I Can’t Hear You


Hannah Erikson was gorgeous. As in that almost-flawless, perfectly-built, attention-grabbing, fantasy-inducing kind of beautiful. She was stunning, standing 5’4″ and weighing in at 110 pounds of firm, toned muscle, her lithe figure was contrasted somewhat by her C cup, perky breasts and her firm, bouncy ass that strained against almost any clothing she tried to fit into. She had a perfect hourglass figure, but somehow her face still stole the show. You’d think big tits on a slender frame would have every man staring, but they rarely did, unable to tear their eyes away from her breathtaking beauty. She had soft brown eyes underneath perfectly shaped eyebrows, high cheekbones that accentuated her angled jawline, and a cute little button nose above soft, full lips that seemed to constantly be either smiling or pouting.

So why the hell was Hannah single? Well, to be quite blunt about it, it was mostly because she was deaf.

Men were almost universally interested when they saw her, but when they tried to approach and found her unresponsive, they became discouraged. She tried signing with them, but they were all either too impatient or too stupid to try to learn. They always tried to bully her into just trying to speak, but having lost her hearing 21 years ago at age 3, the best she could do was to say “Aaaa doon laaak ooo taaak” loudly and awkwardly. She hated speaking, because she knew how stupid it made her come across, despite her physics degree from Stanford and the PhD she was about halfway through pursuing at MIT. When she relented and spoke to a potential lover, they without fail grimaced and looked away, embarrassed, making her run away with tears in her eyes, absolutely mortified by their cruel reaction and hating herself and her disability.

Because of this, and despite being an incomparably beautiful and sexy specimen, Hannah had never had sex. She had been kissed before, and briefly gotten to second base (over the shirt) at a drunken New Year’s party where nobody could hear each other anyways, but anything beyond that had just been her own experimentation in the privacy of her room. She was not choosing to remain a virgin, and was fucking sick of it! She knew what she looked like, and damnit all she wanted to be FUCKED!

Unfortunately for her, the demands on a physics graduate student’s time were immense, and she barely had time to eat and sleep, much less go on dates. She had realized after years of humiliating rejection that it was very unlikely she would be able to go out, flirt, and then get lucky. Because of her disability, she would almost definitely need to take the time to find somebody sweet and smart enough to see past her biggest flaw and learn to sign, so that she could actually get to know them and they’d feel comfortable having sex with her. These factors combined to make her believe that is would be impossible for her to experience sex while she was still working on her degree, a fact she accepted unhappily.

Hannah was out bowling with the Boston Deaf Student Alliance, having fun with her friends and enjoying having nobody pressure her to speak. They enjoyed bowling because it was a very non-verbal game, and the crowd of students from regional schools had fun having a secret language nobody else in the bowling alley could understand. They gossipped and trash-talked the other bowlers in absolute secrecy, knowing they had the protection of other people’s ignorance. Hannah had just scored a spare, and turned around with a beaming smile for her friend Erica, quickly singing “beat that, you dirty slut!” and laughing when her petite, Asian friend flipped her off with a matching smile. They joked often like that, because Erica had had better luck in dating, having had sex a whole 2 times. She was far from an actual slut, but compared to Hannah’s pseudo-forced abstinence she was basically a free-use whore!

When Hannah sat down beside her while another of their friends went to bowl, Erica arched her eyebrows and smirked. Hannah knew what that meant: It was gossip time! They didn’t bother leaning together conspiratorially the way young women gossipping would typically do, instead signing out in the open, knowing that nobody would understand. “See that skank over there with the white skirt and the low-cut tank top?” Erica signed, drawing Hannah’s attention to a black-haired girl with an incredibly ditzy look on her face. She was staring at a man who had just bowled a strike, and practically drooling. When Hannah looked closer at the object of the actual slut’s attention, she couldn’t exactly put blame on the poor, stupid girl for being so smitten.

He was incredibly handsome, with sandy blonde hair and a sculpted body. He was about 5’9″ and looked like an athlete, with a perfectly chiseled face and piercing blue eyes. He was smiling and laughing, and Hannah was certain he had an infectious laugh, feeling a pang of regret that she couldn’t hear it. She realized she was staring when he glanced her way, and she blushed and turned back to her friend.

“Oh my god! Can you blame her şişli escort for drooling over him, though?” Hannah signed, quite flustered and giggling loudly, drawing attention from the hearing people near them.

“Oh, and I’m the slut?” Erica communicated with a roll of her eyes.

“Hey! He might look like a god, but there’s no way somebody that good-looking is smart enough to sign,” she said regretfully.

“Oh? And we don’t know anybody who looks like a model who happens to be smart, do we?” Erica gave her a pointed look, calling her out on the double standard.

“Shut up! Look at the whore he’s with. There’s no way he’d be willing to put the work in to understand me, when he clearly has all the fun he wants with such vapid, empty bimbos.”

The girls had been so involved in their conversation that they never noticed the man approaching them until he tapped their shoulders. They both jerked, startled, and looked up at the target of their rather mean gossip. He smiled at them, and as an instinct they each tapped their ears and shook their heads, trying to communicate “we are deaf” without being unclear or embarrassing themselves.

To their absolute shock, he smiled at them and then raised his hands, quickly and confidently signing, “so is my little sister. I love her, so I was able to learn, despite being so incredibly stupid. Anyways, I just wanted you to know that the girl I’m with asked me out, and does not reflect my usual taste in women. So please don’t judge me too hard, okay?” With a disarming smile, he walked away and returned to the dumb sut, who practically started humping his leg when he sat next to her.

“Well… that was…” Erica signed slowly.

“The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me?” Hannah finished, absolutely mortified to have been caught being so mean for what was apparently no reason at all.

“Yup,” Erica answered, and both women hung their heads in shame.

After a few more rounds of bowling and time to think about a course of action, Hannah walked shyly over to the man’s seat and cleared her throat – too loudly – to get his attention.

When he turned to look at her, she waved and signed, “I’m sorry for what we were saying earlier; that wasn’t fair at all.”

“No, it wasn’t. Especially coming from you, it was rich to hear that smart people couldn’t be good-looking.”

“What do you mean? How do you know I’m smart?” she asked, bewildered.

“When you got here and I saw everybody signing, I thought it would be good practice to interpret, just to myself. So I’ve been sorta paying attention when I’m not bowling, and I saw you talking about your PhD. Physics, right?”

Hannah was floored. Not only was this dashing man able to talk with her, he knew she was a physicist and seemed genuinely interested! “Yes, physics. Theoretical particle physics, to be exact,” she explained, and saw his face twinge with regret. “What? It’s not all bad!”

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know that sign,” he explained, and Hannah laughed. Of course he wouldn’t know how to sign “theoretical particle physics” if he wasn’t in the field! She spelled it out for him and repeated the sign, and his eyes lit up with excitement at understanding and learning a new sign. He would have to teach his sister tomorrow! She was only 12, and he loved being able to communicate with her through signing.

The two conversed a bit more, with him explaining that his name was Brandon and he was a research tech at Massachusetts General Hospital, actually studying hearing impairment. He had become passionate about the condition when his little sister was born deaf, and Hannah’s heart soared for the little girl to have grown up with such an amazing brother. “I wish I had a brother like you,” she said, and he smiled at the compliment, then looked sad for her.

“Is your family not understanding?” he asked, and she was about to explain how her siblings didn’t really feel like it was worth their time to learn, only communicating with her by writing on a notepad, when the bimbo who was Brandon’s date stormed over.

“Okay, enough! You aren’t here with this stupid fucking deaf girl, you’re here with me!” she almost screamed. “Why do you want to talk with her anyways? She probably sounds retarded whenever she makes any noise at all!”

Hannah looked at Brandon, wondering what was going on and if he would interpret. “You really don’t want to know,” he explained, but she just gave him a look that said she did, and he translated to ASL for her.

Hannah was close to tears at the mean description of her, and started to stand up and run away, when Brandon put a hand on her arm. He then told his date, signing along so Hannah would understand, “that wasn’t very nice. You can find your own way home. Bye, Claire.” Then he turned away from her and ignored whatever she was shouting. Hannah couldn’t hear it anyways, so the 2 just resumed their conversation.

They talked for about an hour and a half, getting to know each other and starting to really connect, when the deaf alliance started to get their stuff together and head out. “Give me just a second to say bye to Erica!” Hannah signed quickly, and ran over to her friend.

“I’m so sorry I abandoned you!” she apologized, but Erica just shook her head and smiled.

“Hannah, sweety, I ‘eavesdropped’ on your entire conversation,” she said, sneakily turning away from Brandon so he couldn’t see her signing. “He’s a great guy! I think this might finally be your chance to get some dick!” The two girls blushed and laughed, one at embarrassing her friend and the other because she had just realized how wet her panties were. Maybe it would be her lucky night!

When Hannah made her way back to Brandon, he smiled at her and offered to buy her a drink at a nearby bar. She enthusiastically agreed, and the two walked over, occasionally bumping into each other on their walk like flirty, shy teenagers. When they got inside of the bar, Brandon grimaced, and Hannah asked what was wrong.

“I’m sorry,” he explained, “it’s just so loud in here with the music and people shouting. I definitely wouldn’t be able to hear you, so it’s a good thing we talk with our hands!”

She smiled at him and nodded. “I hope you never hear my voice. It’s so ugly, and gross, and embarrassing!” She blushed, knowing that because of his sister he would know how unattractive it sounded when deaf people spoke out loud.

“Hannah, I would never ask you to talk out loud! But I need you to know, I don’t believe that anything about you could be ugly. You’re beautiful, and smart, and so much fun to spend time with. In fact… Do you want me to give you a ride home?” She blushed a darker shade of red and nodded shyly, and the two walked back outside and to his car parked in the nearby garage.

Talking during car rides is almost impossible for the deaf. Brandon couldn’t look at her or sign because he was focused on the road and holding the steering wheel, and Hannah wasn’t able to communicate with him at all. Instead, she passed the 15 minute ride giving herself a pep talk and convincing herself that, dammit all, this was her night!

By the time they got to Hannah’s place, she was almost panting with desire, and determined that this man would be the one to finally make her a woman. “Inside. Now.” She signed as fast as possible, and Brandon chuckled while he got out of the car and followed her to her apartment.

“Nice place,” he signaled to her, and she rolled her eyes.

“I want you in me. I want you… to be my first. Is that okay?” She was suddenly embarrassed at the idea of him being revolted by such an old virgin, or too intimidated by the momentous task before him.

“I am honored,” he signed with a smile, and then swept her into a passionate kiss.

“UUUHHH!” she gasped when he practically tackled her onto the couch. She immediately moved her hand over her mouth and blushed furiously, beyond upset that she had made sound and probably ruined what was supposed to be a sexy moment.

“I’m sorry,” she signed, looking at him with teary eyes. “I didn’t mean to make such an ugly noise. I understand -” Branson grabbed her hands and held them still. He looked pointedly into her eyes, raising an eyebrow, until Hannah shyly nodded.

“Thank you,” Brandon told her, “and sorry to stop you from signing. That was just so fucking stupid I had to!” She looked offended, and he had to chuckle. “You didn’t make an ugly sound, you just reacted. I know you can’t hear it, but your noises were actually kind of pretty…”

She looked at him, the first tears resisting her orders and sliding down her face. “Really?” she asked, completely vulnerable.

“Yes. In fact, you losing control like that was actually kind of sexy,” he told her with a smile, and then brushed a tear from her face.

“You… you didn’t think it was gross when I made noise?” she asked, starting to feel less self-conscious. He shook his head and kissed her cheek. “I’ve never thought my stupid voice could be anything but terrible,” she said with an embarrassed giggle, “but if you like it… maybe we could see what other noises you could help me make?” By the end of her sentence, she was smiling at him and giggling a little, hoping he would accept her challenge.

“It would be my pleasure,” he grinned at her. “So, how do you want to start?”

“Well…” she started to explain, “everybody tells me my tits are ‘amazing’ but I’ve never let anybody get close enough to really play with them, so… if you’re interested?” She looked hopeful, and Brandon looked like he had just been handed the winning lottery ticket.

“Are you serious?” he asked, not believing his luck. She nodded and looked down, embarrassed at her inexperience, until he lifted her chin with a finger and signed, “I’ve barely been able to stop myself from staring at your boobs all night! You’re so gorgeous, and I wanted to be respectful, but damn from the glances I have risked, they are perfect!”

She blushed a little and moved her hands to her side before glancing down at her own chest and nodding in invitation. His hands rapidly moved to her chest, cupping each breast and kneading fairly gently, not wanting to overload her with the new experience.

“Ohhhhhh,” Hannah breathed, glancing instinctively at Brandon’s face to check if her voice had made him recoil and just finding a hyper-focused expression of lust and intensity. Giggling, she moved her own hands up to his and gently pushed them down to her waist so she could sign.

“Do you want to take my shirt off?” she asked, blushing and looking at him while she held her breath. He nodded happily, already too busy unbuttoning her shirt to sign back. She giggled when he progressed far enough to reveal her bra and her heaving cleavage, and moaned when the backs of his fingers brushed against her sensitive, hitherto-untouched flesh.

When the last button was undone, she coyly slid the garment from her shoulders and let it fall behind her before moving her hands behind her back and quickly undoing the clasp on her bra. She quickly moved her hands back around to the front and held the cups in place, raising an eyebrow at Brandon and looking pointedly down at her almost-freed breasts.

It took Brandon a moment to catch on; she wanted him to beg? “Oh Hannah, I want to see your beautiful tits so much,” he signed, and at her smile he knew he had been right about what she wanted him to do. “Please, babe, would you let me see them and play with them and kiss them and suck on them?” he asked.

Hannah had planned on making him work for it more, but the flood of moisture to her pussy when he mentioned sucking on her titties overrode her intentions and she practically tore the bra from her body. His hands started to slide up her torso until she stopped them and started to sign.

“You’re the first man to touch my boobs,” she explained, “and I want it to be amazing, so can I tell you a little about them?” she asked nervously. Was this how people hooked up?

He nodded, happy to get any tips from her on making her first real sexual experience as pleasurable for her as possible.

“Great! Okay, so they are very sensitive, but in a really fun way; they don’t get ticklish or anything, but most ways you could touch them will feel amazing. I love to squeeze them like this,” she paused to lift her breasts up and push them slightly together, causing her cleavage to bulge upwards and eliciting a soft moan from herself. “I usually don’t get too rough with the whole boob,” she went on after holding her breasts together for a few seconds, “but honestly the nipples you can do anything at all to!”

She took pride in having nipples that could withstand any kind of abuse that she had thought to try subjecting them to. She had pinched them, twisted them, clamped them, sucked on them, and dripped hot wax on them; and she had come to appreciate that basically anything she did to her nipples, however cruel, only seemed to turn her on and make her pussy gush. The hot wax, for example, had set her off on one of her most powerful orgasms to date.

She explained this to Brandon, and he looked amused at the thought of this gorgeous, dainty-seeming girl taking that kind of punishment on her perky boobs. “You really mean I can do anything I feel like to them?” She nodded, excited to finally have somebody else in on her erotic secret, and he smiled at her.

Without warning, his hands grabbed her beautiful breasts, and he used his strong fingers to pinch and twist her nipples about 90 degrees. He had been expecting her to maybe moan, now that she seemed more comfortable making sound in front of him, but was completely floored by her response.

“OHHHH!!!” she shrieked, her back arching and thrusting her chest more firmly into his hands while her legs trembled and her thighs rubbed together. Brandon broke into a huge grin and twisted harder, loving the look of divine agony on his new lover’s face, and with an additional slightly-awkward sounding scream Hannah spread her legs wide open and squirted!

A flood of hot liquid gushed from her beautiful pussy, splashing down her thighs and even so far out as to get Brandon’s thigh wet on the couch next to her. It was the single sexiest thing he had ever seen, and once she came down from her shaking orgasm, about 2 minutes later, he released her sexy teats to tell her so. “I’ve never made a girl squirt before!” he told her truthfully, “and I have definitely never seen a girl cum just from playing with her tits!”

“Sorry if that was weird…” Hannah signed shyly, blushing. It wasn’t her fault that her body was so primed for sex and pleasure! Though she did enjoy it…

“That was the single hottest thing I have ever seen,” he told her, beaming a smile. Just then something occurred to him. “Wait… how did your squirt hit me? Didn’t your clothes get in the way?”

Hannah blushed and spread her legs again, showing him her bare pussy under her skirt, completely unobstructed by underwear. “I took them off back at the bowling alley when I ducked into the bathroom…” she admitted, “I just really hoped something would happen with you!” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek, loving her shy kind of confidence.

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