Chasing James



Chase looked up from his phone. He had been lost in thought, swiping through guys online. “What’s up?”

“Julie cancelled on me again.” James leaned back, closed his eyes, and put his head in the grass of the quad. “Third time in a row. If she wants to break up with me I wish she’d just do it already.”

Chase looked down at his friend lying next to him. James was here on a scholarship for the swim team—and he looked the part. A toned body with short, dark hair and just a little bit of scruff since they’d been off for a couple of days. His jawline could slice bread. Chase was also on the swim team, toned, and his blonde hair gave a nice contrast to James’ brunette. “I’m sure she’s just busy,” he said. “You know how chemistry majors are.”

James moaned and sat up, resting his head in his hands. “Yeah—busy getting railed by her lab partner, probably.”

“C’mon she wouldn’t do that.” Chase knew he sounded unconvincing. She would do that and in fact had once before—not that Chase blamed her. Julie was gorgeous and her lab partner, Kyle, was probably the only person in college hotter than James. “Let’s go for a swim and get your mind off of it.” Chase hopped up and held out his hand for James who let out a heavy sigh and let his friend pull him off the ground.

It was a short walk to the school’s pool, but they took their time and enjoyed the weather. “Enough about my miserable love life. How are things with you?” James asked, elbowing Chase. “Going out with that girl again? What was her name . . . Miranda?”

“Nope, definitely won’t be seeing her again,” Chase said.

“Why not? She was hot as hell.”

“Her roommate was hotter, and she caught me in his room after she thought I’d left.” Chase could feel his cheeks redden.

James laughed. “You fucking slut. Can’t keep it together for one evening?”

“I don’t know what to tell you. He came on to me first, to be fair.”

“I’m sure he did!” James laughed harder and slapped Chase on the back. “Let’s hurry up, I’m going to have to call Julie later.”

They got to the pool just as the only other person there left. “Sweet we’ve got it all to ourselves,” Chase said, following James into the change room. They quickly stepped into their swim gear and headed out onto the deck. Chase looked over at James and couldn’t help staring at his abs. gaziantep escort His eyes drifted down towards James’ bulge when he caught himself and snapped his head back up.

James quickly looked up at him as well. He could have sworn James had been admiring him back. James cleared his throat and looked at the pool. “Okay, so a few laps and then I’ve got to bounce. Sound good?”

“Sounds good,” Chase replied and hopped into the pool.

After they finished, James headed home to talk with Julie. Chase decided to go back to his place to get some work done. He was behind in a few classes and had a lot to do. His place was small, but functional. A kitchen, a table, a TV, and a bed. Chase sat down and got to work.

He woke up around midnight to knocking on his apartment door.

He looked at his computer screen and realized he had only written one sentence. “Fuck me,” Chase said as he stood up to answer. He looked through the peephole and saw James standing on the other side, tapping his foot. “One second,” he said as he slid the chain off the lock and pulled open the door. “Hey, man, what’s up?”

James stepped inside as Chase closed the door behind him. “This how you always dress for guests?” James asked, eyeing Chase.

Chase looked down and realized he was only wearing his boxer briefs. He felt his chest get hot as he stepped behind his kitchen counter. “Sorry, I was asleep. Wasn’t exactly expecting company. What are you doing here anyway?”

James’ face hardened. He said, “Julie finally pulled the plug. Broke up with me and then kicked me out. Can you believe it? I was hoping I could crash here for the night.” He dropped the bag he was carrying on the floor.

“Oh shit, I’m really sorry. Yeah, of course you can stay.”

“Thanks, appreciate it.” James stripped off his shirt and pants, revealing his toned body to Chase for the second time that day. He hopped into the bed. “Come on, I don’t mind sharing if you don’t.”

Chase felt himself get hard; his dick pressed out against his underwear. He stumbled through his words. “Uh yeah, totally cool, let me just grab a glass of water. Want anything?” Chase turned to the cupboard and tried to get his dick to go down. “I’m good,” James said. After a few seconds, he gave up on willing his boner away and moved towards the light switch as quickly as he could. Then he hopped under the covers.

“Christ that thing is enormous,” James said, rolling over to face Chase.

“I’m sorry I didn’t think you saw.”

“Don’t be sorry,” James said, his hand disappearing under the blanket. “It’s flattering.” Chase could feel James’ fingers brush against his lower stomach. His breathing got shallower as James worked his way down to pet the outside of his boxer briefs, stroking his dick through the fabric. Chase closed his eyes and moaned. “You like that?” James asked, shifting his body closer. Chase moaned again and slipped his underwear off, letting his dick spring free.

James chuckled and grabbed it, stroking Chase’s cock faster now. He pushed the blankets off around them and sat up, throwing one leg over his friend. Chase opened his eyes to see James straddling him, jacking him off. His muscular body moving up and down with the rhythm of the strokes.

“Fuck you’re hot,” Chase said, putting his hands behind his head. “You know, I’ve actually been pretty into you for a while,” said James, who moved himself lower until his lips brushed against Chase’s chest.

He started kissing his pecs, biting Chase’s nipples while keeping one hand locked around his dick. He moved up for a moment, kissing Chase around his neck before he dipped back down, licking along his abs until James’ mouth hovered around his throbbing cock. “You want this?” James asked, smirking as he looked up at Chase.

Chase grabbed James’ head and lowered his mouth down onto his eight inches. He could feel his friend’s lips tighten around his dick as James worked his tongue around the head, flicking back and forth. He started to move James’s head up and down along his shaft, going faster and harder as he felt himself getting closer.

He could hear James struggle to keep up and he saw lines of spit dangle from his friend’s mouth onto his dick as James pulled away to catch his breath. “Fuck me, you’re huge,” James said, wiping spit off his chin.

Chase chuckled and sat up, flipping James onto his back. He grabbed some lube from his nightstand and generously coated his dick before lifting James’ legs and rubbing some onto his hole. Chase gently slide a finger in and James gasped. “If that’s a shock, get ready for more.” Chase began sliding his finger in and out of James until he added a second. James’ head tilted back and he moaned in pleasure.

Chase pulled out his fingers and grabbed his dick, propping James’ legs onto his shoulders. He slowly slid in. Chase was shocked by how tight it was and almost came. He slid in halfway as James grabbed at the covers and groaned. Then when James nodded, Chase slid in the rest of the way, eliciting another moan. He started thrusting, moving back and forth as James took more of him each time.

“Fuck me, yes, yes, yes,” James said through gritted teeth. “Don’t stop. Fuck!” He screamed. Someone next door banged on the wall. That only goaded Chase on. He grabbed James’ ankles and lifted his legs higher, allowing him to push even deeper. James grabbed the headboard. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Chase smiled and pulled out of James who gasped as he did so. Chase grabbed him by the hips and flipped him over onto his knees, only giving James a moment to catch his breath before he started fucking him from behind. The smell of sweat and sex filled Chase’s nose as he watched the toned muscles on James’ back flex each time he slid in.

James’ breathing became ragged and Chase grabbed him around the chest, pulling him up so his back was against Chase while he continued to fuck him in the ass. Chase started kissing him along his jawline and slid one hand down to jack him off. James twisted his head around and kissed Chase, shoving his tongue deep into his mouth.

That pushed him over the edge. Chase shoved James down, keeping one hand pressed firmly against his back while he slapped his friend’s ass with the other. “I’m coming,” Chase huffed as he sped up, moving in and out of James, shoving himself as deep inside as he possibly could. Suddenly, he tensed up and came inside him, moaning and gasping as he released everything he had into his friend. At the same time, James let out a ragged sigh and came onto the bed, spraying the sheets and the pillow.

Both guys slumped over on their backs and laid next to other, staring up at the ceiling. James started laughing. “What’s that for?” Chase asked, propping himself up on his elbows.

“Nothing, I’ve just been wanting to do that for a while,” James said. He slid his body closer to Chase and pulled him into a deep kiss. Suddenly his phone buzzed. He picked it up and sighed. “It’s Julie—she wants to talk. I’ve got to go. I’ll see you tomorrow?” James winked at Chase.

“Definitely,” Chase said as his friend got dressed and left.

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