A Night at the Dungeon_(1)


I needed a night out and I found out that there was a dungeon party at the local nearby dungeon. I first needed someone to take to the dungeon. I left an ad on Craig’s list reading “Needed a girl who is into BDSM for a night of fun. Must have DD tits and a no fear attitude, will respect all limits and must not be afraid of cigar torture.” During the next few days I got a lot of responses to my ad most of them wanted paid for the adventure but one sounded too good to be true. She asked to meet me in a public place so we can meet and plan for the evening. We agreed to meet at Eat and Park to talk at 7:00 pm I sent her a picture of me so she could see who I was. I got to the restaurant about 6:30 and got seated and ordered a coffee. I sat there very excited about meeting this girl. At 6:58 this blonde came up to me and asked if I was Master Rich and I said I was, she introduced herself as Cheryl. But she said I could call her whatever I wanted to. I invited her to sit down and I ordered her a coffee as well. She told me was 29 years old and new to the BDSM community but very willing to learn. I asked her to what she has done in the scene or what she wanted to experience in the past. She told me that she had her tits tied tightly and weighted nipple clips attached. And she loves anal sex and being made to deep throat a dick. She wanted to know what I was into, and I told her that I was into smoking cigars and submissive women. She told me that she was very submissive. I asked her whether she had a web cam at home she said that she did. I asked her what gear she had at home. şişli escort She told me that she had cuffs and a gag and blindfold as well as anal plugs and dildos. I wanted to know how submissive Cheryl was so I told her to go into the bathroom and remove her panties and bra and bring them to me. She asked permission to leave the table and I gave it to her she came back with her panties and bra in hand. She handed it to me and asked if she could sit down. I nodded yes she asked me if I had any other questions. I asked her if she has ever been naked in public before she nodded yes and I asked her whether she would want to do that tonight. She nodded yes I got up and paid the bill and she walked hand in hand out to my car. We will come back here so you can get your car and she agreed. I told her to take off her blouse she did it quickly and then she fell to her knees. I grabbed her hair and pulled her back to her feet and opened the door to my car and pushed her into it. Since we just met I did not yell at her. We I got into the car I put handcuffs on her wrists and behind her back. I then lit a big cigar as I stood back and looked at my work. She told me that was a good smelling cigar and it turned her on. I asked her if she was embarrassed to be naked in front of me on our first meeting. She said a little, but it was ok I asked her whether or not she ever had weights on her nipples before she said no but it would be alright if I wanted her to wear them. I opened the glove compartment of the car and pull out two nipple clips and put them on her nipples. She squirmed in pain and excitement I then came near her with the lit end of the cigar and I moved it as close as I could without touching her tits. She started to scream and then stopped it. That is what I meant by cigar torture Cheryl. I un cuffed her hands and asked her if I could tie her tits up and she said yes. I pulled two lengths of rope out of the glove compartment and made a noose out of one and then the other. I then surrounded the left tit and pulled the rope tight and then wrapped it around and tied it then I did the other tit. I asked Cheryl weather she would like to come back to my house for some more training. I told her that when we got to my house I could train that pussy of hers. She nodded in approval she asked me whether or not she would receive a collar or not. I told her that she asked too many questions and because of that I would have to gag her on the way home. I put in a big ball gag in her mouth and secured it. I got into the car and started to drive to my place. Cheryl was very uncomfortable in her cuffs and gags and with her tits tied tight. I pulled into my garage and shut the garage door.

When I opened her door I took off her cuffs and gag. I pulled her out of the car and told her to strip the rest of the way. She striped off the rest of her clothes leaving her completely naked and scared. I told her to relax and I led her upstairs to my living room and I forced her down on the couch. I went to the computer and printed out a slave contract and a purity list. I gave her the purity list and told her to fill it out. She asked me if I could loosen the tit ropes a bit. I told her that I would after you fill out the survey. She worked hard to fill it out and when she was done she crawled over to me and handed it to me. I looked it over and saw that she was curious about a lot of things. I told her to sit at my feet and she did and I gave her a glass of wine while I looked over the list. She expressed an interest in 24/7 bondage. And she also said she likes cages and collar and leashes. I smiled at all the passivity’s that I and Cheryl have in common. I looked down and asked her whether she would want to be my slave for a week. She said she would. I grinned with delight and then told her that I was a tough master but I think she would be up for the task. I pulled that blonde hair and made her stand and I told her we would be going down into the basement. I grabbed her right arm and led her down the steps. I took her to my work bench and she saw heavy metal handcuffs and shackles. I asked her to hold out one hand while I bolted the hand cuffs on. Once both of the handcuffs were on I cuffed them behind her back and then made her lay on the concrete floor and put up her legs so I could shackle them. After I shackled them I pull her to her feet and put a heavy collar around her neck. I attached a heavy chain to use it as a leash. I took Cheryl to see her new home which is a cage for her to be in while she is not servicing me. Once she crawled into the cage and I reached in and attached her collar to the side of the cage. After testing out the cage I told her we would go into another part of the dungeon. After taking a hold of her leash I pulled her to her feet

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