Jenny Visits The GloryHole


Yes, it happened the other day again. People, posts, chat online as well as people I come across in real life will often trigger sexy thoughts in my head. Those thoughts most often evoke memories of my many past encounters. My pussy gets wet, and I get that uncontrollable urge to suck cock.

As a little background, Nick, my husband of thirty years completely owns my pussy. My pussy has been 100% faithful to him since our first date many moons ago. My mouth is another story. I am a cock sucking slut. I LOVE to suck cock and swallow cum. Any size, as long as it’s hard, clean and very well trimmed or shaved. My motto is “blow and go.” I pick out random strangers and find a way and a place to do what I do best. I never schedule dates or make arranged meetings. That would seem too much like cheating on Nick. The strange, random guys and their cocks are no more than sex toys to me. I have zero emotional attachment with them. Better than my toy drawer at home though, these are real, hot, pulsating cocks that are ready to fire cum into my needy mouth.

Back to me, I am the sweet Mom and wife next door for the most part. It’s that small amount of time that I get for Jenny playtime that I become a hot MILF. My appearance? If you haven’t seen any of my hundreds of photos online, I am fifty-five, tall, somewhat slender, have long legs with fair skin, blonde hair, and large natural boobs. My sexiest feature, in my opinion, is my mouth and smile. I have decently full lips, perfect, white teeth, and a long talented tongue. There are not many things hotter looking than a hard cock in a sexy mouth, right?

Where do I stalk my prey? I find suitable guys in malls, bars, convenience stores, coffee shops…etc. Where can I find the easiest, most eager, and ready cocks to suck? That would be an ABS (adult book store) that has a section of booths with gloryholes, holes in the wall at waist height.

This particular afternoon I was on the road running some work errands, seemingly all over the state of New Jersey. My juices were indeed flowing, and I had that cock craving. I knew there was an ABS nearby that Nick and I have gone to together before, but not for a couple of years now since it is not very close to our home. I pulled into şişli escort the parking lot. The cars there during the daylight, as typical, were all parked as far away from the building and sign as possible with some parked around back. I chuckled as I shamelessly parked closer to the building, of course. I sat in my car for a moment as I applied a fresh coating of lipstick. Not the actual name, but it should be called “cock sucking red.” I then opened two extra buttons on my blouse. Finally, I reached over, opened the glove compartment, and fished out my black lace eye mask. Doesn’t every superhero need a disguise? This Super Cock Sucker is no different.

I entered the old, concrete building. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust from the bright sunlight to the fluorescent lighting. I said “Hi!” to the guy at the raised counter and cash register and proceeded to walk around browsing through the XXX DVDs and sex toys. As with all my visits to any ABS, several guys began to follow me, a few paces behind, like zombies. After a few minutes, I went into the dark, back section that has the video booths. In each small private booth, there is a bench seat facing a monitor that displays various themed porn movies that you can scroll through after you insert money. The light from the monitor is the booth’s only lighting.

I inspected several of the booths for relative cleanliness and to discover which booths had gloryholes to the adjacent booth and which didn’t. The zombies were still in tow, now waiting for me to *********** a booth in hopes of jumping into the next one like musical chairs. Well, that’s not how I do this. Everything is on my terms, always. I turned to the group of guys. There were eight of them, and it was truly an eclectic group of various ages, heights, and levels of fitness. There were a few that, in my quick assessment, were dirty and creepy looking. I would not consider them even if they possessed the greatest dick of all-time. I announced, “Show me your cocks, and I will pick one lucky guy to go into the booth next to mine.” Two guys promptly walked away. I guess they forgot to bring their cocks with them today or had something too embarrassing to unveil in a group. With the six remaining and their cocks on display, I will admit to showing preference to the larger ones, but I am also looking for little to no hair and apparent cleanliness. I will also say that I am not a big fan of uncircumcised cocks. So with that, I choose a guy that was probably in his late 40’s with a full head of gray hair. He had on slacks and polo shirt. He was not handsome nor ugly, just plain and average in all ways, including his cock size. I directed him to the booth while I entered mine and latched the door.

Once inside, I reached into my jeans’ pocket for some money. I sat and inserted a five-dollar bill in the slot, and the video started. It was gay porn. YIKES! To each their own, but that is not my viewing choice. I scrolled through the ***********ions, settling on a movie showing two busty mature women, one blonde and one redhead, sucking and fucking a younger hunk with an impressive cock. I giggled out loud since I wouldn’t be watching the movie. My focus would be on the hard cock next door that I would be blowing. Just then I noticed that the guy already had his cock through the glory hole waiting for his blowjob.

I stood, undid my pants, and pushed them and my wet panties down so that I could play with my pussy while sucking his cock. I got on my knees in front of the waiting cock. I grabbed it and made a closer inspection. I had made a safe but good choice. I wasted no time. I immediately started sucking his cock. Bobbing up and down, I was able to get all of his manhood that was on my side of the wall, down my throat. After only a couple of minutes, I had just placed my fingers in my wet pussy when the stranger tensed and started to cum in my mouth. There is never a need to warn me. I always swallow. I love the taste of cum. It’s my reward for a good blowjob. I took every drop as I milked him dry with my other hand. I released both my hand and mouth, and he immediately retreated his cock. I think I heard him mumble, “Thank you” as he unlatched the door to leave.

The blowjob was very quick, but that is fine with me. I got what I came for, cock and cum. Just as I started to zipper my jeans, I heard the door, in the just vacated booth, close and latch. Hmmm…I did not come for a double feature, but perhaps I would sit for a minute and see what pops in for a visit. Besides, I still have time left on the video machine. Just then a very large cock flopped though the hole. It was fairly huge, long, and fat. This monster was white but uncircumcised. Oh, what the hell. Down went my jeans again and onto my knees to suck this second, but much larger cock. I pulled the foreskin back and inspected closely. Yes, it was clean, so I was all in, quickly back to cock sucking and playing with my previously unsatisfied, wet pussy. The small amount of his cock that I was able to get in my mouth still left enough length to grab with my right hand and stroke. As I sucked his cock, I plunged two fingers of my left hand fast and deep into my always shaved pussy. Quickly, I started to cum, groan, and pick up the pace of stroking and sucking. As my climax heightened, he started to cum in my mouth as well. I feverishly continued my own finger fucking and cock sucking. Then we both drained our fluids, his cum in my mouth and me squirting all over my panties, jeans and the floor. I felt bad for the people that have to mop up after me.

Now THAT was super satisfying. I realized that the movie had stopped because the money had run out, making the booth darker. I pulled up my very wet jeans, got hastily composed, and went to leave the booth. I stepped out just as Mr. Big Cock did from his booth. We looked at each other. Wait, he looked very familiar, but I couldn’t place him. He smiled and said, “That was fucking awesome!”

My reply of “Ditto!” was silent, only in my head.

He walked out of the booth section ahead of me. As I headed for the exit door, he was several feet ahead of me, he turned and stepped up behind the raised counter. That’s who it was! I knew I had recognized him. As I passed and smiled, he said, “Have a great evening. I hope to see you in here again.”

I replied, this time not silently, with, “Perhaps,” and a laugh. I no longer felt bad about the puddle I left on the booth floor from squirting, now knowing the guy mopping is the same one that helped make the mess. Once back in my car, I returned the mask to its hiding place, chugged some spring water and popped a few tic tacs into my mouth. I pulled out of the lot heading back to my normalcy…or was I just now leaving it?

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