Homo Dog?


It had been a long night babysitting with my friend Jessa. We’d went to her aunt’s house to watch her daughter. The baby fell asleep before her mom had even left, so we were free to do whatever we wanted. We talked about boys, like normal teenage girls, and how far we’d went with them. I blushed when I admitted I’d never even kissed a guy. Jessa said the same.

We decided to kiss each other just to try it. Since I was a bit heavier than her, she sat on my lap. Jessa wrapped her arms around my neck and neither of us hesitated to go right into the kiss with open mouths. Our tongues tangled and before long, Jessa was grinding her waist onto mine.

Nothing more happened, but after making out off and on for nearly four hours, Jessa’s aunt came back and took us back to Jessa’s. I was sleeping over at Jessa’s for the night, but when I tried to go down on her she said she wasn’t ready. I respected that, after all, Jessa was one of my best friends, it probably wouldn’t have been right to risk our friendship for a few hours of fun- especially with the chance that her mom would wake up and hear us.

Jessa was really tired and it wasn’t long after she rejected me that she fell asleep. I wasn’t hurt by the rejection but instead extremely horny. During our make out, we’d ground the crotches of our pants together- I was fantasizing that it had went farther.

Jessa’s house had a room off the den where the computer was. I went in there to watch some porn. I pulled my shorts şişli escort down and fingered myself. I must have been going at it for twenty minutes, but I was unable to bring myself to orgasm.

That’s when Jessa’s dog Princess came out.

Jessa and I had liked to joke that Princess was a homo. Only because every time I came over that dog licked my face and wanted attention from me.

In my desperation to feel good I pulled my finger- which was all I could fit- out of my pussy and stuck it in Princess’s face. She liked it eagerly.

“Good girl,” I mumbled, not wanted to wake anybody.

I rubbed my hand on my pussy to get more of my juices on my hand for Princess to lick. This time I put my hand closer to my pussy, hoping she’d understand where it was coming from.

She didn’t. She just licked my hand. So instead, I decided to try to force her to lick me. I grabbed her by her collar and pushed her snout into my folds. I don’t know if Princess didn’t like my forcefulness or what but she pulled away.

Now that I new that tactic wasn’t going to work, I had to think fast.

In one of the sex stories I had read a few weeks prior, a girl was so desperate to fuck her dog she put peanut butter on her vagina to get the dog to lick her.

I decided it was worth a try. I pulled up my shots and tiptoed my way to their kitchen to find some peanut butter.

It was right on the counter! I’d almost forgotten Jessa’s mom would eat the stuff with a spoon, she must have forgotten to put it away.

I snatched the jar off the counter and made my way, ever so quietly, back to the computer room. I pulled my shorts down again and put the jar on the desk. I got a little of it on my finger and called princess over.

She came prancing in probably thinking I was going to pet her or something. Instead, I waved my fingers in her face and she licked the peanut butter off. I got more and did the same thing again.

Now she wanted more. And since I wanted her tongue it was a win-win situation.

I put just a little bit more peanut butter on my finger. Then I dipped that finger into my wet hole. Then I offered it to Princess. Apparently, she liked that because she seemed to want to eat my finger instead of just lick it.

Now I put some peanut butter on my outer pussy lips and some on my finger. I let her start licking my finger but pulled it slowly toward my hole. She followed. She lapped at my pussy lips eagerly. Then I spread my lips with my fingers, she licked me once. Her tongue ran from my hole to my clit, I had to bit my lip to keep from crying out.

She started licking my hands again. That wasn’t what I wanted. So this time I spread my lips and put the peanut butter directly on my hole. I patted my pussy and whispered “Princess.”

She came and sniffed me. She started lapping at my pussy. I bit my lips and teased my clit.

I got more peanut butter and put it on my clit. She started licking my nub and my hips matched her lapping so I got more out of it.

I spread my pussy lips so my hole would be stretched out as much as possible. After she got all the peanut butter from my clit, she moved back down, smelling the scent of my juices.

At first she was just licking the outside, but then she pushed her snout into my hole and her tongue was exploring my tunnel.

“Good girl, Princess,” I whispered, starching her behind the ears so she knew what a good dog I thought she was.

She kept twitching her nose and it was right on my g-spot, I was getting really horny from that and I had to work to keep the muscles in my pussy from tightening around her snout.

Sadly, after about five minutes, I was starting to get uncomfortable. Her tongue felt good but it was also rougher than a human’s would have been. I didn’t make her stop though, my orgasm was building.

I glanced up at Jessa; I could see her from the computer chair. She was still sleeping.

“Good girl, princess,” I whispered again.

That’s when Jessa stirred, she didn’t wake, but it was enough to scare me into pushing the dog out of me and pulling up my shorts.

I petted Princess before going back out into the living room. My pussy was raw from Princess’s rough tongue and a little sore. I fell asleep not long after.


This was a true story from when I was fifteen. Nothing else happened between me and Jessa, but I got the chance to let the dog eat me out one or two more times.

The End.

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