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I was lying in bed feeling horny and the fantasy of chatting with, and possibly meeting, someone from an adult contact site seemed deliciously sexy and had my balls tingling. Other than being wanked off by a friend when I was 19, I had never actually done anything like this but had been bi-curious for a long time. Before long my right hand had strayed to my cock which I gently stroked until it stood fully erect. I pulled down the sheets knowing that I was going to masturbate and squirt lots of spunk over my belly.

I got to work, kneading and stroking with one hand and pinching my nipples with the other, then running it down my belly and back again. My imagination was running wild as I conjured up an image of a beautiful young guy who was naked with a hard 8 inch cock which was wafting in my face as he stripped off my T-shirt and jeans. I paused several times as I was savouring the delicious feeling and did not want to cum too quickly. All told, I guess this lasted around 30 minutes before I succumbed and shuddered to a thunderous orgasm which sprayed several streaks of spunk across my belly and up to my nipples. My body sagged with the relief that only regular wankers truly know and I basked in its afterglow.

Later that day I thought back to my orgasm and the fact it had resulted from my thoughts of using an adult contact site. I had nothing to do so decided to check on my emails. I cranked up my PC and found I’d received only a couple of items of spam. Disappointed, I decided to spice things up a little and started to browse a few contact sites. Before long I was feeling horny again and, as I was unable to see much detail on these websites, other than some mildly sexy pics and brief descriptions, decided to register an account.

Filling out the registration form was a little tedious at first but I started to get into it when I had to tick off my sexual preferences, describe myself and add a photograph (one I had taken gaziantep escort previously showing me in skimpy swimming trunks — I trimmed this to avoid showing my face as I did not wish to run the risk of being recognised), as I then realised that other guys would browse my profile and maybe get in touch. I was hard again!

My profile said I was adventurous and looking to exchange fantasies and pictures and possibly meet with local guys up to 25 years old for sexy times together. I selected a user name, added a password and paid to register.

I quickly received confirmation of membership and decided to browse the more detailed profiles to which I now had complete access. I was able to search on members living within various distances of my flat and decided that anything within 25 miles was reasonable. The results were impressive, showing there were more than 50 other members that fitted my criteria. I became completely absorbed in reading these profiles and viewing the, sometimes very graphic, photographs.

There were all shapes and sizes within my search and I quickly discarded those I found unappealing. This left me with roughly half remaining. Time had run away with me and it was only when there was ‘ping’ sound indicating the arrival of a new email, that I realised I’d been browsing for almost 2 hours.

Automatically I opened my in-box and was excited to see notification that I’d received a message from another member on the contact site. I rushed back to its website and opened the messages folder to find a short message from another guy who said that my profile seemed interesting and he’d like to exchange pics and fantasies if I was interested. He’d attached a couple of pics, one of which was a head and shoulders shot which showed him to be in his early twenties, cleanly shaven and with a broad smile. The other pic was much more interesting — in this he was standing completely naked with a very impressive shaven and hard cock jutting out below a firm belly. I had to fight the urge to wank off there and then!

I set to work on drafting a response while hoping to strike a balance between being interested, but cool. As it goes, I was unable to manage ‘cool’, so settled for keen, commenting that he (Simon) had a great body which I’d like to run my hands and tongue all over. I explained too that I was pretty inexperienced in this sort of thing and gave him an email address for direct contact if he wanted to take this further. I also added a couple of further pics which I’d taken myself.

Within a couple of minutes a further reply arrived with Simon saying my cock looked good enough to eat and that he would like to get to know me and do some web-camming if I was up for this. He also included a mobile phone number which, after a few minutes wrestling with my nerves, I plucked up the courage to dial. It rang out a few times before being answered and I found myself stuttering and asking if this was Simon.

A calming voice confirmed that it was indeed Simon and that he was so pleased to hear from me as I’d been making him horny. I laughed and began to relax a little as we chatted . We agreed to set up our web cams so we could see each other as we spoke.

Simon said how much he’d enjoyed my photos and that he’d enjoy it even more if I could be persuaded to strip off and masturbate for him. I didn’t take any persuasion as I perched in front of my PC and pulled off my T-shirt before unbuckling my trousers and letting them fall to the floor. Simon was making encouraging comments and asking me to squeeze and twist my nipples for him. My right hand fell into my lap and I squeezed my cock through my thin briefs and then took hold of the waistband, carefully lifting this over the end of my cock and sliding them down my thighs so that I was now completely naked.

I slowly began to masturbate using long strokes and pulling back the foreskin as far as it would go. My bell end glistened from the pre-cum seeping out and with urgency in his voice Simon instructed me to increase the speed a little as he wanted to see me cum onto my belly. Between gasps and sighs I raved that I was going to shoot lots of spunk for his pleasure and that I would like him to shoot his into my mouth. I was working my hand over my cock furiously now and realised that I was fast reaching the point of release. Within a few seconds more my balls convulsed and several strings of cum burst from the end of my cock and snaked over my belly and as far as my upper chest. With a great sigh I slumped down into my seat, a spent but happy feller.

Simon commented ‘That was great. Now me.’ He writhed in his chair as he handled his cock, which was good and long, about 8 inches though not too thick. He was wanking furiously with one hand and caressing his balls, thighs and belly with the other. There was a loud ‘Fuck, yeah’ as stream after stream of spunk flew onto his belly, some even reaching his chin.

When he recovered, Simon asked me to scoop up some of the spunk from my belly and taste it. I’d never actually done this before and was a little cautious as I didn’t know if I’d like the taste. Obediently, I scooped as much as I was able onto a hand and gently dipped my tongue into the cum. There was not a lot of taste and I was happy to take it all into my mouth before sticking out my tongue to show Simon what a good amount I’d taken. I then swallowed it and grinned at Simon, feeling quite proud of myself for being such a slut.

He took my lead and did much the same but smeared the remainder all over his belly, to a sexy effect.

We both agreed it had been great and that it could now only be surpassed by a meeting to explore each other fully. Simon was able to accommodate, so it was agreed that we’d meet at a bar not far from his home and, provided we both still felt the same, would go back to his place and fuck each other’s brains out.

More next time.

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