Date Ends in Pain


I have a date with Scott to tonight!! I’m wearing my red dress and black heels outfit. I would be a model in this. When he gets here to pick me up, I almost melt. He’s so hot. 
After we finish eating the delicious clams, Scott asks me quite bluntly if I would like to go to his house. Of course, in my mind I’m shrieking and freaking out. However, I cooly respond with 
“Sure! Sounds fun.”
I click my way over to his car, and like a true gentlemen, he opens the door for me. I slid in, and on the way to his house we chat about work and parents and life. 
After what seems to be hours, but is probably five minutes, Scott pulls into his driveway and opens my door. 
After showing me to the front room, he tries to ask me if I want a drink, wine or maybe scotch. 
I interrupt him. “Where’s the bedroom?” Then drag him in the direction he indicated. My pussy is soaking just thinking about fucking this guy. 
*Scotts POV*
I can smell her cunt dripping. I was hoping she would drag me off to the bedroom. I can’t wait to fuck her. Lilly climbs onto my bed and drools when I take off my tie and shirt. She can’t stop staring at my chest. When she rises her hands to her dress, I jump over and rip it off. I note that she isn’t wearing panties. I unclip her bra and let those titties free. Nice and big, too. I slide out of my slacks and boxers. 
“I’m gonna go get…” I gesture at my cock, hoping she’ll take that to mean condoms. She nods, her eyes glazed over and shiny. 
While I’m in my closet, I grab lots of rope, a ball gag, several dildos and anal plugs/beads. I leave them by the door and climb into the bed. 
“All fours!” I bark at Lilly and she complies immediately. I slid my cock into her soaking, yet tight canal and start to pump. I can tell by the way Lilly spasms that she loves it, and is close to cumming. 
She orgasms, and blacks out. Finally, the drug I put in her wine kicks in. I finish pumping, and cum all over her tits. 
I get right to work. First, I shove a ball gag in her mouth. Then, I tie her tits up so they bulge and turn red. Her hands and elbows are bound tightly behind her back. Then I remove the canopy to reveal a large iron framework. I loop a rope bursa sınırsız escort bayan around her waist several times and thread the remainder through her ass cheeks and pussy. I throw the end up through the iron bars, creating a crotchrope that I can pull tight when Lilly wakes up. I lift her up with ease and remove the comforter to reveal another network of iron bars. I lay Lilly down on them and loop more rope around her neck and dangle the end through the lower iron bars. I tie her feet far apart on the bars, giving her a little movement but not much. Then, I set up the video cameras and wait. 
When she wakes up, I can tell she disoriented. She whips her head around, but she’s blindfolded. 
“Here’s how this is gonna work.” I tell her. She whips around, trying to find me. “You are now at my mercy, and I love to watch a bitch in pain. Have fun!” I tell her cheerily. I pull her crotchrope and she grunts. I tie it to her waiststrap. I do the same to her neck. Now she’s in quite a predicament. If she relaxes, all of her weight is on her crotch. If she stands up, she cocks herself. I get out my whips and vibrators, my prick erect again. Instead of whipping her, like I had planned, I walk over and remove her gag. 
“Any requests, whore faced slut?”
“Loosen my crotch,” she says. “Please, I can’t breath!” She begs. 
“No, see here slut, that’s the point! Eventually your sexy little legs will give out. Then all of your weight will be on your fucking cunt. You’ll be able to breathe, but just barely because I’m tightening your rope!” I gleefully tell her. She quakes. 
I quickly untie the rope keeping her up. I hold unto it and jump. I pick up my feet and make the rope sink, making her raise higher and choke a little more. I tie it off. Her toes are just barely touching the ground. They’re still supporting her, though. I shove my cock down her throat. Now, she’s supporting some of me, too. “Suck it, slut.” I order. I take my whip and flick my wrist. ‘C-cccrack!’ She screams into my cock, massaging it and making my knees give out a bit. Again and again I hit her, until I see her legs give out. I climb off her face and go down to investigate. eskort bursa Indeed, her feet are no longer supporting her and her pussy and ass are taking her weight. I grin, and put her gag back in. 
After fifteen minutes, I untie her suspension and crotchrope. “Break time! If you move I’ve got worse things coming you way!” I warn as I set her on the bars beneath her. “Spread the legs!” I command. She ignores me. “Spread the legs or ill make you spread the legs with an electric whip!” I shout. She complies this time, after some hesitation. I grab a dildo, and grin. It’s brutal, a foot long and five inches wide. It was several settings, vibrate and different intensities, shock and different intensities, and random. I shove this up her tight hole, grinning as she grunts and winces. Then, I take a butt plug and anal beads. Hmm… Which one? I think I’ll go with the butt plug. It’s inflatable, and the more she struggles, the bigger it gets. I place it against her asshole and she grunts loudly. “Got something to say, Slutbitch?” I ask and remover her gag. 
“Please don’t put anything in my butt! Nothing’s ever been in there before!” She gasps out. Oh… This will be fun!
“Ok. I won’t put it in your butt.” I agree. How about my dick instead? So I do. I shove my cock into her ass and pump. Oh… So tight! She’s screaming and sobbing, but that just adds fuel to my fire of pleasure. I pump and pump, her ass squeezing and milking my cock. Eventually, when I’m on the brink of cumming, I slow down. I slip on a condom and slather it with horse lithium. It’ll make her ass burn and she’ll probably pass out, but it makes her muscles milk my cock and it feels so good! 
I tie her up again, similarly to the crotchrope. I thread the rope through an eye hook at the bottom of her dildo, then loop the excess rope around the base of her thighs several times. Loosely, so that little pressure will placed on them. I then throw it over the bars and pull. Now, most of her weight is supported by her already exhausted legs, and her poor little pussy, all filled up with that brutal dildo. She screams, then sobs. 
“This is gonna hurt a bit.” I tell her. She looks at me fearfully, and I mudanya escort”>mudanya escort”>mudanya escort shove my cock up her ass in one stroke. She screams, and screams. Her ass is already milking my prick, so I just sit there and wait. “This feels so good, doesn’t it? No, I’d imagine not for you. But as long as I’m enjoying myself, I don’t really care what you feel! You’re just gonna be my little sex slave until I’m through with you. Then I’ll give you to the forest, with wolves who love to fuck.”
She looks at me fearfully, and the fear really does fill her eyes. I turn on the dildo. 
Soon enough, she collapses, all her weight on that pretty pussy. I pull out, and grab a little black box. I open it and take hold of a needle, a candle and matches, two studs, and a ring. I light the candle, and heat up the needle. I bring it nice and close to her nipples, and do a quick jab. I leave the needle in, for a minute. Then I place the stud in, and the top is inscribed with my brand. I repeat the process with the other nipple, and she’s screaming all the while. 
I move down to her nice, pretty, pussy. I grab her clit and suck for a minute, nibbling, until it becomes like a little tiny dick. I pierce it and she screams, opening her mouth and letting it pour out. I can’t stop grinning. I put the ring it, also with my brand, and leave the room. 
I come back, an hour later, to see her sleeping. I didn’t expect that, seeing as I still have her weight on her pussy, haven’t washed the liniment out yet, and her dildo is still buzzing and shocking her at speeds and powers that should be enough to keep her awake and orgasming. I’ll have to punish her for that. 
I walk over and wake her up. 
“I didn’t say you could sleep! You’ll have to be punished!!” I holler. I loosen her ropes. “Stand on your head, against the wall!” She obliges, wearily. “You’ve just had a nice nap! Get going!” She moves faster. 
When she’s on her head, I tape her legs apart, and have her hold her ass cheeks open. I take out a bottle of liniment, and dump it all in. Then, I make her release her ass cheeks, and grab the butt plug I never got to use. I shove it in, and inflate it until its about three inches around. Not even half way, but enough that she won’t be able to get any out. I leave her on the bed, after tightening her tits until they are purple, an Turing up her dildo until its just beneath unbearable shocks. 
I walk out of the room, her screams echoing in my ears, and I grin. 

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