again with Jack,

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Once again with Jack
After my last experience when I slept with Donny and Jack’s three other friends…I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to be with another woman. When I got back home to NY. things went on for me like nothing had ever happened. When Sally, my live in girl friend, was out on a “girl’s night out” however, I couldn’t get the memory of that week off my mind. I told you I had a really nice body, strong legs not too muscular though, and a 33” waist. Before I met Jack I would get high and naked and climb into a hot shower and clean myself. I would fill myself with hot water and let it rush out of me. It was a huge turn on. My favorite ten inch dildo would be suctioned to the wall of the shower and I would lower myself onto it, slowly easing the head in and out. As I rocked back and forth on it I imagined Jack sliding all of his thick eight inch cock inside me. I teased myself with the head of the dildo and for five minutes I took only the head in me. Then I thrust down on it, standing with hot water splashing on me, making me hornier and hornier. I took all of that ten inch slippery dildo inside me and I pounded my ass against it. This was just the warm up for what was coming later.
I don’t know if I told you that I was on an adult sex partner site and that I posted videos and pictures of me fucking that dildo. Before I met Jack I would fantasize while I fucked myself in front of a mirror. Sometimes I watched videos..of young beautiful lesbians, of girls fucking guys with dildos, two guys guys making love to each other. But mostly I thought of Jack He occupied all of my thoughts. I loved taking his huge cock into my mouth and licking his balls. I loved to kiss his inner thighs and loved it when he came in my mouth. Anyway like I said before Jack, I was on an adult site looking for a partner. I was careful to keep Sally from ever finding out about Jack or my fantasy. We had a good sex life, I guess. Pretty standard stuff but occasionally Sally would go down on me and after licking my balls she would take her mouth down to my anus and lick it and stick here tongue in me. I would go nuts. Then she would stop. I was afraid to suggest to her that I would love to have her put on a strapon dildo and fuck me in the ass.It was another fantasy of mine before I met Jack. In Fact I still dreamed about it. I don’t know I why it came out but one day I asked Sally if she ever considered anal sex. I was surprised when she told me that she thought about it a lot. I şişli escort didn’t let on to her that I thought about it all the time but since she opened the discussion I took the opportunity to suggest that maybe we should try it sometime. Sally was apprehensive and thought it would be dirty. I said she could douche herself and then she would be clean. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was fucking her anally all the time. She loved it. In fact it became a regular part of our lovemaking. She would come two of three times while I fucked her in the ass. We did all positions, but she liked it best when I fucked her from behind while she lay on her stomach. She had a great ass and I got very turned on and would fuck her harder and harder.
I had to figure out the best way to get her to take that strapon and fuck me. One day I said”
Hey Sally, if it feels so good for you I wonder what it would feel like for me.” She laughed out loud. I said I was serious , why not. We got really high one day and she gave in. I went into the shower and got ready. I let her tell me how to do it. But I knew. I came out and she had the strapon around her waist. It was only 6 inches and I knew it wouldn’t really satisfy me. Or at l;east I thought it wouldn’t.
She told me to get on my hands and knees and she began to lick my anus with her hard tongue. She moved it on and out, it drove me nuts. Then she said “ babe, this might hurt a little!” I told her to go slow and she began to ease it into me. She slid it right in and I could feel her stomach on my ass as she pushed it all the way in. We started to grind against each other and I lifted my ass off the bed, high so she could push it all the way in. I couldn’t help but think of Jack making love to me. I wanted Sally to turn me over and climb on top of me. We changed positions without coming apart and now she was on top of me. We kissed, deep French kisses. Her breasts, they were perfect by the way, pressed against my chest and she slowly moved her pelvis from side to side, grinding her hips against mine. We began to rock together, harder and harder. My arms were around her and my legs wrapped around her waist. WE got into a rhythm and she started to moan. The base of the dildo pressed against her shaved pussy and she began to shake. She shuddered and said, “Oh my god, I am coming, go faster, go faster. “Next thing I knew, I started to ejaculate come all over our tummies. I was surprised that all during the last part all I thought about was her beautiful body fucking me. She was the dominator and I felt totally submissive. It was a role I was used to with Jack and I loved it. I still thought about him all the time and wondered when I would see him again.

I didn’t have to wait long. He called me at work one day and told me he was coming to NY and wondered if we could meet. Of course I wanted that to happen and I made up an excuse to Sally, business meeting in town, would be out late, and if it was too late, would probably stay for the night. It wasn’t unusual, in fact it happened from time to time. I got us a room at the Carlyle, big king sized bed, very sexy feeling. I signed in, called Jack and gave him the room number. While I waited, I got high and took off all of my clothes. I was so wanting to feel Jack’s body next to mine, wanting to suck his cock until he came into my mouth. I got into bed and left the door opened and the lights off. I was hard as a I could be. My cock was throbbing in anticipation of Jack’s naked body next to me. Jack came in wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He came over to me and laughed. “ready are you?’ I laughed too and he took off his shirt. He had no hair on his body and his dick was shaved. I unbuckled his belt and slowly unzipped him. His cock popped out of pants and I pulled them all the way off. I grabbed his ballsalls and began to lick his shaft, up and down, kissing and sucking on him. Then he grabbed my waist and pulled my cock down onto his face. We were in a sixty nine position. It was the first time we had done this. I have never felt so close to anyone. I hugged him around his waist and took the head of his throbbing unit in my mouth. He was on top and he began to suck my cock as I was sucking his. We were making love to each other’s and we were in a rhythm now. The noises we were making were so lewd and we were so into each other. I wanted to explode into his mouth and have him explode into mine at the same time. He must have been thinking the same. We were licking and sucking each other and our hips were moving in tandem as we built to a climax. We both explode at the same time. I took all of his sperm into my mouth and he did the same with mine. We licked each other’s shaft and rubbed the head of each other’s cock with our lips. There was nothing like the feeling of being sucked again right after you come. Your cock is so sensitive and it sends rushes through your whole body.
I pulled Jack up and turned him around so the we were facing each other again. We fell asleep for a short nap. After about a half hour I could feel myself getting hard again. Jack was pressed against me and we were like two comma’s entwined together. I started to lightly kiss his lips. He responded and kissed me back. This went on for a while and he was as hard again as I was. I wanted to feel him inside me, wanted us to go slow, feel his pelvis grind against mine and feel all of his manhood in me. First, he rolled me onto my stomach and I got up on my hands and knees. Jack held my waist and slowly pushed his manhood into me. He teased me with the head of his hard cock, rubbing my anus wuith it and pushing it in an inch at a time. Then he just thrust all of his eight inched into me and held it there. We fucked like this for a while but I wanted him on top of me. Jack was ready to make love to me too and he pulled out. Real slow.
I lay on my back and Jack climbed on top of me. We looked at each other with half closed eyes and began to kiss again. I opened wide for him and he knelt between my spread legs. I reached for his cock and put it inside me. He pushed it all the way in and we just laid there for it seemed like forever. This was always the way I wanted it with Jack…he had other lovers that fucked him but he liked fucking me as much as I liked it. Slowly we moved together and then we began to pulsate as one. I was so into him and I wanted him to come inside me. Faster and harder we went and we were one. We kissed deeply as we rode together. He began to groan, and started to breather harder and harder. I was holding my breath as he shuddered and I could feel him explode in me. I squezzed him tight and massaged his cock with the soft walls of my anus. I felt his wetness drip out of me. It was unbelievable. On cue, he started to thrust his dick in and out of me, harder and harder. I started stroking my cock and as he pushed inside me again and again. I could feel myself starting to come. It lasted for forever as he kept fucking me…I came and shot another huge load. He took my cock into his mouth and licked me dry. Then he stuck his still hard cock inside me again and we started again. We were so wet, both of us. We slid all over each other and came a second time.
I just said, “Oh my god Jack!” and he said this was the best sex he had ever had.
Needless to say I spent the night with Jack. We fucked again that night in the shower and again in the morning. Now I had the best of both worlds, getting fucked by my beautiful girlfriend and jack

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