When We Met


I was fresh out of high school, not really having anywhere to go. I had planned on taking a year break from schooling, so I was stuck at home with nothing better to do than watch television and pretend to work around the house.

Of course, you’ve seen my profile. Back then I was a skinny one with a plump chest. Five-foot-seven with a 28F bra made me popular in high school, and I had gotten around quite well. The biggest I had seen was nine inches, and another some seven inches around. I had long red hair, and I kept my bush for kinky reasons. Guys seem to like fire-crotch.

My neighbors a few doors down were having a celebration. Their son, Joseph, had just returned from Europe after getting an internship from his college. He was brilliant in world history, and the school had paid for him to travel the continent due to his excellence. I remembered him from high school. He was kind of handsome, a very confident and personable person. Unfortunately, we never talked much, and now I was being forced to attend because my mother said so.

I went upstairs to take a shower. I remember this day very well because it was the first time I laid eyes on my future husband. I was wearing a bright blue camisole with a black sports bra underneath, my chest jutting out of my small frame. My boxers were loose in the leggings, so my pussy had plenty of breathing room. I took them off in the bathroom, my red hairy bush contrasting to my pale white skin.

I lifted off the camisole, and got the shower running. I tossed it onto the floor, and pulled my arms through the straps of the sports bra. I peeled it off, my perky, giant tits defying gravity. My big, puffy areoles were growing hard in the cold room. I coyly touched one, and a surge of pleasure went through me.

Yes, I was (am) a nympho.

I cupped my hand and put it on my mound as I sat on the toilet, grinding into it as I played with my tits. When I felt myself getting wet, I put a finger in, at first; then two, then three, until I was pumping my own fist into me. I was leaning on the counter, my tits falling into the sink as I masturbated, my breath fogging up the metal faucet as I panted. Finally, I found my g-spot, and focused on that so intently and so precisely that globs of my juice ran down my leg. It took me a while to finally take the shower — I was reluctant to wash my face with my dirty hands.

I always showered in a pattern. First I washed my hair, and then I washed my body. I purposely cleaned my boobs longer than necessary, because the feeling I got rubbing my nipples was just amazing. I got some more shampoo and cleaned up my pubes, as it was just so thick. I grabbed my razor, and cut the hair out from my underarms and legs. I may enjoy natural things, but there was no way I was that natural.

I got out, drying myself off. I wrapped my hair up in one towel, and with another covered my body as best as I could. I went back downstairs, wearing just the towel, because it was only my mother and I.

My mother had me when she was older. She was now just fifty, and she had tits almost as big as mine. My grandma, apparently, was a C; my mom was a DD; now I was a F. The towel gave me prominent cleavage, and it pulled my towel up just before my ass cheeks would show. “Hey mom,” I said, just to let her know I was in the living room with her.

“Karen, what have I said about just wearing a towel around the house?” I sighed.

“Whatever, mom.” My mom came up to me, blocking me from the front window.

“What if neighbors saw, Kair? What would they think?” I kinda laughed a bit.

“They would like what they saw, wouldn’t they?” My mom frowned, and ordered me to get dressed. I groaned, but complied.

In my room, I put on a nice support bra, with a very tight green shirt over it, hugging every curve. I didn’t wear any panties, and just pulled up a pair of jeans. They were tight and low-rise — if I lifted up my arms, my shirt would come up and my pubes would be clearly visible.

I headed back down stairs, my boobs bouncing with every step. My mom was at the door wearing a polite-looking dress. She had become a lady of modesty lately. “Ready to go?” she asked, and I nodded. We both went out the door, and started the small walk over to Joseph’s house.

“Met any cute guys?” my mom asked as we went, and I groaned to myself. She was always trying to get in on my personal life.

“No, mom,” I told her half-heartedly. I had a flashback to about two weeks ago giving some guy a blow job. He was average, but man did he fire a load…

“Have you?” I asked jokingly.

She literally jumped, and cried, “No! Heavens no! Why would you ask that?” I shrugged.

“You’re still a beautiful woman. And it’s not like you owe dad any respect, after what he’s done.” He’d basically cheated on her with a 60 year-old woman with enough silicone and plastic in her to dominate a world industry. My mom frowned.

“No, I have not met anyone.” And from then on the small walk was silent. The whole remaining ten seconds. His driveway şişli escort had three cars filling it up, just for the celebration.

We knocked on the door, and who would open it but Joseph. He wasn’t exceedingly attractive, probably a seven or eight, but he just had this aura of, “Hey, everything’s alright, let’s just chill and have fun.” He smiled when he saw us, and said happily, “Well if it isn’t Mrs. — (um… No last names!) and Karen! How are you, Kair? Still in high school?” He was acting like he knew me. That was weird.

“Uh, no. Graduated. Got my driver’s license fixed up the week before so I could drive to graduation like an adult.” He smiled as if he actually cared.

“Fantastic. Well, come on in!”

We entered the house, and found a small crowd in the living room. We were introduced to Joseph’s mother and father, his two aunts, and an older cousin. Everyone was just having a good time, and welcomed us in rather well. We hugged with the women (though the aunts seemed to enjoy crushing in on my tits), and simply waved at the men. Joseph offered us anything to drink. Several people wanted something, and my mother, bless her heart, sent me to help.

We were both in the kitchen, and alone. “So you got any boyfriends?” he asked nonchalantly.

“Well isn’t that something rude to ask!” I declared, getting some tap water. He sat down on a collapsible chair in front of some cabinets.

“I’m only curious,” he asked, “Just trying to make conversation.” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, come on, we barely know each other. Stop acting like we’re great friends.” His eyes went wide.

“I’m only trying to be nice!” He was leaning back in the chair, his legs spread wide. It looked odd to me, seeing a white guy wearing oversized basketball shorts.

“Yeah, well I’m only trying to get this little group thing over with as soon as possible.” I started opening cupboards and cabinets, looking for some tea packets. Failing, I finally asked, “Where’s the tea?” He pointed right above him.

“That cabinet.”

I looked at him. He looked back. “Well aren’t you going to move?” I asked aggravated. He shook his head no. Mad, I went in front of him, and reached as best as I could over him. It took me a long time, and I just knew he was looking at my tits. I finally got it down, and said thanks for nothing. He was silent for a bit.

Finally, he said, “Huh. I had no idea red pubes turned me on that much.” I stopped what I was doing.

“Huh?” I asked, and turned around.

I squeaked.

A giant tent had formed from his loose pants, the legs up the pants up enough to reveal a giant testicle hanging down each sleeve. He was cleanly shaved down there, and I just gawked. My nipples became hard, pointing out of my shirt. I sat down, a bit too fast, and my tits jiggled. The motion rubbed my nips on my bra, and I moaned as I felt the sensation. I turned red in the face, and then looked at him in horror. “You’re a sensitive one, huh?” I got mad.

“Oh, fuck you!” I stood up in order to go.

He called out, “Wait!” For some reason, I did. I looked back at him. He then said casually, “Two things. I don’t care that I have a big dick and that you have giant boobs. But I do care that you don’t go out there with your nipples pointing out that far.”

Now, you gotta understand, I’ve never heard anyone say something like that before. Mostly because I’m usually fucking them before they could say anything. So I was a bit stunned. “Why do you care?” He stood up, his giant dick pointing out and up a bit. He walked over to me, and said simply,

“Because if you moan out there, it will be extremely embarrassing, and you’ll have to leave sooner. And I want to know more about you.”

Yeah. He was flirting. And it was working.

I looked down at his dick. It was going soft. He asked simply, “Do you want to just see it? I mean… I understand. Things like these aren’t seen every day.” I said yeah, just enough so he could hear me, and he dropped his shorts.

His dick must have been in the double-digits in its semi-erect state (turns out it’s always double-digits). It was as big around as a soda can, thicker at the base than at the head. The head was purple, and the foreskin was pulled back because he had been hard. A thick vein ran down the right side of it, pulsing slightly. His sack must have hung six inches down from him, with balls bigger than golf balls in them.

Lucky for me, I got to marry that thing. But more on the story…

Joseph pulled up his pants, looking at me concerned. By now he had gotten soft again, and then he asked, “Kair…? You okay?” I got out of my trance, and looked up at him.

“Uh… Yeah. Why?” He pointed at my crotch.

“You’ve seemed to, uh… Either peed yourself, or you’re…” I looked down. My nymphomania had kicked in, and I was soaking wet.

“Shit!” I cried, and ran for a paper towel to clean myself up. Bad move, as my tits bounced, and rubbed against the bra. I fell to the ground moaning. My pants were so tight that the move caused them to be pulled down, revealing my pale white ass to him. I grabbed the counter, and pulled myself up, and my pants fell down all the way. My tits pushed onto the counter, with more pleasure shooting through me as I rubbed the countertop. I could feel my juice running down my legs. I was panting. I turned around, mumbled an apology. I looked at his dick, which was hard all over again. I touched myself, unable to believe that was happening.

I had a cunt-shattering orgasm. I was on the ground, grinding my sensitive tits into the floor, fingering my pussy as I came all over his kitchen, right in front of him with family in the next room. He covered my mouth so my moans wouldn’t be so loud. How sweet of him to do that.

After what seemed like hours, I just lay there, moaning a bit. I finally opened my eyes, and pushed myself up onto my knees. Weakly, I pushed myself up, my jeans still at my ankles. I turned around to see him and his erection, and a giant puddle of my juice covering the floor. I could feel myself turning red.

“That’s… Pretty amazing,” Joseph said, also at a loss for words. I slowly pulled my pants back up, and covered my waistline again with my shirt. I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t even look at him. He tried to say things that were kind, but it wasn’t helping me.

Finally, he said, “Look… I just saw all that… I know it’s kinda of weird to suggest, but… What if I were to masturbate a bit in front of you? I mean, I’m not going to cum like you did… I’ll just… Let you see what it’s like for me… Okay?” I felt like a total idiot in front of him.

“Sure, I guess,” I mumbled. He gave an awkward smile himself.


One thing I hate about when things go my way is that something stupid happens after that. Unfortunately, this was one of those moments. See, the family was celebrating Joseph, and they recognized when he left the room. Considering how long we had been away, the entire family decided to go looking for him. And it was at that moment Joseph took his pants down and was fully erect that they came into the kitchen.

“Sweetie, are you in — Jesus Christ!” shouted his mother, covering her eyes, and running into everyone.

Her exclamation made his aunt go, “What?” to which she hurried into the kitchen and, seeing Joseph, covered her mouth and stared. Soon our entire party, even my mother, was in the room seeing this big boy.

Now, I had expected him to try to cover up, or explain things. But, as later one-on-one dates showed, Joseph isn’t the kind of guy to cover things up. He’ll explain himself without hiding anything. But, of course, as he shared later, when someone else is in a compromising position (i.e. because I had just came unexpectedly all over the floor he was going to masturbate), his explanation may be a bit fudged.

“Oh, come on! Seriously?” he shouted. Everyone was looking at him as best they could. “Look, every guy has a penis. Dad, Casey, you two have seen plenty of penises, haven’t you? Is mine so shocking, so terrible, just because it’s this big?” The two didn’t answer. His cousin looked away a bit. “Who cares how big it is! It’s just a penis! And Mom, Aunt Maggie, are you going to treat me any differently? Remember when you went over things like this with me? Spontaneous erections? It’s normal! You shouldn’t be thinking I’m just a freak… I’m your son. Your family member… Are you really going to let something as stupid as this separate us?”

The day ended with tons of laughs and happiness. Everyone now knew, but no one cared. He’s quite the cunning linguist (I got that one from James Bond, because it’s true both directly and as innuendo).

Mom and I waved good-bye to everyone, but Joseph specifically came up to me and gave me a hug.

I inhaled a bit from the pleasure, and he let go quickly, apologizing, “Sorry, I forgot.” He glanced at my tits. I laughed a bit.

“Nah, you’re okay.” We smiled at each other, and then Mom and I left for home.

“So,” asked my mother, “What did you think of Joseph?” I faked an irritated sigh.

“Oh, please, you catch me in the kitchen alone with him while he has a hard-on for no reason and you think I seduced him?”

My mother was silent for a bit, and then said quietly, “Well… Forgive me for saying this, but considering your current track record…”

I didn’t get after her. She was right. I would really be defined as a slut, so my mother just naturally put two and two together. I spoke with seriousness, “Joseph and I aren’t… We aren’t like that. I mean, sure… We’re both certainly… endowed… but that doesn’t me we want to have sex.” My mom nodded slightly.

“I think I understand, Kair.” I nodded a bit too.


This was unfortunately before the era of texting. We couldn’t really sext each other, and our phone bill was ridiculously high. It ended up that Joseph and I would have to meet each other, in person (oh God, the horror!) in order to have fun for a prolonged period of time. As we entered our house from the dusky road, I sighed a bit. I missed him already.

Mom and I spent the rest of the night drinking ginger ale and eating popcorn as we watched TV, laughing wherever applicable. My mom hopped off to bed at about eleven, and I stayed up to watch. But at some point, horniness got the best of me. I bit my lip, and reassured myself my mother was in bed. It was after midnight.

I put one finger down the front of my pants, pushing through my pubes. I slowly touched my clit, and then rubbed it slowly in a circle. I was panting lightly, and I passed it, going straight for my pussy lips. I massaged them a bit in my tight pants, and then just took the pants off completely, rubbing myself with three fingers. I dared to stick on inside me, and a small gush left my body. I just kept fingering, rubbing my nipples as I went, my fingers digging into my cunt’s walls, my hips grinding into it. Soon I had a whole fist in, eagerly hunting for an orgasm.

I light flicked on. It was my mother. She was standing on the flight of stairs, her arms were crossed, and she looked a bit mad. I immediately stopped, my fist still inside me. I looked up at her in horror. She put her hands on the railing and said, “Oh, please, you were so into it. Don’t let me stop you.” Her sarcasm was biting.

“No, Mom! It’s not what you thi-“

She interrupted, “Seriously! On the couch? Do you do that often?” I kept trying to refuse, but she just refused to believe me. Finally, she held up a hand. “Kair. Look. You’ve got a problem. Look at you! You have to use your whole hand to please yourself… You need to get some help.”

I’m going to skip all that happened next. Basically, I became diagnosed with sexual addiction (technically, that’s where we learned of my official nymphomania), and it took me half an hour to pull my hand out of my no-longer aroused pussy.

I went up to my room, exhausted. I put on a sports bra and a nice, airy thong, and lying on my backside, went to sleep, dreaming of fucking both Joseph and horses when he was in his refraction period.

The next day was another boring day; only my mom allowed me this morning to walk around with nothing but a thong on my waist, my ass cheeks hanging out. A knock on the door forced me hastily upstairs while my mom answered it. I heard the phone ring, and the door shut.

Mom later explained she was going to tell me Joseph was at the door first, but instead, since the phone rang, she lost track of her thoughts and simply directed him to my room. Where I was. In a sports bra and thong.

The door opened, and Joseph entered, only to cover his eyes. I squealed a bit, covering my cunt with one and my tits with my arm (though I was clothed, it was still just underwear). “What the hell are you doing?” I asked, having a miniature freak-out.

“Sorry! You’re mom just said you were up here… I didn’t know!” He just stood in the door way, covering his eyes.

Finally, I said, “Forget it. Just… Go ahead and look.” He did, looking all over me. My giant tits, my purple thong.

He mumbled quietly, “You look… Good…”

“Thanks,” I said, no knowing what else to say. “So what’s up?”

He laughed kind of awkwardly, and then said, “There’s a new movie I’ve wanted to see, but, well… I know none of my buds want to watch it.” I sat cross-legged on my bed, looking up at him.

“What is it?” He awkwardly fumbled with his hands, and then laughed a bit, obviously embarrassed. “Well… It’s Ghost.” I went wide-eyed.

“You want to see that?” I couldn’t believe he wanted to go see a chick-flick. And yet, here was, in all honesty, wanted to go see Patrick Swayze, the sexiest of all men. I laughed, but once I saw he thought I was laughing at him, I quickly said, “I’d love to! Let me just change.”

Joseph stood there, his hands behind his back. I looked at him oddly. He blushed. “May I… May I watch you change?” he asked. Joseph was trying to show he was a dominant guy, though his red face didn’t score him any points. I walked up to him, and pecked him on the cheek.

“Sure? Why not?”

I hooked my thumbs in my bra, and pulled it down. I could see, in his baggy pants, his member becoming thicker. I smiled to myself, and grabbed the underside of my sports bra. I lifted it slowly, very slowly, just as he watched, arching my back and heaving my chest forward. As soon as I felt my tits drop, I lifted it off all the way, and rubbed my hands all over my body. He was slack-jawed. “You’re nipples… They’re…” I nodded, and then winked at him. He let out a small shout and doubled-over. I rushed to him.

“Are you okay?” He was gritting his teeth, fumbling with his belt. Next thing I knew I was stark naked with a giant dick pointing up with me as he sat against the door, panting heavily.

“Sorry,” he breathed, “Just didn’t have enough room.” I nodded understandingly, and then put on the rest of my clothes without trying to be sexy (though I specifically got some very nice cleavage for this gentleman). His cock flopped on the ground, and he put it away. We went downstairs, told my mom good-bye, and went outside into his car.

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