College Roommates Meet Ch. 02



At about 3am, Devante was awaken by a loud crash, Spencer on the other hand was still fast asleep. Devante got up to investigate. He opened the closet to find that one of Spencer’s bens had fallen on the ground. As he picked it up to sit it back on the shelf a set of pictures fell out.

Chapter 2

Curiosity got the best of Devante and before he knew it he was flipping through them. The first picture was of a naked blond chick with big breast, the next of a brunette, and the next of another blond. The more Devante flipped the harder and harder his dick got.

Quickly he looked over to Spencer, who was completely naked and had managed to kick his cover off revealing his semi-hardon, but he was still fast asleep.

Devante then slid his boxers down a little to let his, now leaking, dick escape from its prison. As he looked through the pictures he slowly began to massage his growing nine inch dick. By now the head was covered in pre-cum and aching to cum.

Suddenly, Devante came to some pictures of Spencer fucking these girls. Something intrigued Devante about these. He found himself marveling at Spencers uncut dick. Never has Devante seen an uncut cock before gaziantep escort and definitely not one that was hard.

The last couple of pictures set Devante over the edge. Apparently, Spencer must have taken some pictures of himself jerking off because the girls had disappeared and now it was only Spencer and his big cock. When Devante turned to the next picture of Spencer’s cock shooting a hot load all over his chest, Devante lost it send rope after rope of ivory cum all over the closet floor.

Devante scurried to find a towel and clean up his mess. He also quickly put the photos back in the box, but not before snagging one of the cum shot photos to save for later.

Devante climbed back in bed and had no problem falling to sleep after blowing that giant load all over the floor.

The next morning Devante awoke to a naked Spencer rummaging through his closet looking for an outfit to wear.

Looking over, Spencer remarked, “Good morning sleepy head!”

“Shut up! Well it took me a while to get to sleep” replied Devante.

“Bullshit! You were asleep before me.” Spencer shot back.

“Anyway… What’s on the agenda for today?” asked Devante.

“Well I know we have orientation in an hour, but later on they are supposed to be having some kind of lame mixer so that the freshmen can get to know each other before the upperclassmen come back. I doubt I go though. My friend was telling me about a party with some cute girls so I think I wanna go to that. You in?” asked Spencer.

“Why not? I could use some pussy” stated Devante even though that was the furthest thing from his mind at the moment.

“Aye Devante, did you go through some of my shit? My stuff looks moved around or something and my baseball cards are on the floor?”

“Naw dude, your box fell last night and some stuff fell out. I thought I picked it all up” Spencer replied.

Although unseen by Devante, Spencer’s face was filled with horror. “What else fell out?” he asked quickly.

A little nervous, Devante responded “Just a couple of tshirts and your old yearbook that its.”

Relieved, Spencer said “thanks for picking up my shit. I guess that’s what happens when you put a heavy box on top of a half empty one” and continued to get ready.

They both headed off to their separate orientations with plans of meeting up later to head over to the party.

While walking to orientation, Devante ran into this tall Adonis. He had light blue eyes and a smile that lit up the room. Devante couldn’t help but stare.

“Hey man, do you live on this floor” the guy asked.

“Yeah, right down the hall in 488” quickly replied Devante.

“Oh, you must be… uhm… Davon… no Dev…”

“Devante” he quickly cut him off.

“Yeah, sorry about that. My name is Lance and I am the RA for this floor. If you need anything at all, directions, advice on good places to eat, even a listening ear let me know” Lance said.

“Aight man! Cool!” Devante responded.

“Well, I don’t want to hold you up. I know you have to get off to orientation, but I live right here is 435 if you need me” Lance said as we went back into his room.

Spencer was the first to get back to the room and had apparently brought a friend.


This is chapter 2 of College Roommates Meet. I hope you enjoyed. I promise there will be sex and lot of hot jacking off in the chapters to come but I do want to lay down a little storyline first. Like I said this is my first time writing a story so if you have feedback or suggestions I would love to hear it. Please email me with any comments, questions, critics, or suggestions and as always, stay tuned.

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