Big Tits

Click… Click… Click… Damn clock. I realized I was awake by that sound seemingly getting louder with every second. I seemed to be in a heavy fog, everything was grey, my movements sluggish. This isn’t my place, it just doesn’t feel right. Pain, my head, my ass, and my balls. I felt like I had an extreme gym workout and left without showering. There’s an aroma; musky, sweaty, and the smell of sex invading my nostrils. I can feel cum that has dried in spots on my body, in places that have never had a cum coating before. “What the hell? …” everything about the last 24 hours just didn’t make sense. The last clear memory is finishing my workout and hitting the sauna to relax…
There was a guy about my age, maybe a little younger already in there stretched out on the top row. He was seventeen or so, black hair, h is toned body was a nice shade of tan from being out in the sun. A swimmer I bet. He opened his eyes which were the color of bronze and a flashed me a smile saying hi. He then moved up to a sitting position to give me some more room. That’s when the towel covering him fell showing all of him. There was a treasure trail leading down to a groomed patch of black hair above a cut cock that had to be 5”-6” soft ending with a nice sized set of shaved balls that were sucked up to the base of his cock. All of this was framed in a lighter color than the rest of his body due to shorts I guessed. I just stood there looking, I’m not gay but DAMN this kid is hot! He looked at me, down to the towel and then back up, smiled and said sorry about that. I was still just standing there looking into his eyes stunned. I stumbled trying to say something cool that didn’t come out right so I decided to just smile back and sit down. He picked up the towel, rolled it up and placed it behind his head and closed his eyes. “My name’s Lucas” he said. I stammered out “Mike” and tried to gain some composure. Lucas smiled once again and continued to soak in the warmth of the sauna. Trying to get back under control of the situation I removed my towel placing on the tile to sit on, closed my eyes and relaxed.
In my eyes I wasn’t ugly, probably above average looking – or so I was told, but not close to this kid’s level. I’ve got brownish blonde hair, 5’10, blue eyes with a physique more like a football player weighing around 190 pounds, no fat to speak of but stout. I carried a 7” cut cock that the girls I had been with seemed to appreciate. So yeah, just a normal 20 year old horny white boy. I keep trying to clear the fog and remember….
I cracked my eyes open to see what Lucas was doing. Eyes closed, steady even breathing, totally relaxed, he was asleep. I ran my eyes over his body this time taking time to soak in the details. I notice his body hair wasn’t thick, a little on his chest, around his nipples, his arms and legs had a fair amount but not too much. About this time I began to grow, – DAMN! Oh please don’t wake up and see this. I closed my eyes and gorukle escort tried thinking of anything but this kid. I keep telling myself “I’m not gay”. It wasn’t working, I continued to feel myself stiffen so I grabbed my towel and almost ran for the door. I heard Lucas say “that was quick” as I made my retreat heading for the showers and some cold water to douse the effect Lucas was having on me. I stood under the water for about a minute when in walked Lucas taking up a spot just one over from me. OH DAMN! He adjusted the shower and turned his back to me exposing the most perfect bubble but I had ever seen, harddo, round and even cupped in on the sides. DAMN! This time I tried to catch my growing cock early and made my way to my locker. I just had to sit on the bench and let this pass.
The blinds were drawn tight but light still crept around the edges giving off an almost neon type of light. I’m now aware that I’m naked with a sheet somewhat covering me, neither hot nor cold just about the perfect temperature to drift off once again. Wait – I hear someone breathing softly and evenly and very close……
I look up to find Lucas walking down the row of lockers, the towel around his neck and his cock swinging from side to side with each step. He throws out another of his smiles as he passes me and stops 8 lockers away. His smell hits me as he walks past me, he smells like heaven! My mind is spinning, I can’t tell you what this kid has over me but I now know gay or not I want him! Lucas towels off and grabs his boxers. He gives me another smile as he steps into them, and I watch, stare, and begin to grow once again. I don’t even think he’s interested, his cock now put away never hardens but he doesn’t question my watching or quicken his pace sliding on his Nike basketball shorts. I turn my back to him to hide my arousal and slide into my cargo shorts commando style before turning back to my locker and grabbing a quick glance at him. Once again he catches me, smiles and just takes his time putting on his shoes. Lucas remains shirtless as he bends over to tie his shoes and again I stare. He slips on a black wife beater t-shirt and checks his phone and just sits there. By now I’ve got my T-shirt on and stick my feet into flip flops. I get another chance for a quick glance and now I find him with a backpack over his shoulder and straddling the bench facing me. Another smile, DAMN! I grab my bag and start to walk for the door hoping to make my escape while Lucas grabs another glance at his phone. I hurry to place distance between the kid and myself so I don’t do something stupid because I still want him. Bad.
“What did I do last night?!” I try to get my eyes to adjust to the dim light looking for my clothes and slide to the side of the bed as quietly as I can unwrapping from the sheet covering me and whoever is next to me. My thoughts are still racing, nothing is making sense and my body still feels like I have eskort bursa a hell of a hangover. The body next to me has a familiar smell and I take it in, then the breathing changes, the body rolls over towards me and I hear “what‘ca doin?”……
I’m just backing out of the parking space when I turn to check the mirror and find him standing there. Smiling, beautiful, perfect. Just seeing him and I can feel myself begin to grow, DAMN! Lucas just stands there waiting for me to back up, I roll down the window to say thanks and we finally have a brief conversation. “Hey I’m on foot and running late if you are headed back toward the mall I could really use a ride.” I get harder, how can I say no without being a jerk? I can’t and Lucas has done nothing wrong it’s me who is losing control. “Hop in and hold on” I say as he climbs up in my truck we make small talk. He thanks me and even offers gas money because he “doesn’t want to take advantage of me”. If only he knew. I decline the offer for money but he insists that we at least stop to eat, his treat. I’m intoxicated with this kid and completely at his will, my cock is hard as rock. All I can say is “sure”. As I head toward the mall he notices the full erection in my shorts flashes that smile and says “think I’ll have a quick bite now”. He slides one hand up the leg of my shorts and slowly begins stroking me while undoing the button and zipper with the other. My cock pops free from my shorts, precum flowing from the tip. For the last time my mind screams “I’m not gay!” but my hard leaking cock says otherwise. Lucas moves in and lays his head in my lap, blows on and then kisses my cock. After driving my cock to the point of explosion he dives down to the base of my shaft like a pro and I almost put the truck into the curb. I’m in ecstasy! He starts going over my cock from top to bottom with his tongue missing nothing. Again he take all of me down this throat rises and begins to lick my ball sack while stroking me. I’m already close. I try not to wreck my truck telling him to slow down, that I’m close. All Lucas says is “I know” he continues on until my cock swells harder than it ever has and I shoot the first of 5 ropes of my seed deep into his throat. He takes it all as if he is starving and I continue to pulse in his mouth until my cock begins to soften. He takes me from his mouth and I see that he is finally hard and all I want at the moment is to park this truck and enjoy every inch of his body. Lucas continues to lick and clean me stroking me slowly, milking every last drop from me until he tucks my now almost limp cock back into my shorts and zips me up. “That’s just for starters” he says and has me pull into Bdubs for some wings.
The fog is lifting, the voice and smell of Lucas overtakes me. I’m already hard at the sound of his voice. I want nothing more than to melt into his arms and make love. I make my move toward his cock. Lucas asks exactly what karacabey escort I want. I beg for his body, his cock, his mouth fighting with mine and devouring my cock. Again he ask what it is I want and I say “to be with you” With that he touches my shoulders and pushes me back down onto his bed saying “Well then Mike, I need finish. I need to make you mine”. With that he slides down my body to a 69 position and begins to take me. I no longer even question or argue that I am gay. I now put Lucas’ 8” cock into my mouth, I take in his manly scent and taste his precum, making me dizzy. As he licks my ball sack and cock I am busy devouring his cock. He begins to milk me of any remaining seed within balls and my body answers the call, within minutes he has made me shoot the last of my seed into his mouth. He never lets a single drop escape, swallowing it all. He goes further licking the area between my sack and ass and finally begins to rim my virgin hole. At this point I’m squirming, never had the feeling of a tongue dancing around my hole. Lucas then darts his tongue into my ass. I think that I may cum without any work done on my cock, what is this kid doing? He is hitting every nerve in my body and taking me to a level I didn’t know existed, I’m with a true man albeit he is only 17. Lucas slides a single finger into me hitting my prostrate sending waves of pleasure through my body…..
We make small talk finishing up our lunch. Lucas tosses me a look saying he needs to hit the john, give him a head start and follow him. “What? Here? In public? No way!” I say trying to hold back against his wishes. My mind continues to tell me you’re not gay! After an internal struggle of less than a minute I get up and head to the restroom. When I get back there its empty, no wait the last stall is occupied so I tap on the door. It opens “C’mon in!” revealing Lucas completely naked and hard. All my will is gone I close the door and drop my shorts. Again Lucas is on the offensive, lifting my shirt, licking, kissing and nipping my nipples. He slowly moves his hands down to my now hard cock, slowly stroking me and fondling my balls. “Wait! What if..?” He quiets me by giving me the most perfect kiss I have ever received. His tongue swirls with mine in a dance of lust, a little nip and he moves to pay attention to my raging hard on. Lucas licks a sample of my precum and slides down the back side placing his face between my cock and body before taking my balls into his mouth one by one. I reach for his member, the first time that I’ve held someone else in my hand and begin to stroke him. Lucas stops just long enough to ask if I’m sure that I want him, “If you do this there is no going back” he says. I answer him by stroking him harder and faster I also begin to fuck his face. He takes another load from my cock and explodes in my hand covering it with his creamy warm cum. After we both relax we hug, kiss and Lucas takes my sticky hand into his mouth sucking my fingers clean. He offers me the last one and I place it into my mouth. With his taste, smell and the lust attacking all my senses I almost faint from the experience. We get dressed and leave the restroom just as someone opens the door.

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