Cabin Adventures Pt. 04


About 10 minutes had passed, James struggled weakly against his bonds. Despite that, his nose got accustomed to the horrible smell, it was still too much to bear. James coughed and gagged a few more times while turning his head right and left. The scent of all these things combined with him sweating and panting made him a bit dizzy. All the gunk that covered his body started to dry up and form, filthy stinking clots on James his body.

The guys were sitting in a circle on the bar, all of them still naked and looking at the footage of the camera. Now and then someone sipped from their beer bottle or everyone chuckled as they looked back at their little party with the birthday boy. James sobbed softly, they just left him here, tied up and covered in filth and dirt, ignoring him and just doing their things, what a cruel way to torture him. But, James would lie, if he said he didn’t love it! His boner didn’t disappear or go any softer in the meantime, even though the guys didn’t play with him anymore. James realized what he was for the guys, a puppet, a toy, a slave, and he loved it.

After another 5 minutes, the video had ended, the guys finished their beer and stood up. “Nick and Jay, you guys get the cage,” Troy said while the group was walking back to James.

The tied up boy had his eyes closed and his head hanging down, trying to get some rest. Troy grabbed one of the few leftover eggs and threw it in James his face. “Wake up little slut!” he shouted, “Don’t think you’re off the hook yet!”

James opened his eyes slowly and brought his head up, facing the group of men in front of him. He saw how Jay and Nick placed a large dog cage on the other side of the room.

“We had a lot of fun with you tonight, but don’t think that it wasn’t for a good reason,” Troy said, “because we are still fucking mad at you!” he shouted.

“We gave you two chances to clean yourself up! and you failed both times!” Troy shouted madly, pointing threatening at James. Chris came closer and placed some things on the table: A fresh washcloth, a bottle of soap, shampoo, a sponge, and a shower brush.

“We are going to untie you, and we will give you one more chance,” Troy said much calmer this time. “When you are loose, you will get 30 minutes, which is plenty of time, to clean yourself properly and don’t leave any trace of this horrible stench!” Troy said and James nodded in understanding.

Troy walked to the dog cage and placed his hand on it. “I think that even you are not stupid enough to fail this time,” Troy said as he patted the cage. “But if you do fail, we put you in this cage, tie up your hands, and all of us are going to have hot sex in front of your eyes,” he continued while pointing at James.

“You can’t pleasure yourself, you can’t get out, you only get to watch. And when we are finished, we are going to sleep while leaving you in there for the rest of the night!” Troy said.

James gulped at this story, he both hated and loved that idea. The guys made agreeing and approving sounds. “If you succeed, we will keep playing with you,” Troy said as his dark eyes met James his blue ones, “Because we are far from done with you.” he said low and husky.

Ahmed and John untied James his arms and legs, the young man moaned from relief and rubbed his sore wrists. “30 minutes, go!” Troy said and activated his stopwatch.

James didn’t waste a second, he ran forward, grabbed all the things from the table, and ran into the shower. As soon as he was in, he threw a towel on the ground, activated the shower, and did not even wait for the water to get warm. James emptied half the bottle of soap on his body and started rubbing the filth off as best he could. He also covered his entire head with shampoo and started rubbing it through his hair, making sure not to miss a spot. He used the sponge and the brush to get in hard to reach places and to make sure that it would be absolutely clean. James washed all the foam on his body away and rubbed the sponge hard over his body. He emptied the bottle of soap on his body and soaped up for the second time, the same went for the shampoo.

After being foamed up for the second time, rubbing and cleaning his body on an insane intensity, and washing it all off, James was pretty sure he was clean. James was drying himself when the door opened and Chris and Troy came in. “20 seconds James, make sure you’re ready!” Chris said. James ran the towel over his body and made the finishing touches. When Chris started to count down from 5, he dropped the towel and stood ready for inspection.

Troy and Chris walked around James, inspecting every inch of his body. They smelled his face, his hair, his arms and legs, his torso, his pits, everything. They kept silent the entire time, which was very stressful for James. If they found only one flaw, the would put him in a cage and leave him there for the night. Not that being in a cage seemed like a bad idea to James, but he really wanted to continue this fun evening. “Well, nothing found, gaziantep escort what do you think?” Chris asked.

Troy nodded, “Same, he smells acceptable, he seems clean enough,” he said and stroked through James his hair, “his hair is still a bit damp, but I guess that’s forgivable.” he said.

Troy patted James his shoulder, “Good job buddy, took you long enough.” he said.

“Our dirty boy is all nice and clean again.” Chris roared softly as his hands traveled over James his naked, slim body. James closed his eyes when Chris planted his teeth in his neck and started to nibble and kiss him.

He wrapped his strong arms around the smaller man, holding him in a tight embrace, James loved it. “Come on let’s head back,” Troy said as he wanted to open the door.

“Not yet!” Chris said, still nibbling and sucking on James like he was a piece of meat for a hungry bear. “I want to cum so bad man.” Chris hissed to Troy.

“Haha, me too, we’ve got plenty of time to do that back t…” Troy said, but Chris shook his head.

“No, right now!” he growled.

Troy looked a bit conflicted about this, “Come on man, everybody is waiting for us, this would be unfair.” he said calmly.

Chris released his lips from James and looked at his friend. “So? they don’t know how long this inspection lasts,” he said, “for all they know we are nitpicking.”

Troy was silent for a second, looking at James and back at Chris. “They will notice.” he whispered.

Chris chuckled, “Of course not, we just get him on his knees, fuck his mouth, lose a load and get back before anyone notices.” he said.

Troy looked back at James and slowly gained a smirk on his face. “Come on man, just you and me, let’s take advantage of him now he is still clean.” Chris smirked.

Troy was thinking for a second or two and then closed the door. “Get him on his knees.” he smiled.

Chris chuckled triumphantly as he pushed James to the wall and forced him on his knees. Troy came closer to the two, Chris was patting his rock hard boner in James his face. “Ready to suck some dick Jamesy?” Chris asked and tempted the younger man with his meat.

You didn’t need to ask this twice to James, the thought alone had him salivating, “Give me those fucking dicks!” he panted.

Chris grabbed James his mouth between his fingers, “You don’t give orders here faggot!” he said and aimed his dick to his lips.

“Wait,” Troy said, placing his hand on Chris his shoulder. Chris looked at the man next to him who gave him a dirty smile. “Together” Troy whispered and stepped closer, placing his dick next to the other one.

Chris chuckled, “You are sure there is enough space in his mouth?” he asked.

Troy smirked, “I hope so.” he said. Chris grabbed both his cock and the one of Troy, held them close together, and pressed them to James his lips. James opened his mouth as wide as he could, the heads were entering and slowly sliding over his tongue.

The two cocks slowly went in further. James gagged softly and tried to relax his mouth and throat as much as possible, and breathe through his nose. When Chris and Troy couldn’t get any further they stopped moving and took a few seconds to enjoy the hot wetness surrounding them.

“Oh my god!” Troy moaned lowly.

“Feels fucking amazing!” Chris moaned and caressed James his stuffed cheek.

Chris and Troy laid their arms over each other’s shoulder and started moving their dicks simultaneously in James his mouth.

James gagged on the extra thick cock that fucked his mouth and tried his best to relax. After a few moments, his mouth got a bit more used to this and it went a little easier. Troy and Chris moaned loudly, their two dicks rubbing over each other in a hot wet surrounding was just amazing. The two looked at each other in the eye while not stopping sliding up and down in James his mouth.

“This was a great idea of you.” Chris complimented his buddy.

Troy smirked, “Hey, best friends share everything right?” he said. The two of them chuckled and shared a few kisses on the lips.

James was enjoying himself as well, despite the big stretching of his mouth. The two warm, salty dicks fucking his mouth were, quite literally, breathtaking. James moaned softly, only realizing now how much he missed the sensation and the taste of a man. The kneeled man laid his hands on Chris’ and Troy’s butts and tried to push them closer.

The two men chuckled, “I think he likes it as well.” Chris said. They granted the request and moved a little closer, pushing their cocks deeper in James his mouth, who moaned gratefully.

Troy slid his hand over the larger man’s chest next to him, admiring the sight of Chris fucking like a pro. After a few moments and more thrusts, Troy moaned loudly, threw his head back, and closed his eyes.

“You cumming?” Chris smirked.

Troy nodded, “Yeah!” Troy grabbed the back of James his head and pushed his dick in a little more.

His loud moan filled the bathroom and James felt Troy’s hot semen slide down his throat, like a soothing salve on his scorched throat. Troy pulled back his cock and caught his breath with low moans.

Chris growled satisfied now that he had James his mouth all to himself, he grabbed the man’s cheeks and slid his cock in and out. Chris looked at Troy’s cock that had gone soft, “He sucked you dry really good didn’t he?” he smirked.

Troy chuckled and patted his dick, “Yeah, doesn’t matter, as soon as I see him in ropes again, I’ll be back in business.” he said and placed himself behind Chris. Troy slid both his hands over Chris his masculine torso and kissed the fucking man in his neck.

“You never praised me like this.” Chris said amused to Troy who rubbed his hands over him and kissed his shoulders.

“You fucking is always a sight to behold.” Troy whispered, “Remember when we visited that red-light district?” Troy asked as he kept kissing his friend, “I had way more attention for you, fucking that chick than I had for any of the naked girls.” Troy admitted.

Chris chuckled softly from the compliment and turned his face to Troy, “You have seen nothing yet, buddy.” he spoke lowly and kissed his friend on the lips.

After a few more thrusts, Chris growled loudly, pushed his dick all the way in James his mouth, and cummed down his throat. “Aaaahhhhaahh fuck!” he moaned from the intense orgasm and slid his dick out.

James gasped for air and moaned satisfied from the amazing feeling of Chris his load, sliding down his throat. James slid his hands over his dick, it was so hard, he wanted to cum so badly too. Troy grabbed the cock of Chris, who was panting, and stroked it a few times, “Hmmm, your still hard.” he said amused.

Chris chuckled, “Please where do you take me for, some teenager?” he smirked.

Chris and Troy grabbed James and pulled him on his feet, Troy pushed James to the wall and looked him in the eye. “You keep your mouth shut about this,” he said, “If you mention anything to the others, we still lock you in that cage and you can only watch how Chris and I play cockslut to make it up to the rest, got it?” Troy asked.

James, still a bit dizzy from the amazing sensation of two dicks and two hot loads, nodded in agreement, “I won’t say a word`.” he smirked.

Troy smiled, pushed him away from the wall, and slapped James his ass, “Come on move it!” he demanded.

“Errr..wait ” James spoke and looked back.

“What?” Chris asked.

“May I…may I cum too?” James asked.

The two men thought, gave each other a merciful smile, looked back at James, and said “No!” Crushing any hopes James had with loud laughter.

“But…” James wanted to say.

“Shut up! move!” Troy hissed and pushed James into the main room.

The door of the main room opened and James was being pushed in by Troy and Chris who closed the door behind them. The guys had changed the scenery in the room. The two sails were gone and all of the mess seemed to be cleaned up. On the other side of the room, one of the 8 feet picnic tables was placed on its side and stood vertically in the room. A large chest was placed against the board of the table, while it stood on one pair of its legs on the other side. The guys came closer to the approaching men and gave James a few pats on his shoulders and strokes over his hair.

“All cleaned up?” Ahmed chuckled, patting James his cheek.

“And properly this time?” Aron asked.

“Oh yes,” Chris said, “Troy and I gave him a… thorough inspection,” he said and Troy chuckled softly.

The guys pushed James around and teased him for a little while before Timothy grabbed him and dragged him to the standing table. “Wha…whats going to happen? ” James asked as he saw that there were 9 chairs placed in a half-circle around the table.

“Nothing special Jamesy,” Timothy said and pushed James against the downside of the table, “We are going to play a game with you, that’s all,” he smirked.

“Tie him up guys,” Nick said, with that Ahmed and Aron grabbed James his arms and held them to the upper legs of the table.

The picnic table had pretty thick wooden legs, so even if it stood vertically, it was pretty stable. Ahmed and Aron first tied some ropes around James his wrists, they dragged the rope over the upper legs and used it as a leverage to pull James up a little. Aron and Ahmed pulled James on a height that he was forced to stand on his toes, with that they wrapped the rope around the thick leg and tied it securely.

James tried to stand on his feet, but he couldn’t get lower. The ropes held him up just high enough that he could do nothing else but stand on his toes. Aron and Ahmed continued with wrapping rope around his ankles and tying them to the brace of the table. James his legs were loose enough that he could move them about 1 feet, back and forth, but nothing else.

“Ah come on, again?” James said, “Do I have to be tied up again?” he said nagging, while in fact, he loved it.

“You don’t have anything to say about that!” Timothy said, “We can tie you up whenever we like, and you are just going to take it! ” he hissed.

When James was tied up, the guys took their seats. Timothy sat in the seat right in front of James. On Timothy’s left were Aron, Troy, Andrew, and John, on his right were Chris and Ahmed.

Nick and Jay laid a large white cloth on the floor, in the middle of the half-circle. The cloth had drawings on it, something that looked like ‘game of the goose’. There were different boxes drawn in an oval, some empty, some with text written on it. All leading to the middle, ending on the number 63. Nick grabbed a Tupperware tray, opened it, and took some stacks of different colored cards. He shuffled them before laying them on the cloth. Jay laid a large, 6 eyed, fabric dice near James his feet and placed a basket, covered with a cloth near the table, along with a strange looking briefcase.

When everything was set up, Jay and Nick took their seats near Ahmed. “Tell us Jamesy, when you were younger, did you play board games with your mom and dad?” Timothy asked, James nodded in response.

“Can you tell us what this game looks like?” Timothy asked again.

“Well, by the looks of it, I would say the game of the goose.” James said.

Timothy nodded “Correct,” he said and smirked.

“Now, Jay, Nick and I have made a…different version of the game, just for you.” he said, ” We call it ‘game of the faggot’, fun for the whole family.” he smirked.

James chuckled in response, “Well, then I hope that you put more creativity in the game itself than in the name.” he said provokingly.

Everybody made a ‘that’s savage’ and ‘now he is in trouble’ chuckle from James his sassy comment.

Timothy just smirked, “Believe me, we have.” he said with a nasty smile on his face.

Timothy grabbed something out of a bag next to him, he pulled out a barbie doll. The doll was completely ragged, some hairs were pulled out, glasses, swear words, and dicks were drawn on her face and body. Apart from a ripped skirt, the doll was naked, and she did seem to wear a dog collar around her neck.

“This…is you,” Timothy said as he held the doll in front of him, everybody chuckled. Timothy placed the doll near the beginning of the board.

“Now, your goal is pretty simple, you need to get to the end, square number 63.” he said while pointing at the board.

James followed Timothy’s finger, “What do I get on the number 63?” James asked and Timothy smiled.

“When you reach the end, you may choose whoever you want of us, to give you a blowjob.” Timothy said.

James his face brightened up and made a big smile, “Sounds good right?” Nick asked.

“Well, you have my interest for sure,” James said, “But what is written on some of these squares, and what is on these cards?” he asked.

“There are four types of cards, the color of the square dictates which one you will pick.” Timothy said, “Red cards are challenges, blue cards questions, yellow cards, make a choice and green cards, chance.”

James looked over the board, there were various red, yellow, blue, and green squared, but also some black squares, orange, purple, pink and some white ones. “The rest is for you to find out.” Timothy smirked, “We guarantee it will be very fun, well mainly for us.” he said chuckling.

“The reason your legs are tied loosely like that is so you can roll the dice with your feet.” Jay explained, “Give it a roll and we can begin!”

James grabbed the fabric dice with his feet, brought his legs back, and tossed the dice out of his feet, it landed on a 4.

“4, 1…2…3…4” Timothy said as he moved the fucked up barbie doll to the fourth square on the board, an orange square.

“Orange, that’s a very good start Jamesy,” Jay said amused and grabbed the basket that stood near the table.

“This, is the grab bag.” Jay said as he shook with the basket a little, “Whenever you land on orange, we may blindly grab something out of this, and apply it on your body.” he smirked.

Jay lifted the cloth that covered the opening of the basket and put his hand in. “What do you mean with you can apply that to my body?” James asked.

Jay moved his hand around in the basket while looking at James, “You know what we mean by that.” he said as he randomly grabbed something out of the basket. He looked at what he had grabbed it was a short, steel chain about 12 inches long, with a ring in the middle and clamps in both ends, “You know where this goes.” Jay said, moving the chain around in front of James his eyes.

Jay came closer to James until he was just a few inches away. James tried to move but he really hadn’t much choice, Jay had a clamp in each hand and hovered them near James his nipples.

James moaned loudly from the pressure of the clamps being placed on his nipples. Jay had a dirty smirk on his face and seemed to enjoy this. He played with the clamps for a little while with his fingers before he took his seat again. “Feels good?” John asked.

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