First Ovulation


Mira woke up and felt a wetness in her panties and in her sheets. Sleepily, she sat up and pulled back her covers. She was startled to see a mass of small, blue eggs and goo around her butt, on her inner thighs, seeping out from under her panties. She smeared her fingers through the substance, concerned and confused. She pulled aside her panties at the crotch to examine herself. Her pale, blue skin was wet and covered in the slime. She was startled to see that her vagina was swollen and bulging. Her panties were soaked and full of the small, soft eggs. As she sat up, pressure increased in her lower abdomen and a small amount the slimy substance and eggs squeezed out of her to trickle down toward her butt.

Very frightened, she wiped it away from her hole with her fingers. She was sensitive and her hole seemed to want to be open. Engorged and pushed out from the inside. She left her bed and toweled her crotch. Pressing the towel to her hole, she ran into the hallway and hesitated at Yenna’s bedroom door. After a long moment, she knocked.


Roused from her sleep, Yenna took a moment to answer. Mira entered the room, still pressing the towel between her wet, inner thighs. She took a few steps toward the older girl, still sleepy eyed on her bed. “Something…something happened to me. I need your help.”

“What’s wrong, Mira?” Yenna slowly rolled over and looked at the younger girl with concern. Mira beckoned Yenna to follow her. They both went back to Mira’s bed where she shyly showed her the wet spot and small mounds of eggs on her sheets.

“Oh,” Yenna smiled, still sleepy, and looked down at Mira’s crotch. Mira turned her body away in embarassment. “It’s okay, Mira…. You’ve never ovuled before?”

Mira shook her head.

“It’s okay, Mira. I… I assumed you started a long time ago. That your mother would have helped you… Don’t worry. Come with me. I’ll show you what to do.”

Yenna led young Mira into their shared bath. She gently pulled the towel out of Mira’s hands and placed it on the ground. Then she got on her knees and slowly started pulling Mira’s wet panties to the floor. Mira escort bursa blushed and made a shy sound, stepping out of her panties.

“Don’t worry, honey.” Yenna caringly placed her hands on Mira’s thighs. “Sit on the bin.”

Mira sat down on the small, open-faced hygiene tub and Yenna slowly spread her legs apart with a gentle touch. She gazed at Mira’s swollen hole. Moisture and sticky eggs visable at its opening.

“You’re mother was a very fertile woman. I assumed you would have started making eggs when you were a child. This is your first time?”

“Yes. She never told me about it.”

“I’m sorry. She was always very busy. It’s good that your body is pushing them out on its own. It means you are healthy, and fertile. Does your stomach hurt at all?”

“A little bit.” Mira put her hands on her belly. “I feel a pressure.”

“Wow. You have a lot of eggs. You started pushing them out when you were asleep. You must be full, baby.”

“Is that bad?”

“No, honey. It’s beautiful. You are very lucky. But you will need to start expelling your eggs every now and then. So you aren’t staining all of your sheets and having stomach aches. I’ll show you how, if you’ll let me.”

Mira nodded ‘okay,’ looking up into Yenna’s kind face. Yenna placed her hands on Mira’s soft belly and gently prodded about.

“First, why don’t you push very slowly. Not too hard. Just real slow.” Yenna cupped a hand a few inches beneath Mira’s soft blue hole. Mira made a small moan and gently squeezed her stomach. Warm liquid dripped from inside her body then a small, sticky stream of eggs, into Yenna’s hand. Yenna calmly gasped, admiring Mira’s fresh, warm eggs in her hand. Mira looked frightened to see it squeeze out of her body.

Yenna smiled and slipped the eggs into the shallow water beneath Mira’s butt. “You really must be full, Mira. You may be making so many eggs that you will always be leaking unless you empty yourself now and then.”

Mira looked at her quizically with apprehension.

“It will feel weird the first few times. But you’ll get used to it.” Yenna stood and opened a cabinet above gorukle escort the sink, retrieving a very long, skinny, banana shaped device. Mira closed her legs and watched Yenna wash it in the sink. Yenna looked back at her caringly and smiled. She returned to Mira and got on her knees again, gently spreading the younger girl’s legs.

“Your egg-womb is full. Once it becomes full enough, it will stretch your ovulvalve open and start pushing your eggs down through your body. Once your vagina fills… well, then you make a mess of your sheets. It usually happens when you are sleeping.” She gently rests her fingers over Mira’s wet and engorged hole, slowly massaging the sliminess around her opening. Occasionally, the base of a finger would squish ever so slightly up into her between the eggs that stuck to the opening of her hole.

She poked a finger at Mira’s stomach, just below her belly-button. “About right here is your valve. We can use this,” she said, holding up the long instrument, “to push up into your body, past your valve to relieve the pressure in your womb.”

Mira was frightened. “Does it hurt?”

“No, not usually. You’ll get used to it. It can even feel nice, and very relieving. But…initially breaching your valve can be uncomfortable…. If it’s okay with you… I’ll be gentle.”

Mira paused before nodding her head. Yenna gave her a reassuring look then settled her gaze on Mira’s wet hole. She spread Mira’s engorged lips with one hand, then slowly worked the end of the tube into her tight entrance.

Mira moaned and watched intently. Yenna gently rotated it back and forth as she pushed harder, slowly sliding the funnel up into Mira’s warm body. The eggs filling her vagina squeezed out of her body at the sides of the tube as it pushed into her.

“How are you doing?”

“It feels weird, but doesn’t hurt.” She then felt a pressure as Yenna pressed the end of the funnel against her ovulvalve, deep in her belly.

“Now try to relax. This will feel weird, too. After I press through, you’ll probably feel your belly empty.” Mira nodded and braced herself.

Yenna bursa sınırsız escort bayan pressed harder and felt resistance. Mira closed her eyes and softly squealed. She felt the deep inside of her body begin to give way. The pressure grew and Yenna pressed harder.

Then Mira gasped and felt a significant pop as the tube burst through, deep into her belly and her womb. She immediately felt her stomach empting. Panting hard, she looked down at her spread legs and watch a gooey stream of her eggs issue into the bowl beneath her. She felt her stomach contract and she moaned with strained relief as Yenna gently twisted the funnel back and forth again in her body.

It seemed like minutes had passed. Mira laid back with her eyes closed, breathing heavily and moaning then felt the tube sliding quickly out of her wet body. She felt a pop again as it exited her ovulvalve and her vagina tingled as she felt herself closing tightly as the tube left her. It slipped out of her swollen hole. The relief was siginificant. Yenna gently massaged her inner thighs.

“You did great, Mira. How do you feel?”

“A lot better. I didn’t know I could have something slide into my body like that, though. It was very… weird. It hurt just a little.” She looked at the mound of gooey eggs beneath her butt in the bowl and was amazed that that was all in her stomach.

“That was the…um, very practical way to empty your womb. There are other…more pleasurable ways to do it. But you should start doing this yourself and get a feel for it. You can always use my funnel here. Then, maybe, I can show you other ways of doing it. It… takes two of us. I would love to show you. But only if you were comfortable with letting me inside of you.”

Mira blushed. “What do you mean?”

Yenna smiled bashfully. “Later, honey. It’s what your mother and I used to do with eachother. When she left, she made me promise to take care of you in the same way. I love you, Mira, and I am going to do anything for you that I can. This is your home.” She leaned her head down between Mira’s legs and kissed her under her belly-button, just above her wet hole.”

Mira felt an amazing tingly burst from that area throughout the rest of her body. She bathed, changed her sheets, then rested again, squeezing one hand inbetween her thighs on her crotch, thinking of Yenna.

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