Petra Olson was busy getting everything ready for Laura’s arrival. “Let’s see,” she said out loud, “diapers, bottle with formula, baby toys, baby powder, and baby oil, that ought to do it,” she continued, placing everything in the spare bedroom, the one set up like a nursery. Petra was especially anxious for today’s session as it had been three weeks since Laura’s last visit and Petra was a bundle of raw nerves, so when the door chimes went off, Petra practically ran to the door, excited that the game was about to begin! “Come in Laura,” Petra said, while swinging open the heavy wooden door. “Thanks Petra,” replied Laura, “are you ready to play?” “Oh my, yes,” exclaimed Petra, “I’ve been counting the days!” “Well,” said Laura, “let’s go up and get started right away!!!” Both women went upstairs to the well prepared nursery, both anxious to get into the game. When they got there, both woman immediately started playing their well defined roles, that of mother and baby daughter. Petra, the forty eight year old spinster, playing the mother, and Laura, the twenty two year old blonde playing the baby. Petra had the look of a middle aged matron, brown hair pulled back in a bun, slightly plump, with a huge chest that was impossible to hide, even under the house dress and apron she wore to look like a busy housewife. Laura on the other hand, was very short and thin, about four foot ten and only ninety pounds with a shock of short blond hair, and hardly even a hint of breasts. To top it all off, she had the facial appearance of a thirteen year old, making her look much younger than her years. Petra immediately sat Laura up on the extra large changing table that was located next to the escort bayan bed, and after laying her back down, Petra began undressing the young blonde, tickling and cooing to her as if she were a real baby. When Laura’s shirt was removed, leaving her naked from the waist up, Petra massaged Laura’s chest, paying particular attention to her nipples. Her pert nipples stood right up as Petra continued to twist them between her thumb and forefinger, and after several minutes of breast play, Petra commenced removing Laura’s jeans and panties, exposing Laura’s smoothly shaved vagina, which only enhanced the affect of making her appear as a baby.

Petra carefully examined Laura’s vagina with her fingers and said, “Baby seems a little dry, mama will make it better with some oil!” Petra squirted some oil into her hand and then rubbed it into Laura’s vagina, paying extra attention to Laura’s little clitoris. If she hadn’t been wet before, she was totally drenched now, with her pussy leaking like a sieve. Before Laura could orgasm, however, Petra stopped rubbing her pussy, and shook some powder on her pussy and ass. Laura always enjoyed this part of the game, because Petra was paying so much attention to her vagina, and conversely she was always a little disappointed when Petra lifted up her ass and put on and extra large disposable diaper. It wasn’t that she disliked the diaper, it was that she loved being masturbated!! When she was all diapered, Petra led Laura to a baby bed, and gave her a bottle of formula to suck on. “You be a good baby now,” Petra told her, “and I’ll be back in a little while.” Laura lay back in the bed and drank her bottle, while waiting for Petra to bursa escort bayan return and continue the game.

Ten minutes later Petra came back into the bedroom and led Laura over to a big oversized chair where Petra sat down and had Laura curl up on her lap. Gently rocking her back and forth, Petra hummed a soft tune, as if trying to get “baby Laura” to sleep. What she was doing with her free hand, however, was continue her twisting of Laura’s nipples. It was very arousing for both Laura and Petra to be sitting together while Petra played with Laura’s tits, and after a while, Petra said to Laura in a little baby voice, “Would little Laura like some milk, mama has some fresh milk right here for her!” While she was talking, Petra was busy opening up the top of her dress to reveal her large breasts, and because she was not wearing a bra, it was easy to guide a big nipple into Laura’s hungry mouth. Laura cooed like a baby as she eagerly mouthed the hard nipple, while the sucking sounds and constant nibbling, made Petra’s vagina dampen instantly. This was one of her favorite parts of the game, breast feeding the baby, and while Laura settled in and leaned her face against the huge breast, reveling in it’s softness, in time, her bladder full from the formula she had been drinking, let loose a stream of pee into her diaper, soaking them through and through. When Petra felt the damp warmth on her leg, she commented, “Mmmm, baby needs to be changed!” Removing her nipple from baby Laura’s mouth, she then placed Laura back on the changing table and took off her wet diaper. Using a handy wipe, Petra cleaned Laura’s genital area, while paying close attention to her bursa eskort damp slit. Petra applied more oil to Laura’s vaginal lips, while saying, “This will keep baby’s lips from getting a rash, doesn’t it feel good!?!? Laura was now moaning softly as Petra’s finger penetrated her outer lips, and as Petra’s large breasts were still hanging out of her dress, Laura guided a nipple into hot mouth!!! The combination of Petra’s finger in her vagina, and her nipple in her mouth, made Laura have a very nice hard orgasm indeed, for she just loved the feeling of being babied by her plump mistress, and her orgasm was just an extension of that love.

Petra held her little baby to her breast, cooing and cuddling with her following her orgasm. “Did baby have a nice cum,” she asked, as Laura continued suckling her big nipple. “Let’s go back to the chair and relax, okay,” Petra asked? When she was seated back in the big chair, Petra let Laura lifted her dress and push her legs apart. Naturally Petra was not wearing panties, so her hairy vagina was exposed to Laura’s hungry mouth allowing her tongue to snake out and begin nursing on Petra’s wet sex organ. “Mmmmmm, baby sucks mama so nicely,” cooed Petra, “you make mama so wet, she is going to cum in baby’s mouth!” Just hearing Petra using baby talk caused Laura to suck the plump pussy even harder. Petra’s clit was erect and hard between Laura’s lips and she nibbled and sucked it like a baby’s teething ring! “My god,” thought Petra, “this little cunt was the best lapper she had ever had!” Now twisting and pulling her own nipples, Petra felt her vaginal muscles begin to tighten, as her own orgasm then flooded her crotch, covering Laura’s face with sweet cunt juice!

As Laura was dressing to leave, Petra said, “You are the best baby a mother could ever ask for!” Laura chuckled and asked, “Same time next week, mama!?!”


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