Cowboy Ch 2

Big Tits

I don’t know what attracted me to ‘cowboy’? Maybe because he was a straight shooting to the point person, with a gentle manner, plus the fact he actually dressed and acted like a cowboy. After our first sexual encounter, we talked by phone many times, about everything from the wild-west, sexual experiences, and fantasies. I felt comfortable with him, and when our conversation took on an intimate nature, it stirred emotions in me I thought were long gone never to arise again.

I yearned to meet this rough and ready cowboy again, and have him take me beyond the conventional sexual adventures. Let’s face it, I wanted to fuck him, again, because it brought out that naughty side in me.

I wasn’t planning on leaving my aunts home for another two weeks. Surely we would meet once more; unfortunately, due to his schedule that second encounter never happened. He did come and say goodbye that morning I left for home.

How can I find the man of my dreams, only to turn around, and have to leave him? My home was over three-thousand miles away. Damn, talk about bursting my bubble. Now, what I could do, to satisfy this burning desire between my legs?

Cybering online was a good alternative, but left me wanting more. Then it dawned on me, maybe he can call me sometime, and share our sexual desires, and get off listening to each other climax. That too made me only want him more

I got home late the following day, and decide to sleep late the following morning. It was past noon when I logged into my computer to check my email. There was one from cowboy; it wasn’t a sexy one, but one about the 50’s. I typed a reply that I liked it, closed out my email, and opened my messenger.

He was already online. ‘Oooh be still my beating heart.’ Telling myself, he is just a man, and doesn’t bite…but than again, I know a few places he can.

“I liked your email.”

“I thought you might.”

“I sent you a sweet reply too. I was born in the fifty’s, and love the music.”

“Me too, I love the 50’s rock and roll and I also love good old country”

“One of my favorites is Ray Price.”

“Mine Conrad by far and Dolly of course.”

“That’s when music was music, and it didn’t sound like someone just ran over their foot.”

“So true.”

“I wish I lived down the road from you, I’d not be on this damn computer.”

“That’s for sure; you’d be in my arms lil-darlin.”
“Ooooh I like that idea. I’m not dressed yet either.”

“I’m not either. I like lounging in my undies and tee.”

“I would love to be kissing u hard, right now, as I let my fingers do the walking…..for starters.”

“I love them starters, god I miss you baby!”

I lowered my head, began to cry softly, and typed. “I miss you too, all I can think about at night, is making love to you. It’s going to be along while, before I go to see my auntie again.”

“Well I have an idea.”

“Better than phone sex I hope. Not that I don’t like doing that with you, because I do.”

“Next month I will be going to Iowa city, Iowa on business. I was wondering how far that is from you?”

“I’m about six hours from şişli escort there, what’d you have in mind baby?”

“You and me, together for the whole weekend, after all, I won’t be tied up that long on business.”

My eye lit up like light bulbs, could we, should we, damn right we will. “Oh honey, that would be marvelous. I cannot wait to be in your arms, making love again, and again. Email me the date and name of the hotel, because this lil-darlin plans on taking another road trip.”

He emailed me the information. I noticed it was only three weeks away, until I cam be in his arms once more.

As usual the time drug by slower than molasses, and the day before the, I packed my suitcase. I made sure I had something slinky, silky, and sexy. I smiled, like I’m going to be wearing this little number long. I then gassed the car up, and stowed my luggage in the trunk, that way all I had to do is drive off toward my destination, paradise, in cowboy’s arms.

After eating, and filling a thermos with coffee, I left home around five am. All I could do was think of what we would do, in bed. I wanted to stop a few time and satisfy the hunger between my legs, but decided I’d save my energy.

I pulled up to the hotel, noting I was there an hour early than the time he said he would arrive. I parked the car, got out my luggage, walked inside to wait, and watch for him.

I sat off to the side of the lobby for what seemed like and eternity. I felt more anxious than a teenager who was just discovered the joys of sex. Then I saw him enter the room. His jeans fit snuggly, and I could make out a sizable bulge, I licked my lips hungrily. This was going to be one cowboy, I couldn’t wait to ride hard and put away wet.

I stood, straightening my jeans and walked toward him. When he saw me, he smiled; the kind of smile that could melt ice.

“I see you made it okay. I was wondering about that since you told me you can get lost going around the corner,” he laughed.

“Well in my big town, I do, since I’ve only lived there a short while.”

Our eyes met, and I saw his passion for me in them. “Well follow me lil-darlin, I won’t let you get lost, because you’ll be in my arms.”

He checked us in, gathered the luggage, and we walked arm and arm toward the elevator.

There was excitement in his voice as he spoke, “We’ll be staying on the third floor, room three-ten.”

“I see, I won’t be looking out the window at the scenery.”

“The only thing I want to see lil-darlin; is you lying naked on the bed next to me.”

Oh Gawd, my tits and hardening clit, screamed, ‘hell yes.’

Once inside the cubicle, we moved into each others arms, and I planted a kiss on him, that would curl any man’s toes.His mouth parted, his tongue explored my mouth, and I went weak in the knees. He held me close with one arm as the other caressed my ass.

Our actions were broken by the sound of the elevator door opening. I stepped through feeling his gaze on my ass, and wiggled it seductively as I walked down the hall.

He set the suitcases down, opened the door, and I entered. Once inside, he turned locked the door and took me into his arms. His hands caressed me, as he kissed me so hard, my toes curled.

“How’s about you getting comfy baby, I need to pee.”

I scurried toward the bed, and quickly turned back the covers. I kicked off my shoes, slid off my jeans and panties, along with bra and t-shirt, and threw them on the floor. Hoping I could get into bed, before he entered the room.

My whole body yearned for his touch, and I could not help but run my fingers through my pussy. I was already drenched, and my clit was out of the hood and swollen, and I couldn’t help but massage the sensitive love button. I guess I didn’t pay that much attention after that, until I heard him clear his throat. I jumped in surprise, and stopped.

“Oh don’t stop on my account darlin, I was beginning to enjoy the view. Touch your cunt baby; show me how hot you really are!”

I watched him out of the corner of my eye, as I spread my legs wider. I separated my labia, slid my fingers across the glistening skin, and moaned softly.

He begins to strip, as I continued to masturbate for him. When he removed his jeans, I gasped his cock was as I remembered it, long and thick. He just stood there, ogling me, as it grew harder.

I slid three fingers inside my wanting hole, and quivered all over. I slowly finger-fucked myself, making sure to mew and moan to his delight. I ran my drenched fingers up over my clit, and heard him growl hungrily.

“Grrrrr, make yourself cum lil-darlin!”

I smiled coyly. One hand continued playing with my hot-box, as the other moved to my breast and

squeezed it. I took my index finger and thumb, pulled, pinched, and rolled the hardening nipple.
The digits in my cunt rubbed my clit, faster, and faster as they brought me closer to climax.

I watched him move closer to the bed, looking down, examining my actions closely. He touched my arm, “Lay down baby, you need a man’s touch.”

He climbed on to the bed; and his mouth came down on mine. He kissed me hard, while his left hand cupped my big breast. It fit in his large hand perfectly.

I lay down, and his fingers went to work, massaging my flesh, then pulling, and stretching them between his index finger and thumb. I arched my back and moaned in response. Using both hands he pushed my tits together, leaned over, and licked the tip of each one.

I’d been fantasizing how good his mouth would feel, it was warm, wet, and inviting. I groaned, arched my back, and nearly passed out.

His tongue flicked around my nipple teasingly, as his lips close tight around it, and pulled at it, repeatedly. He then moved and did the same thing to the other one.

Just as his fingers found my wet pussy, his teeth grazed across my left nipple. I closed my eyes, arched my back, moaning louder, holding on to his shoulders, and bit my lower lip.

Two of his fingers pushed between my folds until they slid inside me. His thumb found my clit, and he began playing me like a fiddle. Stroking me aggressively, pushing near orgasm, and then stopping, repeatedly.

It felt delicious, and I screamed, “Oh fuck baby, make me cum!”

He stopped tantalizing my nipple, parted my legs wider, and moved between them. “Not yet lil-darlin, I want to arouse your cunt so much, you squirt!”

My pussy was so wet, it ran down the crack of my ass, and pooled on the bed. I held my labia apart, while he used his tongue on my drenched pussy.

Using small, slow flicks of his tongue, he tormented my clit, as two fingers fucked my hole hard.

He’d bring me close to climax, than stop; wait a few seconds, the go back to my pussy again, repeatedly.

As my body neared another orgasm, I reached down, and pushed his head further between my legs. His mouth closed around my clit, and he sucked it hard.

My hips bucked wildly as his mouth ate me roughly. He held my legs wide as my muscles strained, and shrieked loud enough to burst his ear drums.

“Ooooh fuck,” as I squirted cum all over his face, chest, and bed.

He never stopped eating me as I broke into one orgasm after another.

It took me a while after that to calm down. I told cowboy to lie down on his back. I leaned over, reached for his cock. My gawd, it was long and thick, and I wrapped my hands around it. I love giving head.

I leaned over, and flicked my tongue across its purple mushroom head, savoring the pre-cum. He moaned and pushed up towards me. Little did he know that I planned on torturing him the way he did me.

My hands moved up and down, and I took just the head into my mouth. Mmm, he tasted so damn good. Slowly pushing my lips down further on to his shaft as far as I could, because I knew I couldn’t deep throat him. I squeezed him, and sucked him hard. I then stopped, pausing, feeling his cock pulsate on my lips, as I watched his face.

He moaned loudly, and thrust his hips upwards, wanting to force more of his cock into my mouth. I did this action over and over, brining him oh so near climax and stopping, knowing it would make him cum harder.

“Ooooh fuck baby, suck me harder,” he growled.

I ignored his pleads, as my mouth moved slowly up and down his shaft. With my other hand, I cupped his balls, massaging them one at a time. Not wanting him to blow yet, I wrapped my fingers tightly around the base of his cock and squeezed.

I smiled, shook my head, and purred, “Uh-uh, not yet.”

He moaned, thrust his hip, and the look in his eyes told me he couldn’t hold off from cumming. I sucked hard and deep, pushing as much of my mouth down on is pole as I could.

His cock throbbed, and I could feel each vein against my lips. He ran his fingers thru my hair, pushing my head up and down on his shaft.

All a sudden, he grunted, and moaned loudly, cumming so much it dribbled off my chin on to his balls.

I swallowed hard, and when I was finished, licked his balls clean. I then kissed his cock and purred,

“Mmm, you taste good baby.

He pulled me into his arms, as his mouth came down on mine, we kissed passionately. His tongue slipped between my lips, and teased mine. I then lay in his arms, snuggling up close to him and we fell asleep.

I awoke feeling his lips kissing my pussy. “Mmm, this is why I love this cowboy!”

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