Escapade Ch. 01


Chapter 1: A Knock on My Door

A knock on my door woke me. Stumbling in the darkness I managed to turn on the lamp on the night table. Rubbing my eyes I looked at the clock; 2:30 in the morning. I then looked down at my naked body. I always slept naked. I loved the feel of the smooth sheets on my freshly-cleaned body. I rummaged around for a pair of gym shorts and pulled them on as the doorbell rang. Standing, I made my way from my bedroom and down the hall towards the front door. The doorbell rang again, this time more persistently.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” I said. I turned on the outside light and looked through the eye-hole. My friend and personal trainer, Nick was standing on the porch, drenched. I opened the door and quickly invited him in out of the rain.

“Hey,” he said and gave me a sheepish smile. My cock stirred a little every time he smiled at me like that. I was already on the way to a major hard-on. “My girlfriend threw me out. Would it be alright if I chilled here for the night?”

“Yea, no problem, man,” I said coolly. “Want a beer or something before you hit the couch?”

“Sure,” Nick answered. I thought I detected something foreign in his voice. I led the way down the hall and into the kitchen. Opening the fridge released enough light for him to be able to get a good look at my silhouette. I stood just under six feet and weighed in at around 200lbs. Nick had me on a rigorous schedule: lifting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, running on Wednesdays and Saturdays, chest and abs on Mondays and Fridays so I was getting to be rather lean. I made sure to bend at almost a perfect 90 degree angle to grab the beers. I always made sure they were on the bottom shelf.

“There you go,” I said, handing Nick a beer. I popped the cap off of mine and took a swig. We both took a seat at the table. I hadn’t filled Nick in on my sexual orientation and I had never felt the need to so he was oblivious to the looks I had been casting him since we had met three years ago. “So what happened with the lady-friend?”

Nick smiled again and I felt my cock harden even more. “Well I was extremely horny tonight and she just wouldn’t give me any. I kept pressing and she finally got sick of me and threw me out. I’ve already had about four beers so I didn’t trust myself to drive and since you’re only a few blocks down the street I figured I would just crash here.” He sipped his beer, running his hands through the condensation. Just watching him do that brought me to full erection.

“Well that’s what you get!” I laughed. He shook his head and finished off his beer.

“Thanks for letting me stay dude,” he said as he stood. “I’m just going to use the bathroom quick.” He walked out into the hall and a moment later I heard him begin to piss. I quickly followed him, shutting off the kitchen light. I stopped in front of the open bathroom door and quietly admired his form. He was shorter than me, which I liked, by almost three inches. He had short, light brown hair and was muscle from head-to-toe. Beşiktaş Escort

“Too bad you didn’t get rid of that tension before she threw you out, man,” I said slyly. He turned, laughing. He tucked his tool back into his pants as he did so, but not before I caught a glimpse. The head was a perfect mushroom and I felt my own cock throb. I motioned down the hall. “I’ll grab you a blanket so you can crash on the couch.” When I looked back at him he had a funny look on his face.

“Man, I hate to say it, but I really don’t sleep well on couches. I don’t know, it’s just something about them.” Again he gave me that smile and I felt my cock strain against my pants. I was suddenly aware that I was wearing nothing but a loose pair of gym shorts and if Nick so chose he would be able to see the tent my dick was creating. I shrugged back into the hall, hoping the shadows would hide it.

“Oh,” I said. “Well, I don’t exactly have a guest room but if you don’t mind you could sleep in my bed.” My heart beat hard inside my chest at the idea of this muscle mass sleeping beside me.

Nick walked past me into the hall, lightly brushing the front of my pants. I shuddered. “Yeah that’d be great. If you don’t mind, I mean.” He continued down the hall and into my bedroom. I followed him and stood next to my side of the bed. Nick already had his shirt off and was climbing in between the sheets. “Man,” he groaned as he settled down. “This is so comfortable.” He took off his pants and threw them on the ground. He looked over at me and his eyes widened. Again it hit me that I was extremely exposed. Why had I turned on the light? “Wow. I guess that I’m not the only one with tension issues,” he said and smiled.

I looked down at my shorts and feigned surprise. “Well, what do you know?” I slid under the sheets and sheets. “I guess thinking about your girlfriend really did me in.” He punched me under the sheets. It took me by surprise because instead of punching my arm, which would have been normal, he punched the side of my stomach, close to my cock. Laughing I leaned over him to turn off the lights. I had known Nick for three, almost four years and had never even considered him gay so I was completely not expecting what came next. As I was reaching over him, my cock brushed his thigh. He gasped a little and I felt something hard push into my abdomen; something that was obviously his dick. I paused and pulled back, looking down at him. He smiled slightly and grabbed my cock.

“Why don’t we try to alleviate some of our tension?” I just gaped at him. His hand made circles around my member, causing my breaths to become ragged. “What do you say, Tim? I know you want it. I’ve seen the way you look at me when we’re working out.” I moaned as he ran one hand up my body and pinched my nipple hard. “Tim…tell me how much you want it.” With that he raised his hips and pushed his engorged cock against me again. Something seemed to snap inside of me. I ran my hands across his chest, through the Beşiktaş Escort Bayan light fuzz that was there. Over his giant biceps ran my fingers and finally they traveled across his rippling abs stopping at his treasure trail. Licking my lips, I slowly eased my thumbs under the band of his boxer briefs and pulled down. His cock popped out, whipping pre-cum across my face.

“Nick, I can’t tell you how much I really want this,” I managed to say.

“Then show me,” he whispered in my ear. Chills raced down my spine. Taking his member in my hand I shoved it into my mouth. The width was almost too much for me and I had to strain my jaw to near-breaking point just to manage it. I worked my tongue slowly around the head, teasing him. His breathing grew harsh. He clawed my back, running his hands around my muscled back. I let out a moan and he took the opportunity to shove his cock as far into my mouth as he could. I felt it hit the back of my throat so I loosened my muscles and let him slide the rest of it in. Slowly he began to fuck my face and slowly his cock grew more. After about five minutes of giving him head I pulled back and examined his cock for the first time. It was completely smooth without a vein in sight. It stood at full mast and I estimated that it was no shorter than eight inches. I looked up at him as I massaged his member. His eyes were closed and he was smiling.

“How am I doing?” I asked. He opened his eyes.

“Better than Jessica, I can tell you that.” An idea suddenly occurred to me.

“You weren’t really at Jess’s house tonight, were you?”

“Ah, you caught me,” he said. He pulled me up to him and we shared our first kiss. It was the most emotional kiss I have ever received from a man. His tongue wrestled mine down and pinned it to bottom of my mouth. He ran his hands down across my ass, pausing only to insert on finger between the cheeks. “I want to fuck you.” Hearing this sent me into another world. I grabbed both his nipples and twisted them. Moaning he stood and pulled me to my feet. Turning me around, he bent me over the edge of the bed and tore my shorts off.

“Where do you keep the lube?” he asked.

“Drawer,” I said, pointing to the bedside table. He removed the lube and placed a large glob on his finger. Without pausing he thrust his finger into my exposed asshole, causing me to scream. He quickly inserted a second, third and fourth finger, fucking me like an animal.

“I think you’re ready bitch,” he sighed from behind me.

“Oh yes!” I cried. He removed his fingers and grabbed my hips. The head of his cock touched my rosebud and I took in a deep breath. With great care he inserted his cock into my ass. Crying out, I bit down on my lip.

“That’s only the head, Tim,” he told me. “Get used to it because I am going to fuck the shit out of you. And when I am done you are going to be my little slut forever.” Nick had never talked this way to me before but I found myself loving every word of it. A moment Escort Beşiktaş later I felt him push and his cock ploughed its way into me. The best way to describe the feeling when he was entirely inside me was full. I had never felt so full in my entire life. He began to pull out and I couldn’t help but feel sad as that feeling left me. I thought maybe he had changed his mind. Lucky for me he hadn’t and a second later he rammed back into me with such force that the bed skidded across the floor.

“Shit!” I screamed. Nick only laughed as he repeated the process time and time again. I found myself pushing back against him so that he could get more of him inside of me. His hands ran up and down my sides, occasionally traveling to my nipples to taunt them with pleasure. Unable to reach my own cock, I was forced to wait.

“Get on your back,” he ordered and withdrew with an auditory pop. I swiveled around to face him and he pushed me down onto the bed. He fell to his knees and took my cock into his mouth.

“You’ve done this before,” I commented as he instantly took my entire shaft, right to the hilt. His only answer was to take my balls into his mouth and hum. Gasping for breath, I leaned back. Nick pushed my legs up and I took hold of them, exposing my hole once more. He moved from my balls down to my asshole and began to wildly fuck me with his tongue.

“Oh fuck, you taste so good,” he moaned. His tongue dug deep into me. Finally he crawled up on top of me and placed his mouth over mine. I could taste the musk of my hole and I reveled in it. Again I felt the head of his dick press against my hole and I took it gratefully. He began to fuck me with wild abandon, not worrying if he was hurting me or not. Within seconds he pushed hard into me and kept it there and I knew he was filling my insides with his life juices. One, two, three squirts and then he collapsed on me, pressing my rod uncomfortably against my stomach. He didn’t withdraw, but instead allowed his cock to soften inside me. The feeling was amazing.

We both rolled over onto our backs and Nick noticed that I was still hard. Without a word he stood up and lowered himself over me. With no lube of any sort he sheathed my seven inch sword in its entirety. He stopped where he was for only a minute before beginning to bounce up and down on my cock. All his muscles shook as I fucked his ass. A steady slapping sound assured me that I was as far into him as I could be.

“Tell me when you’re about to cum,” he directed me. I ran my hands over his chest loving the way his muscles felt.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I told him as I felt my balls pull upwards. He stood up off of my cock and got down on his knees.

“Cum in my mouth,” he said as he swallowed my cock whole. When I felt my cock slide down his throat I let loose, completely filling his mouth. His eyes opened wide in surprise as I pumped over and over again. Somehow he managed to not waste a drop, swallowing every last piece. Sighing, I slid back between the covers, Nick’s cum leaking out of my ass. He flipped off the light and in the dark I could see him lying, staring at me.

“I’ll be ready in a couple of hours,” he told me. “And I want another go at that sweet ass of yours.” Smiling, I kissed him. It was going to be a long, enjoyable night.

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