Waiting for Instruction


“Who am I?” I thought to myself as I replied to the online ad, as this was so out of character for me to be doing. I was so nervous, I had never done anything like this and the subject matter was nothing I knew but wanted so badly to know more of, so there I was with my finger hitting “Send”.

Over the weekend, we quickly got to know each other, the cat and mouse of back and forth was so exhilarating and enticing. It consumed my thought process, I wanted it. I liked it. I liked him. Who is he, who is this man that has my full attention, that has me waiting to know more, so curious I was to find out.

At this point, I know a few things, only a taste. The basics are there, he is a Dom that was looking for a submissive. I was a Type A control freak needing to let go. Is this a match made in heaven or a beautiful disaster? Only time would tell.

He tells me, he will “be my guide”. Which I was totally on board for as I needed to be instructed, I needed şişli escort it like I needed air. To release, to let go, to be told what to do, to be at the will of someone. “How sexy”, I thought it was. I was all in, I wasn’t going to hold back. I wasn’t going to let this be like anything I had before. “What did I have to lose”, I told myself.

Sure I would be vulnerable, but that was kind of exciting too. It really was such a connection that I felt (and I know this sounds so cliché) that we had known each other for far longer that we had. It just seemed right, smooth, easy, primal and carnally synced.

The stranger, the stranger that is now in my mind. He is my head, “How did I allow him to get there”, I thought. He had crept in, and I had allowed it without even putting up a fight, I never even seen him coming. The stranger that has me doing small tasks for him. This man I have never met has me, the woman who tells everyone else what to do, doing things for him that are so out of character for me.

Character, what an interesting word that is. We are both characters. We are both playing parts in this, whatever this is. He is leading and I am following and like a good little girl, I follow right along. I liked it. It was sexy. It was exciting. I longed for it.

The day had come. I had followed all the instructions of where to go, what to bring and how to dress. I had done all the tasks. Now I am going to meet this man. “I hope I don’t disappoint”, my brain is saying to me as I am trying to shut it off preparing to try new things and expand my experiences.

The anticipation and excitement were too much to handle almost, just flowing through me with my adrenaline spiking and endorphin’s soaring, I felt like I was entering an altered state of consciousness. It was a mental sexual roller-coaster. I was strapped in and ready to ride. I was all in now, as I turned the handle of the hotel door.

There was just as the instructions said, a chair and a blindfold. I “put my things away and got comfortable”, as the instructions specified. Sat down, slipped on the blindfold with my back to the door, brush in my lap and waited.

My mind running a million miles a minute, mentally running through my checklist. All the while extremely aroused, never losing sight that I am all in on this experience, I feel like I am about to transcend almost. It is all just so provocative. I remembered to breathe, I started to relax and the door opened.

My thoughts flowed through my mind like Niagara. Silently he had moved to me. I could feel him pressed behind me, leant up against the back of the chair. He moved the hair to the side from my neck. Then leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You’ve been such a good girl.”

Taking the brush from my lap, he began to brush my hair. At that moment, I melted into submission, I was as wet as Niagara, my body his for taking and my mind would soon forget my own name and only be able to speak his, “Sir”.

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