Michelle , Sally_(1)


ONE Mechelle & Sally by Four_of_Ten2005
I was visiting a friend of mine who was having a weekend long party to show off the new house. It had everything, a big boat dock, pool, garden, the works. This house, originally built by some drug dealer in the seventies, spared no expense. The most interesting part of the house was the bathroom in the master suite, it covered a quarter of the second floor of the four bedroom house. It was bigger than the master bedroom.

The primary feature of the bathroom was the Jacuzzi hot tub, built in a stone grotto with a huge circular stained glass window. This tub could hold six easily. Other than the normal stuff one finds in a bathroom, it also had a shower/sauna that was like a big walk-in closet. There were several shower heads and a large wooden bench. Off to one side is what used to be a weight room, floor to ceiling mirror walls and thick red wall to wall carpet. The weights were gone, all that remained was a padded weight bench. You could get lost in this bathroom if you weren’t careful.

Everyone had known each other for a long time and it was good to have the chance to spend some relaxing time together talking and having drinks around the pool. We were all pretty wild when we were younger. The wildest of the bunch was Sally, she had done just about everything… twice. She never seemed to settle with anyone for very long, a real handful. Most everyone else was pretty mellow now as they hit their 40’s.

Most of the people decided to go for a sail. “It would be a shame to let this beautiful sailboat just sit at the dock. ” The neighbors had dropped by and they wanted to go for a sail too. I was little sunburn so I had to pass. They asked me to watch Luka their chocolate lab while they went sailing. I always loved dogs; it would be no problem and away they all went. The few of us that remained behind refilled our drinks and had a great old time until Sally threw a Frisbee in the pool. Luka took off after it like bullet knocking drinks and food all over the place. The only saving grace was when he brought it back to Sally, he knocked her down in the flower bed that had been recently fertilized. She was a mess so she rinsed off with the hose and went inside for a shower.

Soon after things settled down and the drinks kicked in the others left behind began to doze off on the chase lounges around the pool so I went into the kitchen to straighten up. I could hear the Jacuzzi pump in the tub upstairs running and I noticed that Luka was gone. I looked all over the house, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I decided to look şişli escort in on Sally and check out the hot tub.

There is no door to the master bathroom, just a short hall way. As I entered the hallway I could see Sally sitting on the edge of the hot tub, one hand on one her large breast kneading her nipple as she slightly rocked her hips back and forth as she leaned against the stone wall. I was embarrassed at first but frozen at the sight of her approaching total ecstasy. I was bewildered when she raised her other hand to brace herself against the wall as she began to pump her hips harder; but at what? I couldn’t see what was causing her so much pleasure. As I approached the end of the hallway she rolled her head back on her shoulders and caught a glimpse of me. Sally could barely say “Oh God Michelle, I can’t believe what is happening to me. ” “This is fucking wonderful” as she went into another wave of orgasm. I have never been with a woman before and I didn’t plan to start now.
But I moved closer to see Luka in the hot tub with his nose buried in Sally’s pussy licking away.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and her hips pumped wildly then she slid into the tub. As she stood up, obviously spent and wobbly in the tub “I know this looks bad, but I can’t believe how good it feels, you have to try it.”

Luka jumped out of the tub and shook water everywhere as he ran up to me and put his nose right in my crotch. “No boy, oh no!” I bent down and picked up a big beach towel off the floor a wrapped it over Luka to try and dry him. I knelt next to him patting him down with the towel,
“Sally, I can’t believe you, how did this happen?”
“He just hopped in the tub with me. I tried to get him out, he stuck his head between my legs and started licking, Oh God what a animal. ”
“I’ve never gotten off so hard in my life, at least ten times in few minutes.”
Sally was still breathing heavily as she sat on the steps of the hot tub drying her self.
“I can’t believe you let him do that to you Sally?”
“You seem to be pretty excited yourself Michelle, your nipples are rock hard and peeking out of your top.”
I looked down to see, like I needed to look, my heart was pounding, my pussy was soaked. All of the sudden Luka turned his head and gave my nipple a lick that sent a bolt of lighting straight to my pussy. I looked at Luka and he had this look of
“Oh please let me lick your pussy. ”
Sally, still catching her breath,
“Michelle you won’t believe it, in five minutes you’ll be in heaven. ”
“I can’t do this, not here Sally, what if someone else comes in like I did?”
“Let’s go in the weight room,”
Sally grabbed my hand and opened the door. We all went into the small square room find this small bench with the two metal things that holds the barbell in the center of the room. Thick carpeting and all mirrors with no windows. Sally, with a quick flick of her finger had my bikini bottoms down to my knees and a quick move of her toe had them to the floor. “You won’t need these for awhile. ”
My head was spinning, I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I had to do something, I was so hot. Sally is beautiful, large perfectly natural breast and a Monroe figure. There she was without a stitch on straddling the bench patting the end saying,
“Sit here Michelle, sit here. ”
Like I was in a trance, I sat on the end of the bench with my back to Sally and facing Luka’s smiling face with his huge pink tongue hanging out of his mouth. Sally undid my top and slowly moved her hands down my sides into my crotch and pulled open my legs singing in a falsetto voice,
“Luka baby, come to Michelle and take her to heaven, come on boy, come on.”
He moved up to me sniffing the inside of my leg, I could see the trails of the juices from my pussy and drooled down my leg earlier. His nostrils caught the sent and went to work. I could feel his breathe on my pussy as his tongue went straight for my clit. He was like a machine, perfect rhythm trying to sick that thing all the way inside me. I began to buck wildly; Sally grabbed me around my waist and held me tight as I exploded into one orgasm one after the other. I could hardly breathe, I have never come like this. It was like Twilight Zone, mirror images all around, I could see us from every angle. Sally began to whisper into my ear,
“Don’t you love it?”
“Oh, that was a good one, your hot. “
“You’re so hot, you’re making me wet again. ”
Sally started squirming around on the bench; the plastic padding was wet and slippery. Sally started humping her pussy against my back. I had my pussy plugged into this incredible thing driving me crazy, I didn’t have time for Sally and it didn’t matter what hell she was doing. I was waiting for the next incredible wave of pleasure to hit.

This one was building bigger than any before, I was holding on to the bench with both hands behind me and next to Sally’s behind, She was holding me tightly against her with her arms around my waist and pumping her pussy furiously against my back. She lifted both of her legs up and over mine, her calves inside my knees and spread me open as wide as I could go. We were both over whelmed by shaking orgasms.

I was coming so hard, I was squirting and squirting, This has never happened to me, I was in dream land. Luka lapped up my juices in double time, sending me toward the edge uncontrollability again, it felt like the whole room was shaking. All of the sudden I snapped out of the fog, the room wasn’t shaking, no we were falling! Falling in slow motion. Sally’s orgasm had unset our balance on our little bench. We were slowly tilting to one side, We were shakily propped up by my one leg, Sally’s legs locked around my waist holding my legs open, her arms around my waist we were slowly going over and Luka didn’t miss a lick.

We hit the floor gently heaving for breath, trying not to laugh but failing. The carpet must have been double padded because we gently bounced as we tried to untangle our selves. I was on my stomach and slowly began to get up on all fours with Sally partly under me. Luka wasn’t finished, kept licking me with long strokes with his nose in my butt. It began to tickle and I started to laugh harder.

Sally had this questioning look on her face as I began to pick myself up. Her eyes and mouth began to open wide as she began to talk,
“Oh Luka, what big dick do you have. “
At that moment he mounted me with such a force that pushed my face straight into Sally’s pussy while his giant dick slammed into me so deep I gasp for air, but all I got was mouthful of pussy. Luka was like a jack-hammer, fucking me so fast and hard, his relentless grip around my waist. Held me tight in place.

The pain of this giant thing, filling my pussy and pounding my cervix turned into a fountain of pleasure, I was uncontrollably pushing back against his thrusts and he pushed my face back into Sally’s pussy. Sally grabbed my head and kept my face just where she wanted it. I was overcome by the passion and began to lick and suck her pussy as I began to come and come. Sally bucked wildly against my mouth as she held my head in place. Luka’s huge dick slamming against my pussy and her sweet juices had fed me to a state of arousal that was so indescribable, I spent my last bit of energy one more orgasm and collapsed on the edge of consciousness.

Luka fell out of me as rolled over on my back with my legs held tightly together; I couldn’t take it anymore. As I began to focus this incredible dog stood over me shooting dog come all over my breasts and face, into my mouth as tried to catch my breath. Sally gasped, “Oh my God, what a dog!” “Are you okay, Michelle?” As I tasted Luka’s come in my mouth and reality began to take hold all I could say was “Fucking Wonderful!”

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