Swimming Nude with Boys Can be Fun! Pt. 02


This is part two of a story based on stories my aunt told me years ago. It is not a story about losing virginity even though one character does. It is more about the sexual awakening of the main character that is followed by many sexual first.

As far as how true the stories are, I can only attest to the fact that nude swimming by males was required in some swimming pools at one time. The origin of the rules came in 1926, from the American Public Health Association, which adopted guidelines about swimming attire that indicated that because fibers clogged filters, bacteria count escalated. Therefore, all males using pools should bathe before entering and not be permitted to wear anything whatsoever, and that female swimmer should only wear suits that were not dyed or had loose fibers. This national guideline was not dropped until 1962. I stumbled onto it one day trying to confirm what I had been told by my elders. No one knew exactly why but a simple search (males were required to swim nude) confirmed this and gave some validity to the stories I had heard related to it. In some colleges, it did not end until the mid-70s.

Some colleges even required that males swam naked at swim meets, while female team members in suits watched and waited to compete in their events. I assume they kept the rules longer as college students are over 18. It also confirmed that, in some cases, adult family members as far as parents and grandparents of the competitors were permitted to watch them compete.

Reading part one, a two-page relatively short story would frame these following parts much better than reading them on their own. However, each one is an individual story. As always all fictional characters as portrayed are over the age of 18.

More stories from aunt Chrisy

(Every time I visited Auntie Chrisy I made her tell me another story. She tried to act like she does not like telling them or telling on herself but I take a couple of bottles of wine with me. This is what I got after the first bottle was gone. I asked her to pick up on the swimming naked story, it was just too awesome not to continue. We will cut in where she left off. Told by her in the first person, but any of my dialog will be in both italic, and enclosed in parentheses.)


About halfway through the semester, I had more chances to swim naked with the boys, well I didn’t actually swim, I was to teach and life-guard them. Mostly sitting in the big lifeguard/instructor chair with my neatly trimmed coochie on display.

Mark had told me that they needed an instructor for a couple of their classes and that the guys would like me especially if I would show unity, and teach them while naked. I questioned how they were defining unity, but I guess it was the age-old, you show us yours and we will show you ours deal.

The job paid $8 for a half-hour lesson or $12 for an hour, it was hard to find a job that paid even $2 an hour back then. I told him yes of course, and he put my name in. He told me later that he put my name in as just Chris as they did not ask if I was a guy or a girl.

He said, “You won’t be the first, there have been other female instructors, but they were all mature women, not students, and they wore swimsuits as far as I know. Once payday comes the precedent will be set, and they can’t fire you.” He added, “We have had one of them a time or two, I think they are hired for their looks, and by that, I mean old enough looking to likely not be appealing to guys our age.”

I found out later that I got not just the fill-in slot, but also a non-swimmer class if I wanted it. Of course, I did, I did not come from wealth, or I would have been at a better school. I would not be stuck in an ancient dorm as well. The fact that it was formally all-male, it had more urinals in the bathrooms than toilets. Our stalls did not even have doors!

I guess college-age males were not expected to have dignity when they took a dump back when they built the college or when they were forced to swim naked. It was just an example of how we females were looked at and treated differently like we had to be protected. Both men and women should have had the option to swim naked, why were our bushes and breasts obscene but guys’ bushes with their penises sticking out from them not?

These were all-male decisions how they thought of us as not equal had something to do with it. The early claims were that fibers from suits would clog filters, well what about pubic hair uncontained by the suits? Treating both sexes the same also would have and would show both sexes that we come in all types of builds, maybe even would have prevented the body shaming that exists in both sexes. You can’t tell me a chubby male student or one with a small flaccid penis is not subject to it any more than a flat-chested, or full-figured female.

There was a problem though, after the initiation I had courtesy of the swim team girls. Things got complicated gaziantep escort with me being female. When word got out that I had swum naked with the male students, I ended up with a small posse of other more liberated girls. Several of the girls came to me and told me they wanted to petition the school to make suits optional for females. They agreed with me on the fact that, If guys were forced to swim naked, why can’t we at least have our choice. I was a reluctant leader of what was becoming a movement, but I did believe in it. I was just plain sick of being treated differently than men.

We had other things on our side of the argument. It was the 70s and discrimination by sex or race was a bigger thing. The girls’ team was just barely solvent as well, if we lost even two members we would not have a team. That could cost the school some of their sports accreditations and maybe federal grants that went with them.

They did not succeed in getting that rule through, mostly because no new rule was needed. The only rule on paper was specifying what kind of suits were allowed on females in the pool. Word was spread that the best thing to do was just show up naked to take a stand to show we were serious. A lot of girls had signed it just to rebel, not just girls from the team but some from the swimming classes. It was hard to tell when it came to participating, who would actually be willing to protest that way until the next practice, or class.

My posse chose to go naked to lessons, practice, and even swim meets as long as the guys did, so even though I did not organize this group, I had to go along with them. The 4 of us walked down the outer hall with only a towel, that barely covered the portion of our bodies in question. Word got out, and for a while, guys not in class would cruise the hall about that time to try to catch a view.

The girls in my posse got ornery, and maybe a bit horny, probably both. They had found out that what they had to show was power. Even though it was not the guys’ choice, they looked at it as them having the unique experience of showing their sex. Once we were no longer getting as much attention, they would find ways to show more of their bodies. Just like skirts were getting shorter back then, the cheap towels the college gave us did not cover us sufficiently. Some would wrap them around them high enough to show some bush. When that got old, they would wrap themselves below their breasts and feature them out altogether. They even had some professors cruising them at that point. I figured it would lead to us eventually getting our own locker room with showers and hopefully a door to the pool, so I was fine with it.

I did not need to show off, I had the option to be nude in front of the classes I taught. The fill-in job for the guys I did nude just to get used to it as I knew Mark and several others from my initiation. I was not going to let them off easy as far as them hiding in the water and waiting for the instructor to arrive. Once I entered the pool area and dropped my towel, I made them all get out of the pool and line up to take attendance. Yes, it was a class that had college P. E. credits and I had to, but no one said I had to do it with them out of the cover of the water.

I was going to have to stand their naked with no cover, so it was only fair. So I took my clipboard and walked right in front of them and ask them their names, I thought it might be a way I could remember and call them by them. I tried to make a couple of notes so that when I had one on the board, I could recognize them by some part of their body that was unique. I ended up with a attendance sheet that had alll kinds of notes mostly about cocks and balls, some about their abs etc. In my defense it is hard not to spend most of my time at their privates as I am scanning their bodies from head to toe.

I had some crazy notes that I was going to have to recopy to turn in. One guy just had a notation about his missing toe, right next to his big one on his right foot. An extremely low hanging ball sack was noted for another. Well I guess you get the picture. I do admit I took advantage of the opportunity to check out that many naked guys lined up just for me. Before that I had only seen all of a few of them, Mark being one of course. He cracked me up when I got to him, he swung his hips to make his dick waggle for me, I almost completely lost it.

I made this last as long as possible, and I had them line up at the board and dive one at a time, telling them to do a simple dive to see who needed help.

It was an introduction to diving class, so once they dove in, so I taught it mostly from the side of the pool. I only had to go in the pool when I had to demonstrate dives, ironically my weak point, but they did not care. They would be watching an adult naked woman with DD tits flapping up and down as I got ready. Then seeing them hanging down under me as I was in the middle of the dive. I noticed when I taught from the side of the pool, I could see them looking up and staring at my vagina from below as I instructed them. I figured that would be of their interest, so every time I touched up my bush, I got more courage to make it smaller and thinner. Once I would get wet in the pool, my pussy’s lips and its slit were seen by all. I figured if they were going to do that, I was going to go one better.

I found out if I would properly place my hands on their thighs or ass to show them where and how much to bend as they shoved off I could get a pretty good reaction. It was my chance to get back at Mark for swinging his cock at me. I pressed my tits up against him from behind, and with my head around the side of his body addressing the class I, manipulated his body to show proper form. I did not let him try the dive until his cock was standing straight out front. I did this to a couple of guys that I really did want to see hard, there were a few smart remarks made from the rest but what did I care. I got a thrill out of it, and so did some others I seen.

I could see two guys with a handful of each other’s penis over in a corner. I realized what they were doing. All eyes were on me, so they stood a little isolated from the rest and they were jerking each other off. They were looking toward me, I think it was my tits and pussy they were using for inspiration, and not the guys cocks. It was just an act of pleasure I think, done in a completely private area. The guys I saw were up to their waist, but I saw one of their “Oh Faces” when his friend got him off, then seen them trying to get rid of the cum floaters that were created.

To each their own is my attitude, girls help each other out, why shouldn’t guys be able to give each other a hand? It made me wonder if I was seeing things that had gone on long before I entered the picture? The nude rule in the long run promoted this fraternity of males that just went along with it, maybe even causing some experimentation. I think one of the other reasons it lasted so long might have been partly their own doing. Possibly deep down it was a way to show their male dominance? Or maybe like members of an elite men’s club, they thought showing off their naked bodies made them special?

My first non-swimmers class was challenging, the classes are small because it is so hands-on. There were only 4 guys in the class, and I was told that is big, as that is the target size for a non-swimmer class, each individual needs hands-on attention, especially in the early classes. So I had 4 naked guys that ranged from freshman to senior. A couple of them could float a little, but some were just plain afraid of water.

In my first class, I had to not just get used to the stares, but the contact required. To teach even a floating technique you have to put both arms under the beginner. I tried to not get right under a guy’s penis with a hand, but you are only guessing when you go under them. If you do catch them there, you don’t react and embarrass them, your hand and arm are stuck there for a while, sometimes while it grew. I had to stay out of the deeper water, I am shorter than them and my big tits would sometimes rest on their chest as I held them up to float on their backs. I can’t say I minded that part once I got used to it, but teaching beginners was harder than I thought. It was evident why they had a hard time getting instructors for that class.

It was not until my second class of non-swimmers that I felt better about taking the job. John was a cute junior that seemed to react to my breasts resting on him more than the others. I thought after the second class he might ask me out, I think he just lacked the courage. He seemed to be doing well and losing the fear of the water, but he did not want me to let go of him, I think my hand placement had something to do with it. If I had been wearing a suit, my arms, and hands would have ended up in the same place, and he would still be naked in front of a girl. I just could not help holding him, so his flaccid penis would lay on my forearm. I confess that I had done it with others on purpose, but then it became just John. Sometimes he got my open hand.

I would help him paddle the width of the pool, and by the time we got to the other side, I could feel an erect penis on my arm or in my hand. It had to be the biggest I had felt or had seen to that point. Once I let go I could just barely see it when we stood there and I let him tell me when he was ready to go back. I gave him that time in case he did not want to have his cock sticking up. On the way back I would have him float on his back.

The only way to have control of him was with my open hand on and holding his ass cheek, and I think it had almost the same effect on him. His penis would rise on the way, and end up looking like a periscope on a submarine. That was when it was so tempting to at least touch it. I even thought about turning him around to go back, just so I could look at it hard the whole way. But that was not possible as the other 3 would see me. Unlike Mark’s crowd, they needed to learn, and I could lose the class if I was caught engaging in misconduct.

Then it happened, I only had him show up to a class, it was some kind of flu going around that caused it, and most classes were canceled. I wanted more contact but I wanted to teach him as well. I took that opportunity to have him sit on the side of the pool as I talked to him, I was in the water waist-high. I told him that it was time he floated on his own, and there was no reason he could not dog paddle the width of the pool without me supporting him. The entire time I could tell he was looking at my tits, but what could I say his junk was my focus, it was at my eye level.

How could I not look and imagine his cock in my mouth or vagina?

I cut a deal with him, and that was that I would just have a hand on him so he would know I was there to give him confidence. It worked on the way over, I had one hand on his thigh, and yes in a position where my fingers were on the inner side and close to his action center. But it worked, he made it at least three-quarters of the way. My hand placement tended to give him a boner though, and I wanted to get him on his way back before he lost his confidence.

He said he was still afraid and now embarrassed by his erection, that he did not have as much confidence floating on his back. I had a crazy idea, it did make sense I thought. I remembered how we taught my little sister to walk, she was not easy to convince she could do it. My parents read that if they held a string between them and let her hold on to it, she would walk to them with the confidence that it would keep her from falling. It was not long before she was running around the house on her own, with a piece of string in her hand.

I thought like with her, he needed something to make him think I had a grip on him if he floundered. I threw it out there with the disclaimer that it was not exactly how I was taught to train or rescue a swimmer that started to panic. In some cases, we were taught to hold, and in a case of a male swimmer, to hold him by his waistband. It would just be with a couple of fingers and pulled up just enough they could feel it and it would give them confidence. Without a suit, I had to improvise and asked him if it would be OK if I just used his penis instead of a waistband.

He said he was OK with it, if I was not embarrassed, he guessed he wouldn’t either. It was the right thing to do I thought at the time, there was no one there to get the wrong impression, but I admit it turned me on as well.

He was so hard when I rolled him over to start this experiment, the thought of it had to have something to do with that. I had both arms under him until he was ready. Then I told him I was ready to try just holding on to his penis. It sounds weird but I don’t mind if you don’t, it would remind you that I was still with you to rescue you and keep you from sinking.”

“No, it’s OK, a little embarrassing but it’s a solid handle I guess. With it in my cute instructor’s grip, it will stay that way.”

I took one of my hands from below him to try it, and got a good hold on his penis, a solid hold but was not squeezing it. I wanted him to just feel like I had him when it was just the water making him float. I took him the width of the pool and we turned to come back, I removed the hand under his butt and just held his penis the whole way back.

He did well, and I was so happy that when we got there, and he was back on his feet smiling at me, he told me, “I love you, you’re just the best!”

I took it as just a term of endearment expressing his thanks, but it put me in the moment, and I just had to hug and kiss him for it. I don’t have to tell you where that put his hard pecker, maybe not even have to tell you I could not stop kissing him. We stood there both with an arm around each other just above the waistline, and one on each other’s bare ass. We were making out, I felt what I thought was love for him too, but knew better than to express it. I very well may have been at that time, but it was lust that was driving our make-out session.

I turned John around and pushed him back against the side of the pool, he knew what that meant. He lifted himself on the side then. I was left standing there with my hard nipples sticking out, and his hard cock right at my mouth’s level. I pulled his knees apart and got no resistance as I licked his knob thoroughly, then his shaft before I took it in my mouth.

Like with Mark, I had John’s erect, and how could I resist not calling it his (Johnnie) under my control. I did not want to stop and did not until I felt his semen hitting my neck and breasts. I wanted to be fucked, or at least some oral from this hunk of a man who said he loved me. So I rinsed off his cum in the pool and I took him by the hand and led him over to check the schedule on the board. As I had thought, the pool and gym were free. Canceled was scribbled over about everything, all due to the flu that was going around. For some reason, I did not get that memo and was glad I didn’t.

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