Cobalt Blue Ch. 04

Big Tits

Chapter 4 – Loving in a Winter Wonderland

“Have I told you how great this is?” the slender blond enthused as he and the taller figure behind him gazed out at the snow-covered countryside.

“Oh only one or two …dozen…times,” came the warm amused voice of the tall, dark haired man from behind his mate. Jaze smiled affectionately as the angelic face turned towards him smiling more brightly than the sun on the snow outside their Scottish cabin. Slender, strong arms wrapped around his waist and Stewie leant into his older lover’s muscular body. Automatically Jaze’s arms dropped from Stewie’s slim hips to the taut buttocks and in a well practiced manoeuvre, light flowed against dark to wrap long toned legs around a solid waist and began to pepper the beloved face with kisses.

“Well thank you again,” Stewie smiled. “You’re the best, Jaze,” he added nuzzling into the juncture of neck and shoulder of the older man and inhaling the clean, masculine scent of his mate.

“Love you, Babe,” Jaze growled softly into a small ear.

“Love you, too,” Stewie replied.

Jaze carefully swung the slighter man around to a peal of musical laughter. He then lowered the precious young man to the ground and Stewie cuddled close. Jaze held the blond tightly and smiled as he thought back to their arrival at the cabin earlier that day and how child-like in his excitement Stewie had been.

Jaze had got a loan of the holiday cabin on the west coast of Scotland from a good friend. Although the cabin was set in a forest with neighbours a good distance away, they were still in driving distance of Oban where they could get the ferry over to the isle of Mull.. An unexpected snowfall had covered the area with a thick layer of clean white snow with more predicted as on the way. They would have two full days at the cabin before travelling home again. The four days break enough to recharge their batteries. Jaze wanted Stewie to enjoy his first visit to Scotland and so far the younger man was enchanted.

The cabin boasted a kitchen/diner, bathroom and sunken living room on the ground floor. In the living room, a circular settee framed a beautiful, large real fire. Jaze’s smile widened at the thought of the space between the settee and fire. He had quite definite plans for that space. Upstairs was a large bedroom with an enormous bed. Jaze had plans for that, too. Stewie had run inside examining everything with such enthusiasm that it took Jaze’s breath away and he was glad he’d arranged this pre-Christmas treat.

“Let’s go play in the snow,” Stewie begged, turning large turquoise eyes on the older man.

“My lover…the big kid,” Jaze sighed theatrically, but he knew he was powerless to resist either the big eyes or the pleading tone.

“Please,” Stewie added, his eyes darkening. “I promise to be a really good boy later,” he said huskily.

“Imp,” Jaze laughed swatting the pert rear. “Ok, outside,” he ordered. Jaze’s smile was feral as he quickly retrieved some special supplies from the bags he had packed. In his haste to enjoy the snow, Stewie didn’t even notice.

For a while the men were simply content to walk in the snow-blanketed forest and take in the clean air and noise free environment. They held hands and traded kisses without any fear of censure. Finally Stewie had run to begin a snowball fight and the forest rang with their combined laughter. Jaze won by sneaking round on his younger mate and shaking a snow-laden tree that succeeded in covering Stewie making him look like a living snowman. Jaze helped brush off the snow from the blond and then enveloped him in a warm embrace. Slowly the embrace became an exploration of the warmly clothed body.

“Want you, Stewie,” Jaze’s voice was a rough caress of warm air into Stewie’s ear. Jaze felt the slender body tremble and knew it had nothing to do with the frozen landscape around them.

“Out here?” Stewie demurred. He wanted Jaze, but gazed around wide-eyed at the thought of making love where they stood.

“There’s no-one here but us, love” Jaze said, his hand sliding to rub insistently at a cloth covered bulge at Stewie’s groin. He was pleased to feel the flesh harden further under his touch.

Jaze,” Stewie moaned softly and Jaze knew the younger man had already capitulated. Stewie’s natural shyness was no defence against Jaze’s erotic demands. Blood pooled at Stewie’s groin and as Jaze shamelessly kneaded his responsive flesh, Stewie’s higher reasoning fled in the face of overwhelming desire.

Jaze kissed the smaller man deeply, feeling the blond become pliant in his arms. Jaze knew he had a wide exhibitionist streak, but endeavoured not to compromise Stewie’s naturally shyer personality beyond the young man’s comfort zone. He would never force Stewie where the other male felt uncomfortable, but the cabin’s relative isolation had made the older man dream that loving outdoors would be an option. He just hadn’t banked on the snow. He growled happily, one hand gaziantep escort still working its magic on the bulge between Stewie’s legs while the other fumbled in his pocket.

Ensuring Stewie was turned away from him, Jaze quickly donned the black leather gloves before reaching round to caress Stewie’s cheek. He turned Stewie to face him and noted with satisfaction the way Stewie’s eyes had darkened with desire.

“Up against the tree, love” Jaze commanded his voice dark and smooth. Jaze stood at Stewie’s side as the smaller man positioned himself. He stood as though ready to be frisked; bent at the waist, legs spread wide, his hands on the trunk of the tree. Jaze smiled as he took in the way the vulnerable position canted Stewie’s pert rear upwards. He knew this couldn’t last long; it was too cold to be undressed, even partially, for long.

Jaze unsnapped and unzipped Stewie’s jeans, tugging them impatiently to mid-thigh. He heard Stewie’s soft whimper as the cold air met his heated flesh. Looking down, Stewie’s moan became more wanton at the sight of his aroused flesh being milked by the hand encased in soft black leather.

“You like this, baby?” Jaze crooned in Stewie’s ear. He didn’t bother to wait for a reply. “You like being touched like this mmm? So good, baby. So good to be able to touch you,”

Jaze’s voice was dark, smooth and seductive and Stewie’s trembling bore no relation to the cold air around him, all he was focused upon was the sinful voice and the talented hand. Stewie panted softly as Jaze’s other hand caressed the exposed nether cheeks, kneading and squeezing the firm flesh. Several rapid swats on each cheek had them red and burning slightly and Stewie’s panting became shallower and harsher. He moaned the loss of the hand then gave a pleasured cry of Jaze’s name as a slick, gloved finger pressed between taut cheeks.

Jaze could feel his own flesh throb as he alternated between watching one hand stroke Stewie’s hardness and the other begin to thrust between the creamy globes. Jaze knew Stewie shared his fetish for leather and enjoyed the feel and look of the gloves on his body as much as Jaze did. Jaze had three fingers buried in his mate’s body and corkscrewed the motion to stretch Stewie ready to accept him. He felt the way Stewie tried to rotate his hips and push back trying to get Jaze deeper and the older man gave a growl of approval as Stewie threw back his head as Jaze rubbed the sweet spot deep within him.

Jaze removed his fingers to a wail of loss from his mate and hurried to free his aching erection. Positioning himself close behind the smaller man, Jaze carefully entered his lover in a smooth, controlled manoeuvre. He reached around Stewie to continue stroking the erect, smooth flesh and he gave a low guttural groan as he felt Stewie’s hot, tight channel ripple around his own solid need.

“Now, Jaze,” Stewie’s voice was rough with arousal. “Make me yours.”

As Stewie pushed back indicating his readiness, Jaze set a hard, fast pace, “Always mine, Stewie,” he rumbled into the small ear. With his free hand he reached around Stewie’s chest to pull the slender man tight against his chest. As his hips pistoned into slick, velvet walls he slid his free hand under Stewie’s layers of clothing and tugged gently at the peaked nipples he found.

Stewie whimpered in pleasure and allowed his head to fall back on Jaze’s shoulder. He loved his mate’s physical strength and sexual dominance. In this position, there was nothing he could do except let the bigger man pleasure him. Jaze was fully in control of his body; fingers rolling and gently pinching his nipples, a hand stroking his burning rod and Jaze’s own solid shaft thrusting inside him deeply, striking his sweet spot every time.

“So close,” he panted. “So close. Oh, Jaze…oh, oh…JAZE!” Stewie cried his lover’s name to the clear blue skies uncaring of who might hear.

Jaze’s eyes feasted on the ecstatic look on the smaller man’s face. He felt the slender channel clench rhythmically around his solid shaft as Stewie reached his zenith. He watched as Stewie’s crème pulsed over his gloved hand, the whiteness contrasting sharply with the black leather and with a primal roar, snapped his hips deep inside the slighter figure to find his own release.

“MINE,” he bellowed as his seed flowed inside the beloved body. He kept tight hold as Stewie sagged spent in his arms. Finally, the older man’s spent sex began to soften. He unsheathed himself and, ensuring Stewie could stand unaided, Jaze quickly tidied them both up. Turning Stewie to face him, Jaze gazed into loving, satiated cerulean eyes. As Stewie’s arms came out, Jaze enfolded the smaller man into a tight embrace and kissed him thoroughly.

“Love you, Stewie,” he murmured into a tiny ear. “Love you so much.”

“Love you, too,” Stewie replied, nuzzling at Jaze’s neck.

“Let’s get back and get you warmed up properly,” Jaze said, pulling the slender form close as they headed back to the cabin.

As the two men jostled their way into the cabin, Jaze swatted the pert rear as Stewie wriggled enticingly, glancing over his shoulder at the bigger man with a smouldering glance.

“Shower,” Jaze commanded softly. “Then we’re preparing dinner.”

“You’re not joining me?” Stewie asked, pouting unashamedly.

“No pouting,” Jaze laughed kissing the chilled lips. “I’ll be there in two minutes. I just need to get something from the car.”

“‘K,” Stewie said as he headed towards the bathroom.

Jaze was out to the car and back in seconds. He left the large rolled object lying close to the settee by the fire, confident his younger mate wouldn’t notice it. He then stalked to the bathroom door and paused, his eyes greedily taking in the sight before him.

Stewie stood in the shower, water cascading over the honey-tinted, lithe body making the young man look like an exotic water nymph. Jaze relished the glorious nudity of the form before him, knowing he would never tire of the sight. Although heat pooled in the older man’s groin and his flesh tightened and twitched in appreciation, Jaze was in no hurry to become re-aroused. He had plans for after dinner and getting aroused again, so soon, could interfere with those plans. With a fortifying breath, Jaze quickly stripped off his clothes and squeezed in close to his beautiful young lover. Both men relished the intimacy, touching and caressing each other freely. Jaze resisted the temptation to minister to Stewie’s half hard flesh. Instead, he kissed the smaller man before urging them out of the shower to dry off. The men simply donned sleep pants and tops once dry and headed to the kitchen.

Stewie’s culinary skills were non-existent, but Jaze enjoyed cooking. He directed Stewie into dicing up salad to accompany the already prepared home-made lasagne. Allowing Stewie to chop happily, Jaze left the younger man to continue saying he would ensure the fire was fully built up before preparing garlic bread. As Jaze had predicted, Stewie was so engrossed by the task allotted to him, he failed to notice the additional activity Jaze engaged in when tending to the fire.

Returning to the kitchen area, pleased with his preparations, Jaze waited for a suitable opportunity to put his arms around Stewie’s trim waist. He rested his head on the smaller man’s shoulder and sighed with contentment.

“I love you,” he murmured quietly. “I know it’s just been a few months but I can’t envisage life without you.”

“Same here, lover,” Stewie agreed putting his hands over Jaze’s, loving the way his older lover surrounded him. He tilted his head in silent offering and Jaze kissed his way up the proffered throat and then the lush lips. He wanted a slow, gradual build up of sexual tension.

They teased and bantered with each other and throughout the meal, they trading caresses and kisses that grew more heated and prolonged. By the time they had finished eating, Stewie’s bright blue eyes were darkened with the same desire that smouldered in Jaze’s hazel orbs.

“Put the dishes in the sink, love,” Jaze directed. “Then join me by the fire.”

Stewie complied with his lover and then came round the settee to join the older man. As he gazed down, his breath caught and his expressive eyes widened. Unconsciously he licked at suddenly dry lips. Jaze lay naked and hard in front of the fire, his eyes so dark as to be black as he slowly stroked his impressive length. Stewie felt saliva flood his mouth and he wanted to taste the bigger man. To Stewie, Jaze was the epitome of masculinity. Dark hair covered the broad chest and through which two prominent, dark pink nipples peeked. It then dusted over the toned abdomen. Beneath his navel a trail of dark hair led to a lush dark pubic pelt of curls that framed the solid shaft that beckoned to the younger man. Next to Jaze’s raw maleness, Stewie often felt like a boy pretending to be a man, but recognised that Jaze truly loved him the way he was. His slender physique belied his strength. His slender, hairless chest boasted twin dark discs that Jaze found totally irresistible and Stewie had never known could be a source of such erotic pleasure. Stewie’s slender rod was already jutting proudly from its small nest of blond curls.

“Your body is perfection, love,” Jaze purred seductively as though reading the younger man’s mind. “Absolutely gorgeous, come here, lover.”

As soon as Stewie took another step forward, he froze again and gasped with unexpected pleasure. The sight of Jaze and the dancing shadows cast by the fire had ensured Stewie hadn’t noticed what lay beneath his feet. He looked down with a wide smile at the decadent shearing rug that he now realised Jaze was lying upon. He ran a bare foot over the soft warm material.

“Call it a pre-Christmas present, baby,” Jaze smiled and petted the space between himself and the fire.

Stewie threw off the sleep pants and top almost throwing himself next to the bigger male and rubbed himself sinuously over the rug.

“You’re the best, Jaze,” Stewie said in a low husky voice that sent a jolt to Jaze’s already hard flesh. “Let me show you how much I love you.”

Stewie straddled Jaze’s body and then leant down to cover Jaze’s face with tiny butterfly kisses. Finally he settled his lips over Jaze’s, running his tongue over Jaze’s lips before plunging his tongue inside the warm, welcoming cavern. Their tongues danced languidly and Stewie moaned softly when Jaze sucked gently on the welcome, slick invader.

Jaze’s hands caressed and stroked soft skin that glowed gold and amber from the fire’s dancing flames. He was rarely the passive partner, both men preferring his sexual dominance. However, with Stewie, Jaze knew he had found a mate in whom he could trust implicitly. With that trust came a hitherto willingness to be vulnerable. He moved a hand to caress silken gold tresses as Stewie moved lower to lave and suck at the nipples he’d coveted earlier.

Stewie licked and nipped lower again to nuzzle happily in his lover’s abundant pubic fur. The position allowed hard, hot flesh to rub against his cheeks and Stewie inhaled the scent of Jaze’s musk and arousal. Stewie knew that having Jaze’s pre-come on him was a turn on for the older man and he raised his head to allow his face to rub against the dark red head of Jaze’s staff and heard the low groan of arousal deep in his lover’s chest. He allowed his tongue to follow the path of the shaft’s prominent vein from root to tip and back again and then suckled softly on the sensitive flesh, relishing the salty taste of Jaze’s arousal.

Jaze urged Stewie from straddling his legs and as the younger man knelt obediently at Jaze’s side, Jaze locked gazes with him as he planted his feet on the rug, allowing his legs to fall open in blatant invitation. Jaze heard the soft moan from Stewie at the sight of the bigger man so open as the smaller man repositioned himself between the wide-flung thighs.

Stewie carefully took each precious oval in his mouth in turn, gently rolling them before laving the sac with his soft tongue. With a final look at his mate, Stewie ducked his head lower and Jaze gave a long low moan of pleasure as Stewie’s tongue began to rim dusky furled flesh. He was unaware of the hastily placed cushion behind Jaze’s head as the bigger man strived to watch as his lover pleasured him with his tongue. Jaze began to pant harshly as the tip of Stewie’s tongue gently breached the entrance to his body.

“Need you, baby,” he said hoarsely. His shaft ached with the need for release and the sight Stewie presented as he raised his head: mussed blond hair, face flushed from his exertions, only added to Jaze’s desperation. Stewie flowed up Jaze’s body to fuse their mouths together and Jaze moaned at his intimate taste in Stewie’s mouth.

Carefully, Jaze rolled their bodies so that he loomed over his slighter mate. His hands caressed and roamed imperiously over the slender nude form. His mouth descended on Stewie’s left breast, suckling as much of the sensitive tissue into his mouth as he could. He then nipped and laved at the small cinnamon bud. Lapping across skin made burnished gold by the firelight, Jaze repeated his action on the neglected twin nub. He heard Stewie’s quiet mewl of pleasure and then Stewie’s hands were in his hair, holding his head against Stewie’s breast as the younger man arched into the caress.

Jaze’s tongue lapped down Stewie’s body until he reached the small thatch of curls that seemed aflame with golden fire. As Jaze nuzzled between the toned thighs, Stewie instantly spread his legs wide, inviting his mate into his hidden depths. Jaze used one powerful arm across the back of Stewie’s thighs to display the smaller man to his gaze. He stared with a ravenous hunger at the tiny pink portal now exposed. He swooped down, his tongue the erotic spear by which he impaled his young love. His tongue touched velvet heat and Stewie’s most intimate taste inflamed Jaze’s desire further. His primal growl sending shivers throughout Stewie’s slender form.

Stewie strained to reach Jaze’s head as his lover’s slick, agile muscle thrust into his intimate depths. As he felt Jaze’s tongue move within him it fuelled his already raging arousal.

“More, please,” he begged hoarsely

Jaze reached for the lube he had hidden earlier as he continued to pleasure his lover with his tongue. Slicking two fingers liberally, Jaze moved to take Stewie’s aching shaft into his mouth as he pressed the lubricated fingers into the smaller man’s body. He sought out and stroked Stewie’s hidden sweet spot and relished the sweet cries of pleasure that spilt from his mate’s lush lips.

Stewie held to Jaze’s head as his anchor amidst the maelstrom of sensation. His lover’s mouth and tongue on his eager flesh and a third finger had crowded into his tiny channel to stretch and ready him for his mate’s solid sex.

“Now, Jaze,” he pleaded, head thrashing in response to the need and desire coursing through his veins. “In me now.”

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