First Time Ch. 02


I feel a ray of sun hit my eyes which causes me to wake up. I look around and realize I’m in the middle of both of you. To my left is you, and to my right is Sean, the gay guy we picked up at the bar so I could suck my first dick. I get up and go to the bathroom and when I come back I notice Sean is awake. I crawl back into my space between both of you feeling a bit embarrassed. Sean smiles at me and says “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” I say back. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did. Nice and relaxed. You? Nice and full I bet.” Sean says with a smile.

I feel my face get warm. “Did you enjoy last night? Did I do a good job?” I ask him. I’m really curious as to how I did sucking his dick.

“Yeah it was a lot of fun, you did do a good job. Although I think you should use your tongue more. And of course, you need to learn to open your throat so you can deep throat better. Coughing and gagging take away from precious sucking time.” I nod my head as he tells me all this with the idea in my head that I don’t really want to suck anymore dick. “You know, you should keep practicing. I mean, you can suck my dick right now.”

I look at you, and you’re still sleeping. “I don’t know. Shouldn’t we wait til she wakes up?” I ask.

“Why bother? It’s you who will be sucking dick. She already knows how.” Sean smiles and grabs his dick. “Just go down and suck it. Don’t be scared.”

I look one last time at you, then back down to Sean’s cock. It’s so big and the veins are popping out which makes his cock look good. My dick is hard and the feeling of being a bitch begins to creep into me. I start to crawl down and I notice out of the corner of my eye that Sean is smiling. I’m on my knees so I bend over and grab his dick. It feels so powerful in my hands as I begin to stroke it. Sean is fully hard by now and his size amazes and scares me. He is over eight inches long but a lot thicker than I am.

“Yeah go down and suck it. Just put it in your mouth!” Sean tells me quietly. I hesitate a second and then realize that I do want to suck it, I do want it in my mouth. I shouldn’t, especially if you are still sleeping, but I do. So I open my mouth and stick it in. Sean closes his eyes and says “Oh yes!” I start to bob my head up and down trying to get his cock deeper and deeper into Fındıkzade Escort my mouth. Sean puts his hand on my head and starts to push down. I let out a moan because that makes me feel like a bigger slut. I want to make Sean cum so I pick up my pace and tighten my lips around his cock.

I hear something move next to me and all of a sudden I hear you say “Oh my god!” I take out Sean’s cock from my mouth and lift up my head to look at you. I have a look of horror on my face and you have a surprised look on your face. “So I wake up and you’re here sucking cock? Wow, you couldn’t wait to get it back in your mouth huh? You cocksucking slut.”

“He wanted me to suck him off, I didn’t want to say no,” I begin to say.

“Whatever, you’re so gay. Stop talking and put it back in your mouth cocksucker.” You aren’t mad, but I know that you are using this to your advantage to talk down to me and make me feel like a bitch. Sean puts his hands back on my head and pushes it down to his dick. With my eyes still on you I open my mouth and Sean’s cock goes back into my mouth. This time Sean puts both hands on my head and starts to push harder. I feel his cock going deeper into my mouth and soon it’s hitting my throat. I start to feel my throat tickling the back of my throat and I realize I need to open my throat. I do the best I can but I feel myself getting close to gagging. I open my mouth and throat as much as possible and soon Sean is forcing my head down at a fast pace. I begin to make gargling noise and this just makes Sean start to thrust up. This causes his dick to continue to go deeper and deeper into my throat and that’s all I can take. I start to cough and I lift my head up dropping his dick. My eyes are watering and I can’t stop coughing. You start to laugh at me.

“I can’t anymore, my jaw hurts.” I say when I stop coughing.

“I want to cum.” Sean says.

“I know baby, you can’t just let him not cum,” you say. Your facial expression has changed and now I do feel like you are upset.

“I don’t know. It hurts. I want him to cum too, I’ll eat his load again, I don’t mind. But I can’t suck dick anymore.”

Sean is upset too, “This is bullshit, get down and suck my dick.”

You interrupt him and say, “No. If his mouth hurts then Fındıkzade Escort Bayan it’s ok. We’ll just have to find another way to make you cum. Grab the lube. Baby… bend over!” Sean quickly smiles and jumps out of bed and grabs the lube. I start to complain but you stop me by saying “Shut up. YOu’re a little slut so you’re going to feel what it is to get fucked. His big cock is going to tear your asshole and you’re going to make him cum. So stop bitching and bend over or I’ll take the lube away.”

This makes me shut up because I know that whatever you want, you’ll get. I’m about to get fucked up the ass by a guy, so I might as well stop complaining so that I don’t lose the lube. Sean gets behind me and pushes me down. I’m on all fours and I feel the lube being put on my asshole and inside of it. I lower my face until its in the bed, I brace myself for Sean’s cock when I hear you say “Fuck him hard, make him regret ever doing any of this. Make him cry!” Sean grabs my hips with one hand and jams his hard cock into my asshole!

“AHHHHHHH” I cry out. It’s only his head that has penetrated my asshole, but my asshole is on fire already! His cock is a lot bigger than the dildo you always use on me. Sean continues to push his cock into me and I’m thankful he is going slow, because I don’t think I could take it if it was quicker.

Little by little Sean’s cock goes inside of me, and soon I feel Sean’s full length inside my ass. He waits a minute and lets my ass get accustomed to the size of his cock. It’s obvious he know’s how to fuck people up the ass. I keep my head down as he begins to pump into my ass. At first it’s slow, but soon he begins to pick up the pace. I hear you laugh and say “Oh god baby, you’re such a bitch! You’re bent over like a slut getting fucked by a guy! You’re a gay whore! And your dick is rock hard so I know you like it. Don’t you baby? Tell me you like it!”

Sean starts to fuck me faster. “Uhhhh I uhhh do uhhh like uhhhh it!” I hear myself say.

“That’s a good bitch! Now look up at me, I want to see the look on your face!” I look up and stare into your eyes. Sean is fucking me faster and faster and soon I feel his balls hitting my balls. As I look at you I start to push back into Sean. My ass is on fire but my Escort Fındıkzade dick is harder than it’s ever been. I’m getting used like a slut and I love it. You move closer to me and spread your legs. “Put that mouth to use. Eat my pussy!” I dive into your pussy like a starving dog. You are so wet by watching me get fucked that I’m essentially drinking your pussy juice. I dig my tongue into your pussy as deep as I can. You begin moaning and as Sean continues to pound my ass my face is getting rubbed into your pussy.

“Oh yes baby eat my pussy, I love seeing you get pounded in the ass. He’s going to town on your bitch ass and you love it!” you start screaming as you reach your orgasm. You are holding my head in place as you begin to grind your pussy into my face.

Soon I hear Sean’s breathing quicken up. “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in his mouth! He has to eat your load!” you say to him. Sean quickly pulls out and I without hesitating turn towards him and open my mouth. Without even thinking how dirty his cock is I wrap my lips around his cock just as he shoots his first load! Sean grabs my head and continues to cum inside of my mouth. My mouth quickly gets filled with his thick cum and soon I have to swallow. It tastes like a mixture of salty cum and shit from my ass but as I swallow it his cock continues to shoot his load. I swallow one last time as he begins to pull out of my mouth. I keep my mouth open and get the last remaining drops that Sean forces out of his dick. I swallow that too and then I sit up and look at you. You hand me a cup and say “Jerk off. And tell me what you liked about this.”

You sit back and watch me as I quickly grab my dick and begin to jerk off rapidly. “I loved having his cock in my mouth. I didn’t even need you to force me, I went down on him because I wanted to get my mouth fucked by cock.” I’m jerking off faster at this point. “I liked my ass getting fucked. I felt so stuffed and his balls hitting me in the ass made me feel like a slut bitch.”

“Oh you are a bitch. You are a slut. You’re a cocksucker and a gay whore. I bet you want your mouth and ass stuffed with real cock, don’t you!”

“YES I DO!!!” I yell out as I let out a stream of cum into the cup I’m holding. “Uhhhhhhhhhhh” I continue to cum and soon the cup has a huge load of my cum inside of it.

I look at you and you say “You know what to do cumslut.” I look you in the eyes as I bring the cup up to my mouth and tilt it up. I swallow all of my cum and smile as you lean over to me and give me the deepest most passionate kiss ever. “Oh I love this side of you baby!”

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