Castaway Love Ch. 04


After our first day and night of marathon sex, Steve and I settled back into our typical routine of fighting for survival. Sex wasn’t high on the list, especially after exhausting days of work, but we found time to express our deep, unyielding love and respect for each other in the most intimate of ways. Mornings were usually the best time for sex, and we often began our days with our bodies intertwined, usually with Steve’s big cock spoiling my ass with his expert love making, bringing me to climax every time. Sometimes we exchanged blowjobs or engaged in a long, easy sixty nine. He may be straight, but he was a pretty good cock sucker, too. It was as if our bodies were made to make love to each other, as if there was some predestined certainty that we should be stranded on an island together, so we could discover one another.

Days and weeks blurred together, and I lost track of how long we had been on the island. Our beards were long, even if mine was a wispy mess compared to Steve’s thick beard. There was just nothing about the guy that didn’t scream masculinity. We grew thinner from a lack of food that wasn’t always easy to find or catch. With all that had to be done to survive, we expended more energy than we were taking in.

Our sexual activities aside, I soon began to realize that I was in love with him. It was a stupid thing to fall in love with a guy who was only exploring his sexuality while he was stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one other than me, but I couldn’t help myself. I was sure his attitude about gay sex would change the first time he lay eyes on a pretty girl. It worried me in my time alone, doing my tasks while Steve did his, and I knew I needed to somehow discover how he felt about being gay. Or, if he actually gaziantep escort thought of himself in that way.

One night, as we sat around the fire with full bellies of coconut crab and roasted coconuts, I looked at him, his face lit with the firelight. I had been hesitant about broaching the subject, but I needed to know how he felt about me, and what he thought of being with a guy instead of a woman.

“What is the first thing you’re going to do when we get rescued?” I asked him hesitantly.

“I don’t know,” he answered after some time thinking about the question, “I’m not sure I want to be rescued at this point.”

“Why not?” I asked, shocked by his answer.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he answered quickly, “I’d love a hamburger right now, maybe a piece of chocolate cake, but I’m worried about what happens with us when we leave the island.”

“How do you mean?” I watched him a moment, then realized it was time to come clean with him. “I mean, I know you’re not gay, and you only fuck me because I’m all there is, but whether we break it off and go our separate ways is up to you. I love you, and I wouldn’t exchange this time with you for anything else in the world.”

He smiled at me, then poked the fire with a stick, sending sparks flying upward.

“I love you, too,” he finally said, “Even if you are a guy. I’m confused about what that means, but I’m definitely in love with you.”

We laughed, and he moved in close, taking me by the hand to lead me to bed. I crawled onto our makeshift mattress and lay down with him. He lay on his stomach.

“Fuck me.” He whispered.

I was shocked, to say the least. I had only fucked one guy before, and he made me stop before I could finish. He told me I was too big, and despite Steve having a bigger dick than me, I was worried my inexperience would put him off having sex with me. Fucking each other instead of our usual one-sided sex life would make us complete in our sexual activities. It would make us equals. Steve insisted we were, finding nothing feminine about me- despite my own psychological hang ups from being used as a substitute for straight guys who couldn’t get their girlfriends to put out for them.

“Are you sure?” I asked him, staring at his perfect ass with amazement.

“It’s only fair,” he told me, looking over his shoulder at me.

I rose to my knees and crawled in between his opened legs, spitting a couple of times on his sphincter and my cock to lube up as much as possible. I may not be as big as Steve was, but I knew from my first encounter that I was big enough for this to hurt. Carefully, I pushed the wet head of my cock into his ass hole. It quickly squeezed around my cock like a vice grip.

“Son of a bitch, you’re big!” he yelled, catching a weak laugh in his throat.

“You’re bigger than I am,” I reminded him, “Suck it up. You asked for this.”

“Just go slow,” he begged.

I pushed into him slowly, taking my time. I had all the time in the world to get where I wanted to go, and I utilized every second with as much learned skill I had ever experienced from past lovers. Once I was buried to my balls in him, I lay across him and kissed his cheek. He turned his face to me and our lips met, kissing for a while.

I began fucking him slowly, keeping my cock buried in his ass as deeply as I could. It seemed the easiest way to get him accustomed to my being inside him. Soon, I felt his ass muscles relax as he gave himself over to the pleasure of being fucked.

“Fuck, yeah,” he moaned, “Fuck me, Adam. Fuck me like you mean it.”

With that I rose off him, bracing myself with my arms and began to fuck him with long, slow strokes. He moaned and squirmed beneath me for a while, then pushed up onto his knees. I realized his cock was hard and he wanted to stroke it while I fucked him. I continued fucking him, my rhythm increasing, my thrusts hardening until I heard him cry out as he caught his orgasm, his sphincter once more clamping down around my cock. The sensation was so intense, I came immediately, flooding his ass with my cum.

We separated when Steve collapsed beneath me. I lay next to him, feeling a little lightheaded after the most intense orgasm I had ever had. A rush of manliness washed over me, realizing I had just fucked the hottest guy I had ever laid eyes on.

“Well?” I asked, hoping he approved. In the very least, he let me finish. He even busted a nut, so I was pretty sure he liked it a little.

“That was different,” he told me, rolling over on his side to look at me, “It was good, but different.”

“So you might want to do it again?” I asked, smiling.

“Already?” he laughed, “You just pulled out, you little horndog!”

“I don’t mean now,” I corrected him, “I mean again in the future. ‘Cause, you know, if you liked it, we could take turns fucking each other.”

“Let’s keep that in mind for morning,” he smiled, moving in for a kiss. It was soft, and loving, the way I liked it. “I love you, Dude.”

“Right back at ya.” We laughed again and rose to take a quick bath in the surf before sleep.

As we exited the cave, beneath the blanket of stars, I noticed lights in the empty darkness beneath. At first, it was confusing because I hadn’t ever seen such a thing before. Then my mind cleared and I realized it was a boat.

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