching him inside a drug store waiting to give him another piece of my mind in English when the police were done with him. Who was he to call me a dainty little girl; I was twenty-four and an independent woman thank you.

The police officer left and Mickey was still out in the rain getting soaked. Now that I was calm I noticed how handsome he is, despite his wet hair plastered to his head and in desperate need of a shave.

Mickey’s truck was jacked up and he was changing a flat tire, the rim was bent from hitting the curb, “Listen jerk” I started to say when he interrupted, letting the car down and removing the jack.

“You are really something little girl” Mickey said before I had a chance to speak again, as he was tightening the nuts down snug “I repeat, really something.”

Mickey stood and tossed the damaged tire in the truck bed along with the jack and tire iron.

It was then I noticed, “Your hand is bleeding.”

I took my handkerchief from my purse and wrapped it around his hand “You should get it looked at.”

“I’ve been cut worse. It’s just a scratch. What do I owe you for your groceries, little girl?”

“Please stop calling me a little girl. I’m bursa escort trying to apologize. The accident is my fault. Look it’s starting to bleed through already; you might need stitches.”

“Nah, a little duct tape and I’ll be fine.”

“Will you at least go into the drugstore with me so I can get you the proper bandages? I’ll pay for your tickets; I insist” and I was thinking, ‘Oh well, there goes the money for my new couch.’

“Only if you have coffee with this jerk after you’re done being my nurse, little girl….”

In the end Mickey did need stitches and a tetanus shot. I drove with him to the hospital, applying pressure to the gauze on his hand; Mickey drove since I can’t drive a stick.

After Mickey was treated in the emergency room we went for coffee and pie in the hospital cafeteria. He squeezed my hand and told me I had beautiful eyes.

This wasn’t a pick up line with him; Mickey absolutely meant it. We then went to my apartment and sat across from each other at my tiny kitchen table and talked for hours over more coffee, and I made him bacon, eggs and toast, pretty much cleaning out my cupboards and refrigerator.

Before he left, Mickey told me that he had some loose ends to tie up with a business he was starting. He said he would call me.

I didn’t hear from him in over a month and wrote him off. At that time I was on my own for over two years much to my mother’s great annoyance. I knew my mother was sending people around to check up on me hoping I would fail and have to come crawling back to her.

Mickey showed up at my apartment minutes after I arrived home from work. He had on a suit and was wearing spit shined shoes.

This was quite a change from the rough looking young man in need of a shave dressed in a leather jacket, blue jeans worn at the knees and frayed everywhere with scuffed black engineer boots on his feet.

I planned on going out for a burger and a movie with Eric, a mechanic at the local Ford Dealership. Eric has his supper nights in my section so that I can serve him exclusively.

I had just gotten off work minutes before Mickey arrived. Eric was sitting at my kitchen table drinking a can of beer while I glanced at my mail….all bills.

Eric was a bad boy type and exciting, or so I thought from the way he talked. His arms and upper body were covered with tattoos. He drove a fast car, had a motorcycle and hung out with a rough crowd.

I heard through the grapevine that my mother was beside herself that I was dating what she called “a low life thug”.

Mickey bowed at the waist with a flourish and requested that I go out to dinner with him post haste….right in front of Eric; as if Eric wasn’t there.

Eric said he was my date and Mickey ignored him. Eric then tapped Mickey on the shoulder and demanded that Mickey go outside with him to settle things. Mickey ignored him and Eric gave Mickey a shove into the kitchen table.

Mickey smiled at Eric, an odd response, or so I thought at the time for as I said, Eric hung out with a rough crowd. He had a reputation for being a brawler.

He called Mickey a pussy ass faggot pretty boy, to which Mickey replied “You have more ink on your body than an imbecile in a pen factory.”

I was looking out the window when they went into the alley behind my apartment. I heard Eric brag to Mickey he was going to kick Mickey’s ass up between his shoulders blades and use him for a bicycle stand.

I heard Mickey shout out “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”

Mickey returned minutes later with scuffed shoes and bruised knuckles….other than his hands there wasn’t a scratch on him “Where is Eric?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about Eric, Martha, he’ll be fine. We have an understanding and there are no hard feelings.”

Mickey was driving a new red Ford pickup truck when we went out to dinner at a three star French Restaurant.

I was still dressed in my waitress uniform when Mickey rushed me out the door to be on time for the dinner reservation he made for us.

Mickey arranged for a violinist to play at our table and while he was playing a florist delivered me three dozen red roses; talk about an impressive first date!

After dinner we went to the newly restored Community theatre, the Hippodrome, to see the Grand opening of “Kiss me Kate”. It was a fabulous play and one would think that the staring actor and actress really were in love with one another.

Eric didn’t show up at the restaurant for three days and he was limping with one eye still swollen half shut.

He was very quiet and subdued when he said to me, “Martha, I didn’t know you’re Shakespeare’s woman; no hard feelings, OK. I can still come here for my dinner…right?”

Mickey and I were exclusive lovers soon after that and my mother absolutely hated him. The fact that Mickey knew she hated him and he didn’t care angered her all the more; and especially since Mickey was always very polite to my mother and father.

She told everyone Mickey was a dreamer and a crackpot inventor; a fool of no substance reaching above his station in life.

I thought my mother was going to have a cow when Mickey drove his motorcycle up the steps of the Basilica and then inside on our wedding day.

My mother slowly poisoned my whole family against my husband after our son died and that poison eventually leached into me. A part of my soul died when I lost my baby and because of the complications, I will never be able to have children again.

That is not the worst of it because I let my mother… was easier than facing the truth. I accept the truth now. I accept my responsibility for a portion of the breakup of our marriage.

It is God’s will that I am lying next to Mickey with a second chance to be with him. I will never have Mickey all to myself; I must share him……..

I awoke the next morning well rested and greatly refreshed looking forward to the ride ahead of us. Martha was pressed up against me sound asleep and the hotel clock said it was 6:34 AM.

I decided to let her sleep for another half hour as I got out of bed to go into the bathroom to shower.

I was just lathering up my face with the complimentary but ridiculously small bar of hotel soap when I felt Martha’s small hands with a larger bar of soap washing my back.

“That feels good mi Niña. I didn’t mean to wake you. Are you undressed?” I teased.

“What do you think?” Martha replied rubbing her breasts up against my back “Does this feel like I’m dressed? It might be awhile before I may shower with you again once we get home.”

“It feels like your nipples are hard. One might think that you enjoy communal showering.”

“No, just with you; you know, Michael, we should have done this when we were married.”

Martha reached around to soap up my chest saying, “It will be easier if you’d turn around.”

I turned around and put my hands on her waist to kiss her lips “I agree and good morning.”

“Good morning” she agreed smiling as her small hands dropped to my crotch to gently wash my balls and cock getting me hard immediately “As soon as you’re washed I’m going to suck on your cock.”

“Ask for permission, first.”

“I have to ask permission to lick and suck on your cock?” She asked washing them thoughtfully.

“Yes, consider it a polite formality.”

“How shall I address you Michael?” Martha asked continuing to lather my cock and balls with the almond oatmeal soap” Maud calls you Master?”

“Sir will do nicely; it has a nice ring to it.”

“May I call you, Master?”

“Sir will do for now, mi Niña.”

“May I please suck on your cock, Sir?”

“You certainly may while I shampoo your hair………”

This time in the tub with Mickey was different from the first, when he pulled me into the tub clothes and all.

The first time I bathed and showered with Mickey was more clinical; impersonal as he washed and examined me; checking for scars and my overall condition.

If I were a mare, he would have opened my mouth to check my teeth, despite the fact that they are now perfect.

My shower with Mickey in the small motel bath/shower was erotic and intimate; my idea when I got into the shower with him.

Mickey has the same hard muscular body I remember; no doubt he continues to splits logs the hard way with a wedge and a maul for he still has calluses on his strong hands.

He was very gentle with me….but then, Mickey was always very gentle with me. He sheltered me from the world while we were married.

He never let me near the rough crowd from his past, or took me for rides on his motorcycle….a pan something or other before he sold it.

I’m seeing a part of the old devil may care Mickey from his youth, when we first met; except now it is wrapped in a more mature and worldly exterior despite him riding again…..riding, his first and almost forgotten love and pastime.

He gave up riding for me and now I was rediscovering it again with him. He told this was his first long trip since long before we were married.

Mickey lathered me up, kissing my lips often; his strong callused hands felt so good on my body as he caressed it with my favorite soap; a nice soothing oatmeal almond soap.

He rinsed me well and then it was time to get on my knees to suck on his cock to please him….more than anything I want to please him.

As Michael shampooed my hair, I started licking the tip of his hard cock lightly fluttering my tongue around the circumference while looking up into his eyes.

Mickey was smiling as he massaged my scalp, being careful to keep the shampoo out of my eyes and mouth.

I continued licking the tip fluttering my tongue; alternating between licking the circumference of his hard cock until it was time to rinse out the shampoo and put on my conditioner.

He massaged in generous amounts in my hair, starting with the tips to the scalp as is the proper way before smoothing it back away from my face.

Mickey looked down at me nodding his head demandingly….it was time to get serious and I started licking and sucking, feeling his hard cock pulsate as his violent orgasm pumped his delicious creamy seed into my mouth for me to swallow.

“Thank you, mi Niña that was very nice. Let’s rinse the conditioner out and then I’ll take care of your pussy.”

I pretty much guessed what he meant. I noticed from the beginning that Mickey’s manhood was smooth and hairless and my guess was my womanhood would be the same shortly.

Mickey had me stand on a towel and he clipped my hairy bush short with the barber shears. Next he had me sit on the vanity and lathered me up with the shaving gel, lathering and shaving me twice before rubbing my denuded pussy with the soothing baby lotion.

Mickey finished and commented “Very nice, mi Niña. Now your plump little pussy is well exposed to my mouth and tongue.”

He took his hand rubbing himself and said “I can use a touch up” and he helped me down, “I can also do with a shave, and you can practice first on my face.”

I wrapped my hair in a towel and proceeded with first attempt at a shave, wetting and lathering; carefully shaving his face, pausing to kiss his lips….I never dreamed a simple shower with a man could be so erotic and fun!

I rubbed a little baby lotion onto his face in place of shaving balm and kissed him some more.

Mickey then stood in the bathtub while I very, very carefully shaved around his manhood. I rinsed him with the showerhead, patted him dry and finished by kneeling and rubbing his cock and balls gently with the baby lotion…..finishing with a kiss…………

Martha and I had the Continental breakfast compliments of the hotel. It wasn’t bad for what it was, scrambled eggs, pork sausage; they had a waffle iron for guests to make their own Belgium waffles and we shared one. I must say the coffee was excellent…..then it was back on the road.

We meandered along the secondary routes stopping along the way for gas or to read the historical markers.

We had a late lunch in one of my old hangouts; Johnnie’s Bar and Grill. It is funny how things work out; John Stone sold out to his waitress, Gladys and she was now running the place.

Except for a new roof and a fresh coat of paint, the place was the same. There were a few motorcycles parked in front.

A few of the men drinking at the bar had eyes for Martha when we walked through the door in our leathers. We sat at a table and ordered the blue plate special, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans.

I stared them down until they turned around to mind their own business. I’m familiar with their ways. It was that or a fight with me.

Before we left I tipped our waitress well and left a fifty to buy the bikers several rounds of drinks as a peace offering and salute to the rough brotherhood.

We were then on the road until around 7:00 PM when I remember about an old abandoned railroad bridge.

It is well sight from the road and overgrown with bushes for privacy. I slept under this bridge in the old days.

I stayed perfectly dry no matter how hard it rained. All I required was the green surplus wool army blanket I carried in my leather saddlebags.

I backtracked 5 miles, turning off on the active rail bed and then hanging a right by the abandoned water tower to the old bridge.

As soon I took my helmet off Martha was all over me kissing my mouth hungrily, her little tongue seeking mine.

I could smell the musky sweetness of her arousal before I reached down to touch her damp crotch through her snug blue jeans.

I took Martha’s head in my hands, burying my hands in her soft hair returning her kisses, while enjoying her sweet mouth and welcoming her little tongue with mine.

“Please, Michael” She begged “I am so horny. I want you to make love to me right here on the bike.”

I took off my blue jeans and got on while telling her to remove hers.

Martha’s panties were wet from her sweet juices and before she could get them off I took her panties in both hands, and ripped them from her making her gasp in surprise.

I reached up underneath her blouse and unhooked her bra so that I could get at her firm, round breasts.

Martha’s nipples were already hard and I cupped her breasts, squeezing.

I continued stroking her hard nipples with my thumbs making her moan with pleasure. Martha always had such wonderfully sensitive nipples.

I shifted my hands and stroked her dripping vagina, feeling her wet swollen pussy, sending a shiver through her body.

I then pulled up Martha’s blouse to lick and suck on her proud hard nipples, while continuing to stroke her musky fragrant flower.

Martha’s head was tilted back, her eyes were closed, and I watched the tip of her little tongue tease her lips and teeth, waiting for my cock to arrive.

I kissed the base of her throat, while caressing her breasts… teasing… and then I kissed her face and behind her ears, her perfume, Chanel no. 5 mingling with the rich musky woman’s scent of her arousal.

I got back up on the seat while Martha straddled the gas tank in a sitting position facing me with her feet on the pegs.

I picked her up and placed her on my rock hard cock with my hands under her ass cheeks.

Martha’s arms were around my neck while she was impaling her sweet cunt, up and down, up and down on my cock, pushing her feet against the rear pegs for leverage as I steadied the bike with my leg on the kick stand side.

I was using one of the front ones for the same, matching her rhythm, and supporting her bottom to keep her in place.

Martha’s head was thrown back in ecstasy exposing her long vulnerable neck for me to kiss as her hair bouncing and swaying with our movements on the smooth surface of her leather jacket.

Her eyes were clenched tight and her little tongue was darting in and out between her teeth and lips.

She was moaning, softly, wanting to scream so shamelessly and selflessly intent on pleasing herself.

“Oh Michael” she moaned, softly “My god it feels so good…..mmm….suck on my nipples, Michael….yes……this feels so good.”

Martha came in waves with her orgasm washing over me as it crested. I didn’t bother to cover her mouth with my hand to muffle her screams of pleasure.

She was bucking and squirming in shear orgasmic desperation.

I grabbed hold of her hair, still holding her bottom with one hand as she rode me to keep her from falling off the bike.

This intensified her wild orgasmic pleasure even more; so oblivious to everything was she except her throbbing clitoris.

The pulling of her hair was arousing her even more if that was possible making her intense orgasmic screams louder.

After she came Martha collapsed in my arms, red in the face and embarrassed at screaming like that as I held her and stroked her hair, curling my finger around a lock of it.

“You are such a horny little thing, mi Niña. I did tell that the rewards for your obedience to me will be great. When we return home I hope you learn to treasure the companionship, the sisterhood of my ladies, mi Niña for those rewards will be great as well…………”

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