Finally Bi


I never actually planned to do it.

Sure I had cyber sex and later phone sex with men. I cam hard, but I had no intention of actually doing it for real. Lately I’d even combined the phone sex with letting a guy see me on my cam. That was wicked hot.

I led on some guys and made them think I was serious. We’d cyber or have phone sex a few times, and I’d put them off, make excuses on why I couldn’t meet that particular day. They’d finally realize that I was a flake.

The truth was I was a straight thirty year-old Abercrombie type-guy who would ultimately stick to chicks.

However, the scenarios became dirtier, nastier, kinkier.

That meant basically a dominant guy calling me names and treating me like a bitch and cumming in my face—and the more verbal–the better.

Everything changed on a lazy Saturday in June.

We were in the middle of another Northern California heat wave and for about an hour I’d been looking at straight porn on the Internet. I’d been close many times but at the end I couldn’t seem to find anything good.

Seemingly every clip that was hot wouldn’t download, was too short, or was simply a letdown. I always like to cum to something extra hot.

I got an e-mail from a hot bi Asian guy. We’d had incredible instant messaging conversations but, again, I never planned to act out the crazy shit we’d talked about.

Still, the pictures he sent me were fucking hot. He was 5’8″, three inches shorter than me, but he had a great smile and built body. He wasn’t lieing when he said he had, “guns”—his arms were hot.

Even though we hadn’t talked in over a month he was the guy I thought about when I jacked off.

I tried not to answer him back.

I looked down at my rock hard hard-on and instant messaged him.

He immediately asked, “Do you still wanna meet?”

So there I was on my knees, sexually frustrated and with my big thick cock rock hard.

I wrote back, “Yes, if it’s today.”

“Fuck ya, Fatih Escort let me call my girlfriend and make some shit up.”

We worked out the details and two hours later I was waiting for him in a nearby park.

I paced back and forth, back and forth.

What the fuck am I doing? This is fucking crazy.

He was even better looking that his picture. He was 5’8″ or 5’9″ but built, with broad shoulders and a nice thick chest.

He wore a dark grey Henley, and blue jeans.

I had worn a nice long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. It’s mostly with embroidery on it. To be honest it’s one of my date shirts.

We walked for a little bit and talked about how it was weird.

Things turned when we talked about appearances.

He hadn’t seen my face so when he told me I was “hot” my cock stirred.

As we walked I confessed to him that I had lied in our on-line chats. I hadn’t been with two guys. I’d been with zero.

He said, “Cool. Cool. Don’t worry about it.”

He leaned in close me and said. “Just looking at you as gets me hard, white boy. Let’s go to your place.”

We could walk to the park from my house so we did. I had trouble walking. I felt feint and a little like I was in a dream.

Once we got back to my place, a two-story condo, he came at me. He had is hands all over me.

My arms were pinned against his hot chest as grabbed my ass.

“You gonna be my little bitch?”

I was stunned, realizing that he took our on-line chats pretty literally.

He stopped and took a step back.

“You O.K. with this?”

“Um,” I said, “let’s start slow. I’ve never done this before. Remember.”

He reached down and felt that I was rock hard.

“Ya,” he smiled. “Fuck you. You want this.”

I felt his hot, hard chest and he put his hands back on my ass. It felt odd to look down, look down at a guy.

He backed away and pealed off his shirt.

I was speechless. I couldn’t Fatih Escort Bayan keep my hands off his chest—he was ripped.

“You are so hot,” I said.

“I know.” He laughed.

My hands roamed all over his tight chest and his round shoulders. He touched my chest and his hands went back to my ass.

We went upstairs and he saw the mirrored closets that ran along one wall. He looked back at me and smiled.

He grabbed me and stood me by the mirror so that it was the left of both of us.

Watching in the mirror He pressed his hot chest against my back and ground his pelvis into my ass. I gasped. He slowly pealed down my pants, but left on my boxer briefs and put his hands up my shirt.

“Look how hard you are?” He laughed.

He grabbed my arm and shoulder and forced me to my knees. Banging hard on the carpet my knees stung.

He looked down at me on my knees, my pants at my ankles.

He said, “Time to suck cock, bitch.”

I was frozen—amazed at what was happening.

He slapped me, but not too hard.

“Come on, bitch. You wanna suck cock, don’t you, you fucking asshole.”

He slapped me again.

I was again rock hard.

I started to undo his belt and he laughed. “That’s right. A white guy fucked my girlfriend and now I’m gonna fuck your face, you fucking bitch.”

I looked up and he slapped me again.

Quickly, urgently he unzipped his jeans, tore down his pants and boxers and whipped out his beautiful, bronze cock.

All six, cut inches bounced in front of my face.

He was trimmed extremely close.

He began to slap me in the face with his cock.




“That is fucking hot,” he said.

I spit on my hand several times and began to stroke his hot, rock hard cock.

“Oh, fuck no,” he said. “Fuck that.”

He slapped me hard. It stung. My face felt hot.

“You are gonna suck me, bitch.”

He slapped me again Escort Fatih first with his hand, then with his cock.

“Open. Open, wide bitch!”

I did

“Look at me, look at me when I take your pride.”

He made me keep eye contact as he stuck his fat, thick, salty cock into my mouth.

Every time I stopped for a moment he’d slap my face.

I began to suck on it, but it stuck in my mouth. I backed off of it and spit on it to get it fully lubed up.

He slapped me again. “Suck my fucking cock,” he said. “You know you want it. Look at how fucking hard you are. You want that Asian cock down your throat, don’t you. You want to be my bitch, don’t you?”

I nodded careful to be looking up at him. The slaps were hot but my face was now pink and sore.

He grabbed me by hair and chin and began to face fuck me. He pulled me back and forth across his cock.

Salivia and spit rolled down my chin.

He grunted and moaned and said things like, “Fuck ya,” “that’s so good,” “suck my fucking cock.”

Twice he nearly hit the back of my throat and made me gag. At which point he would slap me for pulling off his cock.

“Come on, bitch,” he said. “I need to finish.”

His thrusting became frantic, my hands on his hot ass, but he was careful not to go too deep.

He felt my broad shoulders and my upper back. I kept sucking cock while he told me I had a hot body.

“Ah yeah,” he said pulling out.

He began jerking his cock and unloaded stream after stream of hot cum on my face.

“Ya, fuck you,” said. “Fuck you, you stupid bitch.”

He finished shooting one last stream and slapped me with his cock.

I suddenly realized how sweaty I was and how rock hard I was. I began to jack myself off.

On the left side of my face, which had considerably less cum, he slapped me.

I moaned and kept jacking. He grabbed me by my hair and told me. “Ask me to come over again. Tell me you want to suck my cock again and again.”

In a soft voice I did.

He laughed at me and made me put my free hand on his ass while he rubbed his cum into my face.

I began cumming violently.

He smiled and said, “I’ll be back when I want. Be ready to for a call, bitch.”


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