Dog days of summer Ch. 2


Dog Days of Summer – 2
by Ken L. Master

Chapter 2: Let Sleeping Blondes Lie

Billy was half-nuts with frustration by the time he
finished his chores the next day; he hated weeding the
goddamn flower beds in the first place, let alone now,
with hot blonde pussy waiting to be spied on. The horny
freshman had been awake half the night, reliving his
first experiences inside the big Shepherd’s brain and
fantasizing about what else he might be able to get
away with while living in Rex’s head. He felt a
perverse thrill knowing the women wouldn’t have a clue
that he could see their every move through the big
dog’s eyes, that he was watching everything when they
thought they had complete privacy.

Angela Phillips was gone to her job at the bank by the
time Billy got up for breakfast, and he’d barely gotten
started on the fucking flowers when Amber and her big
sister got into Jade’s car and pulled out. He was in
one foul mood by the time he finished with the frigging
plants, and got his ass reamed when he snapped at his
mother for offering him some lunch. He apologized, ate
grilled cheese feeling ready to scream, and escaped up
to his room after doing the dishes to butter Mom up.

Billy hooked into the Shepherd and spent the afternoon
with Rex, exploring the Phillips house, learning what
he could do to direct the animal’s attention, adjusting
to the Shepherd’s heightened senses, getting to feel
more comfortable in the dog’s body. He found that he
could ‘ride’ inside Rex’s head when the Shepherd was
walking or running, instead of getting caught up in
trying to feel the motion of the dog’s legs. It was
incredibly hard to learn motor control in the
Shepherd’s body, and he spent hours with Rex stumbling,
floundering, falling over and crawling around as Billy
slowly learned to walk the dog.

He bit his tongue repeatedly figuring out how to get
enough of a bite on doorknobs to be able to open doors;
the excited teenager was determined to have the big dog
able to get to the women at any time, anywhere in the
house. Ultimately, Billy was able to get Rex into all
the bedrooms and even managed to have the big dog pull
open dresser drawers. He spent a happy hour nosing
through all the underwear, relished the scent of sweet
pussy still clinging to panties in the laundry basket,
and was stunned and overjoyed when Rex’s keen nose
turned up the big vibrator hidden at the back of Angela
Phillips’ underwear drawer.

Now he could understand why the lovely young widow
hadn’t gotten involved with a man since Ben Phillips
died; he wondered if Rex might get lucky enough to
watch the hot MILF doing herself with her battery dick.
Angela was 38 but looked to be in her late 20’s and
strangers often thought she was Jade’s older sister
instead of her mother. The elated freshman carefully
shoved all the drawers closed, made sure he left no
doggie traces in any of the women’s bedrooms, then
unplugged from the Shepherd’s head and went downstairs
for dinner with his folks.

Billy was looking forward to some private time with
Amber as he played around on his computer after dinner.
He knew tonight was an evening shift for Amber at the
restaurant, and Angela Phillips had a regular card-club
with women from the bank every week. Billy was on edge
with anxious anticipation as he settled back in his
computer chair and prepared to plug into the big
Shepherd again. Maybe he’d find Amber lounging around
the pool, or catch that sweet body running around in
her underwear, or even taking a shower.

Rex was sprawled out on the kitchen floor when Billy
slipped into his head, and the eager freshman urged the
big dog to his feet and went searching for his girl.
Amber was nowhere to be found downstairs, and could
hear the television in her room upstairs. He trotted
quickly up the steps, being careful not to make Rex
stumble as the big dog made his way upstairs and down
the hall to Amber’s room. Billy was glad to find the
blonde’s bedroom door open; he didn’t want any of the
Phillips women to realize the Shepherd could open doors

Amber was sprawled out in the basket chair in front of
the TV as he walked in, stripped down to just panties,
her full tits looking totally delicious. The girl’s
nipples were standing out in stiff peaks on her taut
breasts, and Rex did a double-take when Billy took a
glance at the television screen and realized the lovely
teen was watching a porno movie.

Amazed at his good luck, Billy immediately picked a
spot where he could see Amber and the TV at the same
time, and laid down quietly, watching the blonde
attentively. When he took a second look at the
television, he was even more astonished to discover
that the gorgeous teenager was watching a lesbian
flick. Amber was breathing hard as she stared at the
screen and totally ignored the big Shepherd while she
watched the women working each other. She’d gotten her
first look at a lesbian video when she was fifteen, and
was shocked to discover that watching women pleasuring
each other turned her on.

While she didn’t want to admit that she might be a
little gay, the blonde was fascinated by images of
women loving women, especially if there was an element
of seduction or domination. Amber kept her collection
of dyke movies carefully hidden, knowing her mother
would freak out completely if she found out her
daughter was turned on by chicks doing each other. This
one was her most favorite, about a runaway girl who got
picked up and then turned out by a brunette and a
redhead couple; on the screen, Sally and Denise had
already taken the girl to their house in the country
and begun their domination lessons.

The full-length mirror showed Linda’s cheeks were red
with embarrassment and shame, but her reflection’s
nipples were standing out stiffly. Amber noticed that
Rex was staring at the screen, almost as if the big dog
was watching with her, but she got distracted when
Denise and Sally were back in the picture, with a
handful of lacy lingerie. “Easy, good girl, take it
easy,” the brunette said soothingly, “Denise and Sally
are going to dress you all pretty now, good girl, just
be easy.”

“Look what I have for you, angel,” Sally said, holding
out a pair of long silk stockings, “these lovely hose
will help you look pretty for us.” She knelt quickly
beside the teenager and commanded, “Lift your foot,
good girl, so I can put them on you. Lift your foot,
good girl.”

The stockings were thigh-high and ultra-sheer white,
with a scatter of rhinestones up the ankle and onto the
calf, and Sally told Denise that they’d set off
beautifully against Linda’s tan. They looked silky
smooth gliding up the girl’s legs, and it gave Amber
shivers just to watch in the mirror as the redhead slid
them slowly up Linda’s thighs. “And now this,
sweetheart,” Sally whispered, picking up a ruffled
garter belt and reaching around the blonde’s hips.

Billy thought it looked screamingly erotic as the
redhead circled it around Linda’s waist, all green lace
and white elastic, with near-transparent ruffles of
pale emerald silk running down the sides of each garter
strap. The blonde shivered as Sally fastened the
waistband hooks and attached the straps to the sheer
silk hosiery, murmuring approvingly as she noticed how
the delicate green lace framed and accentuated the
teenager’s bronze pubic ringlets. The ruffled garter
straps were luxurious and decadent stretching down over
Linda’s ass and hips, with Denise’s constantly
caressing fingers lightly fondling the teenager
whenever she moved.

“Now see this, angel,” the brunette crooned, holding a
length of sheer fabric up toward the mirror, “another
pretty thing for our good girl.” She stepped close
behind the blonde, stroked the soft lace slowly over
Linda’s firm smooth ass and added, “Let me put this on
you, lover, hold your arms back here for me. Such a
pretty girl you are, what a good, good girl.”

Denise had brought her a sheer silk and lace baby-doll
nightie, creamy kelly-green with lacework so gossamer
it was like putting cobwebs over her tits and ass. The
dark-haired woman held the hip-length gown as the
teenager slipped her arms in; then Denise gently slid
her hands around from Linda’s back, fondling the
blonde’s full breasts with both hands as she adjusted
the open front of the nightie.

Billy couldn’t decide which was more exciting, seeing
the girl being felt up on the screen or seeing Amber
getting hotter as she watched a girl who looked about
her age being fondled by the two dykes. Linda’s nipples
stood out stiffly as the brunette smoothed the perfumed
lingerie over her jugs, and Denise was breathing hard
as she tugged the ruffled hem down to the garter belt.
Linda reached up to tie the string bows that held the
nightie closed, and Sally instantly reached to hold her
hands down at her hips.

“N,o no, good girl, be still,” the redhead ordered
firmly, “leave it open for us, hear me? If we want it
tied, we’ll tell you can tie it. Now be still, good

“What a pretty girl you are, angel,” Denise crooned,
running her hands over the blonde’s round breasts and
down onto her hips. The dark-haired woman caressed the
teenager’s taut ass with both hands and whispered,
“You’re a very good girl, Linda, you’ve been such a
good girl. You look beautiful, sweetheart; there’re
only a couple more things and then you’ll be all

Satisfied with the teenager’s exotic costume, the
brunette led the silk-clad blonde closer to the long
mirror and removed another item from the armoire. She
brought the consummate touch from the bottom shelf,
pearly patent-leather mules with wide ankle straps and
spike heels so high Billy thought the girl would barely
be able walk in them. He wondered what she was getting
all ready for, and he was relieved at the break in his
racing thoughts when the girl on the screen got more

“Lift this foot, good girl,” the brunette ordered,
kneeling beside her and guiding Linda’s stockinged foot
into the high-heel shoe, “and now lift this foot.
That’s right, that’s my good, good girl.” Denise
buckled the broad pearl-studded ankle straps and said,
“Stand tall now, baby, that’s good. Look how pretty you
are, sweetheart, isn’t she a pretty girl, Sally?”

“Just like an angel,” the redhead whispered, “disguised
as an expensive whore. You are beautiful, baby, and I
think you’re ready to get started your first lesson.
You stay right where you are, good girl; Denise will
put your bracelets on while to get you all ready.”

Before the shivering teenager could react Denise altıparmak escort
squirmed against her and kissed her passionately,
sliding her tongue into Linda’s mouth and fondling her
bare breasts with both hands. Amber gasped as the eager
brunette’s tongue licked over the hapless blonde’s
lips; Denise gave a low growl of satisfaction as the
teenager’s nipples perked against her palms. The two
women closed in on the sweating, distraught teenager
when she staggered to her feet, giving her one
passionate French kiss after another.

Sally and Denise kept kissing her while they fondled
her stiff nipples, caressed her ass and ran their
fingers teasingly through her dripping bronze bush till
she was gasping for breath. Linda gave a low moan as
the brunette and the redhead continued feeling her up,
shivering and panting as the women’s hands roved over
her body. Denise and Sally kept stroking the
overwhelmed teenager until she was writhing under their
touch. The stunned blonde circled her arms loosely
around Denise’s waist while the dark-haired woman
gently caressed her sensitive nipples. Denise was
breathing faster as she fondled the teenager’s full
breasts; Billy nearly stopped breathing when the
brunette slowly reached down and the camera zoomed in
as soft fingertips stroked gently between the girl’s
legs. The panicked blonde’s fingers clutched abruptly
at the woman’s waist and she drew a deep gasping
breath, flinching and shifting her feet nervously.

The teenager’s tits had become exquisitely sensitive,
and Linda quivered and shook as the brunette’s fingers
slid tantalizingly over her rigid nipples. Her nipples
were inflamed and throbbing under Denise’s fingers, and
Billy could see her snatch pulsing toward orgasm as the
redhead stroked her clitoris in a gentle steady rhythm.

Perspiration beaded on Amber’s forehead and slid slowly
down her temples as Sally and Denise kept up their
maddening massage of the submissive blonde’s breasts
and clit. The aroused teenager was panting for breath
and shivers raced over her body as the redhead and the
brunette continued the hypnotic sexual massage. Amber
echoed Linda’s strangled moan of ecstasy as Sally’s
finger centered on Linda’s clitoris and rubbed slowly
over the throbbing button. Billy watched in delight as
Amber slipped her hand into her panties, sighing and
moaning, staring in fascination while Denise and Sally
played lovingly at the captive blonde’s pussy.

Devoted Rex looked eagerly at the blonde’s silk-
sheathed bush, panting hard as Amber’s hand played
between her spread thighs. Breathing hard, the teenager
slowly stroked her joy-button with torturous precision,
concentrating on the women on the screen as her clit
throbbed under her gentle fingering. The delicious
scent of Amber’s sex grew stronger in Rex’s nostrils as
the blonde’s pussy began dripping onto her probing

Linda froze shuddering in place as Denise’s gleaming
polished nails trailed slowly across her bush; the
slender brunette kissed the trembling girl again,
putting more tongue into the action as she fondled the
sensitive lips of the teenager’s slit. Sighing in
resignation, she hesitantly returned Denise’s steamy
French kiss and laid her head on the brunette’s
shoulder, trapped between her apprehension and an awful
anticipation. Her hands clenched at Denise’s waist as
the dark-haired beauty pulled her tongue out of Linda’s
mouth and Billy and Amber watched in delight as she
slowly bent down to kiss the paralyzed teenager’s
stiffening shell-pink nipples.

The soft kisses on her areolas made Linda gasp and
shiver in the brunette’s embrace. The dark-haired
beauty looked directly up at Linda while she licked
deliberately at the blonde’s erect nipples, then turned
her face away and slowly trailed kisses down over the
teenager’s rib cage and onto her shivering belly. Linda
sucked in a sudden deep breath as Denise’s hand slid up
the sensitive skin of her inner thigh and the brunette
began gently fondling her snatch. The blonde’s hands
fumbled uncertainly up Denise’s back while the woman
sank to her knees, until the teenager gave up and
clutched the brunette’s shoulders; Denise’s warm breath
huffed over the blonde’s hips, steaming against her
thighs and crotch.

Clamping her sleek thighs tight together, Amber rubbed
her throbbing clit like a miniature Aladdin’s lamp,
waiting for the genie to give out the orgasm wishes.
Linda gasped as the woman’s tongue stroked slowly
across her hipbones; the slim brunette knelt gracefully
between Linda’s knees directly in front of her, panting
as she kissed her way nearer and nearer to the
teenager’s brass-curled bush. Billy saw Amber’s hard
nipples sticking out like champagne corks while a thin
trickle of crotch juice slid slowly down her thigh.

Linda sobbed softly and her belly shivered under the
brunette’s tongue; Denise knelt motionless with her
mouth inches away from the teenager’s bronze bush,
chuckling softly and panting furnace-hot breath over
her snatch. When the waiting blonde had remained
motionless for almost a minute, the horny brunette
leaned slightly forward and licked gently at the
delicate skin of Linda’s inner thigh next to her bush.

Gasping as the first surges of pre-come tightening
pulsed out from her snatch, Amber crossed her ankles
and writhed voluptuously around the hand buried in her
pussy; Billy watched in awe as she thrust her hips
rhythmically against her stroking hand, squirming on
the slippery, questing fingers, grinding her clit
exquisitely on her wriggling fingertips.

Linda’s breath caught in her throat as the brunette
woman’s warm tongue slipped over the thin skin and
stroked slowly toward her snatch. Amber gave a gasping
sigh and stared in fascination as Denise started a slow
kissing at the edges of the helpless blonde’s pussy,
drooling on the fringes of curly bronze pubic hair. The
slender brunette panted and licked around the captive
teenager’s snatch, and Linda’s cheeks quickly flushed
glowing pink as Denise’s lips teased her crotch.

A sudden flash of horny inspiration made Amber pull her
hand off her throbbing pussy and leap to the nightstand
where she kept the tall scented candle Jade had given
her. Grabbing up the peach-scented paraffin cock, she
dashed to the vanity table and slathered the dildo with
her slipperiest body oil and returned to the basket
chair in front of the television. Sitting spread-
legged, the excited blonde bent forward, worked her
hand down below her fevered clit gently slipped the tip
of the wax dick in.

Billy watched in stunned fascination as Amber began
slowly working at her slit with the thick paraffin
shaft. On the screen, Linda was breathing faster and
her nipples standing stiffly erect, swelling as she got
hotter; the teenager’s tan stomach twitched with the
pulse hammering in her increasingly steamy snatch. The
helpless teen’s forehead was beaded with sweat and she
gasped as the brunette’s tongue lathered over her bush,
onto her thighs and up to her flat belly, then dropped
back down between the ruffled straps that framed her
dripping clitoris.

Slowly and deliberately relaxing her clenching snatch,
Amber heaved a deep, gasping sigh and gave a half-twist
at the base to screw the makeshift dildo in. Her mouth
sagged open in breathless ecstasy as she jittered the
candle around her pulsing pussy, launching an
irresistible rush of tingling energy through her
abruptly humming clit and up her spine. The blonde
froze motionless in place, leaning toward the TV with
her right arm across her belly, hand rooted in her
dripping bush, carefully easing another inch or two of
slippery wax dick into her tight, dripping slit. Amber
slumped back with a sigh as Denise leaned forward
between the teenager’s knees, her lips and tongue
working slowly at the fringes of the girl’s blonde
pubic curls.

While Billy stared at the screen, Denise put a hand on
each knee and spread the girl’s legs, then lifted the
teenager’s feet up to the front of the chair cushion
and leaned forward, pressing her lips against the
blonde’s spread slit. The submissive teen leaned back
on the soft cushions with a sigh as the brunette began
a deliberate precise French kissing at her exposed
clitoris. Panting silently, his jaws wide open in
astonished pleasure, Billy stared at Amber in the
amazement as goosebumps rippled over her shoulders and
down her arms, while her heavy jugs went slowly pink
and tautened into quivering globes. She forced herself
to slow her frantic fingering, slipping her middle and
ring fingers onto her wet slit and lightly circling
just the tips around and over her emerging clitoris.

Within a few minutes, the overwrought blonde’s pussy
pulsing gently, clamping and relaxing in rhythmic
spasms that gripped the creamy dildo and slowly sucked
it deeper into her throbbing snatch.

Kneeling beside her chair, Sally bent down and began
gently kissing Linda’s nipples while the brunette
continued delicately licking between the girl’s spread
thighs. Amber’s forehead was beaded with sweat and she
was gasping for breath as Denise’s tongue slithered
around the captive blonde’s bush, onto her thighs and
up to her flat belly, then dropped back down near her
tingling clitoris. The long-legged blonde moaned softly
and shivers raced from her pulsing snatch over her
belly; the hair on her arms was standing up and her
tits prickled up with goosebumps.

Trembling in mute pleasure, the teenager dropped her
head and squirmed around her golden crotch in the chair
while Billy watched with rapture; with no thrusting at
all from her limp hand, the candle cock was creeping
inescapably up her pulsating slit, driven minutely
deeper and deeper every minute. The delicious
sensations in her snatch made perspiration bead up on
Amber’s forehead and trickle off her temples and cheeks
as the wax dildo crept into her. Billy watched in
delight as the girl next door masturbated in front of
him, never suspecting that her faithful pet was
watching with total human satisfaction while she jerked

Sally and Denise undressed each other slowly as the
brunette lapped the captive teenager into a helpless
frenzy. Amber stared in fascination as the redhead
tossed Denise’s bra aside and bent to lick the
brunette’s nipples. Denise rolled the redhead’s panties
down over her hips and began delicately fingering
Sally’s clitoris while the woman thrust against her
probing fingers.

As her dilating pussy got hotter and hotter, sweat
popped out on her jugs, and the feel bursa rus escort bayan of salty sweat
trickling down between her tits only made things worse.
The steamy blonde’s nipples were achingly hard and she
kept shifting and wiggling anxiously, squirming on the
chair in front of the watching Shepherd with the slick
paraffin cock up her cunt.

Denise and Sally fondled each other erotically as Linda
writhed in mortified ecstasy under the brunette’s
tongue. Amber was panting for breath and shaking like a
leaf, her buzzing clitoris driving her wild; as her
dilating pussy got hotter and hotter, sweat popped out
on her jugs, and the feel of salty sweat trickling down
between her tits only made things worse. Billy could
feel the Shepherd’s cock throbbing in sympathy with his
own erection; he unzipped his jeans and began slowly
jerking off, wondering how the big dog would react when
he came in his room.

The steamy blonde’s nipples were achingly hard and she
kept shifting and wiggling anxiously, squirming on the
chair in front of the watching Shepherd with the slick
paraffin cock up her cunt. On the screen, Billy saw the
redhead and the brunette masturbating each other as
they watched their captive teenager twist and shudder,
each woman fingering deliberately at each other’s
spread pussy while Denise lapped at the helpless
blonde’s crotch. Amber moaned in ecstasy as Denise
turned her head and began licking the redhead’s clit
while Sally stared into the blonde’s eyes and winked,
giggling with delight.

Amber was dripping with sweat and Billy was panting for
breath as he watched the half-hidden candle snake
further up her dripping slit; the blonde stroked the
dildo slowly, sending delicate inescapable pulses up
her smooth tanned back, down between her thighs, on to
the fingertips massaging her dripping clitoris. The
long-legged blonde moaned as shivers raced from her
pulsing snatch back to her twitching ass; the hair on
her arms was standing up and her tits were covered with

Her hips rolled mechanically back and forth under the
ceaseless tickling, intensifying the pleasure with each
lingering grind. In spite of her determination not to
give in to the incredible sensation, she felt her ass
constrict and dilate again with the rhythm of her
slowly throbbing pussy. She moaned in mounting erotic
obsession as she thrust and withdrew the candle slowly
against the motion of her hips, rocking back and forth
on the slippery shaft, slowly jacking herself off as
she sweated and squirmed before the quiet, intently
watching German Shepherd.

Billy forced himself not to whine as he watched the
Amber writhing in the chair while the women on the
screen dissolved into screaming orgasms. Twisting and
writhing on her slippery fingers, the sweat-drenched
blonde moaned incoherently as her mind gushed out
through her pulsating pussy. Biting her lip to keep
from yelling aloud, the frenzied teenager’s fingers
clung to the last inch of the paraffin dick, her head
rolling from side to side as her crotch exploded in
waves of pounding orgasm.

Amber felt like her crotch was disintegrating; it was
like slow-motion electricity delicately shocking her
clit and streaming uninterrupted up her spine. The
blonde’s brain exploded into a redhot fireball of
orgasm as she stroked her sensitive clitoris and
maddening pulsations throbbed inside her dripping cunt.
Rex’s cock was distended and achingly hard; the big dog
sniffed the air noisily as Billy inhaled the delicious
scent of the blonde’s dripping come.

Tears slid down Amber’s flushed face, dripping onto her
tits and over her rigid nipples as the frenzied
squirming teenager writhed on the mind-boggling orgasm.
The coming was so powerful it seemed to short-circuit
her thoughts, leaving nothing but the mind-blowing
sensations of coming and coming as incredible pulsing
clenched her throbbing ass and her fingers crawled
maddeningly over her dripping snatch. It took every
ounce of control Billy could muster to keep from
leaping Rex to his feet and jamming the Shepherd’s
muzzle into Amber’s spread pussy while she sat creaming
in front of the big dog. Back and belly muscles rock-
hard, thighs and calves cramping, the moaning blonde
sat paralyzed in front of the television, watching
Linda arch forward on the brunette’s tongue while her
fingers massaged the redhead’s melting rust-bushed

Captivated by her obsessed lesbian-inspired
masturbation, Amber clenched her fist over the end of
the candle, knuckles white with strain, panting for
breath as waves of mounting ecstasy flooded up from her
dripping snatch. The moaning blonde felt like she was
drowning in tidal waves of surging come, one rush of
explosive orgasm after another streaming from her
steaming pussy nonstop up her spine to shatter her
stunned brain.

The girl’s gasping orgasm finally drove Billy over the
edge; he gave a groan of ecstasy as his throbbing cock
spurted jets of come that splashed his pants and
dripped down onto the carpet. The come seemed to last
forever, leaving the shuddering freshman exhausted and
gasping, stroking his aching cock slowly as the
Shepherd watched the creaming blonde; twitching and
shuddering, Amber groaned feebly, panting desperately
for breath and grinding instinctively on the paraffin
shaft shoved into her boiling pussy.

When the breathless blonde finally stopped coming and
eased the candle out of her spread slit, Billy felt
ready to pass out himself. As Amber stood up shivering
and collapsed gasping on her bed, he opened his eyes
and pulled out of the big dog’s brain.

“Thanks for the show, baby,” he murmured, pulling off
his jeans with come-sticky fingers, “you’re hotter than
a fucking firecracker, I’ve never seen anything that
sweet in my life. I’ll stop back tonight, angel, Rexie
has a surprise for you…”

It was after two o’clock in the morning when Billy
plugged into the Shepherd’s brain; he’d checked the
Phillips’ windows several times during the night,
watching impatiently for the women to go to bed. He
waited for more than an hour after the lights finally
went off, just to make sure everyone had time to get to
sleep before he paid Amber a visit. Billy was shivering
with excitement as he slowly stood Rex up and trotted
the Shepherd over to the sleeping blonde, sniffing
cautiously at the sleeping teenager.

He still felt clumsy in the big dog’s body as stepped
soundlessly to the foot of the bed and put his front
paws up on the mattress, watching the sprawled-out
blonde intently. He crawled slowly up onto the bed,
freezing every time Amber shifted slightly, inching his
way up between her spread legs until he lay on his
belly directly in front of her, tongue hanging as he
sniffed at the sleeping girl’s bronze bush under the
thin panties. The musky, sweet smell of her pussy was
stronger than the scent that had lingered on the
panties he’d licked, and the dog’s nostrils flared as
Billy breathed in the rich aroma of her snatch. The
Shepherd’s hot panting huffed over the sleeping
blonde’s crotch, steaming against her thighs and
snatch. Amber sighed softly and twitched in her sleep,
sleek tan thighs spreading wider as she shifted in the

Billy lay quietly with his dripping muzzle inches away
from the teenager’s spread bush, snorting softly and
panting furnace-hot breath over her snatch. When the
drowsing blonde had remained motionless for several
minutes, he nodded in satisfaction, leaned slightly
forward and licked delicately between the sleeping
girl’s legs. The big dog echoed Billy’s gasp of delight
as he tasted the salt of perspiration and the slightly
sticky sweetness of her snatch through the thin

Amber’s breath caught in her throat as the sweltering
dog-tongue rasped over her panties, but the velvet
touch of the Shepherd’s tongue was not enough to wake
her. The unconscious blonde sighed in her sleep as
Billy started a slow steady lapping at her pussy, tail
wagging, drooling on the teenager’s silk-sheathed pubic
mound. The massive dog panted and slavered over the
dozing teenager’s warm snatch, and her cheeks flushed
as aroused doggie saliva saturated her crotch.

The sleeping teen shifted restlessly against the
mattress, gasping a sigh as the enormous Shepherd
continued delicately licking at her crotch and thighs.
The hapless teenager moaned and twitched in her sleep
as Billy lapped carefully at her silk-sheathed pussy,
his tail wagging as he drooled on the frizzy bronze
pubic hair under the thin lace. Amber gasped for breath
as the Shepherd’s tongue lathered over her bush onto
her thighs and then dropped back down onto the tight
material that covered her twitching crotch.

Within minutes, Amber began breathing faster and her
nipples stood up stiff; the teenager’s tan stomach
twitched with the pulse hammering in her increasingly
steamy snatch. When her quivering pussy began dripping
into her drool-soaked bush, Billy started Rex licking
harder and faster at the delicious crotch spread open
in front of him. Amber was dripping with sweat and
panting for breath as the Shepherd’s tongue lathered
over her bush, onto her thighs and up to her flat
belly, then dropped back down onto her dripping

The long-legged blonde whimpered in her sleep and
shivers raced from her taut thighs over her belly;
Billy ignored the shivering blonde’s unconscious
whining, his wide tongue stroking rhythmically against
the soaked silk stretched over her sensitive clit. The
big dog soundlessly continued lapping and snuffling
over the sleeping teenager’s spread crotch, thrilled
with the scent and taste of the girl’s dripping slit.
The hapless blonde gave a muffled moan of arousal and
excitement, shifting her hips under Billy’s determined
animal licking.

Amber writhed on the bed, trembling and helpless as the
Shepherd continued his eager tongue job; the big dog
never slowed the dedicated eager licking at her crotch.
As soon as the unconscious girl lay still, Billy
intensified the maddening licking, tail again wagging
contentedly as he slurped and drooled over the
teenager’s dripping blonde-haired pussy.

As minutes of deliberate licking slipped past, Amber’s
breathing quickened and her nipples started to stiffen
and stand up under her cut off tee-shirt; the
teenager’s stomach twitched with the pulse hammering in
her increasingly steamy snatch. His inescapable eager
tongue swarming over her lace-covered bush made the
sleeping blonde squirm and sweat; when her agitated
pussy began bursa üniversiteli escort bayan dripping into her drool-soaked panties, the
big dog began licking harder and faster at the
teenager’s crotch spread open in front of him.

Rex’s body quivered with Billy’s excitement, and he
suddenly realized his own enjoyment and arousal was
communicating back to the big dog. The hair on Amber’s
arms was standing up and her tits broke out in
goosebumps as he lapped her; she lay helpless on the
mattress, moaning softly with the excited Shepherd
laying between her trembling thighs, sighing as the
fiery rough tongue danced over her throbbing pubes.
Amber gasped for breath as the Shepherd’s tongue
lathered over her bush onto her thighs and then dropped
back down onto the tight material that covered her
twitching crotch.

Billy had a flash of inspiration; he pulled the
Shepherd’s muzzle away from the girl’s crotch, nipped
the front of her panties carefully between his fangs,
and tugged gently at the soaked material. He clenched
his teeth over the lacy front of Amber’s bikinis and
chewed slowly, watching the sleeping blonde intently as
he methodically chewed through the silk, grinding the
material between his teeth and shredding the crotch
completely away.

The unconscious teenager gave a sudden gasp as Billy
leaned the big Shepherd’s head forward again and his
slavering tongue stroked over her totally exposed
pussy. In seconds his eager lapping parted the
shivering blonde’s drool-soaked pubic bush, leaving her
delicate pink lips and throbbing clitoris completely
open to the slippery probing dog tongue.

“Now there, isn’t that better, baby,” Billy whispered
in his room, running his dog tongue lightly over the
hapless blonde’s damp thighs, “Me and Rex really love
licking your sweet pussy,’ he added softly, “and you’ve
never had anything as wonderful as our licking in your
life. How about I just stay here and give you a treat;
I want to make you wiggle and sweat.”

Amber moaned in her sleep, shivers racing over her
belly and across her shaking tits; she twisted slowly
against the mattress as the Shepherd’s wide wet tongue
washed over her open snatch, spreading her lips wide
and sliding over her clit like a velvet ribbon. Billy
was even more intent now that her hot pussy was
completely exposed to him, making a contented rumbling
deep in his throat and wagging his tail as he worked
delightedly on the gasping teenager. Moaning and
quivering, Amber rolled her head into her pillow,
writhing silently as the eager animal lapped
maddeningly at her melting pussy. Billy gave a low
growl of satisfaction as he realized she was totally
helpless, spread-eagle and powerless to resist his
determined animal licking between her legs.

With a flash of absolute delight, Billy suddenly
realized that no one would even know what had happened,
not till tomorrow morning. Amber was sleeping safe in
her room, and if she didn’t wake up, she would just let
the canine monster between her legs keep on tonguing
her clit until Billy was ready to scream out loud.
Thrilled over her powerlessness, he leaned the big dog
forward between her shaking thighs and shifted his
lapping into high gear, his wide tongue lathering over
her open pussy as fast as he could lick.

In seconds, the distraught teenager was panting for
breath and shaking like a leaf, her buzzing clitoris
driving her wild. Gasping into her pillow, the
unconscious blonde twisted and writhed against the
sheets, her sweating thighs wide open while the
Shepherd’s tongue stroked rhythmically over the girl’s
spread bush.

“Oh yeah, all right, big boy,” Billy whispered to
himself, leaning down to spread Amber’s pubic bush wide
with the eager Shepherd’s tongue, “Pretty Amber can’t
stop us and I know she won’t say a word about it, so
let’s go ahead and do whatever we want, let’s do it
real good for her, Rex boy.” Amber’s pink nipples were
now totally hard and her belly muscles twitched as the
unrelenting doggie licking went on and on and on.

There was no way the unconscious teenager could escape
the stubborn animal licking eagerly at her crotch.
Knowing that the quivering blonde had no chance to
resist, Billy gave a contented rumbling growl and
changed to a slow-motion washing of the teenager’s bare
pussy, his tongue languidly flicking between her
delicate inner lips and sliding over her exposed

He stared through the big dog’s eyes, feeling the girl
responding to the huge animal lapping deliberately at
her spread pussy, relishing the dogs-eye view of her
writhing helplessly under the Shepherd’s maddening
licking. Amber was moaning through her teeth and
writhing against the sheet, loins throbbing as her
snatch warmed under the dog’s incessant licking.
Billy’s thoughts were racing and his brain screamed in
delight as he felt her pussy responding automatically
to the exquisite torture of the dog’s velvet tongue.

“Ohh, Jesus, that’s good, that’s really good, Rex, go
on, do it nice for her now, yes yes yes,” Billy hissed
through clenched teeth, watching the pulsation building
in Amber’s aching snatch, “let’s do it now, yeah,
pretty Amber can’t stand it, big dog, this sweet bitch
is gonna cream all over us…”

Powerless to escape the bestial licking, Amber clenched
her fists around her sheet, knuckles white with strain,
panting for breath as waves of mounting ecstasy flooded
up from her dripping snatch. Even while Billy’s
thoughts clamored with lust and total satisfaction, he
felt the hapless teen rolling her hips mechanically
back and forth under Rex’s lingering ceaseless licking,
intensifying the gratification of each slow stroke.

He could feel her drool-wet ass tighten with every
flicker of the scalding dog tongue over her lips; Amber
whimpered in her sleep, stretching her legs wider to
the big dog, straining with the tendons on each side of
her snatch stretched like cables from the pale edges of
her bush to the tan skin of her inner thighs.

The helpless blonde’s tits heaved with her panting and
her thighs and calves pulsed as she trembled and
twitched, ready to come on the big dog’s constant
skillful licking. Billy was thrilled and delighted, and
just kept Rex lapping eagerly at her dripping,
quivering snatch. Overwhelmed by the taste of the
panting teenager’s saturated pussy and excited by the
girl’s unconscious moaning, the huge Shepherd kept
right on licking, wondering how Amber would react next.

Amber whined desperately in her sleep as the big dog
continued lathering at her dripping snatch; Billy’s
gaze locked on Amber’s reflection in the dresser
mirror, her eyelids pleading flickering from the mind-
blowing animal lapping between her legs. Amber groaned
and writhed slowly against the bed as the huge Shepherd
lowered his head over her snatch again.

Billy suddenly realized that Amber was bound to wake up
when his lapping at her pussy finally made her come,
and he didn’t want her to find out what was happening
just yet. The sweat-drenched blonde moaned incoherently
to the big dog as her snatch dissolved and juices
flowed from her pulsating pussy; Billy growled deep in
his throat as her spastic snatch pumped juices over his
dripping tongue. Every time he looked up from lapping
at her clit, Billy’s eyes locked on their image in the
mirror, seeing her laying helplessly in place for the
big dog’s deliberate licking.

She’d know something had gone on when she found her
panties chewed up, but if Rex was gone when she woke
up, she couldn’t be sure exactly what the big dog had
done to her. If he played his cards right, maybe he
could get her used to being licked in her sleep, maybe
she would even start to like it, even let him do it
while she was awake. The excited Shepherd lathered warm
slaver all over her gaping snatch and slippery thighs,
sensual tongue washing slowly over the clamping ring
muscle of her drool-soaked ass.

As much as he wanted to feel and taste her coming,
Billy knew he had to control himself, to slow down and
keep the sleeping blonde on the edge of orgasm as long
as possible without letting her come. He forced himself
to slow down, shifting to a slow deliberate lapping at
the unconscious girl’s dripping slit.

Twitching and shivering, Amber whined feebly in her
sleep, panting for breath as Rex lapped and slobbered
over her saturated crotch. As slow shuddering spasms
shook her bobbing jugs, Billy realized with delight
that he’d found the right technique; his enthusiastic
velvet tongue was keeping the unwitting girl on the
shivering edge of orgasm without getting her off.
Muffled sighs and groans turned into a constant nasal
moaning as the overwrought blonde writhed helplessly on
the bed with eager Rex crouched between her thighs. Her
hoarse gasping and stifled moans encouraged Billy to
keep going, and the big dog continued his delighted
licking at her spasming crotch.

Amber dissolved into unconscious squirming desire as
the dog’s inescapable tongue probed between her
exquisitely sensitive lips and slid up inside her
dripping cunt. The slowly writhing teenager started
arching up to the panting Shepherd, pressing her knees
against his shoulders as he snuffled and drooled over
her avid bronze-bushed pussy; Billy was mesmerized with
fascination and desire as he watched her in the mirror,
heaving forward, thrusting her snatch toward the
animal’s steady tonguing.

Limp as a dishrag and shivering uncontrollably, Amber
groaned and giggled in her sleep, wriggling and
thrusting her bush at the eager animal crouched
slavering between her thighs. Gasping, moaning and
writhing under his tongue, she clutched at the mattress
with both hands while Billy stared in fascinated
delight at the mirror, watching as she spread her
thighs wide to hold her dripping lips apart, exposing
her throbbing and demanding clit to Rex’s velvet

Billy was never sure how many hours of dedicated doggie
slit-licking the hapless blonde took that night. He
kept Amber of the shivering edge of orgasm until
morning, a cyclic quivering and moaning that went on
and on as the skillful animal lapped and licked at her
delicious bronze snatch, growling in satisfaction as he
watched her writhing in unconscious ecstasy in the
mirror. Billy finally crawled Rex off the bed and
slipped out of the room when he heard her mother’s
alarm clock go off down the hall; he could still smell
and taste the blonde’s fabulous pussy as he lurched out
of his chair and went to jerk off in the shower.

When Amber finally woke up, the sun was shining in her
window and she felt like she hadn’t had any rest at
all. She found the shredded crotch of her panties
saturated with come, and though Rex the Shepherd was
gone from her room, she was covered in sticky sweat and
had dog hair all over her thighs.

Continued in chaper 3…

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