Six Month Anniversary Present


Patrick was just arriving home from his last class of the day. It was boring, just like normal, what else would one expect from an introduction to Sociology, a class filled with students who for the most part could care less about the content. He tossed his back down in the corner, on his chair on the back of the couch. Just by looking around the apartment you could tell he didn’t like to clean, but he tried at least.

He looked at the phone, and saw no messages. This was also not an unusual occurrence. He was shy; there was no other way to put it. His social life consisted of maybe going out with one or two of his much more athletic classmates, but that had decreased after he met her. She was the only person that could see through his stone-faced expressions, and see his caring heart, and about the only one that could get anything emotional out of him.

Patrick would collapse on the couch, and just think of her for hours on end at times. He would see her beautiful sexy ass wiggle in front of him, taunting him. She seemed to have curves in all the right places, from what he heard floating around campus, he was envied by everyone at some point, she was that beautiful. He wasn’t even close to the same level as her when it came to looks. Sure, he wasn’t fat but he wasn’t going to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine anytime soon.

He knew it was about 2:30, and that she was going to be here around 5 for their date that night. He was taking her to L’Chateau, one of the best restaurants in town for their 6 month anniversary. He could not believe it was 6 months since they started to go out, time flew by that quick. He also knew that if he was going to pass his computer programming class, and still be a computer science major, he needed to work on the assignment now, because he wouldn’t have a chance this weekend, and it was due Monday. He pulled his laptop in front of him, and got to work; his mind couldn’t help but think about tonight and her, though.

Gyna sighed, taking a deep, calming breath before jumping off the platform, diving into the cool water below. Perfect dive. She smiled as she got out of the diving pool, moving over to the one beside it to run some drills. Her wet, bronze colored skin glittered as the afternoon sun kissed it with its warm rays. She tried to relax as she swam a couple of laps, her mind wandering to Patrick and their date tonight.

Sure she had seen quite a few guys were interested in her, but she didn’t care. She loved Patrick and everything about him. He was sweet, and funny, romantic but not overly so. Most people didn’t give themselves the chance to get to know him, to see what she sees every time she looks into his eyes and feels his warm arms around her. After swimming practice, she headed home and ran a warm bath, letting her body relax and her mind wander.

She wondered what Patrick had planned for tonight, their six month anniversary. A smile grazed her lips as she remembered how they met. She had been getting out of the pool and he was playing around with his two jock friends in the stands. He was dared to come and talk to her. After that, they had talked more and started to hang out together. And the rest, as they say, is history.

She snapped out of her own little world and lathered herself, using the soap he liked so much, the pear scented one, then washing her hair and rinsing it all off. Noting it was 4:10pm, she pulled on a black dress, stopping right by here knees, dangling her plain gold chain şişli escort from her neck. Passing a quick brush over her long, dark brown hair, she put on a pair of gold hoops on her ears; a little pear scented body spray and was off. At ten minutes to five, she rang his doorbell.

Patrick smiled when he opened the door, and he saw Gyna. He knew it was going to be her, his friends all knew about his date tonight, so no one was going to bother him but Gyna, but still just seeing her made him happy, a feeling one only gets from seeing a person that is very special to them, one that they love. He kissed her, and motioned for her to come inside.

“Gyna, I’m just going to go change quickly, and we will be off baby.” He said smiling at her before he disappeared into his room. He threw on a nice blue dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants before he dabbed some of Gyna’s favorite cologne on. He then headed back out to the door way kissing Gyna again.

“Let’s go have a good time Sweetie.” He said leading her to his old but functional car. It wasn’t fancy but it still got the job done, and well for covering the 10 minute drive to L’Chateau, it worked just fine. They talked about small little details on the trip to the restaurant, mainly just finding out how each others day went. Patrick knew she was in a very important training session, she wanted to do well at the meet coming up in 2 weeks, and she might be off the team otherwise.

This bothered Gyna a lot, she worked it seemed 3 hours a day during the off season and about 5 hours a day during the season just to be in her best shape for her swimming meets. If it wasn’t for Patrick, her life would probably be totally spent at the pool practicing. There was one small part of Patrick that wanted her to not do well at her meet, so they could spend more time together, however, a much bigger part of him knew what being on the swim team meant to her, and would support her always, because of how much he loved her.

He parked the car close to the restaurant, and held her hand as they walked in together. They were shown to their table, it was a very romantic restaurant it seemed candles lit on the tables, and everything suggested romance. He kissed Gyna sliding the chair out for her before he sat down himself. Patrick hoped that this theme of romance would continue throughout the evening, and maybe, just maybe, Gyna would allow him to lose his virginity with her.

They talked quietly to themselves as they waited for their food to arrive. Gyna smiled, looking around them and loving the calm, quiet and somehow private atmosphere of the restaurant. Their food was served and they ate, stopping from time to time to say a few sweet words to each other or just give the other a look of unmasked love. After they had finished with their food, they got up and left the restaurant, walking hand in hand towards the car. Gyna wondered what Patrick had planned for them next.

He drove towards the park; it was going to give them a chance to enjoy the evening together before they went back to his place. The sun was setting as they reached the park. He placed his hand around her waist as they walked through the park together, not saying much but just enjoying the night, which was perfect so far. The sunset left the sky a beautiful shade of pink as he kissed her slowly and softly on the lips, a kiss full of love. Gyna was getting cold at this point, and Patrick draped his jacket over her shoulders.

Soon they had left the park and headed back to his car, they both decided to go back to his place now, enjoy a drink or two together before the night was over. He kissed Gyna lovingly as they got in the car, and he drove the 5 minutes back to his place. He entered first, and noticed his place was clean. There was a note on the table by the door from his friends, telling him that they knew what he was planning for the evening, and wished him the best of luck. He shook the thought of how they knew out of his head and just turned all this thoughts back to Gyna. Patrick poured them each a glass of wine and gave one to Gyna, as he placed his arm around her after he sat down besides her.

Gyna smiled and snuggled into the crook of his arm. She felt warmer now, his arm over her shoulder making her feel secure. Noticing that his apartment looked clean, she bit back a chuckle. Only his friends could have done this while they were having dinner. Leaning forwards, she kissed Patrick’s cheek gently, taking in the smell of the cologne she liked so much.

“A toast. To us.” she said with a smile as they clicked their glasses together gently before taking a drink, each of them smiling and looking into their lover’s eyes. Gyna placed her glass down on the coffee table before wrapping an arm around his waist, the other hand resting on his chest beside her face. She was laying on the couch now, her cheek trembling gently in time with the beat of his heart. She closed her eyes and sighed softly, letting herself relax and enjoy his warmth and love.

He smiled and her and gave her a very long kiss. “I love you Gyna.” He said his arms wrapped lovingly around her body. “Its been 6 short months since we started going out, and well it just seems every day gets better and better.” He smiled as her body was completely relaxed now, completely trusting of him. He gave her another long kiss as he smiled at her, seeing her smile up at him, giving him a nice long smile. He slipped a necklace around her neck, which he bought earlier that week for their anniversary. “Happy Anniversary Gyna, let the first 6 months just be a sample of all the love I can give you.” Gyna smiled up at him as she looked at the necklace.

“It’s beautiful Love.” He said with a long loving grin, as she pulled out a box from her pocket for him, sliding the chain around his neck. “I know you don’t like jewelry baby, but I figured one piece that would always remind you of me.” She said as he gave her a long kiss. “I didn’t need much reminding baby.” He said looking at her, about to give her a long kiss when Gyna placed her finger against his lips. “I’m not done yet baby.” She said as she had an innocent smile on her face, knowing Patrick had no clue about what she was about to suggest.

“Patrick, I’ve been thinking about this of awhile, and well I want to give you something more personal then just the chain for our anniversary.” She said taking a long breath. “You’re the first guy that I honestly love with all my heart, and well that I feel I can trust.” She said taking another long breath. “Honey, what I’m trying to tell you is that I want to give you my virginity for our main anniversary gift. I know you’ll make my first time perfect.” She said taking a long breath.

Patrick looked at her shocked for a moment, but smiling. “Honey, I’ll be honored to be your first, and well I don’t know if I’ll be any great shakes, considering it would be my first time as well.” He smiled as a long silence came over them, filling the room with both a sense of relief but building tension for what was going to come. Patrick took her hand and slowly led her towards the bedroom. They were both shocked when they entered, seeing the candles burning, and everything, Patrick never expected his friends to do this. They gave each other a long passionate kiss, as they stumbled slowly to the bed. Patrick knew the workup was going to be important tonight, and slowly began to caress her soft skin, as they lay on the bed besides each other.

Gyna smiled and gave him a long kiss as he caressed his face, slowly running her hands through his hair. They each had another long kiss as Patrick kissed her neck, as her ran his hands through her long black hair. Gyna started to relax more, falling into the bed, as Patrick removed his shirt slowly. Gyna purred at him, as she ran her fingers over his chest. “mi Amor.” She kissed his chest, running her hands over his bare skin. Patrick smiled as he undid the tie on her dress, and it slid off her beautiful body leaving her clad in just the black g-string. She gave a nice long smile at him, as he slowly begins to kiss down her body.

Her body arched abit as he kissed lower and lower, her pussy was extremely wet now, from all this teasing. He was kissing up the inside of her thighs, stopping just before her pussy on each side. Gyna then took charge and slowly slid his pants off, using just her teeth after she undid the button, revealing his cock straining against his boxers waiting to get out. They both looked at each other, and smiled a knowing smile. They both planned for the teasing to go longer, and the excitement to build for a few hours before the main event, but they both needed it now, they had been waiting to long for this moment. They both quickly removed there last articles of clothing.

He placed his cock against the entrance to her pussy, and gave her one final chance to tell him to stop. She just smiled and told him to do it already. He slowly began to slide his rock hard cock into her pussy, feeling the tightness around it. He pushed deeper and deeper, caressing her soft skin, with a loving touch every second. He then found his cock pressing up against her hymen, and with one confirming look from her, he pushed through it stopping afterwards for the pain in her face to disappear.

She grimaced for a few seconds but she was prepared for it, she knew it was going to happen, but with the love of her life in charge, she knew it was going to only last a few seconds. They both quickly began their climbs up to orgasm, it was like the train was late and there was no stopping it. His cock kept sliding in and out of her tight pussy, squeezing it hard, as they both experienced the joy of sex for the first time. It was only about a minute later, that both of them was about to cum. “Patrick, just let it go love, cum inside me.” Gyna cried out looking at him, as she began to experience her orgasm. “Oh Fuck, I’m cumming,” was the response from her love, as his load was sent inside her tight pussy, which was gripping his cock. They both just looked at each other and smiled, wrapping their arms around each other, both coming down from the joy they just experienced.

They both held each other in there arms. “I love you Gyna.” Patrick said, and was answered by, “I love you too, Patrick,” from Gyna. It wasn’t a long first time but it was a beginning, a beginning of a new chapter in the relationship, one that was destined to be good for both of them. They both knew this and acknowledge this fact as they held each other, drifting slowly off to sleep.

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