Valentine’s Surprise


It was something that Aitlan wasn’t suspecting to come from her parents mouth. “We are moving.” Aitlan just sat there looking at her parents as if they were zombies. How was she supposed to feel about this? Why hadn’t they asked her how she felt about this move? Becoming even more outraged, Aitlan just sat there with her arms crossed in front of her thinking what the hell she was suppose to tell her friends? Her boyfriend?

Aitlan hadn’t spoken to her parents in a week. She was still pissed at them for doing this to her. She had finally broken down in front of her friends on her last day of college and told them she was leaving today for good. She would be moving 1500 miles away to Idaho. Her boyfriend had told her to go to hell and left her standing in the middle of the school’s parking lot.

It was a long drive to Idaho, but her parents promised her on their way to their new home, that this would be the last stop. They would move no more this year. She just ignored them. They always promised and within 3 months they were moving again. If her father hadn’t been such an on demand person, she wouldn’t have had to move so much. She remembered all the schools she had been to, two hundred to be exact.

As a freshman in college this year, Aitlan could finally settle down for at least another three months. Or she at least hoped it would be three months this time. It was only October, so she had time to make a few friends and to keep her grades up so that she wouldn’t look stupid.

She was always nervous her first day at a new school or college. But she wouldn’t have admitted it on her life. She was going to rock the school just as she always did. She was dressed to the nines. Her black hair was curly and she had a halo around her forehead with her curls flowing in the back. Her makeup was on just enough to accent her beautiful skin.

Her white button up shirt fit tightly with the top two buttons undone so that a small amount of cleavage could be seen. Her plaid skirt was the gothic style plaid, red and black. Just the way she wanted it. She wanted to seem extremely ditzy yet scary at the same time. Her fish net stockings and boots were all in place. She was ready to go to her new school in style. Her parents had a fit when they saw it but she didn’t give a damn. She was who she was and if they didn’t like it, tough.

She walked into her first class room with her head up high and her back straight. She felt she might have been a little to flaunty, but hell no reason to turn back now. She walked up to the teacher’s desk and bent down. She knew the boys would be looking and the girls would be hating but she didn’t care. She looked at the teacher with determination and flirty eyes.

“Well Miss Mire, welcome to Goadton. I’m your student advisor teacher Mr. Dayton. If you need any help with your way around, let me know.” Mr. Dayton said, looking her up and down.

“Thanks.” She replied and blew him a kiss as she walked her way up to her desk.

She was thinking about things to do to make the girls even more jealous of her as she remembered she hadn’t worn panties today. “Dammit.” şişli escort She said to herself. “Oh.” She said to herself. She spread her legs out and made sure that Mr. Dayton could see her. Besides she was on the front row anyways.

Mr. Dayton looked up from where he was grading his papers and saw that Aitlan’s legs were spread. She had no panties on and his brain began to wonder. He shook his head and went back to his papers to grade.

“Humph.” Aitlan said, crossing her legs so that she was covered again. I’ll show him. Oh yes I will. Aitlan thought as she finished her paper work to turn in. “Mr. Dayton, I’m through with the papers you needed.”

“Huh?” Mr. Dayton said, he had been totally engrossed in the thought of seeing Aitlan completely naked. “Oh yes. Just bring them to me at the end of class.”

“Sure thing Mr. Dayton.” Aitlan said as she rummaged through her purse for some lip gloss.

The whispers behind her made her turn around. “You have something to say about me, its best you say and not to my back. I can handle what you have to say to my face.” Aitlan said with a rigid icy tone.

One girl chimed in, “Well you look like you belong in a catholic school. Not a public one.”

Another girl busted out laughing and pointed at Aitlan’s boots, “yeah your shoes are like totally horrid. Don’t you read Cosmo?”

Aitlan just rolled her eyes and turned back around muttering, “Yeah I do and your eyebrow shape went out about forty years ago.”

The bell rang and a guy walked up to her and said, “Your hot, but word of advice, don’t mess with them.”

Aitlan just smiled and picked up her papers. She was going to make Mr. Dayton want her even more. She knew she had him thinking of her.

The next day, Aitlan work a short dress that revealed even more of her chest than the previous day did. She had purposely worn panties, but had attached a butterfly on her clitoris, just so that she could turn it on low where it made no noise and let Mr. Dayton see her.

As she sat down, Mr. Dayton looked at her. He didn’t want her to know that she did turn him on; he wanted to see disappointment in his face. Boy did he lay it on thick. “Miss Mire, I’d like to see you after class.”

“Cool.” Is all Aitlan said.

During class, Aitlan turned on the butterfly and she knew she had gotten to Mr. Dayton. She caught him multiple times peeking at her. She just laughed to herself. Oh this was going to be good.

“Come into my office Miss Mire.”

“Please call me Aitlan.” She said as she sat down with her legs spread open so that the butterfly wouldn’t pinch her.

“Alright then, Aitlan, I know you are new here and you are trying overly hard to set an example of yourself to everyone.” Mr. Dayton said, trying to ignore the fact that Aitlan was letting that machine get her off.

“Actually Mr. Dayton, I was trying to set an example so you would notice.” Aitlan said turning the butterfly off. She reached up into her skirt and panties and unclipped the butterfly. Laying it on the desk with the remote, Aitlan stood up and walked out the room. Smiling to herself, she went home and got ready for the next day.

Aitlan was almost ready to give up. It had been a four months and Mr. Dayton had never once taken the bait. Maybe he really wasn’t interested, but Aitlan was going to get him for Valentine’s. She had all the arrangements made and she was not going to have it spoiled.

Mr. Dayton cringed at the thought of seeing Aitlan today. Four months of her torture was driving him completely crazy. The wild outfits. The little devices on her clitoris. The whole nine yards. He just knew that today wasn’t going to be any different. He got his classroom ready for the lecture they were going to have and wondered what she was going to be wearing today.

Before class started, a delivery of flowers and chocolate had arrived for Mr. Dayton taking him for surprise. “Who are these from?” Mr. Dayton asked the delivery person. The person just shrugged and said sign here.

Aitlan walked in the door and Mr. Dayton almost fainted. Aitlan was dressed in a soft pink shirt with white hearts and a pair of blue jeans that was faded. He couldn’t believe it. She was dressed so modest and so unlike her that he wondered if she was sick.

“Miss Mire, could I see you in my office for a second?” Mr. Dayton said as he walked in and opened the door.

Looking at him, she raised an eyebrow and said, “Yeah sure.”

Closing the door, Mr. Dayton looked at Aitlan, “Are you alright?”

“Yes I am. Why?” Aitlan said, acting innocent and coy.

“Oh well, you just aren’t dress like your normal self.”

“Ah. Well I got tired of dressing up. I prefer to just go natural.”

Smiling, Mr. Dayton replied, “Well, change is good. I just hope you enjoy the new clothes.” He said yes in his mind to himself. Finally she is going to stop trying to seduce me. YES!

“Thanks Mr. Dayton.” Aitlan said getting up. Snickering to herself, Aitlan walked out the door. Oh just you wait till school is over. You’re going to be mine.

As the final bell rang, Aitlan thought to herself it this was really a good idea. She shook the doubt out of her mind and made her way back to Mr. Dayton’s room.

“Mr. Dayton?” Aitlan said as she knocked on his office door. She heard him say come on in. Aitlan opened the door and there he was sitting with his head down reading reports. As usual, he always worked too much.

“Mr. Dayton, I was told that you wanted to see me?” Aitlan asked shyly. Playing her part to get him off his game.

“No.” Mr. Dayton said surprised. “I didn’t send for you.”

Locking the door, Aitlan moved over to him and said, “I know you didn’t. I wanted you all to myself. Did you like my gifts?”

“Aitlan, what are you doing?” Mr. Dayton said as he watched her come closer to him.

“What you’ve wanted the entire time you’ve had me in your class.” Aitlan said pushing him back from the desk. She had already changed into a coat so that it looked as if she was ready to go home, but underneath, she had nothing on. “Why don’t you open my coat Mr. Dayton?”

“No.” Mr. Dayton said, getting up to move past Aitlan.

Aitlan stopped him and opened up the coat for him. He stopped dead in his tracks. “Oh my God.” Is all he could say. Her body was amazing. It, well that’s all you could say about it.

“You like?” Aitlan said pushing him back down into his chair as she straddled him.

“Yu.. Yes.” Mr. Dayton said, stumbling from the thoughts that were going through his head. He shook his head to clear it. “Get off Aitlan.”

“No. You want me and you know you do.” She pressed her breast up against his mouth and he opened his mouth to protest, but she pushed her nipple in between his hot lips.

Oh she tasted damn good. That’s all he could think about as he sucked on that perky little nipple. Oh it just grew hard as a rock as his lips sucked on it and his teeth nibbled. She pushed her hips into him and his other hand began to pinch the other breast. She moaned his name and he replied with sitting her down on his desk.

This is what she had wanted. Finally she was getting him. He stood up and kissed her lips, gently pushing his tongue past her closed mouth. She responded with her own tongue aggressively pushing back. He unzipped his pants and played with his hard manhood as he slid his tongue down her body. He was going to devour her. Enjoy every inch.

She tried to set up but he pushed her back down. He pushed her arms down and held her that way as he reached back down to her breast. He teased each little bud on her breast. He blew on them. Sucked on them. Bite them. Licking his way down her firm abdomen, he stuck his tongue into her belly button and pressed down. It seemed to drive her crazy because her hips arched wildly.

He moved his hand down to her hips as he lifted her up to meet his face. He flicked her clitoris and she became even wetter than she was. Biting it, he stuck one finger into her tight hot little womanhood. She moaned so loud that he chuckled. Moving so slowly with his finger, he continued licking her clit. Just as she was about to cum, he stopped and sat back down in his chair.

“I don’t think so Aitlan.” Mr. Dayton said pointing down to his cock.

She looked at him and thought oh shit. I don’t know how to suck cock. But she slid down from the desk and got on her knees. Before she could move her mouth down there, he grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her mouth. His taste was salty yet sweet. It was amazing. She shyly licked the head pushing her tongue into his hole.

He seemed to like it because he started moving his hips up and down. She moved her head to the rhythm of his hips and his dick seemed to grow even larger. She enjoyed playing with him. Biting the tip of his dick to get his pre cum to ooze out. She slurped it up and would look up at him as she did it.

“You are driving me wild.” He threw her on the table and with one swift motion claimed her. He froze. She was a virgin. “Wh.. Why didn’t you?” He just stayed in one place. Didn’t want to move in case he had hurt her.

“I wanted you to be my first.” Aitlan said, moving her hips up, like she had seen him do minutes before.

“Aitlan, stop, we.” He couldn’t finish his thought because Aitlan had gotten up and started kissing him.

“Mr. Dayton, shut up and fuck me.

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