Chad and Blaine Ch. 07

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Four hours later Chad and Blaine pulled up outside the cottage and Blaine gasped. “It’s beautiful,”

They hadn’t ended up at Nick and Kyle’s place.

They’d ended up at a beautiful cottage covered in flowers and vines. The building must have been early eighteenth century as the thatched roof shone slightly in the bright April sunshine. A small pond was in the front garden surrounded by a white picket fence.

“You’re the one who’s beautiful,” Chad whispered from behind his head and then picked him up in the classic wedding lift, shocking Blaine.

“What are you doing?” Blaine laughed and wrapped his arms around his neck, smiling widely.

“I’m carrying my husband over the threshold,” Chad rolled his eyes as if it was obvious and then kicked the door open carrying him into the room and plopping him onto the sofa before leaning over him. “I’m going to get the luggage in,”

“Okay,” Blaine released him and watched as Chad disappeared to carry the suitcases in, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, I can do this, I love him and we both deserve this, he chanted over and over in his head.

“Do you want to go for a swim? The water might be a bit cold,” Chad asked as he came into the room, Blaine finally looked around. The room was like a typical hunting cabin right down to the leather sofas and faux rugs on the floor, wooden beams held the roof in place and the wooden floors gleamed. Wooden beams…


“Yeah?” Blaine’s eyes were still locked onto the wooden beams.

“Stop looking at it,” Chad grasped his chin and turned his head before kissing him deeply and stroking his hand through his hair.

“Only us. Only ever us. I promise,”

“I love you,”

“Heart and soul, baby. Swim?” Chad stroked his hand down Blaine’s cheek, amazed that he could calm him that quickly.

“Yes, I’ll be out in a minute,” Blaine smiled and stood, kissing Chad gently before watching as Chad dropped his shirt on the floor outside before he turned towards the bedroom, his eyes widening at the size of the bed dominating the room. There was red rose petals from the doorway to the bed then sprinkled over it. Candles laid unlit on every flat surface, except the bed. He took a deep breath and strode towards the bed and swiped his toiletries bag of the bedroom before leaving into the en suite. The glass shower was huge and round, it could easily fit him and Chad in at the same time plus a few others.

Blaine stripped his clothes and stepped into the shower, the cool water calming his nerves. He spotted the razor in his bag and nibbled his bottom lip as he stared down at his cock. Quickly making his decision he proceeded.

Drying off quickly but efficiently he wrapped the towel around his waist and opened his suitcase, scowling at the contents. Silk boxers, shorts, vest tops and only one sweater sat inside. There were even thongs inside. Alongside it sat bottles of lube, a pack of condoms, some little wrapped black box and scented candles. “Dammit, Katie,”

Was there really any point of putting swim trunks on? If here was any. They were just going to end up in a wet puddle on the soft carpet in the bedroom.

Blaine slammed the suitcase closed and turned towards the dimly lit pool, Chad lounging naked on his back, his feet kicking at the water gently his hard cock poking obscenely from the water. Blaine stepped outside and sat on the edge of the pool before slipping into the water, gasping quietly, the cool water surrounding his body immediately. Chad’s eyes lazily opened as he swam towards him.


“Hello,” Blaine wrapped his arms around Chad’s waist and nuzzled his face into Chad’s chest taking a deep breath.

“What do you think?”

“It’s amazing,” Blaine leant closer and placed a kiss over Chad’s heart. Chad wrapped his arms around Blaine and paddled gently in the water for a few moments.

“Do you want to go to bed?” Chad whispered as he kissed his way from Blaine’s temple to his chin and back again. Chad released a breath he didn’t realise he was holding when Blaine nodded, Chad jumped out of the water holding a hand out to Blaine.

Blaine squeaked as he was pulled from the water and into Chad’s warm arms, smiling he rubbed himself against Chad, his newly shaved cock even more sensitive as he ground against Chad’s thighs.

“Mm, let’s get you inside,” Chad lead him inside

and gently lifted him onto the bed, the love shining in his eyes made Blaine’s heart stutter.

He crawled up the bed as Blaine rested back against the wooden headboard. “Are you sure?”

“One hundred percent,” Blaine wrapped his arms around Chad’s neck and pulled him down before kissing him.

“Remember what I said?” Chad murmured as he kissed down Blaine’s chest, nibbling his nipple again then licking between his abs.

“Four times,” Blaine gasped and thrust his hips; Chad chuckled and laved his tongue along his cleanly shaven pubic bone. He moaned quietly as Blaine’s scent and taste abused his body making his dick rock hard.

“You gaziantep escort shaved,” Chad observed lightly.

“Don’t you like it?” Blaine nibbled his bottom lip as he stared down at Chad. He gasped as Chad swooped down to stroke his tongue across the newly exposed flesh.

“I find it fucking sexy. Stop biting your lip,” Chad stood up and tugged the abused piece of flesh away gently kissing Blaine’s stomach.

“Firstly let me suck you off,” Chad leant down and lapped at the stringy pre-cum that had gathered there.

“What…about you?” Blaine gripped Chad’s hair and bucked his hips, groaning.

“I’ll come when I’m balls deep in you, baby,” Chad pulled away a mere millimetre to whisper before sucking him back down, his tongue lapping at the underside as his left hand bought up to play with Blaine’s hairless balls. Bringing his right hand up he buried his nose in Blaine’s crotch and swallowed around the leaking head as his right hand reached up to twine around Blaine’s wrists, pinning them to the bed.

“Chad…Oh God,” the grip in his hair almost becoming unbearable but the little spike of pain made his cock stiffen even further. Chad pulled back as Blaine’s cock pulsed and shot into his mouth, Chad continued to suck Blaine until he’d stopped but surprisingly he didn’t soften.

Rising up he kissed Blaine who moaned again and lapped at his mouth desperately trying to taste his own cum, Chad chuckled and let it slowly dribble into Blaine’s waiting mouth.

“Round two,” Chad spread Blaine’s legs wide and stared at the pretty pink hole winking at him. He leant forward and tickled it with the tip of his tongue sending Blaine into moaning again and thrusting his hips forward. A cell phone rang and Chad growled before grabbing the offending device and pulling the battery out. They weren’t going to be interrupted this time.

Flattening his tongue he swept it up then down and around, he was sure he could make Blaine come this way. He’d done it before. Chad ground his hips against the comforter and proceeded to use his teeth gently against Blaine.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” Blaine chanted the word over and over again each time Chad’s tongue speared his ass.

“Not yet,” Chad laughed them hummed against him, finally pushing his tongue as far as he could and wiggling it about, that was all it finally took. Blaine yelled loud enough to send the birds scattering as his cum sprayed from his cock again.

“I’m…none,” Blaine groaned and sat up slowly bringing Chad up with him, who stopped to lap at the cum on his stomach and swallow it down.

“What was that?” Chad kissed his neck, sucking up a mark for the entire world to see.

“No more cum,” Blaine rubbed his cheek against Chad’s head sighing quietly.

“Two more times, baby,” Chad pushed him back onto the bed and grinned widely. “The main show is almost here, you can come two more times for me, right?”

Blaine nodded and screwed his eyes closed but spread his legs once again, his thigh was painful but he wasn’t going to let anything ruin their night. His voice was hoarse as he moaned again as Chad slipped a well lubed finger inside his ass wiggling it about before pushing another one alongside it.

His body bucked of its own accord as Chad’s fingers rubbed across his prostate pulling another groan out of his, another finger was pushed inside and Blaine’s ass clenched tightly around them, this was as far as they’d gotten before, with the exception of the slim dildo.

“One more, baby,” Chad reached up and gripped his dick and slowly jacked it off, smiling all the while at him. Blaine took a deep breath and willed his muscle to relax it was a while before it did and Chad could finally push another fingers inside him. It burnt a little bit but then Chad rubbed his prostate and all thoughts of burning dissipated from his mind as he focused on the pleasure bouncing around in his body.

“Come for me,” Chad ordered as he sped up his hand and fingers, scissoring them gently, grinning widely. Blaine shook his head furiously, he couldn’t come again. He whimpered as Chad’s palm swept over the head of his cock and another spurt of cum oozed almost lazily out, Chad helped him through his orgasm finally sitting up and looming over him.

“Are you ready?” Chad whispered mentally keeping his fingers crossed. If Blaine backed out now he thought his dick would fall off, he would wait longer if needed.

“I’m ready,” Chad reached over onto the nightstand and handed Blaine a condom. “I don’t think I’ll be able to come again though,”

“I don’t know if you wanted to use one,” Chad’s hands shook so he rested them on the side of Blaine’s head. “You will come for me,”

“No. I want to feel every inch of you. We’re both clean,” Blaine’s smile went straight to his dick as he nodded. He handed Blaine the lube and watched as Blaine squeezed it into his palm and then gripped his cock, slowly spreading it around.

“Where did you get this anyway?” Blaine asked as he tossed it to the side.

“It was in my…suitcase,” Chad grunted and gripped Blaine’s wrist to stop him. “I’m going to come if you keep that up. And I want to come in your ass,”

Blaine spread his legs further as Chad lined his cock up with his hole, looking up he watched Blaine’s face for any sign of discomfort when he slowly pushed inside, there was resistance at first.

“Relax, baby. It will hurt more otherwise,” Chad bent down and twined their hands together before placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

Blaine bit his lip and shuffled his hips slightly, effectively pushing himself further down onto Chad’s cock. Chad reached up and pulled Blaine’s lip from his teeth with a strained smile. Blaine sighed in relief as Chad bent down and wrapped his arms around him tightly while he continued to push into him. It felt like forever until he finally slowed and kissed Blaine’s forehead.

“How are you?” Chad’s control was slim but he was gripping onto his with everything he had in him. He wasn’t going to hurt Blaine. He couldn’t hurt Blaine.

“It burns. Give me a moment,” Chad stroked his hands through Blaine’s hair until he nodded. Blaine closed his eyes as Chad pulled out, the burn only slightly there as he pushed back inside Blaine’s eyes flew open as the head of Chad’s cock nudged his prostate.

“Oh…” Blaine whispered as his cock perked back to life again, it had gone soft when Chad was pushing into him. Chad bent down and kissed Blaine greedily as he thrust his hips again, listening as Blaine whimpered and clawed at his back, Chad grunted again and wrapped his hands around Blaine’s hips holding him in place.

“Faster,” Blaine gasped as his ass clenched around him, he wasn’t objecting as he slowly sped his thrusts up, his hips snapping as the sound of flesh on flesh filled the air. The heat surrounding his cock was amazing. Chad grunted as Blaine squeezed his muscles and tugged his closer, his nails still digging in, leaving half-moons in his shoulders and back. Blaine squirmed and moaned as he raked his nails down Chad’s back leaving red welts in their way.

Chad wrapped his arms around Blaine’s back and hoisted into his arms before he sat back on his haunches, his cock pushing even deeper inside Blaine’s tight ass. He urged Blaine to wrap his legs around his waist as he gently thrust his hips.

“Please, Chaddie,” Blaine cried as he tried to gain leverage his fingernails digging deeper into Chad’s back. Chad smiled and put everything he had into pounding in Blaine, while keeping himself in control.

“Fuck, I’m going to come,” Blaine whimpered in amazement as Chad reached down and jacked his cock quickly and nibbled at the mark left on his neck. Blaine screamed as Chad struggled to keep his thrusts up when Blaine’s ass rippled around his cock, contracting then releasing over and over again. He twisted his hips and Blaine convulsed again around him.

“Come,” Blaine whispered as he reached up and caressed the side of Chad’s face, he turned his head and placed a kiss on his palm. “I want your cum to bathe my ass,”

Roaring out his release, Chad emptied himself inside Blaine. Gently he stopped moving his cock finally softening enough to slip from Blaine wishing he could stop the wince that came from him; and another pain-filled groan as he finally unwrapped his legs from his waist.

“That was…phenomenal,” Blaine rolled and sprawled across his chest, “I don’t know why we didn’t do that sooner,”

“Mm was quite amazing wasn’t it?” Chad chuckled.

“Here is your present,” Blaine handed Chad an envelope from the nightstand and smiled as Chad read the inside.

“A trip for four people to go rock climbing, hiking and dirt biking,” Chad laughed and kissed the side of his head. “Are you coming?”

“Nah, I was thinking you and your brothers could go,” Blaine’s nose twitched and Chad pulled him closer. “I don’t do dirt,”

“Thank you.” Chad was saying thank you to more than the trip and the make shift kit; he was saying thank you for trusting him enough to give his virginity away, he was saying thank you for agreeing to marry him and he saying thank you for loving him. “I’m pretty sure we just done dirty,”

“Welcome,” Blaine mumbled, “There is cum seeping from my ass,” Blaine’s nervous giggle made Chad’s heart pound in a good way.

“We’ll clean you up after you’ve had a nap,” Blaine nodded before he fell asleep, soft snores pouring from his body.

“I love you.” Chad whispered to Blaine’s head and snuggled into him, his body finally content for the first time in nineteen years.



Blaine batted his hand in the air as someone tried to bring him away from the land of sleep, where everything was perfect. There was no pain. No Dean. And most importantly no one interrupts him and Chad. Ever.

“Wake up, Cookie is here,”

Blaine cracked his eyes open and squinted at Chad, smiling widely as his memories came rushing forwards.

“We made love,” he reached out and kissed Chad running hand down his bare chest frowning as he encountered boxers.

“You’re supposed to be naked. We’re on our honeymoon,” he grinned and slipped his hands into the tight black boxers, gripping the soft shaft tightly.

“Nick, Kyle, Thomas and Katie are here,” Chad extracted Blaine’s hand and pulled on a pair of black jeans.

“Excuse me,” Blaine turned over, buried his head in the pillow and screamed, when he was finished he turned back over, scowling at the white drapes above the bed. “Tell them to fuck off. How did they even know we’re here?”

“They’re on their way to LA, Thomas’ got a client there and they all decided to make a trip of it. They bought Cookie to us. I told Mom and Dad before we left,” Chad shrugged and slipped a black shirt on. Chad seemed distant and withdrawn; Blaine hoped he didn’t regret getting married or having sex with him. Maybe Chad didn’t enjoy himself.

“I guess that’s understandable. I wanted morning sex though,” Blaine pouted and swung over the side of the bed, wincing as he sat up. His ass was tender and swollen. “Okay maybe afternoon sex,”

“I’ll go make you breakfast,”

“Wait, have I done something wrong?” Blaine wrapped his hand around Chad’s wrist as he looked up into the pain-filled blue eyes. “Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“It’s what I done,” Chad looked over Blaine’s body with a frown. Blaine looked down and his mouth formed an ‘O’ as he looked at the dark bruising covering his wrists, gazing further down he saw four finger shaped bruises on his hips. Chad was worried because he had bruised him.

“I loved every moment of it,”

“I enjoyed it, I didn’t even feel them,” Blaine looked up at Chad and knelt up on his knees and grabbed Chad’s face between his hands. “Believe me when I say it was the best night of my life,”

“The best?” Chad whispered as he gaze flickered towards his wrists again before his finger traced the new scar addition to his thigh. Blaine clasped his hand and kissed Chad’s palm.

“The best. It is defiantly number one,”

“You have a list?” Chad traced his thumb around Blaine’s wrist again and looked up at him again.

“I swear to you. I would never lie to you, Chad. I love you,”

“As long as you’re sure,” Chad rubbed his hips gently and watched as Blaine’s cock stiffened slowly and lazily. As if it wasn’t satisfied last night. “And tell me that list,”

“Oh, I’m sure,” Blaine growled as he thrust his hips against Chad’s black shirt, grinning he spotted the little bruises across Chad’s shoulders then deep scratches along his back.

“Oh,” Blaine rubbed his fingers across the little marks and looked up at Chad who was smiling widely.

“I didn’t even feel them,” Chad grinned and rubbed his thumb across Blaine’s bottom lip that finally smiled and looked up at him.


“I promise,”


“Company,” Chad smiled and kissed him quickly before disappearing out of the bedroom. Blaine plucked at the soiled sheets beneath him and smiled. Last night was perfect, nothing could have gone wrong. Blaine spotted his cell phone and battery on the side cabinet and popped the little thing back together. He tugged boxers then shorts on as he checked his messages. There were three from Michael, two from Ollie, one from Katie and one from Kyle. A text message from Chad.

*Wedding bells chime with the beating of my heart. Seven hours and counting then U will be mine. All my heart and soul. Xx*

Blaine flopped onto the sofa and winced again, his ass was tender and his thigh protested any movement.

“Was it good?”

“Was he gentle?”

“How many times did you come?”

“Are you okay?”

Blaine watched as Kyle, Katie, Thomas and Nick all piled into the living room each taking a turn to fire a question at him. He shook his head and flushed, making it clear he wasn’t going to murmur a word about the best night of his life.

“Please?” Katie asked doing her best impression of puppy eyes. Blaine spotted Cookie over by the fire and patted his lap, Cookie barked and bounded onto his lap, slobbering dog breath all over his face.

“Was it good?” Kyle asked again.

“Perfect,” Blaine smiled as he watched Chad wonder around the kitchen, cracking eggs into a skillet and whisking quickly.

“Was he gentle?” Thomas repeated.

“Sometimes too careful,” he ran his hand over Cookie’s head and rubbed her stomach.

“How many times did you come?” Katie laughed as he flushed darkly and shook his head. “So it was more than once?”

“Yes,” he kept his face hidden in Cookie’s neck.

“More than twice?” another nod, “Three?” another nod, “Four times?” another nod “Five times!”

Blaine finally looked up and grinned shyly.

“Dayum, why can’t you do that?” Katie exclaimed as she glared at her husbands. Kyle held up his hands and shook his head.

“Are you okay?” Nick finally asked.

“Sore and tired but I am perfect. Better than I ever have been,”

Chad hollered and they all went rushing, Blaine took a more leisurely pace towards the kitchen when he finally reached the table there was only one space the opposite end of the table, he shrugged to himself grabbed a plate and plopped himself on Chad’s lap.

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