Full Circle – Chapter Four


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Full Circle – Chapter Four

We headed south out of the city with me deep in thought. “Did I really know what I was doing?” Here I was a sixty-three year old man involved with a sixty-three year old woman who I hadn’t seen in forty years until yesterday who wanted me to fuck her forty-seven year old daughter who had had a twenty-three year old daughter by artificial insemination that she had named after me and who was, for all intents and purposes, at forty-seven was still a virgin.

When we arrived in Annapolis I worked my way through that beautiful little town to the Naval Academy I pulled up to the Main Gate and rolling down the window greeted the Marine Sergeant on duty. He came to my window and looked inside doing a double take. I smiled and handed him my military ID card, my federal firearms permit and driver’s license. I asked if I could speak his OOD and he directed me to a parking spot on the other side of the guard shack. I parked and telling Susan and the girls I would be right back I walked back to the guard shack. Sgt Conners had already called his officer of the day and said that he expected him within the next minute or two.

Shortly a Humvee pulled up and a Marine Captain stepped out. After we had exchanged greetings Sgt Conners handed, Captain Stirling I could see by his nametag, my credentials and I explained that I was a Federal Investigator working for Federal Judge down in Alabama related to a national investigation of the gang that called themselves Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13. I told him that the women I was with was a very old friend had been receiving death threats from the MS-13 gang after she had two of their local leaders arrested for attempted armed robbery and told him I was carrying a weapon with me for their protection as well as mine. He asked a few more questions of me and why I was on base and I related that Col. Bellows used to be my logistics officer when I commanded a regiment and that I wanted to pick his brain for a bit about a problem I had. I also told him that the women with me had never been to the Academy and wanted to sightsee a bit. Pointing out the window he asked if those three red heads were the ones with me and I turned and saw the three of them standing there stretching. After pausing a moment to enjoy the sight I turned back to him and said “Yup!”

“You are a damned lucky man Colonel” he replied with a grin on his face and then said if it weren’t for the fact that he was on duty for the rest of the day he would gladly volunteer to guide them around the base.

I said “Captain weren’t you ever told never to volunteer” and he said “Yes Sir, but there are exceptions to every rule” he then went on to say that if I needed any further assistance for me not to hesitate to call on him or his unit. I thanked him for his assistance and asked Sgt Conners if he would call Col Bowers quarters and let him know I was on my way.

Sgt Conners made the call and then handed me a placard that he said I needed to keep displayed on my dash at all times while on base and asked if I knew how to find his place. I assured that I had been on base many times and knew my way around. He saluted, although he really didn’t have to, and wished me a good day. I replied “Semper Fi!” and every Marine in the building responded with a loud “OOH-RAH!!!”

We drove around the base, having to pause occasionally, to let company sized units of Navy Midshipmen either march or jog past. We all had our windows down and the girls were looking out with interest and I am quite sure surreptitiously being observed by the rank and file. I noticed several upperclassmen stopping dead in their tracks to watch us go by.

We finally got to Stephen’s house and as we pulled up he came out with his wife Jackie in tow. I saw him pause momentarily when he saw the three women I had with me then come forward with his hand outstretched.

“Damn Plug it’s good to see you” “I have to say that you’re still looking good for an old retired civilian these days.” Stephen said as we shook and pounded one another on the back and I could see Jackie wince a little when Stephen called me that. Stephen had been the head of logistics when I was in command and there wasn’t a finer logistics officer in the Corps, in my opinion. He had taken this teaching slot at the Academy after I had retired and was due to retire himself fairly soon. I gave Jackie a big squeeze and a kiss on the cheek and saw she was smiling at me.

“You know I always hated that nickname CT” she said to me holding on to my hand for a moment and I said “Jackie, after 30 plus years in the Corps it no longer bothers me and you shouldn’t let it bother you.” “But it’s just so disrespectful” she said back and all I could do was shake my head.

I introduced Susan as a woman I had known nearly fifty years prior had recently found once again, that she was the love of my life, and that if she would have me I would make her an honest woman. Susan gave me the strangest look when I said that. I then introduced Faith and Cynthia to Stephen and Jackie explaining their relationship to Susan and to me. I told them that I had come to see Stephen for a few minutes, and wanted to give Susan, Faith, and Cynthia a tour of the Academy since they had never seen the place, and then take them to either lunch or dinner whichever was closer.

Jackie piped up that Emily was in town for a few days before heading back up to Brown and after explaining to Susan and the girls that Emily was their youngest daughter of five suggested that maybe she and Emily could act as their guides and give them a tour of the Academy and perhaps grab a quick bite of lunch at the messhall. This she said would give Stephen and I to catch up with each other and when they got back we could perhaps go for a short sail before going out to dinner. Everyone seemed to think that this was an excellent idea and we headed up the walk to the house. Just as we were entering Stephen and Jackie’s home a lime green Toyota Prius whipped into the driveway and this statuesque blond stepped out. I hadn’t even heard it coming it was so quiet and so I was a little startled at first. Seeing who the driver was I shouted out that she should put a bell on that damned thing to warn people she was coming.

“Uncle CT” she squealed and running up to me threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. I could see a bit of a flash in the eyes of Susan and Cynthia and even more so in the eyes of Faith. You could almost sense the claws being unsheathed just a tiny bit.

Jackie introduced everyone to Emily and explained what she had tentatively planned. Emily thought it was a great idea as well and pulling out her cell phone (from where I don’t know since she had neither pockets on her skirt or a purse in hand) called another girl she knew was home. After a brief conversation she turned back and said that Misha, the daughter of a Navy Captain who was her roommate at Brown with her, was coming over to go with them. Emily said that Misha knew more about the history of the Academy than anyone else she knew having done a senior project on it in high school and it’s the topic of her Master’s thesis in History.

We went inside where Jackie offered everyone a glass of ice tea and while Jackie and Emily sat in the living room chatting with Susan, Faith, and Cynthia seeking, no doubt, information on how they knew me and where we had hooked up Stephen and I headed out to the back patio. We grabbed a couple of comfortable lawn chairs and talked about things in general and nothing in particular.

About fifteen minutes later Jackie and Susan came to the patio door and said that Misha had arrived and that they were taking off. Susan came out and gave me a deep passionate kiss and then Faith came out and kissed me followed by Cynthia. Stephen just looked on and smiled.

Once they had gone Stephen turned to me and said “Ok CT, they are gone and now you can tell me why you are really here.” “Want a cold one he asked as he reached into a cooler next to him?”

Taking a cold Stella Artois I thought for a second and then told him the whole story from the beginning. I guess I must have talked for nearly an hour and several beers before I finally wound down to a stop and we both just sat there for a bit.

“That’s one hell of a story CT” “What can I do to help” Stephen said.

“I’m not sure right now Stephen” “I am playing things by ear right now and I haven’t even asked any of them if they would even be willing to move” I said “What if they say no?”

“Let’s work under the assumption that they will say yes and plan from there” said Stephen “Now how big is this place to begin with?”

“Well, let me think” I said “There are two buildings located side by side and each are approximately sixty feet wide by a minimum of one hundred and seventy-five deep.” “Each building has four floors plus basements although I have only seen four of the ten potential levels.”

“Ok, what about hostiles in the area?” was his next question.

“I’m not sure” I replied “I know from past experience in dealing with these punks in the South that there could be upwards of two hundred gang-bangers and their associates in and around the area and if they have any kind of advanced warning they can and will call in others from the surrounding cities.”

“Next” he asked “What kind of security will you have in place”

I said “Do you remember CWO5 Roger Jenkins”

Sure replied Stephen “He specialized in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism and before he retired he even came here for several in-depth workshops for those Midshipmen that were going into the Corps and I know that he even did several programs at the War College and at the Command and General Staff School.” “He used to work closely with another CWO5” “What was his name?”

You’re talking about CWO5 Billy Martin who was a specialist in improvised weapons and explosives” I said. “He and Roger got together after they both retired and formed a security company and they are both doing extremely well with it.” “Well Roger and Billy both owe me a couple of favors from when we were all in Kuwait and Iraq during the First Gulf War and I have used his services in the past as well as sent him several, shall we say lucrative consulting jobs over the past several years and they have agreed to help me with this one and” I went on ”I also have ten former Force Recon Marines coming in as well. “They have all worked with Roger and Billy in the past as freelance bodyguards and are comfortable working with the two of them.”

‘You şişli escort really care about these women don’t you” he stated.

“Stephen” I said “When Carol died I thought I had died with her.” “I was making one last trip around the country seeing family and seeing friends and when I got home I had decided to just sit there until I was dead!” “Now I want to live”

“Christ CT” exclaimed Stephen “I knew you were pretty busted up over Carol’s death, but god man I didn’t think you of all people would ever consider something like that.”

“Even the mightiest tree can fall Stephen if it is weakened enough” I said quietly “For thirteen years I rode an emotional rollercoaster and every time Carol got a little bit sicker so did I and when we both knew that the end was rapidly approaching for her she made me promise to grieve and get on with my life and for the first time in thirty years I lied to her and said I would because I knew I would die with her.”

“Then I walked into this pharmacy in Baltimore because that was where the first woman I had ever loved had lived when I first met her and even though she had kicked me out of her bed and her life because of some stupid words, poorly spoken several years later and forty years ago I still loved her.” “I didn’t expect to see her there for after all that was a long time ago.” I just wanted to stop by for the memories before heading out on the rest of my journey toward death.”

“It came as a massive shock to me to find her there and even then I almost walked out because of the shame I felt, but she stopped me” I went on “that evening, last night, after we had talked and made love and talked some more it came to me that I was still madly in love with her and I wasn’t going to let her go – ever!” “It was then that I decided to live.” “I will always love Carol and there will always be a place in my heart for her, but as she had said to me that last day I had grieved and now it was time to get on with my life.” “So yes Stephen, Susan and her daughter Faith and her granddaughter Cynthia are the most important people in my life and in my world and Susan is at the very top of the list and always will be.”

Just then I felt some arms go around my neck and Jackie leaned over and gave me a tremendous kiss on my forehead. There were tears streaming down her cheeks as she said “CT you are a very special man and I believe, from talking with her, that Susan knows and appreciates that fact.” And she turned to Stephen as said “Sweetie, You will do whatever it takes to help CT rescue his woman and children from these assholes and I will stand for no argument” Then as she dried her eyes she said “I only came by to get the other cart, because the one we were using hadn’t been plugged back in by someone who shall remain nameless who had used it last, right Sweetie?” I left the girls watching the noon formation before heading over to the mess hall for lunch and we will meet you at the “Gollywog” at 1430” “Then you can demonstrate to CT, Susan, and the rest of us what an accomplished sailor you have become by taking us for a sail – bye Sweetie and remember what I said – no argument!” and with that she walked back into the house and was gone.

Then suddenly she popped her head back out the door and said “CT! I almost forgot, Susan said that you were supposed to bring a bag that is in the back of the Suburban with you when you head to the dock and you are not,” Susan’s words, “You are not to open it under any circumstances.” “She said you would know what one of the penalties might be.” “Bye again” and she was gone once again.

Stephen and I looked at each other and I said “It doesn’t matter how long I live I will never figure out the workings of the female mind.”

“Stephen what I have in mind is this” I said to him “Sometime during the day today I am going to get both he and Jackie invited, by Susan to visit her place for dinner or something over the next week, perhaps as soon as Friday night and while he and Jackie are there try and get Susan or Faith one to give them the guided tour of both buildings.” “The purpose of this is to give you a fairly accurate idea of just how much stuff had to be moved, leaving the place stripped to bare walls.”

What I want you to do with this information is figure out how many men and how many eighteen wheelers would be needed to completely empty both buildings, packing everything carefully to avoid breakage, between the hours of dawn and sunset or sooner if possible. Money was no object as the idea was to get everything out as quickly as possible and to avoid the gang-bangers becoming aware of our activities for as long as possible.

Stephen thought for a moment and then said “Would it be possible to get packing supplies delivered beforehand and a crew of experienced packers.”

I said that the delivery of the supplies would be no problem as it was routine for Susan to have the delivery truck come inside the garage with the exterior doors closed when she was having a shipment of drugs delivered so anything could be brought in under that guise. “The problem Stephen” I said was getting the packing crew in and out.” “From what Susan has said she and Faith and Cynthia don’t go out after nightfall very much as they believe it to be far too dangerous, especially since they started receiving the death threats.

“What if they could stay there” asked Stephen “ I mean what if the packing crew were to arrive surreptitiously say on a Monday morning in a fully enclosed delivery van and not leave until say Friday afternoon by the same means.”

“That could possibly work” I said to Stephen “provided, of course, that Susan agreed to making the move and that is going to take some serious planning on my part.” I looked at my watch and said “It’s now 1345 and we had better shake a leg if we are going to make it down to the boat basin to meet up with everyone.”

“You’re right there” said Stephen “If we aren’t there when Jackie arrives I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“So what type of sailboat have you got” I asked “the last I had heard from you guys Jackie was all set on you buying a diesel pusher motorhome and you were going to join the migratory silver fleet and spend your summers up north and your winters down south.”

“Well” said Stephen as we walked through the house toward the garage “Ever since I was a kid and read Joshua Slocum’s book ‘Sailing Alone Around the World’ I have always had a dream of doing the exact same thing.” “It took me a bunch of convincing, because Jackie was set on that motorhome, and several trips to the islands taking, at first, captained charters and working our way up to doing bareboat cruises before Jackie caught the bug.”

I grabbed the bag out of the back of the truck and it was a mighty powerful temptation to take a peek that I am proud to say I resisted, and jumped on the golf cart when Stephen pulled up with it.

I commented on the idea of using carts like this on base and thought it was a heck of a good idea saying that more bases should allow their usage. Stephen said he wasn’t sure who started it and that their use wasn’t widespread as we headed down the driveway and out on to the road but, he said, using the carts on base was a great idea since it was a quiet way to get around and it beat the heck out of walking. I quipped back that it looked like he could stand to do a bit more walking since it seemed that he was starting to spread a bit at the waistline. We laughed and traded insults for a few minutes before he started back on about his boat.

“They have a great sailing club here with a whole fleet of all sorts of sailboats available for base personnel use.” He said “When we arrived here I got to know some of the fellows that had their boats here and Jackie and I got a chance to sail on a number of different type craft from a little twenty-two foot day-sailer to sixty foot yawls, ketches, sloops, and schooners that were easily capable of sailing around the world.” “Anyway” he went on “I met some of the folks at the Annapolis Yacht Club and one guy, by the name of Mike Jhonson invited Jackie and I to go out with he and his wife on his trimaran and that was it.” “we were hooked and hooked solid” he said.

We spent the summer sailing with him and spent the next year looking for a tri of our own before finding the ‘Gollywog” up in Delaware and buying it. So far we have been to the Bahamas, down the coast of Florida and up to New England and love every minute of it.” “Of course Emily and our other daughters think that we are quite mad to want to sail around the world, but we don’t care.

We arrived at the boat basin and had just stashed the cart in an out of the way spot when the women arrived. I handed the bag over to Susan who asked Stephen if I had peeked to which he replied no, at least he didn’t think so, but then I was out of his sight for at least thirty seconds. Susan glared at me and I swore that one, I didn’t look in the damned bag and second, that Stephen was a dead man the first opportunity I got. Emily and Misha begged off as they still had some things to do before heading off to college later in the week, but said they would see us later on at dinner. We piled into Stephen’s small zodiac for the trip out to the ‘Gollywog,’ and although we were close to overloading the small boat we made it safely. Once everyone was on board Stephen and Jackie went back to the shore and returned shortly with a couple of ice chests that were quickly stowed below decks and the pair of them went about getting her ready for sailing just like old sea salts. Within a matter of fifteen minutes or so Stephen had fired up the engine and when Jackie finished tying the zodiac to the stern and casting off from the mooring Stephen advanced the throttle a fraction and we slowly motored out of the anchorage. As we motored to where the sails could be raised Stephen started describing his boat.

“What we are on is a modified Brown/Marples design that has had its length at the waterline increased by six and a half feet so in reality she is forty-three feet at the water and some fifty feet overall with thirty foot beam” he droned on and on in his lecture voice.

“Stephen” I said interrupting him “it’s a really nice sailboat, but I am not in the market to buy either this one or another so would you kindly shut up.” I could see Jackie covering her mouth trying to hide a smile so I knew that he had to have done this several times to other unwary suckers and said “now where are we heading and how long will we be gone” and so it went back and forth. Susan, Faith, Cynthia and Jackie disappeared down a forward hatch before closing it and telling me that I was not allow to follow. So I turned back and continued to trade insults with Stephen. I was right in the middle of a good barb when I saw his eyes go round and he seemed to have trouble swallowing. At first I thought he might be having either an attack of gas or a heart attack when I turned to see what he was staring at. Then I joined him with the exact same facial expression. Now Jackie was a good looking woman for her early fifties and filled out a bikini real well, but the three women behind her were simply in a class all by themselves. They were absolutely stunning and wearing less material between their three suits than Jackie had in hers. I am, to this day, simply amazed that there were not some major collisions on the water that afternoon because every visible male head, regardless of what they might have been doing beforehand was focused on those three women. To say that they were gorgeous is the equivalent of saying that Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ is simply a picture of a pretty girl standing on a seashell.

I opened my mouth and said to Stephen “If anyone ever asks why we Americans fight as hard as we do in the name of liberty and justice those three women right there are that reason.” “Speaking for myself,” I said. “I would cheerfully kill anyone who attempted to deny me the right to see such magnificent examples of American womanhood dressed like that!”

Susan smiled as she walked toward me and as she sat in my lap she put her hands on either side of my face and gave me a deep passionate kiss that started my blood to slowly begin to boil. She pulled back for a second and said “By your reaction I know you didn’t peek and that you really like my suit” and she kissed me again before snuggling down in my arms.

I looked over at Stephen and asked if he had a pair of trunks I could borrow as I suddenly felt very hot and over dressed. Sure he said and asked Jackie to take the wheel while he showed me where they were. I gently deposited Susan on the bench beside me and as I slid between Faith and Cynthia to get to the hatch down below they both groped me. For the second time that day I found myself blushing and was real glad that I could escape down below.

Stephen followed me so he could grab a pair of trunks for me and said in a low whisper when he got to the bottom of the hatchway steps “Did I just see those two grope you as you went past” “Christ, some people have all the fucking luck!” He then reached into a storage locker and pulled out a bright green nylon speedo, but after seeing the look I gave him he hastily put them back without comment and then pulled out a pair of baggier swim trunks. “Here you go Plug these should work for you, but I really think that the speedo would have looked better on you.”

Stephen you have a smart mouth and a foul mind and I am surprised that Jackie has stayed with you as long as she has.” I responded “and yes they groped me and no I haven’t got a clue where this is going, and I sure wish that some things weren’t as complicated as they are.” Stephen looked on as I stripped my jacket off and remarked “Goddamn CT, you were serious about that threat” as he watched me strip off my shoulder holster and pull my Public Defender from the small of my back. “There’s a pump Mossberg 500 alongside the hatchway steps should you need it.” He then proceeded to strip off his shorts revealing a nylon tank suit underneath and grabbing a baseball cap said he had to get back on deck.

I had just finished undressing and was in the process of pulling on my borrowed suit when I heard cheering outside. I pulled the suit up and was reaching for my shoulder holster when I felt a pair of arms snake around my middle and someone with red hair begin nuzzling the back of my neck giving me light kisses and licks. I could feel my nipples harden as both hands began caressing them. I started to turn with Susan’s name on my lips when I realized that this wasn’t Susan holding me but Cynthia. “Oh Christ” I thought “What the hell is going on now?”

As I completed my turn a pair of young, tender lips mashed to mine and Cynthia’s tongue snaked into my mouth faster that a striking cobra searching out every nook and cranny before engaging my tongue in a lightening dual. As quickly as the kiss started it ended and Cynthia stepped back saying “I have wanted to do that ever since I saw you early this morning and I am not asking for any commitment, just a good fuck at some point if you are interested.” “Interested?” I thought “I would have to be fucking dead not to be interested!”

“Now, if you will excuse me I have to go to the little girls room” she said and as I watched her barely covered butt sway back and forth she disappeared through a doorway on the port side of the cabin. I left the shoulder holster with my FNH .40 laying on the bunk and once again I beat a hasty retreat having been routed for the second time that day and made my way back on deck. I was extremely grateful that the trunks I had on were as baggy as they were as it would have been extremely difficult to conceal my semi-erect cock otherwise.

As I gained the safety of the deck I emerged to a scene of organized bedlam. Susan and Faith were busy grinding on winches on either side of the mast, raising the mainsail while Jackie was further forward rigging the jib. It was an extremely erotic sight to watch so I went toward the stern and sat down near Stephen asking. “What was that cheering I heard when I was down below?

“Oh” he replied “that was a small flotilla of six-meter boats from the Academy heading back in and as we motored through them they gave a cheer for the girls.”

With both mainsail and jib raised Jackie, Susan, and Faith rejoined us in the center cockpit with Susan and Faith sitting on either side of me. Cynthia soon rejoined us and teasingly sat on my lap squirming around as if she were looking for the best place to settle her bottom before jumping up and sitting along side her mother. Neither of us said anything about what happened below, which was fine with me as now I had even more things to think about.
Once the sails were trimmed Stephen killed the engine and with between ten and twelve knots of wind we took off like a scalded cat, or at least that was the impression I got. As we sailed along I was amazed at how stable a platform the trimaran delivered. With the type of breeze we were sailing in I expected us to be heeled over with the lee rail near the water and a cant to the deck and that certainly wasn’t the case. Before long we had entered the Chesapeake Bay proper and turning on a more southeasterly course we went scooting along with the wind coming across the starboard stern quarter. I grabbed a beer from the ice chest and worked my way forward to the starboard trampoline and stretched out and was joined shortly thereafter by Susan who snuggled in my arms.

I guess I fell asleep for the next thing I remember was getting slapped by a wave, a very rude way to be woken up. I let out a yell and everyone laughed at me. I worked my way back to the cockpit and Stephen told me that NOAA weather radio had forecast a string of strong squalls and heavy winds heading our way so after an hour and a half of cruising he had turned the Gollywog about and was heading back to back to port. The wind had shifted slightly and was now blowing directly across the port beam and had picked up around five more knots of wind. The Gollywog was really booming across the water now and every once in a while the port ama would catch a wave just right and a sheet of spray would fly across the deck, but somehow it would never quite reach us. Faith and Cynthia were up forward laying in the port side trampoline and letting out squeals of laughter as the occasional wave would come up and smack them from underneath while Susan, Jackie, Stephen and I sat in the cockpit and talked. It was a great day to be sailing.

Susan was stretched out on the starboard bench with her head in my lap and Jackie was snuggled up next to Stephen on the other side. Susan sat up and threw her feet on the deck and said to Stephen and Jackie “This is one of the most relaxing days I can remember having in months and I want to thank you for all that you have done for us.” “It’s been a long time since I heard Faith and Cynthia laugh and carry on like that and it’s simply marvelous,” “ how can I ever repay you.”

“There’s no repayment necessary” said Stephen “However, come to think of it, there is a lecture on the development of ancient textiles that is going to be given at the Peabody Museum this coming Friday afternoon that Jackie and I have been invited to attend.” “we weren’t going to go, but now since CT told me that you were, among other things, interested in this type of weaving and I happen to have an extra pair of tickets” “what do you say to us getting together then” he continued “we can all go to the lecture and you can give us a tour of this marvelous place that CT has told me you have created and we can see some of your work then go out to dinner afterwards.” I thought that Stephen was laying it on a bit thick, but Susan thought it was a great idea and before long timetables were worked out and a time to meet up set. When neither woman was looking Stephen gave me a wink and I gave him a thumbs up.

We sailed up as far north as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, came about once again and smoothly sailed back into the Annapolis harbor. We dropped the sails and Stephen motored us to the dock where the four of us, with clothing in hand, jumped ashore and waited while Jackie and Stephen returned the Gollywog to her mooring. After making sure everything was secure they came back ashore in their zodiac and we climbed back into the carts for the short trip back to their house. More than a few heads were turned as our mini-caravan made its way back to Stephen’s house. The next hour was spent in a mad rush to get showered and dressed and out the door for dinner since we had reservations for 1900 hrs and didn’t want to be late.

The dinner was a smashing success and when we parted, with hugs and kisses all around and promises to see them on Friday we loaded ourselves back into the Suburban and headed home to find that disaster had almost struck.

While we were enjoying ourselves sailing and then eating some of the absolute best Chesapeake blue-claw crabs the gang-bangers back in the city tried to burn Susan’s place down. We arrived just as the fire department was leaving and just in time to meet with several representatives of the Baltimore City Police Department in the form of Detectives Smith and Jones (I kid you not those were their actual names) from the gang taskforce. We parked the truck back in the garage and invited the two detectives upstairs.

Sitting around the dining room table on the second floor we did our best to answer their questions. They said that it appeared that at least two car loads of gangers tried throwing Molotov cocktails through the second story windows, but had failed because they either didn’t hit the windows or the security glass caused them to bounce off. All in all they threw between twelve and fifteen bombs at the front and back windows and while they created a hell of a fire on the street and burned some garbage that had been piled there waiting for collection, they didn’t hurt the buildings at all. The detectives were aware of the threats that had been made against Susan, Faith, and Cynthia and said that they thought that now that the question of street leadership had been settled (of course they knew that the real strings were still being pulled by those two clowns in prison) they were going to start making those threats made earlier a reality. We talked of increasing the security around the place and what could be done to catch these punks. The detectives were helpful, but, as they said without solid proof of who was making the attempts there wasn’t much they could do.

Now your average gang-banger isn’t the sharpest tack in the box and these had to be even duller than most. The outside of Susan’s building was lit up at night by a full dozen high pressure sodium security lights that made the surrounding streets look like it was high noon and the security cameras took excellent, full color video of these jokers in action. The video was clean and clear enough and the street bright enough that it was a very easy task to pull crystal clear pictures that showed who did what and, with the automatic time stamp, when they did it. Of the estimated twelve people involved eleven of them were clearly identifiable and as an added bonus there were several excellent shots of the make, model, year, and color of the vehicles used in the attack.

With that information in hand the detectives didn’t think that there would be any problem identifying the gang-bangers and if Susan would come down to the station in the morning and file a complaint they would see about getting this batch of scum off the street. I walked the two detectives downstairs and when we got there Smith said “You know it’s against the law for a civilian to carry a concealed weapon in the State of Maryland don’t you.”

I responded and said “Yes sir I am aware of that, however,” and I pulled out my federal credentials, “I believe that this should cover that.” He agreed and I saw the two out the door before making sure it was locked securely and heading back upstairs.

When I got there Susan had gone up to the fourth floor, so I went over to Faith to kiss her good night and she threw her arms about me and molded her body to mine. As she ground her groin against me she said “Uncle CT I feel so safe with you here please, please never leave us again” and gave me a deep searching kiss as I pulled her even tighter against my body and my slowly hardening cock and let my hands roam freely across her back from her neck to tight little butt and she let out a soft little moan. After I broke away from our kiss I went over to Cynthia and started to give her a chaste little kiss on the forehead when she tilted her head back further and my lips met hers. Her reaction was the same as it had been in the cabin of the Gollywog earlier in the day. Her tongue darted within my mouth with amazing speed and there was an urgency with which her tongue engaged mine. She let out a soft moan and jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist settling down directly over my now fully engorged cock. If it weren’t for the clothing in the way I would have already been lodged deep within the lips of her pussy. She pulled back and said in a soft, throaty voice “I meant what I said earlier I want you at any time or place of your choosing,” Now go take care of my grammy as she needs you right now. We disentangled ourselves and I wished them a good night before heading that way. When I got off the elevator I could hear Susan crying in the bedroom and when I got there she held out her arms to me and said “CT I need you.”

I dropped my jacket over the back of a chair, kicked off my shoes, and hung my shoulder holster from the end of the headboard and my public defender went on the nightstand beside the bed. I then crawled over to Susan and took her into my arms and held her while she cried and after a bit she fell asleep.

I looked down at this sleeping beauty in my arms and again swore the silent oath I had made so many years before. I would allow nothing to happen to her or to the girls as long as I could draw a breath or, if need be, a trigger.

Making sure she was sound asleep I grabbed my laptop from where it was resting on the edge of the bed and fired it up. I had responses from everyone I emailed and a couple from people I knew who simply said “How can I help” or “what do you need.” That gave me a very warm feeling inside. These guys owed me nothing, and we had in many cases nothing in common other than the bond all of us who ever wore the EGA shared, but here they were offering their services and possibly their lives (because the potential was certainly there) to me because they had heard from somewhere, from someone, that I was in need of assistance and rather than simply walking away they turned around and said “What can I do!”

I sent off an email to Marty telling that I urgently needed to talk with him tomorrow and not to call me tonight as I really needed to get some sleep. I took care of a bit more business over the net and was getting ready to shut everything down when the machine beeped and notification popped up that said I had a new message from Marty. When I opened it there were but two words “I’ll Bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I guess I had been asleep for a couple of hours when I felt movement around me. I opened my eyes just as a big bolt of lightning hit somewhere close, the flash coming through the skylight and illuminating the entire room. My eyes were somewhat shocked from the intensity of the flash, but I thought I saw someone moving at the foot of the bed. “Susan” I asked?

“Yes dear,” she replied

“What are you doing up” I said.

“I can’t sleep and I didn’t want to bother you so I got up” was her reply.

“What’s bothering you” I asked as I crawled to the edge of the bed and stood up.

“Tonight is what is bothering me” she responded.

“What the storm” I answered knowing full well it was the abortive attack on her home that had her up and pacing at 0045 hrs in the morning.

“Don’t play coy with or patronize me CT, I won’t stand for it” she snapped!

This really is one sharp lady I thought as I said “I wasn’t trying to be either my love” “I knew when I came up earlier that this incident was twisting your guts and I have been trying to think of a solution and believe that I may have found one if you would like to hear it?”

“At this point I am grasping at straws,” she said “I have racked my brain for hours on end trying to find a way out of this mess and I can’t seem to do so” she said and starting crying.

I stood there and held her in my arms, kissing her forehead tenderly as I stroked her hair. “If you will show me where the coffee fixings are I’ll make a pot and we can sit in the living room area and I’ll tell you what I am thinking” I murmured into her hair.

“It would be easier if I fixed it” she said “I’m afraid that if I sit in there alone, even for a few moments I am liable to start crying again.

“Ok my love, whatever does best for you I am willing to go along with” I said kissing her on the tip of her nose.

She walked over to what I thought was a simple plain counter top and pushed down. I heard a muted click and watched in amazement as up rose a commercial grade drip coffee machine that was fully plumbed to a filtered water supply and she secured it in position.Moving two steps to the left she repeated the pushing down process and a small commercial grinder appeared along with a supply of paper filters and measuring spoons. Another two steps to the left and a tray of coffee cups and mugs and a whole row of flavors for coffee appeared and finally two more steps leftward and when she pressed down on the edge the top of a small chest type freezer popped open. I would have never have found all this stuff if I had to look for it.

In a series of moves like a choreographed ballet she extracted a package of fresh roasted whole coffee beans and precisely measured the proper amount into the mouth of the grinder. She grabbed the filter basket with one hand and a paper filter in the other and when the two came together they were directly under the outlet of the grinder and, with the flick of a switch, that process was begun. As the coffee was grinding she grabbed two mugs off the rack and set them by the brewing machine. As soon as the coffee was ground the basket went into the machine, a button was pushed and the heady aroma of fresh brewed coffee started to permeate the room.

Five minutes later we were sitting on the couch in her living room with her snuggled up against me and she said to me “Ok buster spill it.” Then as I started to speak she held up her hand and said “Stop, I have something to ask you first.” I looked at her and she said “What did you mean by that remark earlier today about you making an honest woman out of me.”

“Oh Shit!” I thought and then said “To be honest I misspoke.” And she glared at me “I have wanted you as my wife from before we went upstairs that first time, but I hadn’t wanted to ask you to be my wife until we had been together for a while longer and it just popped out because I guess that is the way I really feel about you and wanted my friends to know it.”

“Yes” she replied with tears in her eyes. “It doesn’t have to be tomorrow or next week, but we are old enough that we don’t need any long engagement” she continued and kissed me soundly. “Now with that out of the way what did you have in mind?

“Before I get started there is something I have to tell you as well” I said. “Today on the Gollywog when I was down below changing Cynthia came up behind me and put her arms around me.” “At first I thought it was you and when I turned around she kissed me hard on the lips and said, in a few words, that she wasn’t looking for a commitment from me, but she sure would enjoy fucking me.”

“Well, would you fuck her?” Susan asked.

“To be perfectly honest, in a heartbeat” I said.

“Ok” replied Susan “Just don’t hurt her”

Now my mind was completely blown because here was the woman I loved more than anyone or anything else telling me that I had not only her permission, but her blessing to fuck not only her daughter, but her randy, horny granddaughter as well. What the hell have I gotten myself into I asked myself. I mean this was almost every red blooded American males dream and I was even more confused than before.

“Now can we finally get down to your telling me your solution to my problem” Susan said.

“What I had in mind” I started to say “was that I think you and Faith, and Cynthia need to get the hell out of here and disappear completely and you need to do it as soon as possible. The look Susan gave me was not one of shock, but rather one of thought. “Go on” she said.

So I did. I laid out all of my thinking and the steps I had already taken and the steps I was prepared to take and then said to her “Susan all I need to put this operation into gear is the approval of the three of you and it has to unanimous or it’s not going to work!” “from the time you say go it will take between thirty and forty-five days before we are ready to move and then we can be out of here in twelve hours or less.”

“Look” I said “I know from experience that these punks are not going to ever give up unless you make it so costly in the terms of money and lost manpower that they back off.” “And frankly while it is possible that I could call on that level of manpower necessary to do the job and do it right I doubt that the city fathers would approve of my starting a major war in the downtown area” “If nothing else it would be bad for tourism.”

Susan drained the last of her coffee and standing up she took mine as well and said “Let me think about it and talk with Faith and Cynthia and I will let you know by tomorrow evening at the latest” “Is that ok” she asked.

“That’s perfect” I answered.

“Good, let’s turn out the lights and go to bed then”

So we did.

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