Crimson Sky Ch. 04


*Coming soon, CS Ch.05.PS:[] means thought. Enjoy Ch.04*


I got back home 3 hours later than I had planned but I didn’t mind – it was 3 well spent hours with really good company. I smiled to myself as I turned on the shower for the second time that day. Alex was witty but shy and blushed fairly easily – I think he spent half the time we were together blushing and he looked so cute. I felt my cock start to harden and I thought about taking a cold shower but realised that that would only irritate me and not take care of my problem down there so I stepped under the spray of water and imagined Alex with me in there, on his knees worshiping my cock. I took my hardness into my hand and slowly started stroking myself; I imagined it was his hot, wet mouth around my cock, sucking up and down then taking me deep. I stroked faster and imagined him drawing back slowly, licking the underside as he went and when only the tip is left in his mouth, he flicks his tongue into my slit and starts sucking on my head like a lollipop. I started feeling the familiar tingle in my balls that indicated that I was close and I imagined Alex massaging my balls while he assaulted my cock and when I took hold of my balls, I lost control and came harder than I ever had with his name on my lips. After I had stopped trembling enough to be able to stand up straight, I washed up quickly and went to make myself food with only a towel wrapped around my waist. As I was walking into the kitchen the phone rang and I went to answer it.


“Hey Mick”

“Oh hey Nic, how’s it going?”

“Same old same old, how are things over there?”

“Well I’m feeling very well rested but not exactly at peace”

“Why not?”

“It’s not something we can discuss over the phone Nic”

“Ok, I’m on my way and I’ll bring takeaways so don’t worry about making anything to eat”

“You read my mind” “Nah I just know you too well. See you in a few minutes”


I hung up and rushed upstairs to get dressed. I had just put on my jeans when the doorbell rang. I went downstairs shirtless to open the door. “I swear you must have supernatural powers Ms Rodriguez because it hasn’t even been 10 minutes yet” I said as I opened the door.

I was surprised to find not my tall, brunette and smoking hot best friend standing on the other side but a tiny, black headed and utterly gorgeous Alex, along with his best friend Miguel instead. “Oh sorry, I was expecting someone else” I said, flushing as I thought of my fantasy involving Alex earlier on.

“Yeah we got that doc” Answered Miguel as Alex was staring fixedly at the floor.

I was just about to invite them in when a female voice shrieked, “Oh my God Miggy!”

“Hey sis”

“What on earth are you doing here?”

“Well it’s kinda hard to explain”

“Well make it easy”

“Uhm out here?” Alex finally looked up to ask that question, I flushed once more

“I’m so sorry, I totally forgot my manners. Please come in.” I stepped aside to allow them to come in. Once they were inside I led them to the kitchen – after rushing upstairs to put a shirt on.

Miguel whistled, “Wow doc! This house looks great on the outside but inside it looks magnificent, a true beauty. The shape is not one that is used a lot these days and the structure…simply perfect.”

“He’s an architect” Alex said apologetically.

“Yeah I remember you mentioning something about it earlier” I said as I shot him a smile. “Please grab a seat and since I know Nicky brought more food than necessary, I know there’s enough for all”

“It’s a good thing I decided against Thai then” said Nicky.

“Oh you wouldn’t have dared!” I said outraged and she laughed.

“Micah hates Thai food more than anything else in the world. Come to think of it, so do you Alex.”

I widened my eyes in surprise, “You hate Thai too?”

“Yeah I can’t stand it.”

I smiled. One more thing we have in common gorgeous, I thought and out loud I said “Yeah me too.” Alex blushed and smiled back.

“Ok now that we’ve established that you both hate Thai food, maybe we can actually get to eating?” complained Miguel and everyone laughed.

“You’ll have to forgive my brother; he has a fast metabolism so eating is his favourite hobby.”

“Well I think food was the best thing ever invented so I guess I don’t blame him for liking the stuff so much.” I said.

“Finally! Someone who speaks my language!” Miguel said and we all laughed again.

Nicole dished up and I led the guys to the living room because the dining room seemed too impersonal. “So…I hate to be frank but what exactly are you guys doing here?” I asked when we sat down. They exchanged looks and I waited.

“Uhm…well you see…” Alex began but stopped and looked to Miguel for help.

“Well doc we were kinda wondering if you could give us your professional opinion on this whole situation” Miguel said.

I raised my eyebrows in question for a second before composing my face, “My professional opinion?” I echoed.

“Uhh yeah… You know, as a doctor.”

I looked gaziantep escort at the pair of them for a moment and decided to be truthful. “Okay let me explain this gentlemen.” I paused for a second before carrying on, “I’m a god. One of the many sons of Zeus to be exact.” I looked at them both before I continued, “My fortes are the mind, soul and heart.” I looked at them again and tried to gauge their reactions without using my powers. They were frozen in a shocked silence for a few minutes before either one could speak. Miguel was the first to regain his ability to speak.


Oh my God! The doc is a god! Oh oh oh, I must’ve heard wrong. Miggy and I must’ve sat in a shocked silence for close to five minutes before Miggy regained his ability to speak.

“Wow this was the last thing I expected doc, and this is all cool and everything and we’ll have a long conversation about it later but what does this have to do with Lex’s vision?” He asked. The doc looked like he was deep in thought and it was quite a while before he spoke.

“Well I’m sure Alex told you that he ran into me earlier and that he told me all about his vision right?”


“Well before I give you a definite answer I need to know a few things.”

“Sure doc, shoot.”

“Alex what time exactly did you have the vision?” I jumped a little at the sound of my name.

“Uhm… an hour after we ran into you I think” I said in a cracked voice.

“And were there any side effects?”

“Yeah actually, sometime during the vision I got this splitting headache and almost immediately after the vision I blacked out.”

He sat quietly for a short while before he answered. “I woke up very shortly after I went to sleep with a headache that I didn’t have before and this vision that you had, I recognize it as the dream I was having in the short while that I was asleep so that means…”

“It means that I was in your head somehow” I finished for him and he nodded.

“Yes that’s exactly what it means but what I want to know is how and why you seem to be immune to my shields.” He said. At that exact moment, Nicky walked in with the food and set it down before speaking.

“This room is so thick with tension; I could make a winter sweater out of it.” She said and we all burst into laughter.

“Let’s eat” said Miggy and I quickly agreed.

We ate in silence for a few minutes and then I heard a voice speaking in my head. [Hmm… So he saw my dreams, which means he can probably read my mind too, interesting.]

I choked and they all looked at me. “Alex, are you ok?” asked the doc.

I spluttered for a few more minutes before I could finally breathe and then I answered him. “Yes I’m fine” [I just happened to hear a completely random thought of yours in my head.] It was his turn to choke.

“How the hell did you do that?” He asked when he could breathe.

“I didn’t know I was doing anything doc. I was just thinking.” I said innocently

“No I don’t mean that, I mean the hearing my thoughts part” He said a bit agitatedly.

“Well you did think that I’d probably hear your thoughts.” I said and Nicky gasped.

“Micah do you know what this means?” she asked. I was surprised when he didn’t bother to answer her but kept eating his food, I was about to ask him if he heard her when he choked again, for longer this time.

“Uhm it’s kind of rude to start a conversation out loud and finish it in thought” I said after we were sure that the doc would live.

“No it’s not; it’s the best way to have a private conversation.” Nicky answered.

“Not anymore” countered the doc. “At least not if your theory is true” He continued.

“Think about it, what other logical solution is there Micks?”

He sighed, “None that I can think of right now but I’m sure we’ll find a perfectly logical explanation that is far off from your theory.”

I interrupted at this point. “Uhm can someone fill us in?” But they ignored me like they never heard me.

“Why does my theory bother you Micah? I mean you’ve been searching for something like this for years or are you not interested in…” She trailed off.

“This is not the kind of life anyone wants to live, believe me I know.” He said.

“Don’t analyze this Micah, just go with the flow and see where it takes you” She argued.

“NO! I could never condemn someone else to be something like this because in your eyes it might look cool and shit but in reality it’s not. It’s the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone.” He whispered the last part and I felt my heart breaking when I saw his pained expression. Everyone remained silent for a while and boy was it an awkward silence – at least for me it was. I looked at Miggy and silently pleaded with him to break the silence, he seemed to understand.

“Uhm so doc you never did tell us your professional opinion on the matter” He said and the doc raised weary eyes to his.

“I honestly don’t have a professional opinion about this. I just think Alex should start working on shielding my thoughts out of his head. I am the only one you’ve heard so far right?” He asked turning to me.

“Uhh yeah I haven’t gotten anything off of anyone else doc.” I answered a little shakily.

“Then you should start working on blocking me out” He said and started clearing the dishes.


“Just drop it Nicole, I won’t do it.” And he was out of the room.


I was livid. I couldn’t believe Nicole would even suggest something like that. You know what she said? She said that the fact that Alex can hear my thoughts means that he’s my soulmate and as if that wasn’t absurd enough she went on to tell me that I should claim him so that we can be true soulmates, as in always in each others’ heads and all that crap. I mean hell, knowing how much I despise what I am, how could she even suggest I do that to someone else? I feel bad enough knowing that Alex is already exposed to my thoughts and I can’t even begin to explain how on earth that happened. I certainly am not accepting Nicole’s reasoning. I’m sure they all could hear me banging the plates around but I didn’t care, I needed to vent and in all honesty, they should be happy I’m taking it out on the plates instead of them, especially Nicole. “So called best friend.” I muttered angrily.

“Hey, the dishes never did you any harm” came a voice behind me. “

“Well unless you want to volunteer to be beaten to a pulp in their stead, I wouldn’t complain if I were you.” I replied harshly and immediately regretted it.

“I was just trying to distract you from your anger but obviously my efforts are unappreciated so I’ll just leave.” I turned to see tears brimming in Alex’s stormy grey eyes and I sighed, just the thought of me causing him pain was too much for me to deal with at that moment. I looked at him for a moment before speaking.

“Nicole thinks you’re my soulmate” I said then first a look of genuine surprise crossed his gorgeous face then one of understanding and finally one of hurt.

“You disagree with her” It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes” I said in a gentle voice.


“You don’t understand what being my soulmate means Alex.”

“Then tell me doc” he whispered. “Make me understand.”

“Well for starters, you’d always have me in your head”

“I would want you even closer”

“And if something should happen to me, you’d feel everything twice as much as I would”

“Most lovers dream of being able to do that”

“And if I didn’t claim you, you would slowly, very slowly and painfully mind you, die”


“Because one soulmate can’t live without the other once they find each other, just like one can’t die while the other lives”

“Ok I have a feeling that should be cool and all but I just can’t imagine what you’re saying so let’s rather leave that alone.” he said a little shakily.

“LISTEN TO ME!!!” I roared. “This is not about your imagining things. This is about you and how your life would be affected if I even considered publicly recognizing and claiming you as my soulmate.” I said a little softer.

“Would it be such a bad thing?” He asked, not bothering to stop the tears from falling.

“Believe me it would be worse – absolute torture Alex. Living in someone’s head is not child’s play.” I said morosely.

“Yeah but not if you think you’re falling for that someone” He countered and I felt the urge to shake him until he got that thought out of his head.

“Don’t ever say that again. Not to me anyway.” I replied. The tears were streaming down his face by now and I wanted to kick myself for hurting him but at the same time, I wanted to kick him out of my house, for his own good and my sanity, I told myself. “Please try to understand Alex, it’s not you I’ve got something against, hell given the opportunity I would make you mine, but this situation doesn’t permit that. I’m sorry for hurting you and I’m sure you’re a great guy and an even better lover but you deserve better than the life you would have with me.” I said after a short pause.

“Shouldn’t I be the one to decide that?”

“You should but I’m not giving you the chance to do so”

“Why not?”

“I would think it’s pretty obvious why Alex.” I said wearily.

“So what does this mean for us?” He asked timidly.

“Nothing.” I said simply, “Absolutely nothing.”

“Don’t you want to reconsider that answer Micks?” Came Nicole’s voice from the doorway.

“Yeah actually I do. What this means for us is that you will walk out of here a very safe man and you will go out there and live your life the way it was intended and you will forget that you ever met a man named Micael Woods. Do we understand each other Mr. Croon?”

“Yes doctor.” He answered and I smiled a little, the boy sure could catch on fast.

“I’m glad, now would anyone like something to drink?”

“Uhh I think I’ll be on my way. Miggs?” Alex said.

“Uhh yeah me too” Miguel answered him.

“Thanks for everything doctor, we’ll see ourselves out.” Alex said as they walked out.

“Micael Woods why on earth did you do that?” Nicole said as soon as they were gone.

“We can’t talk about this now; I need to talk to my father.” I said quickly. That silenced her for the second that I needed to get a bond with him. Father?

-Yes Micael what is it?

Don’t pretend you don’t know father, I need to talk to you about this.

-Well what are you still doing in New York then?

I’ll take that as an invitation to Olympia

-What else could it be bright spark?

I see you haven’t changed father

-Ha! I’ve been the same man for millennia

Yes you have, anyway I’m on my way

-No you’re still in the same place, you’re not moving

We’ll talk soon father

I cut off the connection and focused on Nicole. “I’m teleporting so you’ll have to shield your eyes.” She nodded and looked away. I stared at her back for a second before in a flash of bright light, I was gone.

In Mount Olympia:

I teleported straight into my father’s office and was mildly surprised to find that in the last decade, a few things had changed. Then again, knowing my father, Hera- I don’t call her ‘mother’ – had to put her foot down to have him change even the tiniest thing. “Don’t just stand there like a visitor, come sit.” My father snapped at last.

“You could at least be gracious about the offer” I snapped back.

“Were you expecting a personal invitation?” He said.

“Whatever, I need to talk to you.” I replied.

“So you’ve said.” He remarked drily.

“Yeah well it’s a matter of the utmost bafflement to me” I said.

“Is it really?” He said flatly.

“YOU COULD AT LEAST SOUND INTERESTED!” I raged and he looked at me, a cold look in his eyes.

“Be careful son, I think you’re forgetting who you’re talking to.” He said coldly and I flinched.


He lowered his eyes again. “I thought I told you to sit down”

“I’m fi–“

“Don’t make me make you do it Micael” He said, once again raising his eyes to mine.

“Fine!” I snapped and draped my left leg over the back of the nearest chair.

“Now why exactly are you here? I haven’t got all day to waste arguing with you.” He said.

“I think I may have found my soulmate” I said calmly and he looked genuinely surprised for a fleeting moment before bursting into laughter.

“Well I would say congratulations but I’ve got a feeling that wouldn’t go down too well.” He said after he caught his breath.

“Thank you oh so much for sparing my feelings, I appreciate it.” I said sarcastically.

“Well finding him certainly hasn’t improved your personality I see” He said.

“Well it’s kind of annoying having to find out that my soulmate is human” I said.

“Human huh, well may the Gods be with his unfortunate soul.” He said and I shot him a dark look.

“You seem to have forgotten that I deal with souls father”

“No no, I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just always wanted to say that.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “He chooses this moment to reveal his crappy sense of humor. If there is a divine being out there, He must have something against me.” I sighed and my father chuckled lightly.

“Well there are too many of us to all have something against you so you must be imagining things.” He said.

“Whatever, I need this problem solved ASAP” I said and my father looked like he might start laughing again but instead he turned his attention to the closed door and spoke.

“Well isn’t it my lucky day. My twin sons have both decided to come see me on the same day at the same time. Come in Ares.”

At that moment my identical twin, Ares, walked in. “Why hello twin. I haven’t seen you in quite a while. What brings you to these parts?” He greeted cheerfully.

“Well I’ll be damned if you aren’t smiling twin. What war has broken out that has put you in such a good mood?” I asked teasingly. We both laughed as he walked to where I was sitting and pulled me into an embrace. We sat down and held hands under the table like we used to do when we were younger.

“What brings you here Ares?” My father asked.

“Is it a crime for a son to want to visit his father?” Ares asked wistfully.

“In your case it usually means you’ve landed yourself in some or other form of trouble so I’d rather not answer that.” My father replied.

Are you alright twin? Ares asked mentally.

Yes why? I replied with a question of my own.

Well I sort of had a feeling that something was wrong with you and that’s why I came here. He said and I smiled fondly at him.

It’s not something we can talk about here, I told him.

But there is something to talk about? He asked, worry lining his words.

Yes but it’s nothing to worry about. I reassured him quickly but he was still worried.

Are you sure? He asked frowning and I sent waves of reassurance to him just as I turned to smile at him.

Yes I’m sure, I said and I touched his forehead to ease the lines on it. There’s no need to worry about me twin, I continued, I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

“It’s particularly rude to ignore your host when you came to visit him.” My father’s irritated voice cut into our mental conversation and we both smiled at each other one last time before turning back to him.

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