The Hunger is Born


My sexual journey began in a pre-internet world, where Playboy centerfolds fueled the fantasies of young men everywhere. I was certainly no exception.

I kept a stash of pictures cut from the pages of “skin mags” that I kept hidden in my car. Privacy was complete nonexistent in my home. If I wanted some “alone time”, which I always wanted (at least twice a day), I’d have to go for a drive.

Going for a drive also meant finding someplace to park. I couldn’t exactly drive, enjoy my collection of big tits pictures, and milk a load from myself at the same time. Nighttime drives were obviously easier, since darkness provided some cover, and most people were in for the evening. I should add that I lived in a smallish midwestern town at the edge of rural America.

The anticipation of getting off as I drove around randomly searching for an acceptable place to stop virtually guaranteed that I’d cum in what seemed like seconds. It also meant that my cock would no sooner make it back in my pants that I’d start feeling that unmistakable twitching as my cock started to grow hard again.

I’d almost always settle for some dark country road where I could pull off and walk back into some cover to um, pull off. I was petrified of being caught jerking my cock by some adult and getting busted. This exact scene played out hundreds of times.

I had a girlfriend. She was smoking hot. She was a little alternative, but athletic. She had a big perky pair of tits. She also loved to fuck şişli escort around. That was great, but I still needed, no craved, my time alone to masturbate.

I couldn’t masturbate enough. I’d pop my perpetually hard cock out and give it a couple fast strokes (I eventually learned this was called edging), stoking the fire and building my lust to the boiling point.

One late night driving home from my girl’s house after dinner and a movie with her family, I felt like my cock was going to burst.

My girl had been lightly tracing the length of my hard dick through my shorts as we all sat together under blankets watching a movie with her family. I could feel my pulse drumming in my temples as my struggled to fit any more blood into my engorged cock.

She loved to get me hard when there was no opportunity for me to cum. She was such a tease that way, and I honestly liked it too. I swear I spent like 80% of our relationship with my cock at full attention.

Needless to say, I was always ready for the sweet relief of masturbation. After spending the evening with my girlfriend’s parents in the room while she caressed my cock, I knew how my night would finish.

At least, I thought i knew.

As I drove away, I half expected I might just cum in my pants, hands free. I was so turned on by being so turned on, it became clear that I desperately needed to cum.

It was the middle of winter, so there wasn’t any cover to hide behind on the country roads. I doubted I would make it there anyway, and truthfully I didn’t want to.

As I rolled up to a 4-way stop at an empty intersection, something just took over me. I put the car in park and opened my door. I got out of the car, gave a quick look around, and fished my throbbing molten cock out of my pants.

The cold air felt amazing against my skin. There I stood, under the street lamps with my cock in my hand. The realization of what I was doing shook me to the core. I leaned back against the car, seemingly in a mindless trance, and slowly began stroking my cock. I could see lights on inside the houses all around.

The thought of possibly being seen triggered something inside my that took root that night. My cock was bigger and harder than ever before and felt amazing in my pumping fist. I wrapped my other fist around it too all the way to the root. In seconds, my balls began roiling around in my sack. My breathing became shallow and uneven. My knees trembled and started to buckle.

As if on autopilot, I walked around to the front of my car, into the beam of my headlights, and put one hand against the hood to brace myself. I could feel the cum leave my balls and shoot into my shaft. I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I was in a state of total bliss, completely unaware of my surroundings, despite positioning myself in the spotlight.

I squeezed my fist as hard as I could, clamping my cum tube closed, feeling the jets back up against the pressure of my grip. A small white pearl of cum began to form at the tip of my cock.

Again without thinking about what I was doing, I gathered it with a finger and gently applied it to my lips like lip balm. I continued to stroke my cock, a dull ache now building in my balls as they desperately tried to eject the backed up cum.

I loosened my grip slightly and the first cum jet (of many) shot out of my cock about 4 feet, landing on the street. A dozen heavy volleys followed, laying bead after bead unto the road.

My balls screamed with relief, but ached from the abuse. I didn’t even bother cleaning up. It was like I just woke up and realized my situation. I snatched up my pants, put my stick dick away, and hopped in the car. I quickly drove off.

I immediately thought about what I had just done, how stupid it was, and how I was definitely going to do it again.

After a couple minutes of driving, I felt I was in the clear. My mouth was pasty dry. I needed a drink. It was when I actually went for my drink that I realized my lips were stuck together from the dried cum.

Why did I do that? I had never had any interest in the cum before. It was just a byproduct. Confetti if you will. But, as I slowly pulled my lips apart, I felt my cock springing back to life.

That night, I found out a few things about myself. I wasn’t sure what they were at the time, but something had changed when I pushed my boundaries that day. Something I liked very much.

This was the first step down a very long and winding road. And I intended to see where that road would take me.

To be continued…

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