Father’s Day with My Stepfather


This was one summer to remember. Because I just turned eighteen, and someone just fuck me. That someone was my step dad. About seven years ago dad died, and mom teamed up with a man whom she was a good friend with after running back and forth to the hospital. This man just two years ago became my stepfather. This summer Jack (my stepfather) and I went on a four-day Father’s day weekend. Just Jack and I.

I wasn’t looking forward to it because I wanted to spend it with my girlfriend, hoping him and mom would go away so we could have our own fun in my room all weekend long, now that were old enough. But, Jack and I went anyway to a cabin that his family built many years ago. All the way up to the cabin Jack kept saying how much fun we’ll be having, how were going to go fishing, and hunting, and all. We got into the cabin about two hours later. It was a nice looking place. It was just a single floor cabin. It even had plumbing.

It was almost in the middle of nowhere though. The nearest cabin closest to us was about a few feet away and it was run down and ready for demolition. So I knew no one would be around. In fact after this weekend I think that’s why Jack took me there. Anyway, After a few hours Jack and I unpacked the food, and straightened everything up. It was a Thursday afternoon so we knew we could do anything we wanted. So Jack and I went fishing in the lake behind the cabin. After about an hour in the sun, I had to take off my shirt. It was just too hot.

So I did. Exposing my somewhat hairy chest, and nice firm chest, and broad shoulders in front of Jack. Before long Jack took off his shirt. He was a good-looking man. 6 ft. 2 inches, thick dark hair, about 150 lbs. Good-looking, and built for a man in his forties. Well going on with the day, we took and put what we caught in the freezer, and went for a hike. That’s when it all Başakşehir Escort began. We were a few miles away from the cabin, and after hiking the hill in the heat, I was somewhat bushed. So jack was about three feet away looking down the hill with amazement at how high we were.

I decided to take a waterfall shower. There was one running down to the lake by the cabin, and it was right there, so I decided to take off all my cloths while Jack was looking at the view and go for a cold shower to cool off. So I was now fully nude walking to the falls.

After I got under I quickly heard… “Danny, Get out of there and get dressed and lets go. It’s almost sundown!” So I walked out fully nude in front of Jack for the first time. Exposing my 7-inch long cut cock, and hairy balls to him. He looked with amazement, and just shook his head. Now I’ve seen him nude before, but he’s never seen me. But I go on. Then he said let’s go.

I dressed and hiked back to the cabin. With that I pulled the fish out of the freezer and began to clean and cook them while Jack showered up. We ate dinner and took a walk. Jack said to me that he never saw me nude before and commented how it was nice to know I didn’t feel ashamed in front of him. Then we began to talk about sex. I was automatically so turned but Jack, well I saw a bulge come from his pants as we talked about each other. Then he did something I’d never think would happen.

We were 2 miles from the cabin, when he pulled me and said get back to the cabin. When we got there, he shut the door, grabbed me, hugged me and kissed me on the lips. He split my lips open with his tongue and started feeling me all over, and even grabbing my ass. He then stopped and started undressing. I ripped everything off too! And he lay down on the floor, exposing his 9-inch cut cock to me for what Başakşehir Escort he thought was the first time. I got on top and kept kissing forever.

He then picked me up off of him, lead me to the bedroom, where he started to suck my 7-inch boner. He took it in, every single inch. Then he licked my balls, and worked his way up, sucking both nipples, and working his way back to my mouth. Then got on top of me facing his big fat 9-inch cock in my face forcing me to suck it. As I sucked it I began to go deeper till I could take him all in. He moaned louder and louder as I went deeper. As I licked his huge hairy cum filled balls, he even moaned louder.

As if mom never even fulfilled his needs. He then rolled me on my back and began to lick my asshole. Just then he grabbed the jar of jelly, and just ran his fingers over my hole. Slowly applying pressure till he had one finger in. He stuck as many in as possible and finger fucked my virgin asshole. Then he took his fingers out and replaced it with his cock. It was painful as it went in but I had dreamed of what it would feel like. He began to hump me for a few minutes just to get me used to it. Then he ordered me to stand up and grab hold of the chair in the corner. So I leaned over the back of the chair in a slant, as Jack fucked my ass.

I shouted out…”Oh daddy, fuck me fuck me harder daddy, if you love me you’ll fuck me harder!” as he pounded me harder and harder, shouting out…”Danny, you little slut you, I’m gonna show you who’s boss now! Who’d your daddy now!”

With that he seemed to go faster because all of the sudden he screamed he loved me and started to cum. He blew his hot load right up my tight virgin ass. He pulled out, and bent down and started to suck my cock again. This time as he sucked he let me grab hold of his head and let me force him Escort Başakşehir to suck me off. After a few minutes, I screamed out Daddy I love you, and shot my load right down his throat. He drank as much cum as possible, he got up and kissed me.

He fell onto of me as we kissed, I could taste my own cum on his lips. I licked my own cum off of his face and lips as we lye there on top of each other. AS we fell asleep in each other’s arms, we kissed passionately one last time, then he called me his little slut step-son, and he was going to enjoy this weekend. That morning, we awoke in each other’s arms not realizing what we had done till we saw the stains on the floor, and the bed. We got up showered separate and ate separate. We then went our own ways, till that evening.

Then we went back to the cabin, and talked over dinner about the night before. He commented that he had seen me once in the shower about two years ago, but couldn’t see me fully. How he had seen that I had a manly cock, and had dreamed about that night ever since then. I said how I had seen him walk from the bedroom one night to the bathroom, and I had seen him fully nude and that after he left I went in there and saw the condom and admitted that I had tried his cum that time. He then said it was time for bed, took me upstairs, we got naked and took me to the shower where I gave him a blowjob in front of the shower, and then I got to cum up his ass in the shower. As we packed up that fourth night, we had one last moment of fun.

We 69’d then showered up. I wished him a happy father’s day, and kissed him passionately again. Ever since that weekend, Jack and I have been on good terms. I even call him dad now. Once in a while when mom is asleep, and dad gets horny, he comes downstairs to my room and fool around.

In August mom is going away for a few days on business. I guess that means Jack will need me to sleep with him to “comfort him” if you know what I mean. Oh as far as my girlfriend, her and mom never caught on, and I still haven’t fucked her. But I know soon I will, and when we do, we’ll have the experience of a lifetime, thanks to dad’s teachings.

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