I got married right out of high school, and always seemed to be looking for a way to expand the lens through which I viewed my small town life. As it turned out, when I was in my late-twenties, a major airline was hiring flight attendants to fly out of Atlanta, so I eagerly applied and shortly afterwards I was hired. I enjoyed my cross-country assignments, because whenever a crew worked multiple consecutive days, we’d get a one- or two-day layover before our next shift. This allowed me to enjoy new experiences in places outside of my small, suburban existence at home.

About a year into my tenure with the airline, I was paired up with Tracy, who was a year older than me, and had already been a flight attendant for several years when we met. Shortly after our first shift together, I happened to walk into the cockpit while she was serving the pilot and co-pilot coffee just before take-off. I couldn’t help but notice that our pilot – Paul – was reaching under her skirt from behind and slipping two fingers past her panties and into her pussy as she bent over handing them their drinks. Tracy stayed bent over for an extra minute or so, allowing Paul to slide his fingers in and out of her slit a few times, before finishing her task and joining me outside the cockpit. As we prepared the galley for take-off, she explained that, even though Paul was married, whenever the two of them were assigned to the same flight, they would always find time for sex, especially during layovers….essentially “co-workers with benefits”.

About the fourth time Tracy and I were paired on a flight and Paul was our pilot, it was mid-July and we had a layover scheduled in Dallas. Tracy called me at home and told me to pack a bathing suit, because we were going to spend our layover at a beautiful home that belonged to a friend of Paul’s from high school. It sounded interesting and fun, so I threw a bathing suit into my overnight bag and headed to the airport.

After our flight landed in Dallas, Paul, Tracy and I jumped into the backseat of a taxi and headed away from the airport. We were barely on the road before Tracy had Paul’s pants unzipped, and his cock in her hand, gently fondling and stroking it as we headed toward the home of Paul’s friend. Meanwhile, Paul had his right arm draped over Tracy’s shoulder, with his right hand slipped inside her blouse, massaging her right tit. And, even as the two of them fondled and stroked each other, they spent most of the ride casually telling me about Paul’s friend and his house, where we’d be spending the night….as if what they were doing in the back of the taxi was no big deal.

Tracy said, “He’s a really nice guy, Laura. You’ll like him.”

Paul added, “His name is Barry, and we used to run around together back in high school. Then he moved to Dallas and is doing really well in the oil industry.”

“And his house is beautiful, with an amazing pool and patio in the back,” Tracy noted. “In fact, that’s where we spend most of our time during our layovers in Dallas.”

“Yep,” Paul said. “I have a key to his house, so we’ll be able to go in and get comfortable. Barry will join us when he’s done at work.” As Paul added this last sentence, he closed his eyes and leaned his head against the back of the seat. Tracy knew this meant he was about to cum, so she leaned over and slipped the head of his cock into her mouth, continuing to pump his shaft as she did. In no time, Paul let out a groan and rocked his hips, releasing a load of cum deep into Tracy’s throat. She swallowed his load, then stroked and sucked his prick until he had finished cumming. Afterwards, she licked him clean and tucked his spent dick back into his slacks and zipped him up. Then Tracy turned to me with a smile and said, “It’s a great set-up….I love staying at Barry’s when we layover in Dallas.” I smiled back, and thought to myself, ‘this is shaping up to be a very interesting layover’.

When we got to Barry’s house, Paul used his key to let us in, and we all immediately changed into our bathing suits and met out on the patio to relax until Barry came home. It was, indeed, a beautiful house, and the pool and patio were amazing. I put on my skimpy bikini, thinking it might actually be too risqué, but when I stepped onto the patio, I saw that Tracy’s bikini was even smaller than mine. We both had big boobs – hers were 36D, and mine were 35E – so our bathing suits did little to keep them from wobbling and swaying as we moved about the patio getting comfortable.

Paul got ice from inside and made us drinks by the pool, then he and Tracy started horsing around, both in and out of the pool. Before long, Tracy’s bikini and Paul’s swim trunks bursa escort had been taken off and thrown onto the flagstone deck around the edge of the pool, as they chased, grabbed, squeezed and stroked each other, giggling and laughing the whole time. I sat on my chaise lounge and sipped on my cocktail as I watched their antics. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching Tracy’s boobs and Paul’s semi-hard cock bounce and swing as they played with each other. Paul’s prick was not quite fully erect, so it stuck out away from his body, the shaft bending slightly, as if the head of his cock was weighing it down. I enjoyed watching it dangle between his legs, swinging back and forth along with his nut sack, as he chased Tracy around the pool.

Watching the two of them was getting me aroused, so I slipped my hand between my legs and started to gently rub my clitoris. As they continued playing with each other, I watched Paul’s dick get harder and harder until it was fully erect….standing straight out from his hips, and bobbing up and down as he chased after Tracy in the pool. Tracy made it to the aluminum ladder in the shallow end of the pool when Paul caught her. He wrapped his left arm around her waist to hold her in place on the ladder, then used his right hand to line up his stiff prick with her pussy. Once his cock found her opening, he slammed his stiff cock into Tracy’s vagina, causing her to grunt from the force of his thrust. She used both of her hands on the railing to hold herself up, then bent her knees slightly to give Paul better access. Paul started pounding his rigid pole into and out of her cunt, his big nut sack swinging between his legs like crazy, and slapping Tracy’s clitoris with each stroke.

Right about then, a movement caught my eye as a person came running past me and did a cannonball into the middle of the pool. When he surfaced, he began splashing Paul and Tracy with water, as he laughed and said, “I see you guys have made yourselves comfortable.” This, I assumed, was Barry.

Paul and Tracy didn’t miss a beat….Paul turned and smiled at Barry and said, “Yep. As usual.” Then he grabbed the railings on each side of Tracy and leaned back slightly, rocking his hips back and forth and ramming his rigid prick into and out of Tracy’s pussy like a jackhammer. Tracy was moaning and softly grunting with her eyes closed, holding onto the railings and pushing her ass back into Paul’s hips with each one of his forward thrusts. From where I sat, I could see Paul’s long shaft sliding in and out of Tracy’s pussy, and Tracy’s heavy tits slapping into each other as her body jerked from the force of Paul’s pounding.

Barry decided to let them fuck in peace, so he headed to the side of the pool and pulled himself onto the deck over by where I was sitting on a chaise lounge. As he climbed out of the pool, I got my first good look at him, and – I have to admit – I was pretty impressed. As Tracy had told me, he was good looking, with broad shoulders and an athletic build. As he stepped onto the pool deck, I couldn’t help but notice that his wet swim trunks clung closely to his legs and hips… much so that I could clearly see the outline of his cock underneath his trunks. It hung impressively down on leg of his wet shorts, and looked to be about 8” long, even in its current flaccid state.

He walked over to where I was lounging and introduced himself. “So, you must be Laura. I’m Barry. Paul told me you’d be spending your layover with us on this trip. It’s really nice to have you here.”

We shook hands, and I told him what a beautiful home he had. As we talked, my eyes kept wandering down to the outline of his shaft through his wet swim trunks. With a sly grin, Barry seemed to take note of the reaction this was getting from my nipples, which were now clearly poking through the thin fabric of my bikini top. From rubbing my clitoris earlier as I watched Paul and Tracy fuck, and now seeing Barry’s cock outlined underneath his swim trunks, my pussy was absolutely dripping.

At this point, Barry sat down on the chaise next to mine, causing the legs of his loose swim suit to pull higher up on his thighs, which in turn caused the tip of his prick and about one inch of his shaft to stick out below the bottom of his shorts. With supreme effort I refrained from reaching between my legs to rub my pussy even more as Barry and I continued to exchange small talk.

Right about then, we heard a loud grunt from Paul and a guttural moan from Tracy, which caused us to check out what was happening on the pool ladder. We both glanced over just in time to see Paul throw his head back and – still holding onto the railings görükle escort on either side of Tracy – ram his dick as far into Tracy’s twat as he could, holding it there while he unleashed a load of cum deep into her cunt. Then he pulled his rigid cock out until just the head was inside her, and slammed it back in, releasing another load of cum into her pussy. He did this a few more times until he’d finished cumming, then – with his prick still deep inside her – leaned forward onto Tracy’s back, as both of them caught their breath. Tracy stayed where she was…bent over on the steps with her elbows on the deck holding her up…..while Paul reached around from behind and fondled her tits as they dangled beneath her.

By now my pussy was drenched from watching those two fuck, and eyeing the outline of Barry’s cock through his shorts. When I glanced back at Barry’s crotch, I noticed that I could see another inch or so of his shaft below the hem of his wet shorts as he sat on the chaise next to mine. It was obvious that he, too, was getting aroused from watching Paul and Tracy in the pool. When Barry looked back at me, he noticed that my eyes were focused on his growing hard-on. He smiled, stood up, and said, “Guess it’s time for us to join the party, eh?”, as he slipped his swim trunks off and tossed them aside. His stiffening rod bounced into view, mesmerizing me as it wobbled and swayed in front of my face. In somewhat of a trance, I slipped out of my bikini top and bottoms – my eyes still very much focused on Barry’s impressive cock and dangling nut sack.

I leaned back in my chaise lounge, so that I was sitting at about a sixty degree angle, which seemed to encourage Barry to stand over me, straddling my chaise, with one leg on either side of my hips. His big dick was swaying tantalizingly close to my lips as he stood there with his hands on his hips.

I laughed and reached up to grab his dangling prick, saying, “What do you expect me to do with this?”

He laughed back at me and said, “Suck it, of course.”

I stroked the length of it a few times and, still giggling, was just about to open my mouth….when my cell phone rang. I reached into my bag next to me with one hand and grabbed it, while using my other hand to continue stroking Barry’s stiffening pole. The call was from my husband, checking to see how my day had gone. Still slowly jerking Barry’s prick, I said “hi” to my husband, then sucked the tip of Barry’s cock into my mouth as I listened to his response. I continued stroking Barry’s growing dick with one hand, while I held the phone to my ear with the other. My husband and I chatted about his day at the office, and my day on the flight into Dallas. In between my responses, I occasionally sucked on Barry’s dick while my husband went into detail about something he was saying.

After about 7 or 8 minutes, we were done catching up, exchanged “I love you’s”, and hung up. Barry’s prick was rock hard by this time, and it was enormous….maybe 10” long now that it was fully erect. I tossed my phone into my bag, while I continued to pump his shaft with my free hand. I was enjoying the spectacle of Barry moaning softly, as he stood over me with hands on hips, his stiff dick aimed directly at my face, while I stroked his shaft with one hand and massaged his dangling testicles with the other.

After a few minutes of having his cock stroked, Barry moved a couple of steps back, lowered his hips, and placed the head of his prick at the opening to my drenched pussy. He slid it in, slowly at first, then picking up the pace once he got it completely inside me. In the position I was sitting, my mouth was very close to his, and we locked lips in a tongue-filled kiss. I grabbed onto the back of his head to keep the kiss going, as he continued slamming his stiff rod into and out of my cunt. He grabbed both of my bouncing tits with his hands, squeezing and massaging them, and flicking my erect nipples with his thumbs. Suddenly I felt an intense orgasm course through my body, causing a warm, tingling sensation to cascade through me from my nipples to my clit. With my eyes closed, I moaned into Barry’s mouth while an amazing climax washed over me.

Still toying with my bouncing tits and erect nipples, Barry picked up the pace even more, slamming his rock hard prick into and out of my cunt in earnest. As I continued to ride the warm sensation of my ebbing orgasm, Barry let out a grunt and exploded inside me, sending rope after rope of cum deep into my pussy. He kept sliding his shaft in and out of my cunt as he emptied his nut sack, continuing to shove his prick as far into me as it would go with each stroke. Without escort bayan warning I was rocked by another orgasm, causing me to pull Barry’s hips tight into my pussy, as I ground my clit against the base of his cock over and over until my climax was finally over.

Eventually my second orgasm waned, and Barry finished cumming inside me. With his shaft still deep in my cunt, we both rested on the chaise lounge while we caught our breath. We heard giggling and both of us glanced over at Paul and Tracy, who were now floating in the water at the edge of the pool and resting their elbows on the pool deck, as they watched Barry fuck my brains out. When we were done fucking, Paul and Tracy cheered and clapped, then climbed out of the pool and sauntered over to the bar to mix a few more drinks for everyone. I was again surprised at how arousing it was to watch Paul’s cock and Tracy’s boobs bounce and swing as they walked across the patio naked.

Meanwhile, Barry pulled his softening shaft out of my pussy and stood up next to me, his prick dangling mere inches from my face. I was still a little hypnotized by its size and beauty. So, as I continued to sit in the chaise lounge….my legs spread wide open, my pussy completely exposed, and Paul’s jizzm dripping out of my cunt…I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and licked it clean. When I was done, I let it flop out of my mouth, and watched it swing back and forth between his legs as he stood next to me playing with my tits.

Paul and Tracy brought us both drinks they had made, and we spent the rest of the evening eating pizza and swimming – naked, of course – occasionally stopping to suck, stroke or fuck again before heading inside for the night.

The next morning, my cell rang again, and I grabbed it from the night stand to answer it. It was my husband calling to say he hoped I had a nice day off. As we exchanged “good mornings”, I felt the familiar heft of Barry’s cock rubbing up against my back, as his morning wood beckoned for attention. Laying on my left side, I shifted my right leg forward, giving Barry full access to my exposed pussy, which he took full advantage of by slipping his stiff boner into my already moist vagina. I stifled a grunt when he entered me, then continued chatting with my husband as Barry pushed his rigid pole deeper and deeper into my cunt. Before long he was fully inside me, and began slowly sliding into and out of my pussy over and over, as I kept up a casual conversation with my husband back in Georgia.

Finally, my husband and I said our “goodbyes”, and I put the phone down….Barry immediately picked up the pace and began slamming his cock into my pussy with gusto, grabbing my tits from behind and pinching my nipples until they were erect and tingling. Now that I was off the phone, I could moan and grunt in time with Barry’s strokes, rocking my ass back into his hips. With Barry’s hands on my boobs, and his huge cock pounding me from behind, I was in heaven….and I slipped a hand between my legs and started rubbing my engorged clitoris with two of my fingers. Almost immediately I felt an intense orgasm building up between my legs. In no time, I felt it crash through my entire body, causing my legs to tremble, and my pussy juices begin to flow. I squeezed my legs around my hand that was stroking my clit, while Barry kept hammering his shaft into me from behind like a piston.

As my orgasm washed over me like an ocean wave, Barry suddenly grabbed my hips and slammed his cock as far into my pussy as it would go, shooting several streams of warm cum deep inside me. He continued shoving his prick in and out of me until his nut sack was empty. Afterwards, he pulled my hips into his torso, keeping his hard dick deep inside me, and gently fondled my boobs as our breathing slowly returned to normal. Eventually his softening shaft slipped out of my cum-drenched pussy, and we got up to begin my layover day with a shower.

After showering together – with plenty of tit massaging, nipple pinching, cock stroking and ass squeezing – we joined Paul and Tracy in the kitchen and planned our “layover” day. After some discussion, we all decided to just stay at Barry’s house and spend the day in the pool and on the patio – naked, of course – until the three of us had to leave the next morning for our next flight assignment. So…..that’s what we did. After several more stroking, sucking and fucking sessions throughout the day – both in and out of the pool – we all collapsed from exhaustion.

Early the next morning, Barry got to fuck me one more time… the shower, as I stood with my legs spread and my big boobs squashed up against the shower stall…..then we exchanged quick kisses and final tit and cock squeezes, before Paul, Tracy and I headed for the airport to begin our shift.

After that trip, Dallas became my favorite place for a layover.

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