Alex’s Women Ch. 01


All characters in this tale are of legal age.

I definitely heard a distinct ‘come in’ following my rap on the door panel. Turning the door knob I pushed the door open and stepped into my oldest Sister’s bedroom.

“Shit Bridget! I’m sorry, swear I heard a ‘come in’. I’ll come back in a minute.”

=== === ===

My name’s Alex, I live in my Grandparent’s house with four beautiful women. Gran, Elizabeth the Matriarch. Mum Kathy, Bridget, who’s already been introduced and Babs my younger elder Sister. Bridget is eighteen months older than Babs who is a year older than me.

No Granddad, he passed less than a month before the following event kicked off. He went to the Doctor because he had a bit of difficulty breathing and six weeks later died of lung cancer. Never smoked a cigarette in his life. We were all there with him when his time came. Kissed him, told him we loved him, all the good stuff. He grinned, said he’d be keeping an eye on us then looked directly at me.

“Well, young Alex. Very soon you’ll be the man of the house. Look after the girls for me. They’re an unruly bunch, just keep an eye on them, make sure they’re getting everything they need. They’re all beautiful so that shouldn’t be too onerous!” he chuckled.

That was most certainly true and it had made things very difficult for me at times, over the years. A horny, pubescent youth with raging hormones should not be subjected to the presence of four beautiful creatures, 24/7. It just wasn’t fair!

You’ll have noted that there was no mention of ‘Dad’. That’s because… there’s no Dad mentioned on our Birth Certificates. It didn’t ever seem to bother Nan nor Granddad, I mean one Fatherless child isn’t unusual but three over a period of not many years? Like I said it didn’t bother Mum’s parents. Gran looked after us all like we were her own while Mum and Granddad worked to support the big family.

Mum and Granddad were in business together. It came about in an odd sort of way. Mum was a buyer for a large company. For a hobby she brought and sold things on eBay. Granddad was made redundant, too old apparently. Good settlement, he didn’t need to work again. Got bored and took an interest in what Mum was doing on eBay. Mum did the buying. Granddad did the selling and they worked out of the rooms above the double garage. The two garages became the stock rooms and they never looked back. It didn’t take too long to grow. The business now employs the whole family + 3 full time staff. We sell everything from sex toys to garden gnomes from all platforms and online shops. Oh, I get the best shift of the lot — 5am until midday 7 days a week. Who says working for the family is easy? After that my time’s my own. That about covers it.

=== === ===

My big Sister was naked, sitting on the bed with one foot up on the chair. She was painting her toenails. I was delighted to see that she had a nice smooth cunt and her full, unsupported tits looked even better than they did when she wore her ‘special’ bras when going out with her latest boyfriend.

“Don’t bother,” my big Sister replied, “I did say ‘come in’ but with three other females in the place I wasn’t expecting my little Brother to come in. Anyway, you’ve seen everything I’ve got now. Burned into your brain never to release you from the seared image of your naked big Sister. That image can never be undone. Ugh! What can I do for you?”

“Well, if you don’t object I’d like to watch you finish doing your toenails, only six to go,” I grinned, “failing that Mum asked me to see if you have anything that can go in with the ‘Delicates’ wash she wants to do?”

“You’d like to look at me? Naked? I’m your Sister, your big Sister,” she grinned delightedly.

“Yeah, embarrassing ain’t it? Sister or no you’re still very beautiful, have an incredible body — fantastic tits, gorgeous legs and a smooth cunt that I could spend forever worshipping and you’ve also been driving me nuts since Granddad died.”

“Just me?” my big Sister chuckled.

“No, it’s as if you’ve all ganged up on me! Even Gran doesn’t seem to care what she wears or doesn’t wear around me.”

=== === ===

As you might have guessed the subject of ‘sex’ was not taboo in the house. I like to think that I learned all about the ‘birds and bees’ at the meal tables and of the joys and failures of sex as well, come to that. Gran and Granddad were very touchy feely all the time. We, their Grand-kids soon got used to that. Mum had three kids and never any sign of a husband, unless it was someone else’s? Never actually saw her take a man up to her bedroom though, to be fair. My two Sisters always took their boyfriends up to their bedrooms, for a little privacy. I’m not complaining, I always take my girlfriends up to my bedroom as well.

Nobody ever makes any smutty remarks when we, girlfriend(s) and I or Sister and boyfriend(s), returned to the family rooms regardless of how much noise had been made. Sex was as natural as eating and breathing as far as Mum and our Grandparents were concerned. Two rules prevailed, one for my Sisters, ‘DO NOT GET şişli escort PREGNANT!’ and for me ‘DO NOT MAKE HER/THEM PREGNANT’.

=== === ===

“My poor little Brother,” my Sister laughed wickedly, “the women in his life teasing him and making his cock hard. Aren’t we all very naughty? Take the laundry basket down, let Mum sort out what she wants then bring it back, quick as you like, OK?”

“Promise not to do any more toenails while I’m gone?”

“Promise and Alex, better hold the basket in front so Mum don’t see that boner you’re wearing, else she won’t get the washing done,” she giggled filthily, “bring it back here. You’ve seen mine now I wanna see yours, deal?”


=== === ===

I very ran down the stairs, carefully clutching the wicker basket in front of my throbbing cock and almost bumped into Gran as she rounded the corner prior to going upstairs. I only noticed a few things as I flew past, her open housecoat, two nice jiggling jugs, a surprisingly flat tummy and a perfectly smooth cunt! I skidded to a halt and spun around to face her.

“Sorry Gran, just taking the washing down to Mum. Didn’t see you.”

Gran turned to face me and smiled naughtily as her housecoat swung wide.

“See me better now young Alex? No need to rush, makes an old lady very happy to have a young buck enjoying her naked bod. See anything that takes your fancy?”

I gulped, totally unable to tear my eyes away from her nakedness.

“Yes Gran. Everything!”

“Good, well I’m not planning on going anywhere far.” she pulled her housecoat towards her restricting my view significantly but not entirely, “better get the washing through to your Mum, she’s in the ‘Utility Room’.

She turned and mounted the stairs. I stood and watched. Her short housecoat revealing more and more the higher she climbed. On reaching the top she turned, saw me at the foot of the stairs watching her every move.

“That’s my boy!” she chuckled as she opened her housecoat wide and parted her legs for me, “That better young Alex?”

“Yes Gran, much better!”

She winked at me, let her housecoat fall to the floor, bent, picked it up, threw it nonchalantly over her shoulder and, totally naked, headed off to her bedroom.

“Your Mum’ll be waiting for the washing young Alex, as you can see, she’s already got mine” she called back over her shoulder.

I swallowed. First my big Sister displays her nakedness for me then MY GRAN? And both with a clear indication that more was available? My world was going mad! Wonderfully MAD!

Babs was in the kitchen, standing at the sink and doing the dishes. She turned to face me as I pushed the kitchen open. She was wearing panties, little panties that showed she either had a smooth or very tightly trimmed pussy. She was also displaying her fabulous 36D tits for all the world to see. At that time the world comprised just me and my younger older Sister. If my cock hadn’t already been rock hard having seen my oldest Sister and my Gran naked it would have got harder. There was no hard left so it throbbed instead.

“Morning Lil’ Bro. If that wash basket is supposed to be covering your throbbin’ knobin’ it ain’t working. Swing it outta the way so I can at least see you like looking at my tits.”

“Morning Sis, err sorry, not finding it very easy to concentrate at the moment,” I laughed delightedly.

Three beautiful women, all members of my family and all displaying for me? Whatever was going on I wasn’t about to complain. Instead I focussed on Bab’s delicious camel-toe and instinctively licked my lips.

Bab’s chuckled filthily and hooked her fingers into the top of her panties. She started to work them down painfully slowly. She watched me as I watched her ease them down until the camel-toe had disappeared and the cause of it was perfectly visible. She kept going until she was able to lift first one foot then the other, slipping her panties off. She stood happily, legs parted and her smooth, swollen cunt clearly visible to my hungry eyes.

“Like what you see, Lil’ Bro?”

“Yeah Sis, big time!”

“Good, there for the takin’ Bro. So’re these, they’re drenched. Lift the lid for me.”

‘There for the takin’? My little big Sister was offering me her cunt? My mind went straight into over-drive.

“H…E…L…L…O! Anybody there? Lid, Bro. Laundry basket. Mum’s doing our ‘smalls’ and these are small and very wet. Lift!”

=== === ===

“You took your time!” observed Mum as she emptied the basket onto the small pile of smalls already waiting to be sorted.

Mum was wearing a balcony bra that was not designed to take tits the size they were trying vainly to support. Her tight, puckered areola were completely visible. The massive swollen nipples pointed straight at me, one at each eye. I very nearly didn’t notice the tiny string that ran dead centre down the middle of her puckered cunt lips. There was no way she could have missed the boner I was no longer making any attempt to hide. Another, smooth, swollen cunt met my gaze. ‘My God what I wouldn’t do to slide my cock into that!’ was my second thought. My first? What the fuck was going on?, but that was only momentary.

Mum quite deliberately looked at the tent in my boxers and I made an instant note to self to never fasten the buttons ever again. If my cock felt the need to stand up and be counted then there was no way I was gonna stand in its way.

There was no way Mum didn’t see my boner.

“Sorry Mum, Bridget was doing her toenails, had to wait a minute or two while she got herself sorted.”

“Was she now?” Mum grinned passing the basket back to me, “nearly got everything I think,” she observed, “just…” she turned her back to me, “would you mind undoing me Alex Darling?”

Undoing bras was something I’d had a lot of fun doing, though not my Mother’s. Instinct took over. The clasp fell to my experienced fingers without resistance. I slid my hands under the straps and worked them up to Mum’s shoulders then down her upper arms. The bra straps and, consequently the bra followed my every move obediently. A finger and thumb lovingly stroked across each cup until enough material was available to give a firm hold.

I straightened my arms. Mum straightened hers and the bra moved effortlessly from covering my Mum’s fabulous breasts into the palms of my hands. I dropped it onto the pile of washing then moved my hands quickly to cup her breasts. My finger and thumb instantly went to her nipple which I started to roll back and forth before realising that this wasn’t a girlfriend I was about to take to bed but my Mother about to do the wshing.

“Oops! Sorry Mum, force of habit.”

“And after removing your girlfriends bras and massaging their tits what else does force of habit do?” she chuckled.

“Remove their panties.”

“Well, mine certainly need to go onto the wash pile now!”

Very reluctantly I relinquished Mum’s glorious tits from my grasp, brought them back to her shoulders. Hunkering down I kissed her neck as my hands explored her upper chest, arms and shoulder blades. Mum shuddered contentedly, so I carried on.

I’m close on 6′ tall and still growing, ‘take after your Father’ I was told but as to who he was I had no idea. Mum, by comparison, was less that 5’5″ in her stockinged feet. I took my time moving from standing to kneeling behind her while my mouth kissed gently all the way down her spine and my big hands lovingly caressed her upper body. Mum lifted her arms allowing me to stroke very tenderly across the sides of her breasts, down her belly to the thin line of her string, scant millimetres from her clitty. Mum sighed happily but I left her there, suspended in anticipation and moved my fingers up to the waist string where my fingers played until my mouth caught up.

The string was nowhere near the waist but only slightly above her anus so my tongue and lips had the increased journey of moving down the crack between the fabulous orbs of her bum. All the time Mum was bumping and grinding against my mouth.

“More force of habit, Darling?”

“Yes Mum,” I replied as my pinkie fingers hooked under the string and started to work the totally inefficient panties down and off.

My probing tongue reached her anus and probed her taint.

“Ooh God!” Mum gasped as she leaned forward against the dishwasher, “you naughty boy!”

I ignored her and kept exploring Mum’s bum with my tongue as my fingers worked her tiny panties down to her ankles. I tapped her left ankle.

“Cheeky!” laughed Mum as she lifted her foot and waited as I eased the foot free.

I tapped the other ankle, Mum raised her foot and waited. I dropped the panties onto the pile and moved my hands carefully up Mum’s thighs, slowly moving my fingers around towards the front. By the time they reached the apex my fingers were stroking her inner thighs. Mum parted them obediently and I used two fingers to open up her cunt and two more to stroke just inside the dripping hole.

“Got something else you’d like to slip in there, Darling?”

“Yes Mum! Definitely.”

“Well, not yet you can’t. Your Sister’s upstairs waiting to finish painting her toenails and she’s got to get another piece of underwear for me. Now off with you. Laters Baby!” she giggled.

=== === ===

“See, as promised, still six left to do,” Bridget declared naughtily as she swung her legs wide to show me her painted toes, “and I’ve quite deliberately shown you mine twice and I haven’t even seen yours the once. Don’t bother to close the door.”

“What’s going on Sis?”

“Going on? No idea what you’re talking about Lil’ Bro. What I do know is what’s not yet come off though, your boxers. You gonna get ’em off I do I have to do everything?”

Did I really need to know what was going on? My Sister was showing me her cunt and was demanding to see my cock? No way was I going to argue with that. I reached for the waist band.

“Oh no you don’t sunshine! Come closer and start with the buttons.”

No argument from me, I stepped closer.

“Closer. So’s I can put my hands on your hips if I want.”

Reaching forward I took hold of her hands and moved towards her an extra few inches. I placed her hands on my hips.

“That better?”

She leaned forward and kissed my abs.

“Do your girlfriends tell you’ve got a great body for your age?”

“Well, they are a lot nearer my age, often younger so no and they don’t usually talk with their mouth’s full either.” I chuckled dirtily.

“You want me to blow you?”

“I won’t object if you do. One condition though.”

“I offer to blow my little Brother and there’s conditions? This we’ve just gotta hear!”

I didn’t even register the ‘we’ve’ in the reply.

“You blow me. You’ve gotta let me eat you out. Fair’s fair.

“I can live with that!” she replied delightedly and reached for my buttons.

“Isn’t that my job?”

“Narrh! You’re way too slow.”

Bridget expertly navigated my buttons and swiftly slid a hand inside. Her fingers moved to wrap around my meat. She looked up at me, straight into my eyes.

“FUCK Big Bro! Did I do this?”

“You certainly had a hand in it Sis.”

She hauled my cock out of the slit.

“Shit Bro! I can’t even get my fingers around it. Look!” she demanded.

I looked. Yep, she was right. There was a good inch of cock flesh between her encircling finger and thumb.

She’d already started to work my boxers down my thighs while hanging onto my cock as it disappeared back into my boxers as they came down my legs. Sis had clearly removed boxers while firmly holding a stiff cock before. When the opening of the slit reached the crook of her arm she swapped hands. Taking my throbbing meat from above she worked my boxers down. I knew when to step and did, as required.

“Never mind your hand, does it fit in your mouth?” I teased delightedly.

Throwing my boxers away behind me she looked adoringly into my eyes.

“If it don’t you are going to have to let me practice until it does.”

“I’m just your horny little Brother, who am I to argue with that?”

Bridget sucked my throbbing cock-head into her mouth hungrily and wiped her tongue around the glans making me groan with incredible satisfaction. OK, so very few girls could take more than my cock-head into their mouths but this girl was my fucking big Sister! That she had my cock anywhere near her mouth was utterly mind blowing for me.

Sucking hard on the head she stroked her hand gently up the length. Taking a careful hold around the glans she moved her head and wiped a soft tongue down my length and around my balls before attempting to suck one into her mouth.

“Fuck those balls feel full to bursting! When was the last time you jacked off?”

“I don’t jack off. Alison took a belly full and a cunt full home last evening.”

“That little girl? Took you in her mouth and cunt? I don’t believe it! How?”

“She likes to practice and as long as she cums before she leaves I’m happy to let her.”

“You ensure she cums? Every time?”

“Absolutely. As hard as possible too. Didn’t you even listen to the ‘rules’ you laid down for giving a guy anything more than a kiss? ‘If he doesn’t try to make it even better for you than you did for him, he’s not worth it!’ I think that’s pretty much what you said. Donald didn’t as I recall so you blew him out when he just wanted to be blown. I do my utmost to make Ali cum as hard and as frequently as possible. I want her to come back for more. She’s great in bed and fun to be with out of bed. She’s pretty too.”

“Does she know about Mary? Jennifer? Susan?”

“Of course. Mary introduced us. They asked if I was interested in playing with Jenny and Sue came along for the ride, as it were. Sometimes they gang up on me. I never complain.”

“Mary’s been around for a while hasn’t she? Same Mary? How’d that start?”

“Same Mary. We were playing around on my bed, tickling each other, that kinda thing. Her skirt ended up around her waist as we wriggled and played. I eventually noticed. Bare legs right up to the top then little white panties. I shoved my hand hard between the top of her thighs more in hope than expectancy. Just to see how she would react really.

I looked quickly up at her face and she was smiling fit to bust. Know what she said? ‘Thank fuck, you’ve found it at last. Don’t you dare change your mind.’ So I didn’t. She parted her legs so far her feet were hanging off either side of the bed. I stroked her pussy over her panties, played and teased just like you or Babs or maybe it was Mum? Possibly Gran?, suggested. ‘Play with her, make her feel good. Make her wriggle and squirm and when she’s soaking wet you know you’ve done a good job and you can easily move onto the next stage’. So I did and she got wetter and wetter and made a lot of noise, just like you and Babs do when you’ve got a boyfriend on your bed. I eased my finger into the side of her panties and started to stroke her quim. Nice, soft, slippery and very wet it was. My very first pussy. It felt good, fucking great to be honest. I started to explore, easing the lips apart, searching for her clitty. Knew nothing about a girl’s cunt that first time, trial and error. When I did find it she nearly went through the roof so I stopped. She glared at me!

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