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I was almost 20 when I move out, and finished school. I had also moved to the mid west, and got a job in a big city.

I guess I would be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t miss my little sister Malia. I have no idea why, but I thought of her often when I moved out of the house and half way around the country. I was however, working my dream job. I absolutely loved it! It has its moments, certain things about it, some of the things I have seen, that I would rather not have seen. But its made me stronger.

My sister however, wasn’t doing so well, for a while anyway. I was getting concerned for her. She had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd I guess. It sucked because I wasn’t there to protect her. Luckily though, she started to realize that she was making some dumb choices. She changed and started to behave.

We kept in close contact though. We would always email, chat online, and call each other regularly. I would send her pics of myself all the time. She would in turn send me pics of herself. I did notice, that some of her pictures were really hot! She was changing as far as her looks. Her tits stayed small, about a small b cup. She got a little taller. She was 5’1 now. Her body no longer had a hint of little girl. She had the nicest body! Very fit and athletic, she was a cheerleader on the varsity team at just 16! She was beginning to look amazingly sexy! Her ass was very sexy! She had some amazing Abs too. You could clearly see a well defined 6 pak. I only know this because she got her belly pierced and sent me a lot of pictures of it. She also still had that really tiny sexy voice, as I called it! Her looks with her little somewhat squeaky voice really made me wish she wasn’t my sister!!

I would masturbate all the time thinking of her and how sexy she was. When we chatted online I would always tell her how sexy she was!! I had sent many pics to her to. I was in a calendar that my job did and I was Mr October. I sent her those pics as well. She loved them! My god you have gotten so sexy, she would tell me when we chatted. She also told me that her friends wanted to fuck me! They were hot bursa otele gelen escort bayan as hell too! My little sister Malia looked like a cheerleader! A very hot one!

She sent me a picture once that was meant for her boyfriend at the time. It was a self pic that she had sent. All she had on was her thong. One hand covering both of her nipples and one taking the pic. From how small her thong was, I could clearly tell her pussy was shaved. She had the sexiest look on her face as she took the picture. I can’t tell you how many times I fucked the hell out of my then girlfriend with that image in my head! I kept that pic of course! My girlfriend loved the fact that I was constantly hard. That pic helped a lot!

I never told Malia that I had gotten that pic. Although I’m still wondering if she sent it to me on purpose. Either way my girlfriend Alison was definitely getting the benefits from it!! That went on for almost 6 months, until Allison broke up with me saying “I was too big”. What ever the hell that meant!

I was in great shape! At 6’6 I weighed almost 220 with a 4 percent body fat rating! I had to be fit for my job! I had been working out about 2 to 3 times a week for 3 or 4 hours to look like I did, but mainly to keep in shape. So I know it wasn’t because I was fat! It was because of my cock! I only figured that was the case, because Allison measured it once, and bragged to all her friends that it was almost 9 inches long and really thick! I started to get a complex about it because I had thought women loved them long and thick! At least in the porn I watched they did! It didn’t even have a curve to it, it was straight when it was hard.

So back to jerking off I went. Sometimes I would just look at the pic of my sister and jerk off! My god she was hot! I loved the look on her face in it too. Her eyes just screamed, please fuck me!

Shortly after my 21st birthday, I was chatting with Malia. She told me that there might be a chance that they would be moving to the city I was now in. Dad had received a job offer as a big shot for a department bursa ucuz escort bayan nearby.

After our conversation, I began to get kind of nervous. On one hand my battle within began raging even more than before. I felt almost sick, knowing that I had lusted for my sister. I wanted her, and bad. I began to fight these feelings, and fight the thought of actually being with her. How sick am I for crying out loud! I can’t believe this! I was lusting after my own SISTER!!!

On the other hand, I was thinking, she doesn’t have to know. Well just keep this as a deep dark secret and no one will be the wiser! What my parents and both sisters don’t know, won’t hurt them. I’m still one sick, perverted freak for even thinking that way about her, but I Will be the only one to know.

The time finally came when they moved here. Dad got the job, and my parents and my sisters moved down the street from me. I had my own house so I lived alone.

When they arrived, I saw my sister in person for the first time in a couple of years! She was hot!!! She looked so much better and younger in person. When my eyes set on her my cock began to swell. It was mid summer, so she was dressed for the heat! She had on a tank top with no bra, and a pair of the shortest shorts she could fit in! Her sexy ass cheeks just peeked out of the bottom of her shorts. I only had a pair of shorts on, boxer briefs as well, and no shirt. Malia squealed as she ran to me. She jumped up and have me the biggest hug. I missed you she said. She backed up and gave me a quick look over. She bit her lower lip and her eye brows jumped a little. It was obvious she was trying hard to hide her reaction. You look good she said. I thanked her as I heard her mumble, real good.

My cock was getting hard and thanks to my boxer briefs, it didn’t tent out. I looked at my sister and said, you look real good to! Thanks she said, as she turned around. She looked back at me with a look on her face. I only knew that look because of some of my girlfriends. The would always look at me that way when they were horny and bursa merkez escort bayan needed my cock.

I helped them move and settle into their new home. I spent the night with them, sitting and chatting. We watched a few movies, and Malia cuddled up with me like she use to when we were younger. Only this time I had a decent body, and no shirt on. She was all over me. She squirmed a lot during the movie. As she layed in my lap I would caress her stomach and play with her belly ring. I could smell her arousal. I knew she was getting wet, but I fought any and all urges to touch her. It was the most difficult thing I had ever had to deal with. On top of that I was getting harder. All this time with her that day I was semi hard the whole time. Before I got so hard I couldn’t stand it I had to leave. I had to work the next morning anyway.

So to her groan of disappointment I told them I had to be to work early. Malia followed me to the door. I turned around as she gave me a hug. This was a very different hug, nothing like it was before. This was more of a very horny teen trying to get as much of her body against mine, than a sisterly hug. I just wrapped my arms around her feeling her hard nipples on my upper abdomen and her belly on my lower abdomen. My cock was getting extremely hard. There was no way that she couldn’t have felt my hard cock on her belly. She just squirmed from side to side as I held her, hoping against hope that she didn’t notice.
She kissed me on the cheek, and said, I’ve really missed you. Good night and be careful at work. I replied, good night, I’ve missed you too. And I left and went home. I can’t tell you how hard I came that night before I went to sleep. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had! And my sister Malia was the sexy teen I was thinking of. Her soft skin, her sexy little voice, and the way she looked at me all day.

After my 24 hour shift I went home excited to see her again. I spent the whole day with her, and the next day since I get 48 hours off. She came to my work a couple of times to see me, and hang out with me when it was quiet in the city.

About 5 months after my 22nd birthday, and soon after she turned 17, things with me and Malia took a very interesting turn. Things I would have never would have thought possible, happened. But it was something that I only dreamed of! Something I had only fantasized about, and constantly scolded my self for even thinking about!

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