Close Friends Get Closer Ch. 2


I was close to panic as I stared at Bob as he stood in the doorway. I was sure that Bob would run off down the hallway and tell Shane and our friendship would be over forever. The moment seemed to stretch out extra long. And then I realized that this was because Bob hadn’t moved. He hadn’t fled he just stood staring at me and Gary, Me with a wet cock and cum on my chin. I smiled slightly as I noticed that Bob had a small tent forming in his boxers. I stood and walked over to him. He looked very uncertain as I reached out and grabbed a hold of his cock through the silky material of his boxers. I slowly started giving him a hand job and he relaxed slightly. I leaned forward to kiss him and he tried to back away. I tightened my hold on his cock and he buckled slightly at the knees. I leant forward and kissed him full on the mouth with lots of tongue and then as I finished I thrust my chin into his mouth so that he was forced to taste Gary’s cum. I slowly pulled him into the room by his cock and turned to grin at Gary as I quietly closed the door behind us.

Gary and I sat on either side of his and started rubbing his cock through his boxers. gaziantep escort All of a sudden the button on the front of his boxers broke off and his fully erect cock sprang into view. I gasped loudly as I got a good look at it. It wasn’t long, about an inch shorter than mine, 7 inches in all, but it was so thick that it looked huge. It was almost as thick as a knob of salami and I was filled with a sudden desire to suck it. I bent my head and was shocked to find I had to stretch my jaw fully open in order to get it in my mouth. It was surprisingly warm, hard, and yet soft at the same time. I tasted his precum in my mouth and I slowly lowered my head. The tip of his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged slightly but I kept going. Soon I had 5 inches of his enormously thick cock in my mouth and I loved it.

I felt hands pulling my head off his cock. Of course, Gary wanted his turn as well. I pulled my head off and lowered my mouth to his balls. I sucked one into my mouth as Gary tried to get Bobs cock into his mouth. He couldn’t do it. He could only fit about half of the head in his mouth so he pulled of and wrapped his mouth around the side of Bob’s cock. There was still over half left so I did the same. Soon we were both running our lips and tongues up and down Bob’s shaft and Bob was moaning softly. I sensed that he was about to cum so I traveled up and engulfed his head with my mouth. His first stream of cum hit the back off my throat and made me gag so I pulled back and the second hit me in the face. Gary pushed me aside to taste some for himself. Bob seemed to cum for ages and soon both mine and Gary’s faces were covered in cum. When Bob and finally finished I looked at Gary and then leaned over and ran my tongue all over his face to clean it, then he did the same for me.

We lay there for a while exhausted. I looked across at Bob and my cock, which had softened, immediately started to go hard again. Bob got onto his hands and knees and crawled across to me. Any insecurity he had had before was gone as he lowered his mouth onto my cock. Gary leant between us and whispered, “Get on your knees Andrew.” Obediently I changed my position so I was on my knees, Bob moved with my cock. Gary prodded me in the back and I raised myself slightly. Gary slid his head under my ass and began licking my balls. He obviously got bored with this because it wasn’t long before I felt his tongue tracing backwards. His hands reached up and parted my ass cheeks. Luckily I had had a shower before going to bed and as is my usual practice, used my finger to clean myself out, I don’t know if Gary would’ve liked the taste of that.

Gary’s tongue was tickling my anus while Bob was sucking my cock off. This was a situation I never would have believed as possible not long before this. My thoughts were interrupted when Gary began to tongue fuck my ass. His hot slippery tongue was forcing its way in and out of my ass. Then I felt him insert a finger into my ass, and then another. I had had larger things in my ass back when I was experimenting in my teens but this was the first time I had not had control of whatever was in there, I was in heaven. This went on forever until I finally came. Bob had certainly changed, he went from nervous at entering the room to frantically catching all of my cum in his mouth. By this point we were too tired to do anything else so Bob and Gary crept back to their rooms and it wasn’t long before I was under the covers, asleep and dreaming.

To Be Continued…

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